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Citizens! Doubleplusgood news for Oceania!

The Champions of Oceania have won a glorious victory!

Verified. Dayorder 4-10 YP 19 (Update: 5-29 YP 19)

Attention! It is with great bellyfeel that our beloved Governor Goldstein of the great nation of Oceania has verified reports that the Champions of Oceania have been identified for glorious recognition in the oldthink newspeak of the Major Deej Universe!


Thinkpol has verified this information from unpersons and plusgood prole sources. The doubleplusungood state of England has malquoted this victory as duckspeak. New prolefeed shall be associated to each Champion of Oceania over the next few weeks in ante-ownlife. OYL shall attend ceremonies along with BB authorized upsubs.


Standby for further dayorders, citizen!

MDU Oceania Flag.png

29 May 19 - UPDATE: Champions of Oceania is DONE!!! All characters, images and stories have been updated and are doubleplusgood for your reading expectations, citizen!

The Arachnoknights Crawl Back to Life!

4 March 2019 (Updated: 10 Apr 2019)

From City of Heroes' "Arachnos" villain group, the "Knights of Arachnos" once dominated the Freedom server as the largest Arachnos-themed Villain Group (VG) alongside its brother VG, the "Champions of Arachnos".


Out of respect for CoH's incredible forray into this spider-themed militant organization of the game's Rogue Isles, the MDU decided to pay homage to that group by creating the "Arachnoknights".  Although an offshoot of the original Knights of Arachnos VG, it was meshed with the other FOUR (yes, FOUR) Arachons-themed VGs I'd created and, well, I made this.  Sadly, the VG origin and the characters needed more help in transitioning to that homage...more help that I was ready to give at that time.

Today, the Arachnoknights are being remade to something FAR more than what they were before!  As such, they will be a major mover and shaker in the MDUverse just as Arachnos was in the CoHverse!

Stay tuned for the results of the massive "Arachnoknights" overhaul folks! Results soon (tm)!

UPDATE: Arachnoknights are DONE!!! All characters, images and stories have been updated and are ready for everyone to read and check out!​ Crawl over to the Arachnoknights page for all the new entries!


20 January 2019  (Updated 23 Feb 2019)

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, the Atlantic Kingdom and its devastating Atlantic Guard swim up and byte us!  King Dolphin, the mad scientist and de-facto "king" of the Atlantic Kingdom has patiently waited for decades to show the world his incomparable underwater cities, his race of cloned Ningren warriors and servants, as well as his powerful and equally vicious Atlantic Guard, the protectors of the Kingdom!

Over the next month or so, we'll be posting incredible pages and info about the kingdom and details about their key cities, as well as individual character pages for each and every Atlantic Guard member, and of course, King Dolphin himself!

Get ready for a magical...and deadly...tour of the Atlantic Kingdom and the Atlantic Guard! So says King Dolphin!!

UPDATE: Atlantic Kingdom and Atlantic Guard are DONE!!! All characters, images and stories have been updated and are ready for everyone to read and check out!

Astroguardian Groupshot A.jpg

From Space Station Wescamp orbiting Earth in high orbit, it's the ASTROGUARDIANS! After several years of being stuck on their station, they're ready to get back into the game and show the MDU what they can do! 


The Astroguardians are one of the four supergroups that make up the mega-supergroup, THE GUARDIANS! Keep an eye to the sky (and this website's "What's News?" entries) to catch their return!

UPDATE: Astroguardians is DONE!!! All characters, images and stories have been updated and are ready for everyone to read and check out!


2018 News Archive

Emerald Society - Phase II

30 Dec 2018 (Update: 4 Jan 2019)

greencelticknot II.jpg
Emerald Society-Groupshot2019-I.jpg

As sure as Irish eyes are smilin', the Emerald Society is FINALLY on its way to completion!

Due to last year's busy schedule, the Emerald Society got some of its characters done...but not all.  As such, we're finally going to get that Irish group done ASAP.  With new musical theme updates, updated costumes and time-corrected history rewrites, the Emerald Society will DEFINITELY be ready for St. Patty's Day in March! BEGORA!


Keep a watchful eye out in out "What's News?" section (above) to see the latest updates for the Emerald Society!

UPDATE: The Emerald Society is DONE!!! All characters, images and stories have been updated and are ready for everyone to read and check out!

PAU HANA! The Pacific League is surfing into updates!

1 December  2018 (Update: 30 Dec 2018)

Pacific League Chest Logo.png

ALOHA!!! Time to ride the wave of those heroes of the Pacific Rim!  We started on them a year or so ago, but were unable to finish them due to story issues (and work, and life, get the idea).  SO, instead of freezing in the snow, we're going to light the Tiki torches and hang out in warmer climes to get back to our favorite characters even if it means looking at a Hawaiian beach wallpaper to get by!

UPDATE: The Pacific League is DONE!!! All characters, images and stories have been updated and are ready for everyone to read and check out!

Autumn is here and so are the KNIGHTS ARCANUS!

22 September 2018  (Updated: 1 Dec 2018)

Knights Arcanus Rev1 Group Shot IV.jpg

Samhain Knight! Autumn Knight! Deathknight! These are just a few of the incredible characters that make up the Knights Arcanus, a heroic band of arcane warriors out to protect the world from the darker side of magic.  Expatriated from their own secretive magical community, these heroes have not only helped the world fight against the Soltan Star Empire's invasion of Earth in 2000, they've also since stopped hundreds of magical incursions, demons and sadistic mages!

With pagan Samhain festivals in the wind, Halloween and cooler Autumn nights forthcoming, it only seems right to get this incredible team geared-up for action before the New England snows hit!


Keep checking out our 'What's News?' section for listings of the new and updated Knights Arcanus characters! 

UPDATE: As of 1 Dec 2018, all of the Knights Arcanus' characters are done! Go!! Check that all out!


24 August 2018         (Updated: 22 Sep 2018)  

It had to happen! AXIS FORCE characters will be getting their long-overdue entries transferred from the 'old' website and updated and spiffed-up here on this new website! Over a dozen characters are about to be added...some of them NEW!!  As 'ole Major Invader used to say, 'to beat your enemy is to KNOW your enemy', and the best way to do that is to check out these characters in their own heinous halls of villainy!

As a note for those that don't like the idea of having anything 'Nazi-related' in this site, please understand, this is definitely NOT to honor or promote them, instead it's to provide you, the reader, a chance to peer, with a critical eye, through a series of fictional character stories that we hope will ultimately educate you in what happens when an unstopped hate and evil is created and how, even in today's society, we must ensure that it's sinister head NEVER rises from its own ashes. 


Prepare yourself, Reader, for a walk on the dark side...

Update: Axis Force is as done as it can be...WHAT?!? You haven't checked out their new entries?! Shame on you!! Get to reading (and listening to their individual music themes too!!)!!


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