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In the 2010s, Ireland, after working for decades at peace and stability, quickly became a '2nd rate' member once again in the United Kingdom due to England's exit from the European Union (EU).  Since Ireland decided to remain with the EU, and England didn't, a storm of trade and financial conditions were now thrust upon the now monetarily embattled nation.  New border walls were erected. Trade stymied. Profits dropped.  Once again, Ireland, with promise again broken of unity and fairness, were forced to endure more bad deals...all while Great Britain (and the EU) profited from the new situation.  Many Irish folk, especially those associated or with ties with the now-defunct Irish Republic Army (IRA) (as well as the Provincial IRA) attempted to rise up in dissension, only to be ordered to stand down and disband by the Irish government itself, in hopes of greater reconciliation.


By 2017, Ireland had once again become a third-world nation, privy to only what the EU and England were willing to give to 'benefit' off the backs and increased taxes of Irish citizens.  Most Irish muddled through all of this and went on with the daily lives. Some Irishmen and women turned to drugs and lived our their days in what they deemed an 'unending cycle or repression'. Fewer still either left Ireland...or left the world of the living by suicide.


Since the IRA and provincial IRA weren't allowed to do what they do, a radical new band of Irish militant 'terrorists' arose in their stead (according to the the EU, the existing Irish government and Great Britain). The leader, a man only know as the 'Taoiseach' quickly and quietly began recruiting and organizing a new resistance that, according to the Taoiseach's manifesto, was to unite Ireland once and for all and to show the world that Ireland was not a nation to be trifled with anymore.


The Taoiseach's new band of resistance fighters received enormous amounts of undisclosed funds including military hardware and munitions in the forms of tanks, anti-tank missiles, anti-aircraft mobile missiles and other high-tech weapons and systems. Interestingly enough, Taoiseach's band of resistance fighters were also given unique weaponry to include stealth drones, energy weapons and even a submarine.  The resistance fighters also received the equipment and resources needed to manufacture fascinating new combat robots called 'Irebots', programmed to do the bidding of their commanders.  Couple that with some angry ex-IRA fighters, some mischievous Irish magic wielders and even a powerful and angry Irish pagan spirit known as the legendary "Donal the Damned", and you now have a new "Eire Arm" AKA "Irish Army".


From 2017 on, the Eire Arm combated primarily against Northern Ireland border guards, English troops and police, however, when superheroes and the British regular army was brought in to quell the Eire Arm in 2018, all Hell broke loose.

In a battle on 25 May 2018 at Killeen, Ireland (a place noted during "The Troubles" in the 1980s), an English Duties Station was destroyed, killing several British workers there. A band of European heroes, the Commonwealth, showed up to quell the situation only to discover it was a trap. Several of the Commonwealth superheroes were severely injured and hospitalized as a result of a well executed tactical maneuver that also led to the deaths of over 40 regular British troops as well.  The few Irish citizenry of Killeen, as a result, took up arms and considered Killeen to be the first town of the "New" Ireland under the Eire Arm. As a side note, the Commonwealth's heroes were deeply divided over engaging the Eire Arm, and as a result, they've agreed to not intervene in any conflict with Ireland other than to save lives as a result of natural disasters and other non-military related instances (angering the Queen of England and most of the British Parliament in the process).

Several months later and extensive amounts of fighting later, several other townships bordering Killeen also joined in under the 'new' Irish banner of the Eire Arm.  All efforts by the Irish government, the superhero community, the British government and even the United Nations resulted instead in more Irish coming out of their drug-addled stupor and instead joining up with the Eire Arm.

Now, with their ranks in the thousands, and with several bases (some of which are in unknown underground locations) loaded with high tech and newly created magical weaponry, the Eire Arm has become a dangerous villain group.  They've already hired the likes of "Death Legion" to assassinate several 'fake' Irish government officials, as well as used some of their Irebots in robberies and raids in England and Europe.

Today, the Eire Arm continues to grow. The ranks swell every year with new sympathetic and emboldened people from all over Ireland, the United Kingdom and Europe.  To this day, even with satellite surveillance, the Eire Arm evades all forms of being detected.  Not one of their bases has been discovered, leading to the belief that dark magic may have something to do with hiding their rank and file from all forms of detection.  The Eire Arm has not established themselves as a new or rebel nation, but instead, have influenced over 100 square miles across Ireland and Northern Ireland, engaging young Irish men and women towards a better and more powerful 'new' Ireland.



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The Eire Arm Soldiers are more like mercenaries and militiamen than professional soldiers. For the most part, they have a good physicality and fighting skills, with most also being proficient marksmen, drivers and knowledgeable about the military and its structure, however, some are proficient in stealth, explosives, night combat, tactics, artillery, thrown weapons and field leadership.

These troops psyches and commitment are empowered to a good degree by Taoiseach and his 'abilities and skills'. They rarely run from battle and are usually wanton in picking a fight and directly engaging the enemy should the need to, all with little fear.




Located in an undisclosed warehouse somewhere in Ireland.

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