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Lawrence Edward Xavier













Yankee Minutemen



Don "Major Deej" Finger

30 Nov 2007



Ethan Alan Xavier, Esq. (Father, retired)

Christina Xavier (Rothschilde) (Mother, retired)




Lawrence Edward Xavier (Lex, as he was later nicknamed) was born with a silver spoon and a guaranteed position in the world of wealth, society and privilege. Earning an impressive 4.2 Grade Point Average (GPA) in private and prep school, Lex went onto attend Harvard where he earned his law degree a year earlier than most (relatively unheard of in Harvard Law), followed by passing the bar exam with flying colors.

As Lex was growing up, he had an appreciation for swords, especially rapiers and fencing. Thanks to amazing professional gymnastic and fencing trainers (and the family money), Lex was able to compete internationally in fencing with the sabre, eventually earning him the opportunity to compete in two separate Olympics, each of which resulted in Lex earning gold medals in sabre fencing for individual and team events for the United States.  Lex became a young celebrity as a result.  His love of the sport was a passion - and an outlet. Lex used his energy and skill with the sabre to vent any frustration or anger, as well as alleviate stress or discord, in his personal, professional and family life.  The more upset or stressed Lex was, the better he was at his art. After the gold medal wins in his second Olympics, Lex donated his personal high-tech designed, composite material sabers to Harvard's Fencing Club, where they were put on display for all to view.


At age 21, Lex's trust fund entitled him to over $40 million of family wealth, out of his family's estimated $210 million estate.  Sadly, by the time Lex was working at a renown law firm in Boston, Massachusetts with his new law degree, he discovered that his parents' estate was practically bankrupt.  Lex discovered that during the Soltan Invasion of 2000, Lex's parents made 'unsound' financial deals with dangerous and criminal people to help keep the Xavier family safe during the alien onslaught.


These 'people' were the notorious Solano Crime Family.


Since the Solanos held up their end of the bargain 'protecting' the Xavier family from the aliens by the end of 2000, the Solanos initiated their 'payment plan', which was designed to balloon into millions of dollars of payments by 2015.  As such, this was all kept quiet to prevent any form of social impropriety, but as the Xaviers realized by 2015, they'd basically sold their future and fortune to the Solanos.  Luckily, Lex already had an iron-clad trust fund set in place prior to the invasion that the Solanos weren't able to access or pull least, until 2015 came around, and the Solano's greedy eyes fell upon Lex's trust fund.

One night, Lex was handed a note by an unknown person walking by on the street. The note stated that if Lex wanted to see his parents not meet a fatal accident soon (with mention also of the family home and properties meeting similar 'accidents'), he'd find a way to get $35 million of Lex's trust fund money to a specified person/location in the next 24 hours or Lex would have to face the results of his bad decision on the matter.  Along with the note was a small item wrapped up. It was his father's family ring, covered in blood.

Lex, without even thinking, immediately went to the bank and demanded the $35 million be pulled from his account, all filled within two large briefcases.  The bank had protocols that prompted FBI 'red flags'. With a red flag warning sent, another mysterious figure also received a copy of the red flag warning; a man who had been monitoring and hacking into the the FBI for years - the vigilante known as The Minuteman.

As Lex made his way to his posh penthouse in Boston with the money, he was intercepted by The Minuteman in the parking garage. There, the Minuteman quickly realized that Lex wasn't 'stealing' the money from his account, but was obviously trying instead to save someone. Lex's agitation, however, led Lex to attack Minuteman when Minuteman wouldn't let Lex by. For the next few minutes, the two of them fought, with Lex holding off Minuteman the whole time; not an easy feat by any means. Eventually, Minuteman got the drop on Lex and after several minutes of arguing and ranting, Minuteman was told of Lex's situation and the need to get the equivocal ransom money to the SolanosMinuteman instead believed he had a plan that not only would save Lex and his family, but could also help to uncover the Solano criminal empire to an all new level, thus making the family boss, "Teflon Don Solano, not so 'teflon' anymore.  With great reservation, Lex agreed to the plan, but demanded he go along and be part of the entire operation. To ensure he was of 'some' value should a fight erupt, Lex had Minuteman take him to Harvard's Fencing Club where Lex took back his Olympic rapier swords prior to going to save Lex's parents and estate.

In a story yet to be told (keep watching the MDU Comics!), Lex and Minuteman defeated the Solanos in combat and in the courts while also saving Lex's parents (and several other hostages the Solanos had locked up for ransom). Teflon Don Solano, once again, was able to allude jail time, but several of his high-valued Lieutenants didn't. Those same Lieutenants died mysterious deaths while in prison hours after arriving there. Teflon Don Solano swore to Lex that he'd make Lex (and Minuteman) pay for what they did, and thus started the nemesis-like relationship between Lex and the Teflon Don.

As a result of Lex's actions, and since he was a lawyer, his exploits of his actions and physical combat with the Solanos made headlines and overnight, Lex became a new hero.  Sadly though, Lex's new law firm didn't like the 'association' with Lex's vigilante-like actions and dropped Lex from their firm.  Lex instead started his own law firm called "Lexington Legal", based out his new law offices in Lexington, Massachusetts. There, a TV commercial promoter actually got Lex to dress up as a Revolutionary War era officer for one of their law firm's commercials they were making, having Lex swing his rapiers around as part of the 'slashing through the legal red tape to help YOU!' promotional catch phrase. Incredibly, Lex and his law firm became instantaneously popular overnight.  In the coming years, Lexington Legal had to open four new law offices around the state to handle the massive amount of clients that came in.  That's of course when reality hit home when only a few years ago, the terrorist organization calling themselves the "United Canadian Empire" (UCE) decided to invade New England at nuclear gunpoint and make it the new nation of "New Canada", all ruled by the UCE and its crazed leader, Emperor North.

During this time, Lex was contacted once again by The Minuteman. Together with several other New England heroes and the Green Mountain Boys (and Lex still dressed up in his patriotic costume he was wearing at the time Minuteman pulled Lex out of shooting a Lexington Legal commercial to help him), they initiated a detailed and dangerous plan to disarm the several hidden nuclear weapons located all over New England as well as fight off any UCE Troopers in the aftermath.  Lex was teamed with a strange woman calling herself "Sister Salem", and together, they went and disarmed the nuclear device that had been hidden on the USS Constitution ship at the Boston Shipyard.  There, the media broadcast the epic battle live on camera showing Lex (in his costume with his saber swords) and Sister Salem fighting the masses of UCE Troopers on the ship and pier after they'd disarmed the nuke on the ship. Lex, along with the other New England heroes led by Minuteman, saved the day and saved New England from subjugation and potential nuclear annihilation, defeating the UCE quite thoroughly in the process.


Lex (now called "Lexington" once the media realized Lex was the face of Lexington Legal) became a sensation even more than he'd ever been before. As such, he was given awards, proclamations and accolades for his actions. He was even allowed a rare opportunity to be a 'fighting lawyer' by allowing him to still 'run' the Lexington Legal business...just not try any cases (without state approval first).  Minuteman asked Lex to join his new band of New England heroes and Lex was happy to do so, even though he felt relatively worthless against the super-powered, magical, highly militant and skilled individuals already in the group. As such, Lexington became the Executive Officer, 2nd in charge in the new superhero team called "The Yankee Minutemen".

Today, Lexington is a national treasure. He still runs his commercial ads wearing his patriotic costume, swinging his rapiers around, but also goes out and fights crime and helps where he can help, most, on the legal front, aiding those that can't afford to represent themselves legally in the court system. His conviction rate for his firm isn't the highest, but he and his lawyers are all known to be fair, firm and strong fighters for their clients. Dozens of major corporate clients have been turned away over the years by Lexington Legal and Lex simply due to said business' "shady pasts" or "legal gray areas" that Lexington Legal didn't wish to perpetuate. As such, Lexington Legal has a fair profit margin, but nothing compared to dozens of other law firms in the area, all making a killing compared to Lexington Legal.

Lex's parents have since retired and are now living in an old estate in Spain where the family line originated from in the late 1600s. Their financial status is now more 'middle class' now, and are happy to simply be alive in their twilight years.  Lex, on the other hand, is a major society draw and as a single man, he has quite a few celebrity women he is seen (and photographed) with. His exploits alone have garnered several multi-million dollar book deals, and if Lex or Lexington Legal isn't on the TV at least once a day, it's a rarity.  He continues to aid his fellow heroes in the Yankee Minutemen, all while living quite the rich, social life of that only a true socialite and celebrity could live. 


It's only a matter of time before baseless gossip and celebrity scandals start to attach themselves to Lex and his law firm...



Power Origin: Natural

Lex has no powers.



    • Light Armoring

      • Vest, Boots, Hat, Gloves, Jacket

        • Provides typical protection against physical and energy attacks

        • Provides poor protection against temperate attacks

        • Provides excellent protection against radiation attacks

        • Hat provides excellent psionic/mental protection (while being worn)

      • Pants, Shirt

        • Provides feeble protection against physical and energy attacks

        • Provides poor protection against temperate attacks

        • Provides typical protection against radiation 

    • Miscellaneous

      • Booklet (4)

        • Small soft-covered booklet of the United States Declaration of ​Independence, the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights

        • Hands out to people that need 'educating'

      • Whistle (1)​

        • Used to alert others (standard whistle, but made of wood from old timbers of the USS Constitution)​

      • Handcuffs (2)​

        • Amazing material strength​

      • Business Cards (20-30)​

        • For Lexington Legal, Inc.​

      • First Aid Kit (1)​

        • Small first aid kit for single person use in the field​

      • Rebreather Mask (1)​

        • Provides protection against excellent or worse toxins, gasses or vapors​

        • Provides 15 minutes of oxygen-generating rebreathing protection

        • Can be used to breath while swimming underwater

  • Sabre (2)

    • Monstrously strong flexible composite material

    • Razor sharp cutting edge and tip point

    • Non-magnetic material

  • Earwig

    • Encrypted communications/network transceiver with 25 mile range (without cellular/satellite links), unlimited range with cellular and/or satellite links

    • Made of remarkable materials

    • Battery charge lasts only 3 days max


  • Sabre Fencing (Doctorate)

  • Melee fighting (swords, blades) (Master)

  • Acrobatics (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Master)

  • Martial Arts: + Initiative (Professional)

  • Leadership (Professional)

  • High Society (Professional)

  • Celebrity Lifestyle (Professional)

  • Business: Law (Master)

  • Academia (Professional)

  • Finances (Professional)

  • Charities (Professional)

  • Marksmanship (Professional)

  • Fencing History/Lore (Professional)

  • Mental Acuity in combat/stress (+Psyche) (Professional)

  • Criminology (Professional)

  • Corporate Law (Proficient)

  • Federal Law (Proficient)

  • Civil Rights Law (Professional)

  • Business Litigation (Proficient)

  • Estate Litigation (Professional)

  • Swimming/Scuba Diving (Proficient)

  • Parachuting (Proficient)

  • Skiing (Proficient)

  • Snowboarding (Proficient)

  • American History (Professional)

  • Languages:

    • English (Master)​

    • Spanish (Professional)

    • French (Professional)

    • German (Proficient)

    • Russian (Proficient)

    • Japanese (BARELY proficient)

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