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Baub Construction and Demolition Company
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About Baub

The Baub Construction & Demolition Company LLC has been in service for your construction and demolition needs for over 70 years! This dedicated and highly experienced construction firm is renown for its incredible designs such as the Challengers HQ, Museum & Memorial Park as well as the practical needs of the unilateral GUARD Headquarters. With over 700 satisfied customers with new buildings and sites, Baub's legacy is as solid as titanium steel!

In 2000, after the devastating destruction resulting from the Soltan Invasion, Baub Construction was renamed to Baub Construction & Demolition Company.  The original creator of the business, Bufford "Buck" Baub, sadly died that same year as a result of trying to save his fellow workers from a falling chunk of debris from one of the buildings being rebuilt after the Soltan Invasion. In his shoes, Buck's son, Bradly Baub, fresh from earning his federal contracting license, took over the company and since then, has created what Modern Architecture magazine has listed as 'one of the top 10 construction businesses in the world'.

We are based out of Boston, Massachusetts with over 10 worldwide offices, including our award-winning team in Mexico City.

Contact us to get the best building, base or demolition you need.  We're here to make your vision come true!


Bradley Baub
Baub Construction & Demolition Company LLC CEO

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Baub C & D Company HQ
Boston Back Bay, Massachusetts, United States

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