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In 2015, Rose McClellan AKA Lady Femmetastik  started her own band of young women who were gun-runners, black market munitions specialists and professional firearms and explosives technicians. She called this gang the Female Explosives & Munitions Specialists AKA "FEMS".

After learning everything about the trade from her parents, Lady Femmetastik went through the brothels, street corners and the dark side of human slavery and 'freed' them from their 'old life' and trained them to be weapons specialists, arms dealers, professional party girls and most importantly, entrepeneurs.

The training for each girl/woman is grueling to say the least.  Each 'candidate' is given three strikes or they are 'dead'.  Each willing female repeditively goes over their jobs and skills hundreds of times until they can do their jobs blindfolded, drunk, stoned or incapacitated.  Those that graduate the program become a "FEM" and are thrust into the gang's international illegal arms market.  As it is, FEMS is considered better than ANY black market munitions or explosives sellers in that Lady Femmetastik provides 'insurance' for her products and is noted to host the most incredible parties ever for their clientele (see Club).

FEMS has had numerous run-ins with the FBI, CIA, INTERPOL and other ultra-national organizations (such as GUARD), but for the most part, FEMS has almost always been able to ensure their group never gets indicted, either by covering their bases, paying off judges and police (or extorting them), killing any witnesses (including their own FEMS ladies) and/or making evidence 'disappear'.

Currently FEMS, still run by Lady Femmetastik, is one of the largest and most desired gun-running organizations in the world.  Their skills are second to none, their after-parties are the best in the world, and their prices are competitive!




MDUverse Data:

FEMS was created on 15 Sep 2013.

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