In today's world, criminal organizations tend to a thriving network of stolen merchandise, prostitution, embezzlement, gambling and a slew of blue and white collar crimes; The Crimson are a whole different kind of 'criminal'; they want your blood.

The Crimson was formed sometime in 1640 by Djork Rosnick in Hungary.  After creating several vampires, he enticed them to work together to help each other with finding viable sources of 'food' aka 'blood'.  Djork and his creations even enticed a partuicular author to write about "Dracula".


By the late 1800s, The Crimson's ranks had swollen to over a thousand vampires, all of which expanded across the globe.  Most of the world's vampires held a connection in one manner or another to The Crimson, however, due to its loose associations, this gang of vampires never really panned out as a true threat, but more of a social networking system.  It was during this period that vampire hunting was at its peak.  Over 80% of the world's vampires were hunted down and killed by villagers and vampire hunters. By the 1900s, most of the world's vampires saw the need to use modern technology (the phone, the telegraph) to identify good 'hunting grounds' for their brethren. 


That is when The Crimson shifted from a social club to a blood market.

Throughout the 20th century, with the advent of world wars, 'police' actions, and uprisings, The Crimson was able to point its vampyric membership to key locations to hunt.  Eventually, this became a 'service' rather than a freebie.  The Crimson soon began creating strife in different parts of the world so as to provide 'feeding grounds' for covens of vampires.  The more they paid, the longer the strife would ensue, allowing year round feeding on the blood of humans, or for smaller, poorer covens, off the blood of animals.

Their actions soon attracted attention when the world's blood supply for Red Cross and Red Crescent organizations began to diminish inexplicably.  Once the authorities became aware of The Crimson, super groups were called in to battle them. 

Over the last 10 years, super groups have done battle with the vampires of the Crimson, but for all intents and purposes, it is a losing battle for the heroes. The heroes have either died in combat against The Crimson or worst of all, converted into a vampire (now becoming a super-powered vampire).

The Crimson is still a powerful force whose power and influence has greatly increased in the 21st century. With their dealings in regional instabilities, blood and human trafficking, Each time a regional conflict arises, The Crimson is usually the one who creates the situation for a 'feeding ground' for their covens.  All one has to do is look at such regional conflicts as those in the Middle East, Greece and Spain to know where The Crimson have struck...and  where they feed. 

The Crimson are currently be led by a female vampire only known as "Scarlet". Their arch-enemy, currently, is a New York City street gang that hs become international vampire hunters, now known as the "Daybreakers".

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The Crimson was created on 17 July 2013.

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