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Akemi Tokiwa

Resources Division Director (RDD)
Codename: "Raider"

Whatever HappensMichael Jackson
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Born in Kyoto, Japan, Akemi learned the family business of "Tokiwa Trade Conglomerate" from her father and after eight years of studies in Japan's finest universities.  In just a few years, she worked her way up the corporate ladder from a supervisor in shipping and receiving to the company's Vice President of Resources. Her father, a very proud man, intended to turn the business over to her in the next few years...that is, until the Golden Dragons crime gang intervened.

As the company's Vice President of Resources, she identified numerous 'losses' in the shipping and ground transportation groups.    The problem was, all of her information was from data reports and statistics.  She instead decided to disguise herself as an shipping employee and get the info from 'ground level'. Upon further investigation, she discovered employees who were stealing ship and truck loads of materials were doing so for the Golden Dragons. In two close calls of nearly being caught trying to redirect the company's assets, she was finally discovered and brought before one of the Golden Dragon lieutenants.  What she saw next chilled her heart to its core.

The Golden Dragon 'lieutenant' was her father.

Her father mentioned that their family had been threatened by the the Golden Dragons if he didn't comply with the robberies, and that once the Golden Dragons got what they wanted, they'd leave him and the family alone for good.  The problem was, the Golden Dragons got greedy and demanded more, forcing him to become one of their lieutenants to ensure the thefts were performed without error, under penalty of death of his entire family.  Akemi yelled at her father, swearing at him for being a coward and a crook to his own company.  Angered and upset over the situation, she ran to her father and slapped him saying she wanted nothing more to do with him ever.  At that point, her father took out his gun...

...and shot himself dead.

Shocked, Akemi fell to his side realizing her words and actions led him to commit suicide.  Grieving over her father's body, one of the Golden Dragons realized Akemi was the only chance they had to keep the theft ring operational; they threatened her just as they'd threatened her father, that if she didn't do what they wanted, her two younger brothers and her mother would be tortured and killed slowly.

Akemi snapped.

She went on a rage-fueled rampage, starting with killing the two closest Golden Dragons with her father's gun, and then eventually going through the old warehouse, killing any and all who dared to confront her.  Eventually, nine Golden Dragons were dead, while another dozen ran away.  She then swore to correct her father's mistakes, on his honor, and find and return all the stolen merchandise.  If any Golden Dragons dared to stop her, it would mean their death.

When she returned home, she quickly sent her family to the United States to a college friend's  home in Boston, Massachusetts to keep them safe.  After that, she went to each and every one of the employees in the company that were associated with the Golden Dragons and gave them an ultimatum; turn themselves in with a full confession, or she'd do the same to them that the Golden Dragons threatened to do to her family.  All of them turned themselves in.  Kyoto's jails were soon overflowing with those turning themselves in. Now it was time for phase two; take back what was theirs.

After a mass meeting with all the blue collar workers of the conglomerate, she pleaded with the employees to help her in her quest to return honor back to the company.  All of them swore to aid her. Over the next month, Akemi's 'corporate army' went around the world, taking back everything that had been stolen from them.  In many instances, she and her 'army' were involved in gunfights.  Some of her army died, however, the Golden Dragons lost 10 of their men for every one of Akemi's.  It was a bloody war, but in the end, Akemi got everything back.  She courteously apologized personally to each of her customers, begging forgiveness for her father's actions, swearing to take the conglomerate into a new direction; an honorable direction.  Their stocks went soaring overnight.

In the meantime, Kyoto's police finally caught up with all that was happening.  They rounded up several dozen Golden Dragon thugs and lieutenants, however, Akemi and her personnel were still wanted for several dozen accounts of potential manslaughter and/or murder.  As the police arrived at Akemi's business to cart her away, she was called from her family's new home in Boston; her family had been kidnapped by the Golden Dragons.  They demanded 400 million dollars (equivalent) in damages and loss of personnel, or her family would be brutally killed. Akemi dropped the phone and nearly collapsed in hearing the news and ultimatum; the police were about to handcuff her and haul her away...but a twist of fate occured instead.


A helmeted female G.U.A.R.D. Intelligence officer crashed through the 35th floor window of Akemi's business and whisked Akemi back out the window and up to the roof.  On the roof, the Guardsman took off her helmet, revealing her to be the college friend from Boston she'd sent her family to stay with. her name was Kari Akagi. Kari told Akemi that the Golden Dragons broke into the house holding Akemi's family at gunpoint.  The house was surrounded by GUARD troops, and that they were ready to go in and save Akemi's family, but needed Akemi's OK first.  Akemi agreed.  Just as the Kyoto police made their way onto the roof, Akemi was told GUARD had saved her family and taken down the Golden Dragons who'd threatened her family. Kari attempted to convince Akemi to escape with her until all of this was sorted out, but Akemi said no.

Akemi then turned to the police on the rooftop, and with the deportment of a samurai warrior, turned herself in. Akagi followed suit.

After months of testimony, depositions and discussions, the Japanese government authorized a pardon for Kari Akagi (so long as she never comes back to Japan) and a 'clemency' to Akemi and her father's company, with one catch...Akemi could no longer be allowed to be a Japanese citizen or have any dealings with her father's now burgeoning business conglomerate. The business was to be sold, with all associated profits given to Akemi to do with as the law allows. Akemi equally divided the sale's profits equally amongst the company's employees as well as double that for those that were killed in the 'corporate army' team.

Akemi's family had decided to stay in Boston. 

Akemi lost everything for her future, but she gained honor in her actions.  She was accepting in her life's new direction, but unsure which direction she'd now go. 

Akemi decided to make a fresh start in the United States and work towards and apply for citizenship. She even decided to apply to join G.U.A.R.D.

Akemi was not only accepted, but thanks to her performance in the GUARD Academy, she was placed on a fast-track towards an executive division position.


Today, Akemi is GUARD's new Resource Division Direction, Akemi starts a new life with her mother and brothers; a new life that she intends to continue to do honorably in her father's name.


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