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After the Soltan Invasion of Earth in 2000, many that fought and survived the invasion in the United States, found themselves in a new world order that most weren't too happy with.  United States rights, laws and freedoms were considered to be constantly under attack by the United Nations and other nations around the world. Hundreds of thousands of US citizens demanded the stability of the Constitution and through some incredible political and citizen grass-roots level interdictions, the United States retained its Bill of Rights and Constitution...much to the chagrin of several contentious nations and factions. As such, the United States saw what was considered a continued attack and 'erosion' of US citizen rights and privileges; rights and privileges that most US citizens, wanting to be more 'part of the rest of the world', weren't as interested in defending.

Ex-military, police, professional fighters and combatants and even some ex-superheroes and GUARD members readily joined one of these new factions; a faction called the Military Order of Patriots.

This 'illegal militia' as the US government considers them to be, has aggressively fought rogue and villain groups and organizations, as well as other factions and organizations that were clearly against 'that which America once was'. As such, with no official authority, deputization or legal status, this militia was deemed a vigilante terrorist organization.  In 2018, the US government attacked dozens of their cells all over the Unite States and shut down nearly 80% of their operation...the other 20% however is still active...and hasn't stopped taking the fight to those trying to 'change the United States'.

In the last year, several politicians and dozens of private security personnel have been killed by the Military Order of Patriots, all of which had evidence left at the scene showing the dead's collusions with antagonistic nations and organizations. Still, murder is murder, and as such, even thought the Order is finding elements of treason and sedition, the social media, news, governmental propaganda and law enforcement agencies are instead going after the Order and its 'paramilitary vigilantes'.

Today, the Order hides in secret locations across the Untied States. Led bv General Patrick, It's membership continues to grow, as does the Order's body deadly count and the amount of the reward towards information or locations of the Order or its members.  It's estimated that there are roughly 20-30 cells around the United States and its territories, averaging about 50 to 60 in each cell.


They are well trained, skillful combat fighters bordering on SEAL team and Green Beret level tactics and combat skills, however, they are also plagued with old weapons, ammunition and a lack of funds, sometimes resulting in some cells robbing gun stores and banks to get what they need...even grocery stores just to feed their people and get medical supplies.


A:though the hero community has sympathy for them, any hero caught aiding or abetting them will be immediately subject to removal of their hero registration and as such become a 'ward of the state' under supervision or remanded in a 'secure facility'.  As such, nearly all the heroes and citizens wishing to help or aid the Order know that doing so will most likely lead to their lives and their family's lives being upended forever.  This however doesn't negate the fact that the Order operates too aggressively; several encounters have left innocent victims in the path of their firefights, making them accomplices to manslaughter of the very citizens they say they are trying to protect.






They secretly use old churches, abandoned business buildings, schools and even historic sites and the site buildings all across the United States (and its territories) to not only meet in, but store caches of weapons, equipment, uniforms, propaganda and ammunition.

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