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Atlantic Kingdom

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Atlantic Kingdom Capitol - Atlantis
Atlantic Kingdom Capitol - Atlantis

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Atlantic Kingdom  City - Neptunis
Atlantic Kingdom City - Neptunis

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Atlantic Kingdom City - Tridentas
Atlantic Kingdom City - Tridentas

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Atlantic Kingdom Capitol - Atlantis
Atlantic Kingdom Capitol - Atlantis

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AtlantisTwo Steps From Hell
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Created and ruled by the autocratic Dr. Klaus Dolph AKA King Dolphin, the Atlantic Kingdom is an undersea monarchy spread across the breadth of the Atlantic Ocean basin amidst 40+ futuristic undersea cities and villages, with nearly a million citizen-subjects and over 250,000 bio-engineered Ningren Warriors and troops.

The kingdom’s ‘subjects’, for the most part, are bio-engineered, lab-created aquatic DNA hybrids he himself created.  King Dolphin has created hundreds of thousands of these aquatic humanoids to populate his own kingdom, using them as his workforce, think tanks, protectors and aggressors.  He has engineered each aquatic humanoid for the type of work he needs them to do and to follow his commands commands without question. King Dolphin has also bio-engineered hundreds of massively monstrous sea creatures, some of which he uses for defense of his kingdom, others as a 'shock force' for quick assaults against aggressors. It is a highly industrialized, futuristic communal yet dictatorial nation wherein the citizen-subjects and troops live and work in and near their undersea cities and/or military outposts.  These cities and outposts are all powered by geothermal energy tapped from beneath the ocean floor. Atlantis is the capitol of the kingdom. 

In the mid to late 1990s, as King Dolphin was building his empire, he also had his warriors and guardsmen indiscriminately attack and raid dozens of other nations' commercial shipping vessels, military warships and submarines.  As a result, tensions quickly escalated, causing the world's nations to band together to counter the Atlantic Kingdom militarily.

In late 1999, The United Nations Security Council was preparing for potential war with King Dolphin and his militant kingdom when the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth.

Most of the nations of the world were devastated by the Soltan attacks and invasion of 2000, however, the Atlantic Kingdom, its subjects and its powerful super-powered super team, the Atlantic Guard, held off the Soltans far better than anyone imagined.  King Dolphin and his kingdom only lost 2 cities out of the 20 Atlantic Kingdom cities that existed at that time.  Eventually, the Soltans withdrew their forces from the Atlantic Ocean two months prior to the Soltan's retreat from Earth.  In the wake of the Soltan retreat, the alien invaders destroyed the two captured Atlantic Kingdom cities, leaving them in ruins on the ocean floor.

After the Soltans retreated from Earth several months after the start of their invasion, King Dolphin discovered about the United Nations security council's plan for war with the Atlantic KingdomKing Dolphin immediately broke off all diplomatic connections with the surface world and basically 'circled the wagons' around his cities, making dozens of new undersea military outposts, some less than 10 miles off the shore of the United States and European nations.  With the world rebuilding over the next decade from the Soltan Invasion, the Atlantic Kingdom became a non-issue...that is, until 2008.

The Orwellian island nation of "Oceania" in the south Atlantic Ocean had been dumping its manufacturing waste and toxic products into the ocean off the island chain's coastline at a staggering rate.  The Atlantic Kingdom had a city located near Oceania.  Over several months time, thousands of the Atlantic Kingdom's subjects, workers and warriors start mysteriously dying as a result of the toxic chemicals for Oceania's illegal ocean dumping.  King Dolphin discovered the dump site and immediately went to war with Oceania.  In one week's time, both Oceania and the Atlantic Kingdom fought a war between themselves that led to a standstill. Both nations were the equal of each other in all things military and industrial.  Governor Goldstein of Oceania and King Dolphin reached a cease fire agreement and eventually an official armistice.  As part of the armistice, Oceania agreed to clean up their undersea toxic dump site if the Atlantic Kingdom was willing to sign a limited shared technology partnership, wherein both nations would share with each other their extensive futuristic weaponry, engineering and scientific developments each had created.  As a result, Oceania's military war machine production doubled overnight and the Atlantic Kingdom now had weapons-enriched uranium and plutonium in their inventory, making the Atlantic Kingdom a new nuclear power in the world.  To this day, Oceania is the only surface nation that has a treaty with the Atlantic Kingdom, making them both allies, or more accurately, uneasy allies at best. 

Once the world discovered the Atlantic Kingdom now had nuclear weapon capabilities, the world governments once again began fearfully spying on the kingdom and its cities, gathering as much strategic and military intelligence as they could on them.  When the results of their spying were finally viewed, much to the surprise of the world leaders, the Atlantic Kingdom was found to be a thriving and vast nation with more than 30 enormous, futuristic undersea cities, all well defended...and all ready for war.  As with any nation's 'cold war' tactics, both a Russian submarine and an American submarine, in two equal yet separate instances, got too close into the Atlantic Kingdom's disputed territory.  This resulted in both subs being destroyed with the loss of all hands onboard in each instance.  Tensions once again escalated between the world leaders and the Atlantic Kingdom between 2010 and 2012. The Atlantic Cold War, as it became known as, began heating up.  Specialized Black Ops teams from various nations, superhero groups from around the world, G.U.A.R.D. and even some super-villains and corporate organizations engaged in dangerous tactics and encounters within the Atlantic Kingdom, bringing the world closer to the brink of nuclear war with the undersea kingdom.  Just when it seemed that nuclear war was inevitable, King Dolphin did a 180-degree diplomatic turn; he began visiting the leaders of other nations vying for peace instead of war.

Visiting their surface nations' capitols and the United Nations general assembly, King Dolphin began to win the hearts and minds of the surface world. He offered up several advances in aquaculture and medicine that he wanted to give to third world nations at no cost.  He even freely provided cures for three different forms of rare yet deadly human cancers.  King Dolphin offered up some of his advanced technological designs, such as his high capacity quantum tidal energy generators.  He then pleaded to the world for his nation's 'right' to live in peace; its right to not have toxic chemicals and dangerous weapons testing done in the same vicinity as his subjects and their innocent children; he pleaded for the world leaders to help ease the 'racial' tensions the world had against his aquatic Ningren race of sea-people. 

King Dolphin's pleas were masterful, and the world's response was as expected; pity and compassion towards the plight of the innocent Atlantic Kingdom and its people.  In time, most people forgot about the fear and militant buildup that King Dolphin  produced over the previous two decades. Hardly anyone even questioned King Dolphin's human rights violations towards his own citizens; instead, the media called out the world leaders, stating that King Dolphin and his beleaguered undersea nation were the victims instead. 

Thanks to the growing social media push to make right what had been done 'to' the Atlantic Kingdom, world leaders and benevolent organizations quickly began movements to recognize King Dolphin's sovereignty and aid in quelling the supposed racial tensions the world was 'projecting' on the Atlantic Kingdom's citizen-subjects, especially the Harmony Foundation. The world leaders reached out with the media showing their ambitious desire to work together with the Atlantic Kingdom towards peace and prosperity.

By 2014, several nations enacted open border treaties with the Atlantic Kingdom and its citizens, allowing exchanges of citizens between their nations, schools and businesses.  Once the world saw the futuristic images of some of the Atlantic Kingdom's cities, more and more leaders began to enact treaties and trade with King Dolphin, hoping to entice the kingdom to invest in their country's futuristic endeavors. Throughout all of this, King Dolphin performed with the air of a king and authority of a statesman.  As a result of the new UN's concessions, a peace has ensued between the world's nations and the Atlantic Kingdom.

Today, the Atlantic Kingdom is considered a world super power; one of even greater benevolence than the United States, France or Great Britain.  The Atlantic Guard continues to enact as King Dolphin's royal guard and front line combatants against any form of super-powered aggression.  The United Nations, to this day, has not recognized the Atlantic Kingdom as a sovereign nation or kingdom even though half of the United Nation's diplomats now push for the Atlantic Kingdom's inclusion amongst the United Nations' voices. With relations improving with the world, the Atlantic Kingdom seems content, however, there are unconfirmed reports of an Atlantic Kingdom troop build-up along the undersea continental shelf area of the east coast of the United States and Canada.

Only time will tell if the Atlantic Kingdom is truly as peaceful as King Dolphin says it is...



Atlantic Kingdom Map I.jpg

The realm of the Atlantic Kingdom stretches from the frigid waters of the North Atlantic bordering on Canada and Ireland continuing down the length of the Atlantic Ocean within nearly 100 miles (some places, closer) of other international border and shores and ending in the warmer waters between Brazil and the African coastline.

The kingdom has three regions: North Atlantic, Mid-Atlantic and South Atlantic.  Each region has its own capitol, with Atlantis being the kingdom's capitol.


There are several dozen cities and villages located all throughout the kingdom.  Over two dozen geothermal power plants provide power to the cities, villages and outposts as needed.

Each major city contains battalions and/or divisions of Ningren Warriors, all under the command of King Dolphin, his Vizier, or the kingdom's Warlord.

The kingdom contains a wide swath of natural, technological and magical means of providing futuristic accommodations, farming, transportation, housing and education, in most cases, decades ahead of the surface world.


Capitols & Major Cities


The following are details about a dozen of the Atlantic Kingdom's Capitols and Major Cities.  Click on the button below to take you to the capitol or city of your choice.   GOLD NAME - Kingdom Capitol      PURPLE NAME - Regional Capitol



Atlantis is the capitol of the Atlantic Kingdom. 


King Dolphin, his Vizier and the Royal Court all reside within the city's limits. The city is comprised of five boroughs: Royal, Military, Science, Exemplar and Trade Districts.

The city has a populace of over 100, 000 Ningren and citizens, along with 3 divisions of Ningren warriors (6,000 troops). City design is predominantly tech.


City contains two Ningren Cloning Centers and teleportation portals to every major city.

Atlantic Kingdom Capitol - Atlantis.jpg


Aquaria is the center of science and education in the Atlantic Kingdom. 


There are three major districts: Science, Engineering and Exemplar. The districts contain a total of 15 academies.

The city has a populace of over 25, 000 Ningren and citizens, along with 1 division of Ningren warriors (2,000 troops). City is predominantly tech and natural.


City contains teleportation portals to all major cities.

Atlantic Kingdom City - Aquaria.jpg


Clanoch is a magical and production center. 


Ancient sunken temples, circles and buildings correspond to now over-powered Ley lines. Due to the Soltan Invasion of 2000, most of the underwater city was decimated. It's just starting to rebuild, including 5 magical schools (Conjuration, Druidic, Technomagic, Alteration and Arcane).

The city produces about 20% of the kingdom's materials, including teleporters, cloning equipment and routine citizenry gear, tools, equipment and household items.


There are over 7, 000 Ningren and citizens, along with 5 companies of Ningren warriors (750 troops). City design is predominantly magical and natural.

Atlantic Kingdom City - Clanoch.jpg


Geonis is a city of industrial smelting and mining. 


Miles of readily available minerals exist all over the ocean floor near this city and down into the Atlantic rift.

The city produces about 70% of the kingdom's minerals and ore, which are usually sent through 1 highly guarded (2 companies of Ningren warriors) portal that goes only to Neovis.  Other portals can access the city, but there are no other portals than the 1 for Neovis.


This city is predominantly filled with over 30, 000 slave laborers, prisoners, and 2 vicious divisions of  Ningren warriors that control the slave/prisoner labor.


City design is predominantly tech and natural.

Atlantic Kingdom City - Geonis.jpg


Mervia is the South Atlantic region's capitol of the Atlantic Kingdom. 


10% of the kingdom's food is produced from here. City contains 2 Ningren Cloning Labs , with manufacturing, the best hospitals in the kingdom and the most dedicated sports fans in all the kingdom.

The city has 6 districts with over 40,000 citizens and Ningren, 4 divisions of Ningren warriors, and portals to all locations in the kingdom.

City design is a mix of tech, magic and natural.

Atlantic Kingdom City - Mervia.jpg


Mervia is the North Atlantic region's capitol of the Atlantic Kingdom. 


20% of the kingdom's food is produced from here. City contains 1 Ningren Cloning Lab, manufacturing the best weapons and armor in all the kingdom.

The city has 5 districts with over 150,000 citizens and Ningren, 5 divisions of Ningren warriors, and portals to all locations in the kingdom.

City design is a mix of tech, magic and natural.

Atlantic Kingdom City - Nautilia.jpg


Neovis is a major manufacturing hub for the kingdom. 


Buildings, building materials, lab equipment and state-of-the-art computers and bio-engineered materials are created and built here with nearly 40,000 of the 60,000 populace of skilled Ningren workers and citizens performing the building and manufacturing.

This city contains 2 districts and is defended by 2 Divisions of Ningren warriors. City has portals to key cities as well as 1 ore-processing portal from Geonis.


City design is predominantly tech.

Atlantic Kingdom City - Neovis.jpg


Neptunis is the Mid-Atlantic region's capitol of the Atlantic Kingdom. 


The city has a wide range of arts, sciences, aquaculture, manufacturing, mining, and even alternate energy power (tidal/current) generators. The city also contains 2 Ningren Cloning Labs.

The city has 5 districts with over 160,000 citizens and Ningren, 3 divisions of Ningren warriors, and portals to all locations in the kingdom.

City design is a mix of tech, magic and natural.

Atlantic Kingdom  City - Neptunis.jpg

New Poseidon

New Poseidon is a major military stronghold 100 miles off the United States' Washington D.C. coastline. 


Major military center with over 7 Divisions of Ningren warriors, military weapons and subsurface, tanks, destroyers, carriers, attack craft and transports.

This city contains 7 districts with a total population of up to 250,000 warriors, Ningren and citizens.


City has portals to all Atlantic Kingdom cities and outposts. City walls are incredibly resistant to attack.


City design is predominantly tech and natural.

Atlantic Kingdom City - New Poseidon.jpg


Subkansasia is a major aquaculture and power generator for the Atlantic Kingdom. 


Although plagued with seaquakes, the region produces 35% of the kingdom's food supply.  An aquaculture academy teaches its regional farmers how to grow and harvest seafood efficiently and environmentally sound.

This city contains 2 districts with a total population of up to 50,000 Ningren and citizens. Also contains 2 Divisions of Ningren warriors to protect the city.


City has portals to several Atlantic Kingdom cities. City design is predominantly natural with tech for aquaculture and support.

Atlantic Kingdom City - Subkansasia.jpeg


Tridentas is the home of the Atlantic Guard and is also a major military base. 


City is located in a massive underwater cave, built up with high-tech buildings, weapons and resources.

This city contains 5 cloning labs, 5 districts with a total population of up to 150,000 Ningren and citizens. City houses and trains 5 Divisions of Ningren warriors (10,000 troops). Contains large assortment of training facilities, weapons, mechanized assault vehicles, cruisers, destroyers, carriers and other unique vehicles.


City has portals to all Atlantic Kingdom cities, villages, outposts and power plants. City design is tech-based.

Atlantic Kingdom City - Tridentas.jpg


Varus is an aquaculture center for the Atlantic Kingdom. 


City is located on the edge of the Atlantic rift in South Atlantic, producing 30% of the kingdom's seafood.

This city contains 1 cloning lab, 2 districts with a total population of up to 55,000 Ningren and citizens. City houses 1 Division of Ningren warriors.


City has portals to select Atlantic Kingdom cities. City design is tech and nature mixed.

Atlantic Kingdom City - Varus.jpg

Atlantic Kingdom Royal Court

King Dolphin's Atlantic Kingdom Royal Court is headed by the king's Vizier AKA Viceroy.  The Viceroy appoints (unless otherwise directed by King Dolphin) subjects/Ningren to the Royal Court based on their specialized areas.  He is also considered the Atlantic Kingdom's ambassador to the world.  The king's Warlord leads the armies and the Atlantic Guard, while the king's Science Advisor will  be responsible for all matters of science and discovery.

It is not uncommon to be killed for 'doing one's job' as a member of the Royal Court.  King Dolphin, on several occasions has decapitated or chopped up some on his advisors for not giving him the news he wanted to hear or have performed.  The court is a band of 'yes men' by nature, but there are many times when advisors became overwhelmed with their new power that they've gone to certain lengths to create strife, protests and even civil disobedience (done a few times in Aquaria).



Interestingly enough, King Dolphin is actually fond of his advisors, such that if one was ever abducted, he'd have his kingdom go to great lengths to retrieve him/her/it, regardless of the consequences, even political consequences at times. He treats them like family when they are performing their jobs well, but treats them like garbage if they don't.

Current Viceroy

Viceroy Zargyl

Viceroy Zargyl V.jpg

Current Warlord

Warlord Krellar

Warlord Krellar I.jpg

Current Science Master

Master Mylnis

Master Mylnis V.jpg

- Base -
Atlantis Royal Hall

King's Entry
King's Entry

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Vault, Power, Storage and Crafting
Vault, Power, Storage and Crafting

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Looking back at Hall Portal
Looking back at Hall Portal

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King's Entry
King's Entry

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MDUVerse Information

The Atlantic Kingdom was originally conceived as the Sub-Pacific Organization (SPO) in 1971 by Don "Major Deej" Finger, consisting of a variety of current Atlantic Guard characters. 


In 1991, the SPO was converted (on paper) into the Atlantic Kingdom with a new nation-like theme to the group wherein the kingdom now covered nearly all of the sub-surface Atlantic Ocean realm.

On 26 July 2008, the Atlantic Kingdom was updated with modern styles and story.  The original 1971 Major Deej created SPO leader, Dolphin, was updated to be more regal and was thus renamed and rewritten as  "King Dolphin".