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Hawaii 78Iasrael Kamakawiwoʻole
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What happens when you tick off Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire and the entire Polynesian pantheon of gods? You get the PACIFIC LEAGUE, that's what!  Empowered Hawaiians and Polynesians teaming together to stop evil and fend off the invading forces of the evil Kaha Koa!

Milu, the Polynesian god of the underworld and leader of the angry gods of the Kaha Koa, invaded  the Hawaiian Islands with tens of thousands of sea creature warriors called Ningren.   Sadly, within days, the Hawaiian Islands were under Milu's control.   The local US military navy, army, coast guard, air force and marine bases were destroyed in the first raids, and any attacks, rescues or reconnaissance done from other than Hawaii was met with death and destruction. The people of Hawaii became slaves of Milu, all except, the handfuls of resistance fighters and the soon-to-be magically empowered members that would soon make up the Pacific League.

Milu took over Honolulu's Iolani Palace, an old Hawaiian seat of power used by the Hawaiian monarchy before the American coupe, as his headquarters.  Several thousand military and local Hawaiians, attempting to stop the Kaha Koa, died fighting to take back the islands. Regardless of their efforts, Milu and his forces held the islands and executed any who opposed them.  During this time, the Hawaiian people, the nation of Japan and the US military set aside any differences between them to work together to continue their efforts to take back the islands. Even though their efforts were valiant, the local military and Hawaiian populace repeatedly failed to regain control.  The US military fought to a standstill against Milu's forces, but the power of the gods of Kaha Koa and its troops were too powerful and plentiful.

That's when Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of Fire, intervened.

Pele spent the last of her waning powers to empower magically-empowered champions throughout the Hawaiian Islands, bestowing incredible powers onto each of several Pele-selected men and women.  She would appear before her chosen champions, dressed in a red dress, a mumu, or even naked (sometimes even with a vicious white dog that was reported as one of the most fierce beasts ever seen fighting the Ningren) and kiss her champion, casuing them to erupt in flames and become empowered with new magic-based abilities.  She'd informed them to help save Hawaii and its neighbors from the evil now set upon their land, and as such each champion fought with great bravery and determination to help where and how they could for Hawaii.


As if beckoned or 'called to', each champion, over the course of a few days, met for the first time inside the extinct Diamond Head volcanic crater on the isle of Oahu.  One of these new champions was Kalipa'a Kamehameha, a descendant of ancient Hawaiian monarchy.  After these new champions met, the "Pacific League" as they became known as, formed a plan pf combat with the US and Japanese military forces and dozens of militia factions in and about the islands against Milu and the Kaha Koa.


After a few more days of planning and preparing, Kalipa'a, now known as Princess Kamehameha, led the resistance forces on Oahu against the Milu and his forces.  Within hours, Milu and his remaining troops were driven back into the sea.  Within a week, all of the Hawaiian Islands, with the exception of Ni'ihau (known as the "Forbidden Island") were liberated.  Ni'ihau, one of the most northern islands in the Hawaiian Island chain, remained under Milu's control, and regardless of the Pacific League, the US and Japanese military forces, and the United Nations aid, Ni'ihau instead became a spoil of war for Kaha Koa, who now claimed the island as their new surface capital.


In the wake of the liberation, the US government set forth new edicts that eventually placed Princess Kamehameha in a greater position of policy making and empowerment in and for the Hawaiian Islands.  Using her powers, Princess Kamehameha 'regrew the destroyed flora and fauna of Hawaii, island by island.  WIthin months, the islands looked as they did before Milu's invasion. Through a coordinated effort with industry, green energy production and new futuristic approaches to integrating human civilization into nature, Princess Kamehameha, the Hawaiian legislation and the people of Hawaii rebuilt Hawaii into the most modern state of the 21st century by integrating housing, technology power generation and bio-energies into the folds of the island's natural beauty and livelihood.  No other region has seen this type of incredible redesigning other than Mexico City after the alien Soltan Invasion.


Princess Kamehamehas coronation ceremony was held at the rebuilt Iolani Palace (where the palace became the Pacific League's HQ), making her the first Hawaiin monarch since 1898.  During that ceremony, thousands of ghostly ancient Hawaiian warriors known as the 'Night Marchers' arrived at the Iolani Palace and pledged their loyalty to the princess until her death or transferral of power.  A representative from the Night Marchers is currently a teammate for the Pacific League.


Athough Hawai'i is still considered a US state still following and abiding by US governmental policies, the Hawaiian people now have a greater say in their representation, geography and policies through Princess Kamehameha.  As such, Hawaii has prospered like never before and has once again become the jewel of the Pacific Ocean.

Today, the Pacific League is considered to be champions against evil throughout the Pacific Ocean.  The threats created by Kaha Koa, as well as hundreds of others bent on subjugating and hurting other Polynesian people and cultures are now countered by the Pacific League.  Based out of their HQ in Iolani Palace, the Pacific League stands at the ready to aid any and all people and nations in and about the Pacific Ocean region!

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364 S King St., Honolulu, Hawai'i

Iolani Palace WaltzJim Kimo West
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