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Frances "Frank" Freeland


United States/Hero 



Divorced (twice)







Major Freeland, Major Quantum

Astroguardians, Guardians



Don "Major Deej" Finger

18 October 2010



None identified or mentioned



Major Francis "Frank" Freeland, a US government/military liaison for the Quantum Industries Research and Development (QuIRD) department, not only saved thousands of people one fateful day, but also became an embodiment of quantum energies.

A few years ago, Major Freedland was assigned to act as a government liaison for Quantum Industries (as well as the impromptu director of security) for a new Quantum Energy Emissions Generator  (QuEEG) the company was creating.  Several international spies attempted to gain access to the data and scientists at the QuIRD facilities thus prompting Major Freeland to take on the responsibility of overseeing the company's security.  With over a decade of combat experience and a Masters degree in Renewable Energy, the Major was a perfect fit for QuIRD's needs.

The QuEEG required the use of over a ton of Gold to line the inside of the fusion reactor to allow a quantum field to form and operate safely.  A particular villainous organization known as the Gold Syndicate, thieves in all things Gold, took it upon themselves to attack the QuIRD facility and steal the gold.  Led by their leader, Goldmaster and his powerful warbot, Goldust, the Gold Syndicate attacked  QuIRD with over 300 troops.

The QuEEG was at the zenith of its first full power testing when the Gold Syndicate attacked. The Syndicate mowed through QuIRD's defenses as well as the Major's security.  The Syndicate, not understanding or caring of their consequences, did a hard shutdown of the reactor, causing a power spike.  Regardless, Goldust ripped open the reactor casing and ripped out panel after panel of the reactor's Gold-lined shielding.  This left the Quantum energies cascading throughout the chamber, creating 'black holes' throughout the chamber wherein massive energy bursts erupted.  As the phenomena expanded, most of the engineers and physicists decried the only way to contain the reaction was to put some type of temporary shield over the reactor's opening.  With time of the essence, Major Freeland volunteered.

Taking an untested shield unit that used an anti-quantum regenerative device, the Major struggled, hauling it to the breached reactor, all the while the Major continued to be burned by various coursing energies from the black hole eruptions en-route to the reactor.  Health failing, barely able to stand, the Major grappled with the device, trying to cover the breach.  As he did so, a Quantum energy spike, a black hole and the Major all interfaced just as the Anti-Quantum field was engaged.  The Major succeeded in his efforts, but for all visual (and recorded digital security) accounts, it looked as though the Major's had disintegrated in his last efforts to shield the reactor.  The reaction was then contained and shutdown by the remaining engineers.  The incident was never revealed to the public, and QuIRD was dismantled over the next month, never again to be rebuilt.


Exactly one year to the second the Major 'disintegrated', he reappeared at the exact same spot he'd last been seen, now nothing more than an empty building.  The Major was no longer human.  He'd absorbed the energies of the quantum reactor and the dynamics of a black hole - all embodied in a blackened humanoid form, with an active 'black hole' where his chest was.

With the world believing Major Freeland had died in a 'plane crash', as reported by the Pentagon, the new Quantum-empowered Major instead sought out the only person he believed could help him; a QuIRD engineer named Dr. Thomas Tarboch.  After a little investigation, he found the doctor was working for the global peacekeeper force known as G.U.A.R.D.


Freeland, using his new powers, flew to the doctor's location. There, Freeland was mistaken as an attacking villain and was assaulted by Astroguardian, the newly appointed leader of what was being formed as the Astroguardians super-group division. 


The fight was cut short when the Major surrendered. 


Thereafter, the Major told his tale to the Director of GUARD, Director Neal Norton.  They all agreed to work together to find a way to reverse the Major's condition, however, they asked if, in the interim, he'd assist GUARD's new space-faring Astroguardians super-group. 


Freelander agreed and is now called by his code-name "Quantum", with his identity kept a secret to prevent others from trying to duplicate the incident that created Quantum.

Today, Quantum has become a valuable member of the Astroguardians, becoming the deputy leader of the team.  Doctor Tarboch (now as a member of GUARD's Resources Division) continues to analyze and study Quantum to determine the nature of his powers hoping to one day return Freeland back to his normal human form.  The question is, after having the incredible quantum powers he now wields, why would anyone want to give up said powers?



Power Origins: Science


Quantum Energy Embodiment

  • Quantum Body/Aura

    • Provides incredible protection versus all forms of energy (except Magic) and physical attacks

    • Has unearthly resistance to heat and cold (temperate) attacks/conditions

    • Very little light escapes his body/aura except for the coalescing black hole energies on his chest, his eyes, his hair and the pulsating purplish light energy that extends outward by a 20 foot radius from Quantum's body

    • Energy field provides an unending feeble healing power every several seconds that can be extended outward to a 10 foot radius, healing anyone in that radius, if he so chooses to use the power in that respect.

  • Quantum Enhancements​

    • Increased strength

      • Incredible ability to lift over 3000 lbs​

    • Increased endurance

      • Fantastic endurance and stamina, fueled by the quantum energies

    • Quantum Communications

      • Can emit voice through quantum and microwave energy packets across the void of space or outward to any multi-band microwave transceivers up to a range of 100 light years

      • Must be in path of a broadcast beam to receive audible microwave/quantum-based transmitted messages in space

      • Must be on a planet with broadcasting systems (within range) to filter and receive microwave/quantum-based transmitted messages in the planetary atmosphere

    • Increased Intuition

      • Can detect any form of energy emission over amazing levels at far at 100,000 miles of range

  • Quantum Energy Blasts

    • Can fire excellent energy blasts from his hands and/or eyes every several seconds

    • Can fire one incredible energy blast from his hands and/or eyes once every minute

    • Can emit a 360-degree body burst of quantum energy outward from his body at an remarkable level, but cannot perform the same burst for another 10 minutes

  • Quantum Flight

    • Can fly up to Mach 3 in atmosphere at any altitude

    • Can fly up to 1500 light years per hour in space

  • Quantum Teleportation

    • Can consciously teleport up to a distance of 500 miles in a single quantum jump on a planet,

    • Can consciously teleport up to a distance of 500 light years in a single quantum jump while in space.

    • Can extend the teleportation field outward by a 10 foot radius for shorter jumps. This shortens the teleportation range by minus 100 miles (100 light years in space) per each additional person sized-object.





  • U.S. Air Force (Master)

  • Marksmanship (Professional)

  • Security (Professional)

  • Renewable Energy (Master)

  • Quantum Energy/Theory (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts:

    • Military Hand-to-Hand Fighting (Melee) (Professional)

    • Boxing (Proficient)

  • Marathons/Iron Man Bi/Triathlons (Proficient)

  • Swimming ((Proficient)

  • Bicycling (Proficient)

  • Research/Anthropology (Proficient)

  • Pilot (jet, military & Space) (Proficient)

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