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Savage Dieses

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Sarah Dieses




mid 20s










Mother (deceased)

Father (deceased)


Death Legion



Don "Major Deej" Finger

Original: 1979 (male); Current: 1 Dec 2007 (female)




Daughter to circus-performing knife-throwing parents, Sarah grew up in and around the European traveling circus called "Santana's Circus".  By the age of 8, her father had started teaching her his knife throwing skills; by age 10, she was juggling sabers, cutlasses, sais, and a variety of other knives; by age 12, she and her father worked together in their new act, "The Savage Dieses".  As she grew older, she realized that although the circus was her family, she noted that they were also thieves and crooks.  It wasn't until, at age 14, she discovered they were also into bank robberies.  Since the circus was her family, she didn't care what crimes they'd committed, so long as the family stayed together and happy.  That changed on Sarah's 16th birthday.

Prior to her 16th birthday, Sarah met a boy when the circus was in Nice, France.  The boy had seen her show, "The Savage Dieses", and asked her out for coffee afterwards, much to her father's chagrin.  Over the next two days, the boy pressed Sarah for 'more', at one point raping her.  When she returned to the circus that night in tears, the circus performers banded together and went to beat the crap out of the boy; instead the boy was beaten so bad that he died in the hospital that night. Sarah was still in shock and become a tad mentally unhinged as a result of the rape.  The circus folk gave Sarah an old world 'potion' to prevent her from actually getting pregnant, further adding to her collapsing mental state.  Thanks to the other circus family members and her parents, they talked Sarah into 'getting back on the horse' and showing the world how great her skills were with knives by doing her final test of knife-throwing mastery - the William Tell Trick.

Although Sarah was still out of sorts due to the potion, the rape and the shock, she agreed to perform the William Tell Trick that final day of the circus performance in Nice for Sarah's 16th birthday.


For Sarah's pinnacle performance, she chose a young little girl from the audience to perform her William Tell trick of throwing a long knife at an apple poised on a young girl's head. Just as Sarah was completing the knife's toss, the police arrived in the circus tent, yelling with guns drawn.  The police's distraction caused Sarah's throw to not hit the apple on the little girl's head but instead the little girl's head.


The little girl died in convulsions seconds later.


As the crowd screamed and the police were about to shoot Sarah, her father and mother intercepted the policeman's shots while tossing their knives at the police, killing three policemen, but also resulting in both of Sarah's parents dying in a hail of gunfire from the police.


Her parents sacrificed themselves to save her. 


One of the performers, "Boris The Strong Man" reached from under the tent and grabbed Sarah and made off with her trying to escape the police, but instead Boris was shot five times in the back by the police chasing them. 

With his last dying breath, Boris told her to run, and run she did. 

Sarah ran for miles, tears streaming out of her eyes after witnessing the horror of her action to the little girl and that which the police did to her father and Boris. The further she ran, the angrier she got; the angrier she got the more wanted to kill the police for what they did to her father and Boris.


After hours of running, she found herself deep in the woods in Southeastern France.  There, she collapsed in exhaustion in the front yard of a old, kindly French couple. They took her in, caring for her cuts and scratches from her running through the woods and put her in the spare bedroom.


Sarah awoke a day later.


The old couple gave her something to eat and asked what had happened.  Sarah told them everything.  She had always trusted her circus family and the old couple would obviously be just as kind and trustworthy, she thought.  As they ate, Sarah noticed the old couple were very nervous.  Looking at the TV, Sarah saw that the circus - her circus family - had all been killed in a massive gunfight with the police. 37 of the 38 circus performers and roadies were killed in the gunfight. As the news continued on about the police finding evidence of the circuses string of thefts and robberies, Sarah looked at the old couple, who simply said, 'we're sorry, dearie, we HAD to call the police'.  Just then, the police barged in.  Sarah screamed in disvbelief at the old couple, asking them repeatedly "Why??!!", with Sarah mentally losing it by the second. 

That's when Sarah came to a realization that no one could ever be trusted...ever.

Whatever was keeping Sarah mind sane before this, broke.  All she wanted to do was kill everyone and everything.

Grabbing the knives and forks on the dinner table, Sarah swung around like the trained athlete and blade-wielder that she was and planted one in each of the policemen's skulls before they could even get off a single shot.  Sarah then turned to the old couple, cursed them, and killed them with them own cutlery. Sarah escaped out the back and into the woods once again.

For the next few months, Sarah broke into houses along the edge of the forest, stealing food and water...and knives.  Lots of knives.  She even stole an old theatrical cloak from a Playhouse and created dozens of make-shift pockets and holsters in the cloak to store all of her knives.  While hiding in said woods, she practiced again and again with the knives; learning to throw them no longer for entertainment...but to kill.  To Sarah, her world was destroyed, and the world was responsible. She swore vengeance on anyone living, all in the name of her now dead circus family.

Eventually, the police tracked her down into the woods.  A running battle began with police dying from lethal knife throws every time they got close to Sarah. The media started covering the chase; helicopters swarmed above the forest; police dogs were set loose upon Sarah.

EVERYONE was after Sarah.

As Sarah was running through the woods, a dark figure came out from behind a tree in front of her, whom she ran straight into.  The figure was Deathmaster, leader of the assassin guild known as "Death Legion".  Sarah tossed a barrage of knives and weapons at Deathmaster, all of which bounced off his armor.  As she was doing this, Deathmaster told her he wasn't her enemy and that instead, he wanted to help her get away...if she would help him take out some other 'bad' people.  Ignoring Deathmaster, Sarah ran further into the woods, with Deathmaster popping out of thin air (teleporting) in front of her several times, each time offering the same offer over and over again.  Finally, when Sarah realized she was surrounded by the police, the police dogs were mere meters away, and Deathmaster would continue to hound her, she dropped to her knees and conceded to DeathmasterDeathmaster teleported Sarah away to the Death Legion's secret lair.  Once there, Sarah promptly stabbed Deathmaster in the nether region several times, between the joints in his armor, leaving Deathmaster a bleeding bag of flesh on the floor.  Sarah was then chased by several other Death Legion Assassins and technicians, whom she promptly killed, only to be stopped by another member of Death Legion known as Terminal Ballistic

Terminal Ballistic shot Sarah three times, dropping her to the floor, bleeding out.  Sarah passed out watching a red and black clad figure with a unique rifle walking to her body, telling her in French, "Don't be afraid, Sarah, your new family is here to save you".


When Sarah awoke, she was restrained in a bunker of a hospital still in the Death Legion base. Sitting next to her was Deathmaster, alive and seemingly uninjured. Deathmaster, over the next few months, worked with Sarah to tell her what had happened and that he and Death Legion wanted to become Sarah's new family; a new family that would properly honor her old family....and ensure that a vigilante's justice was done in her name for those that caused all of this.


Eventually, she was released from her restraints by Deathmaster, and although she did kill a couple of other assassins out of spite, she was allowed to get her strength and skills back using the facility's vast resources.


Sarah finally relented to Deathmaster and said she'd 'consider' Death Legion her family if he'd do what he said he was going to do to avenge her old family.  As such, Deathmaster did just that, bringing Sarah along to exact her revenge on each and every person that failed her that...that was still alive.


After tracking down and killing several police officers, agents, detectives and witnesses, Sarah was brought to the boy that had raped her. Deathmaster offered Sarah the opportunity to get even with her rapist.


Sarah got even with her spades.


There wasn't much left of her rapist to identify him other than maybe dental and DNA.

Later that same night, a massive ceremony was done with the entire Death Legion in attendance to honor Santana's Circus' dead in a formal memorial service. Sarah, tearfully told the guild stories about her circus family, and even in a room of murderers, cutthroats and killers, there were few that didn't shed tears over the words said that night.


As agreed, Sarah joined the Death Legion assassin's guild and took them on as her new family.


Over the years, Sarah has become one of the deadliest knife-wielding assassins in history.  She has no morals, and is truly a psychopath. Any attacks or assaults (or arrests) of her new family usually results in Sarah, now known as 'Savage Dieses' to usually hunt down and kill whomever dared to act against Death Legion.

Today, Sarah is still with Death Legion.  She's had several affairs with other Death Legion assassins, but amicable breakups were the norm, otherwise 'Savage Dieses' would pretty much murder them otherwise.




Power Origin: Natural

Has no powers.



  • Blades (50):

    • Carries a large variety of knives and blades in her costume and cape

    • Most all are made of amazing composite light material, and with her throwing skills, can inflict good damage per blade.

  • Bodysuit:

    • Provides typical protection against all damage except mental and magical attacks.

  • Earwig/comms:

    • Full communications encrypted transceiver suite (battery=10 hours); range - 25 miles

  • Special Contact Lenses:

    • Death Legion issue

    • Good flash protection

    • Poor thermal/night vision



  • Thrown Weapons (Master)

  • Knives/Bladed Weapons (Master)

  • Stealth (Professional)

  • Assassin/Mercenary/Hunter (Professional)

  • Circus Life/Operations (Professional)

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