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Dave's Righteous Surf Shop - WHAT IT IS, BRO!

About Us

Dudes and Dudettes! How's it hangin'? Hopefully with all 10...if you got the skills!


Look, you're wantin' to get some waves, but you don't have the gear, right? Worst yet, you may even need some righteous skills to even think of shootin' a curl, right? Well bros and sistas, we ain't gonna leave ya hangin' like that! Get on down to Dave's Righteous Surf Shop now and get what you be needin'! 

Whether you are a noob or a pro, riding the tall waves or small, we have the most excellent surfboards for you! Check out our awesome collection of shortboards, longboards, mid length boards, beaterboards or softboards today!

If you're in need of stuff for you board, we got plenty of coolness for that too! Our Righteous Pro Shop has everything you need to go with and take care for your board. Max out your board with wax and a leash. Get a better grip with a traction pad. We have stuff you want from Sex Wax, Sticky Bumps, Futures, XM, FCS, Ron Jon and more!


And don't forget, you can't ride a wave lookin' like a noob! We sport the best in the coolest surfwear designed for for the little ones, the old ones and mostly, the bodacious ones! We have rashguards and super stretch wetsuits, in both fullsuit and springsuit styles, as well as the right lotions and balms you'll need to help block the sun's unprecededented UV rays, that way, you catch more waves rather than sporting a lobster look by high noon!

Need your stuff, like, yesterday? No problem! We work with the postal dudes to get you free shipping (no dollares!) for all orders over 200 bucks! We even have next-day delivery, so, like, you can order today and get it tomorrow from your favorite delivery dudes or dudettes! That means you can hit the waves with Dave in a rotation of the planet, bro! Whoa! That's totally deep!

Look, we can go over this page all day long, or you can get you geek on and order our stuff online or simply come on down to our 100 shops like pronto and get some audaciously awesome pro surfer interactions and mondo surf stuff! Don't be a buzz kill, man! Get your surf on now with Dave's Righteous Surf Shop! Cowabunga!

Check our our online shopping and store location sites!



Because it's all about the waves, man!


Dave Swann
Dave's Righteous Surf Shop 'Big Kahuna'

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More to come!


Dave's Righteous Surf Shop
1630 Pacific Coast Highway, Redondo Beach, California

One of over 100 locations around the world, dude!

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