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This section is under construction. Sadly, until MORE of the MDU's stories are serialized and conjoined, this history section will have to cover only the basics. Below are two adaptations for the interim for you to read. One, at the bottom most of this page, is a simple synopsis of the MDU's basic history; what is immediately below is MAJOR DEEJ UNIVERSE COMICS 'MDU ORIGINS' Issue #1 "It All Starts Here".  This issue should be a perfect filler for you and all our readers until the site (and the universe) is more 'stitched together'. Please click on the issue below!

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I have come to tell you about this universe's Earth; an Earth that, for the most part, is not much different than your own.


I am the leader of the order of chronos from my Earth's 28th Century. The Order of Chronos chronicles the history of the universe and the multiverse as well as corrects the wrongs of time, thus ensuring my Earth's future will continue to progress as naturally as cosmically possible.


To understand more about this Earth, you must first know where its history diverged from your Earth's history.  This divergence predominantly occurred during world war I between 1914 and 1918 A.D. During that time, kaiser wilhelm's germany unknowingly concocted a mutagenic strain of mustard gas designated as X-65. Troops, civilians and even animals exposed to this gas either died horrendously, became grievously ill or gained super-human abilities.  those that did survive their expose to the gas but didn't exhibit powers still had their dna altered, passing along the mutagen traits to their progeny over the next few decades.


By 1939, there were at least 300 super-humans all over the world.  Sadly, many of them would die as a result of world war II in the early 1940s.  During the war, the world's citizens learned about the super-human beings being born and rather than fearing them or manipulating them, the world welcomed them with open arms as thanks for their selfless, heroic acts.  Being super-human quickly equated to using one's own powers for the safety and protection of mankind.  That all changed by the year 2000.


By 2000, people demanded registration laws on super-humans due to the incessant devastating battles and large loss of civilian lives each time heroes fought villains. Days before the new laws were to be voted on, the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth. The Soltans, a war-like race, obliterated Earth's defenses in hours and started abducting humans as slaves, devastating the ocean's fragile ecosystem, and draining the planet's overabundance of magical energies.  Thanks to super-humans and national armies, the Soltans were chased off Earth...but at the loss of nearly 80% of our super-humans.


After the Soltans were routed from Earth, the world rebuilt. Over the last decade, nearly all cities had been repopulated, updated or abandoned as a result of the invasion's effects. During that same time, super-human populations once again rebounded, garnering, as per the 2010 Census results, 404 super-powered beings worldwide.  Sadly, with more super-humans, came more super-level problems in the name of villains and secretive organizations.  This time, the governments finally enacted their own versions of a super-human registration act requiting all super powered citizens to register.  This led to larger ideological battles.  By 2013, the world's heroes sadly accepted their new fate and stopped resisting the registration.


Today, heroes are needed more than ever.  The villains have gotten smarter and more powerful. New war-like nations have formed. Old enemies have returned.  The relentless pursuit of heroism and the sacrifices it engenders is the only thing that keeps our universe from being destroyed.

Although your universe, Alpha-65-Omega, doesn't have the super-powered beings our universe, the "Major Deej Deej Universe", has, Our universe seems to face your world's parallel situations regarding war, terrorism, national identity and politics, however, here, in my universe, I've found the only timeline that can prevent...



That's're not supposed to know about that.


I, er, ah, must take my leave of you now...important timeline cataloging awaits...yes...cataloging...that's right...


Go on ahead. Read on about this Universe and Enjoy what is shown here.

The Timeline won't break.

Well...that is...not today...


May your future be without peril and your  joy ever boundless!

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