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The Atlantic Guard is a compilation of lab-created, super-powered creatures, humanoids, and constructs that are programmed to defend the Atlantic Kingdom by Dr. Dolph, otherwise known as the ersatz kingdom’s ruler, “King Dolphin”.

The Guard was first seen in action in the late 1990s when several 'illegal' European ships' crews, dumping chemicals and garbage in the Atlantic Ocean, were viciously killed by the Atlantic Guard. The ships were taken by the Atlantic Kingdom as recompense for their crews' illegal actions.

Notably, the Guard has at oft times, come ashore in New York City, London, Boston and Lisbon.  They stated they were ‘diplomatic emissaries’ and spouted about their 'diplomatic immunity' for any and all arrestable offenses any of the Guard did while ashore.

Over the years, the Atlantic Guard has engaged several superheroes and superhero groups (including a couple super-villain groups), with the Guard always breaking from the fight at the orders of the Atlantic Kingdom’s King Dolphin.  One such encounter with the Guard’s most vicious member, Barracuda, left a superhero paralyzed and fighting for her life for weeks. 

The Guard has not been spotted as often over the last few years. Intelligence reports, however, show signs of the Atlantic Kingdom's troops amassing along the United States eastern seaboard.  As it stands, most of the world hopes this massing doesn't lead to any form of invasion or conflict, especially when diplomatic negotiations at the United Nations have started leaning towards recognizing the Atlantic Kingdom as a sovereign nation. 

The Atlantic Guard consists of nearly a dozen or so lab-created, mutated, or constructed beings or automatons. King Dolphin has exclusive control over each and every one of them through implants, programming and/or genetic engineering.  These Guardsmen, under the command of Warlord Krellar, will fight and/or defend the Atlantic Kingdom and King Dolphin without hesitation.


- Base -

Located 122 miles off Eastern United States Coastline (from Virginia)

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