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Sisters of Selene

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Originally a benevolent yet progressive women's secret society created in the 1200s in England, the Sisterhood of Selene provided a network of strong, progressive women who worked towards helping humanity once community at a time.

Over the centuries, the society accumulated a lot of wealth through donations and inheritances. Along with that wealth came more stature and more of a lust for women's empowerment. By the 1800s, the Sisterhood of Selene started secretly funding women towards their betterment. As a result, the Sisterhood 'upset' some status quo with other male-dominated organizations. The results led to an assassination guild called "Death Legion" to be called upon to take out the sisterhood. The sisters suffered catastrophic losses, losing most of their influential membership.  Amidst the few the remained, the sisterhood's leader, Selena Nunes, purportedly received an astral message from the goddess 'Selene'...along with a purportedly additional contrarian astral message from the goddess 'Nyx'. Selene told Selena that she could earn 'favors and wishes' on full moons going forward if she gave herself to Selene; Nyx, on the other hand, stated that Selena would be 'empowered' to take out her opposition...if she'd give herself over to Nyx.

Instead, Selena gave herself over to both.

Selene granted Selena a favor in the form of an 'angel'  in the form of the angelic Anahita; Nyx instead empowered Selena with dark energy powers.  Between Anahita and the newly empowered Selena, now calling herself "Selenyx", they obliterated the assassins until finally Death Legion, in one of its very few times, voided their contract on the Sisterhood of Selene due to 'extreme financial contractual devastation'. The sisterhood became even more empowered through both the wishes and favors of Selene and the continued empowerment by Nyx. Their society grew and eventually expanded from a quiet, small and secretive women's club to a growing yet still secretive cult-like women's society.  Women all over the world, in positions and power, were indoctrinated into the Sisterhood of Selene, all of which used the society's newly gained wealth and juxtaposition to further their powers, ambitions and influences.

Eventually, the Sisterhood of Selene grew enough in wealth and influence in the latter half of the 20th century that they created Sisterhood Centers all over the world. During the Soltan Invasion of 2000, Selenyx used the members of the Sisterhood of Selene to help hide themselves from the Soltans, sometimes at the expense of their own sisters in the sisterhood.  On a few occasions, the 'gifted' super-powered women of the sisterhood, those who made up what was simply called the "Sisters of Selene" went to battle against the Soltans, but never in defense of anyone else, especially men.


After the invasion, the Sisterhood of Selene built their new headquarters in outside of Lebanon, Kansas. The Sisterhood of Selene managed to 'align' their society's views towards furthering women's empowerment and went from a regional pseudo-cult to a worldwide movement. This resulted in both good...and bad...interactions with superheroes and civilization. On several occasions, the Sisterhood has enacted to lobby against such villainous organizations such as CANIS or the Gold Syndicate...but at the same time, the sisterhood also ostracizes and denigrates heroic teams and heroes such as the Challengers team and even G.U.A.R.D..  The sisterhood is seen by the press and various governments as either benevolent or malicious...while even being considered 'both' at the same time...depending on who's pockets get filled to write the stories.

Secretly, within the Sisterhood of Selene's worldwide operations, Selenyx is still pulling the strings. Together with Anahita, Selenyx has pulled the strings on the Sisterhood's operations for the last 130 years.  Selenyx and Anahita, along with several other super-powered 'sisters' make up a sub-group of the Sisterhood of Selene simply called the "Sisters of Selene".  They do not hide who they are and are even legally registered under the Super-powered Registration Act (SRA). They are protective and as said to be 'defending the rights and privileges of women' at any given time.

Today, the Sisterhood of Selene continues in its good...and bad...paths in and around the world. It's super-powered group, the Sisters of Selene and its leader, Selenyx, still receiving gifts and power from what she believes to be Selene and Nyx, maintains the 'now' non-profit association's drive for the protection and empowerment of women around the world...even though at times the sisterhood and the sisters sometimes fight amongst themselves for power, position and leadership.


Sisterhood Centers and  HQ 


Sisterhood Centers are located in 230 locations all around the world.


The Sisterhood of Selene headquarters, called the Center of Selene, in located just outside of Lebanon, Kansas (at the geographic center of the United States).


The Sisters of Selene heroic group has an operations center as well, but it is based at an undisclosed location for security purposes (see images below).

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