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Who is the best Gun-Running group in the world?


Who’ll help arm your gang with exactly the weapons needed?


Who will help train your gang all the while taking ‘good’ care of your men (or women!)?


Who has the nicest body…suits in the biz?


Female Explosives & Munitions Specialists! FEMS!!


These skilled yet gorgeous gun-runners of the world not only know how to tear down an AK-47, M16 and a .45 Magnum AT THE SAME TIME in less than a minute, but they can also host some of the wildest after-victory parties ever!

C’mon, men! Where else can you find the hottest women who can not only talk about and list every gun in the world, but can chug a keg of beer and then successfully set up explosives WHILE BLINDFOLDED…and then later ‘field strip’ you AND your weapons?

That’s right! FEMS!

These hot babes are what you and your organization need! Professional gun-running and munitions training for any and all at a fair price in today’s market!  What’s more is that if you do business with FEMS today, we’ll even throw in a free 10-hour after-party the likes of which you’ve never seen, all hosted by our hot FEMS agents! 

Don’t be one of those stuffy ‘all boys gangs’! Hook up with FEMS and ‘integrate’ some of the hottest weapons (and women!) into YOUR operations! 

Don’t delay!

Show your Crime Boss YOU MEAN BUSINESS!

Choose Lady Femmetastik and her FEMS and you're guaranteed to have a ‘rifling’ good experience!

Call 1-800-555-FEMS to speak with our sultry female munitions experts NOW!  

MDUverse Data:

FEMS created in CoH MMORPG on15 Sep 2013; leader: Lady Femtastik

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