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Michael "Brooklyn" Monroe




Late 20s












Don "Major Deej" Finger

16 August 2010



father (retired)

mother (retired)

Tanya Weston (fiancee')



Michael Monroe AKA "Brooklyn Brawler", a professional heavyweight boxing champion (from Brooklyn, New York, of course), at the height of his career, was thrust into the seedy underworld of fixed fights when his manager signed him up for the Global Heavyweight Boxing  Federation (GHBF) Tournament; a situation that destroyed his burgeoning life and career, yet catapulted him into the ranks of true heroism.

Several years ago, Monroe slowly had become a household name in the boxing world, with an undefeated record for five years in a row.  He won national titles and accolades garnering him millions of dollars and luxuries.  Monroe's parents attended every match he was in, rooting for him  as any proud parent would.  Monroe was even engaged to his high school sweetheart, Tanya Weston, an up-and-coming supermodel.  Monroe was living the life of a sports champion.

Not too long ago, Monroe's manager wanted to 'shake things up a bit' and sign Monroe onto to the relatively new GHBF.  He signed for over $10 million dollar, with a $50 million bonus if he became champion that year.  Monroe trained harder than he'd ever had before. This first dozen matches, Monroe easily knocked out his opponent within two rounds.  That's when things started shifting.

In one match in Singapore, he noticed he was feeling woozy during the match.  It took nine rounds before he was able to land a lucky knockout blow to his opponent; an opponent that Monroe would've easily defeated in two rounds.  After the match, he'd discovered his water had been drugged.  It took his three days to recover from its results. In another match in Bangkok, the referee continued to make horrendously bad calls against Monroe.  Even the crowd knew the referee had been 'bought off'. Angered, Monroe went to talk with the GHBF General Director, Jhon Zihm Lo, about the illegal actions occurring to him.  Zihm Lo dictated to Monroe that he could 'forfeit' his entire contract, paying back all of his money, especially the signing bonus of $10 a 20% accrued interest. Monroe was in complete disbelief at the frame-job the GHBF was doing to him.  Instead, he told them to 'do your worst'; he'd win the remaining five matches and become the GHBF Champion, forcing them to have to pay him the $50 million.  What Monroe didn't know was that the GHBF was a front for a complex sports gambling ring run by the notorious Golden Dragons gang.The worst days were yet to come for Monroe.

In the next two matches, Monroe was pitted against opponents that were super-powered with a mutagen drug; a drug that tripled Monroe's opponents' strength.  Monroe fought in both matches,  both resulting in bloody, painful wins for Monroe.  In each fight, he gave everything he had, knocking out his opponent each time just before the final bell rang.  Infuriated, Zhim Lo had some of his Golden Dragon thugs threaten Monroe's parents' lives after the last match.  Monroe instead beat the thugs within an inch of their lives.  He then called his friends in the United States and informed them of the situation.  They immediately flew to Monroe's location and enacted as bodyguards for him and his parents.  Monroe was not going to back down from this fight.  

Monroe then confronted Zhim Lo about what was happening.  Zhim Lo acted surprised, mentioning that there were obviously 'forces at work' to see him fail.  He mentioned that anyone who'd bet against him in the casinos might want to exact a revenge on him for his wins.  Zhim Lo continued to maintain his innocence over the whole matter, however, Monroe wasn't buying it. Monroe threatened that if one more 'incident' happened to him, his manager or his family, he'd inform the authorities and shut down the GHBF forever. In a direct challenge, Monroe walked up to Zhim Lo, staring him down, stating that he'd 'personally' hospitalize anyone that prevents him from boxing in this tournament fair and square. 

Zhim Lo allowed Monroe his 'fair and square' fights, however, he started bringing in 'ringers' for Monroe to fight.  Monroe barely beat them, but each time...he beat them.  Zhim Lo was furious.  So was his 'business acquaintance', the leader of the Golden Dragons. Zhim Lo was told by the Golden Dragon's leader to ensure that Monroe would never win in the companionship finale. Monroe was to fight one of the Golden Dragon's most powerhouse enforcers - Yao "Golden Fist" Xiao, the East's most powerful boxer...and a noted killer of boxing opponents. 

Although Xiao was just ounces inside the maximum weight requirements for the fight, he was allowed to enter the championship round due to Monroe's other several contenders dying in a freak airline accident days before.

As the two beat each other senseless for 15 rounds in Shanghai, China, Monroe, who'd never been knocked down in his career, had been knocked down 10 times throughout the match.  With blood flowing from his eyes and ears, a broken nose, a dislocated jaw, five broken ribs, and three broken fingers, Monroe continued to give everything he had.


The crowds and audiences around the world were watching the fight, cheering for Monroe like never before.


Xiao had tried every tactic to take Monroe's head off, but Monroe was smart; he'd watched recorded TV and footage of Xioa's previous fights.  Monroe KNEW exactly when Xiao would try to deal a death blow; the trick was to make sure he could stay alive in the process. As the final seconds counted down, he knew he had to do a KO (Knock-Out) to win.  Feigning weakness, Monroe allowed Xiao another chance to perform his 'killing' move; that gave Monroe the opening he needed.  With every ounce of energy left in his body, he drove an upper cut under Xiao's jaw, lifting Xiao's massive frame right off the mat.  Both boxers fell to the mat. As the countdowns closed down, both boxers struggled to stand. Monroe rose first; Xiao didn't.  Monroe won within a second of the final bell. Although Monroe was now the championship boxer of the GHBF (in other words, the world), he still had to face the consequences of his win.

With the help of his friends/bodyguard, Monroe, his manager and Monroe's parents raced to the airport to board their chartered private jet.  Monroe was already in bad shape, however, he knew sticking around in Shanghai any longer would invite any type of attack.  As their plane leveled off with its course set for Japan, where he'd arranged for a trusted doctor to meet and treat him upon alighting in Japan, the flight hostess (who'd been with the flight crew since their first flight), came from the cockpit bearing two golden Chinese swords.  Monroe's friends/bodyguards immediately sprang to their feet to stop her, but each one was cut down...including Monroe's manager. Monroe, in fear for his parent's safety pleaded with the sword-wielding assassin to stop.  With his arms outstretched motioning to stop, she shoved her swords straight through his hands, wrists and forearms in one swift motion, leaving Monroe screaming in agony with his now useless hands.


"THAT is what you get for your insolence to the Golden Dragons!  Now, you will face the consequence of your actions", spoke the assassin as she lunged forward to chop his parent's heads off from their seated position on each side of the plane. 


Monroe instead lurched up, smashing the assassin into the plane's ceiling, tossing her over his shoulder into the back of the plane before the restroom door.  As the assassin rose to her feat, Monroe, in a rage, head smashed her through the restroom door, causing her to drop her swords.  He commenced beating her with his elbows, knees, forehead...even the bloodied mess that were once his hands. He pounded her relentlessly until she stopped resisting.  The assassin was now unceremoniously jammed into the airplane's restroom with its door crumpled all around her.

Monroe, nearly ready to pass out, stood up, raggedly back-stepping to check on his shocked parents; they were OK, but scared out of their wits.  As the assassin painfully and unsuccessfully tried to pull herself out of the tangled restroom and door, Monroe looked down at the assassin's gleaming gold Chinese swords lying kilter across one of the seats and the floor.  He stomped down on the swords breaking each into pieces.  The assassin screamed as if she herself had just been dealt another mortal blow.


Monroe told his female assassin, "I swore...the next person to mess...with me...or my family would pay. You go tell whoever you work's over.  I won.  You're ALL going to jail, you sons of bitches - all except you.  You're going to learn how to fly."  He then spied the parachute the assassin had set near the hatch.  He ripped her from the tangled debris and hog-tied her with one of his boxing robe's cloth belts.  He then put the parachute on her, opened the hatch, picked her up and drew her face to his and said "If I ever see you again, it'll be your funeral.  Now go tell you 'master' what I told you. Happy landings." She swore at him as he threw her out the hatch, pulling the chutes ripcord as she bounced off the planes' hull.  Her parachute opened and she slowly descended down towards the Chinese coast.  Monroe, at that point, passed out.

His father was an ex-US Air Force loadmaster and his mother was a registered nurse.  His father grabbed Monroe and pulled him into the aisle, then closed the hatch.  His mother started tending to her son's wounds, using the on-board 1st Aid kit. She'd checked the others that had been cut down earlier; they were all dead. Monroe's father found the pilot dead, but the plane was in auto-pilot.  A quick 'Mayday' call later, and the father informed the nearest Japanese tower all that transpired aboard.  Although the father had never flown a jet before, he'd piloted a Cessna single-engine prop-job back as a teenager when he was in Civil Air Patrol. It would be a challenge, but at least he had a clue what to do.

With help from the Japanese tower, Monroe's father was able to land the plane safely. Monroe's mother got her son stable,but he was in shock and had lost a lot of blood.  As soon as the plane came to a stop on the runway, police and medics boarded the plane.  Monroe was taken to Tokyo General where he laid unconscious for over a week.  The damage to his hands meant he'd never box again; they had to be amputated.  When Monroe finally awoke, his parents were there to console him.

The news of what happened to Monroe hit the airwaves like wildfire.  The GHBF was immediately shutdown and placed under criminal investigation.  Zhim Lo was never found, but all of his co-workers and staff were found dead, stabbed through their hearts with swords.  The American Boxing Organization (ABO) started a charity drive to help Monroe. The doctors believed they could make prosthetic hands for Monroe so he could lead a normal life.  Monroe had other ideas.

Monroe spoke to the media; "I need hands that I can use to stop people like the criminals I helped stop. I need hands that can physically stop this from happening to anyone again...ever. I swear to you, help me get the hands I need to help others and I'll dedicate the rest of my life to do so."

With those words and several 'generous large multi-million dollar donations to his charity (including millions more from fans and fellow athletes), a decision was made to not give Monroe prosthetic hands, but bionic hands.  They'd be mechanical, but they'd be neurologically controlled.  With therapy, he'd be able to use them like real hands.  Monroe was appreciative, but still wanted more.  That's when, after a closed door meeting with a crusty, white haired old man, he was able to get a special team to create and attach powerful forearm gauntlets that would give him incredible strength.  His other injuries were treated as well, along with a composite spinal support system, stronger than steel, but as flexible as any athlete's spine.

When Munroe finally exited the hospital one year later, he was financially broke, but physically, he was a new man.  He was now the Brooklyn Brawler.  With his new forearms, he went out every night fighting crooks and thugs, taking down illegal gambling rings and helping others in need.  Eventually, his actions drew dire comments from community leaders, making them 'ban' him and his vigilante ways from the local towns and communities.

Eventually, Brawler made his way to San Francisco.  There, while watching a live TV broadcast while he was in Oakland, he witnessed a plea from an embattled superhero calling himself "Protechtor" to help stop several bands of super-villains, mercenaries and thugs from taking over what was once the HQ of the time-honored California supergroup known as "The Protectors", as well as stop their current crime spree.  With that, Brawler did everything he could to get there as past as possible to help the hero.  Once there, Brawler and several other heroes joined forces and over the next 12 hours helped to put down a total of 225 criminals by the morning of the next day.  Brawler and the other heroes were praised by the community and the local mayors, earning a "Protectors Day" proclamation and a key to the city. Since then, the heroes have joined forces and have now become the latest incarnation of the "Protectors". Although some still don't like Brooklyn Brawler's 'violent' ways, they also love him for his heart of gold and his good example he now engenders to the children of the Bay area.

On a related note, rumors arose that the assassin on Monroe's plane was actually the granddaughter of the mysterious leader of the Golden Dragons crime gang.  The swords Monroe broke was hereditary swords, many hundreds of years old.  His breaking of those swords is said to have started an unending feud between the assassin and that is said can never end until either the assassin or Monroe dies in personal combat between themselves.  As such, Monroe is now in a blood feud.


As for the assassin...she's alive, but she can never return home until Monroe is dead by her hands...and hers alone.



Power Origin: Natural/Technology

He has no innate powers other than that provided via technology.



Surgical Spinal Support System (S4)

  • Using advanced robotics, nanotechnology and an array of unique composite materials, BB's spine and key bones are enhanced to accommodate the forces that will affect his body in the use of his new gauntlets.  This provides BB to do the following:

    • Enhanced healing (good healing rate)

    • Strength support (for amazing levels of impact and weight)

    • Endurance enhancement (allows for amazing level of endurance)

    • Audible 'ping' in ear device to identify S4 damage/failure imminent

    • Excellent energy protection (S4 involves a dynamic neuro-electrical interface that provides this)

    • System has memory-repair, allowing for corrective healing, vice disassociative healing (he'll heal right, even if the conditions won't allow it)


  • Fantastic-level materials providing like-level protection versus all damage except magic, psionic and radiation

  • Unearthly -level radiation protection

  • Gauntlets provide 'jackhammer'-like effect, creating remarkable levels of physical impact damage

  • Has heaters that can increase gauntlet temps up to Excellent heat/temperate damage

  • Gauntlets can operate in the cold of space

  • Power Packs provide 5-days of power @ 30% power rate/day or 10 hours of power @ 100% power rate/day.


  • Provide good flash protection

  • Good material strength


  • Good material strength

  • 25 mile range on localized channels; infinite on Earth on cellular towers (if in range)


  • Boxing (Professional)

  • Wrestling (Proficient)

  • Finances (Proficient)

  • Electronics (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Melee combat (+ fighting) (Professional)

  • Acrobatics (Proficient)

  • Language:

    • English (Master)​

    • Spanish (Proficient)

    • Japanese (Proficient)

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