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2022 News Archive

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2021 News Archive

2021 News Archive

American Star

Hey Ya'll! The Southern Sentinels are a'comin!
30 Dec 2021 (9 Jan 22 Update)

Southern Sentinels Groupshot I.jpg

When things start gettin' bad in the 'ol South of the United States, well, people take things into their own hands. Sometimes that's a good thing, most of the time it turns out bad, but for a band of unique and super-powered Southern heroes calling themselves the Southern Sentinels, it was destiny!

Led by an ex-football player codenamed 'Alabama', the team takes care of its southern neighbors and makes sure that justice is done aright. This team is known as a 'superhero registration success story' wherein the team formed up under the premise of the Superpowers Registration Act. The team, although 100% unique in their own ways, all believe in one thing - taking care of the South. Since no other super teams seem willing to help as much in the region, the Southern Sentinels will take charge and show the world not to mess with the South!

Over the next month or so, we'll be working on the individual characters and the team. Keep checking back on the 'Southern Sentinels' to see our progress!  Let's get 'er done!

UPDATE (9 Jan 22): The Southern Sentinels are done! CHECK THEM OUT NOW! This team's a rearin' to git goin'!

HEYS! YOUS! Da Solanos' is gettin' made - again!
 3 Dec 21 (Updated: 12 Dec 21)

Teflon Don Solano
Solano Family Logo 1.jpg
mobsters 1920s.png
Saul Smackdown I.jpg

AAYY! YOU! Yah, I'm talkin' to YOUS! Hey, listen up, 'cause I'm NOT gonna repeat myself, capiche? Alright, here's the low-down...the Solanos...ya know, one of de biggest crime families around...well, the skuttlebutt is that theyz is getting some new stuff.  You know what that means? Go ahead. GUESS. Ok, yah, you got it...theyz be addin' some new blood to their family; new lieutenants, hustlers and of course...muscle! If'n yous got nuttin' else ta do, keep an eye out on the Solanos over the Christmasy times 'cause it looks like they'll be packin' in some serious presents ta themsevles before New Years is over! Take a gander at 'em over the next few weeks...ya mights likes what ya see!

UPDATE: 12 Dec 21 - AND WE'RE DONE HERE! The Solanos now has a family (and some more mooks!) CHECK OUT THE PAGES!

Criminals, the KNIGHTSHIFT is making its way to YOU!
 8 Nov 21 (Updated: 3 Dec 21)


A band of vigilantes that have had ENOUGH of the vile criminals and dregs of society that dare to prey on the innocent! This hardcore band of heroes don't intend to show any mercy to their victims!  They own the dark! They project fear in the heart of crime! They will make you pay if you have done wrong in THEIR city! They are the KNIGHTSHIFT!

Join us over the next few weeks as the MDU introduces you to the most violent vigilantes against villainy! We'll be writing up their origins and getting you some incredible info on these dangerous heroes of the city! Keep watching in "What's News?" or on their own page!

Update (3 Dec 21): The Knightshift is done! For the first time since the team's inception, the Knightshift and its characters have their own entries, images, theme music and stories ready for YOU to experience and enjoy! Check out their individual entries NOW! ENJOY!

MAJOR MILESTONE: 500th Character Added!
5 Nov 2021  

500 Mexican Pesos

Another major milestone has been achieved: 500 CHARACTERS in the Major Deej Universe! 500 CHARACTER ACHIEVEMENT: UNLOCKED!

Our 500th character was Sister of the Earth, but what's more amazing is that at the time of this post, we've already completed 502 characters! We were so focused, we shot past the milestone! We are now well on our way towards the massively monumental, mega-cool 550th character count (557=total MDU)!

As such, the MDU's infrastructure database of characters (DOC) is quickly being finalized as part of our Phase I efforts. Eventually, all these amazing characters will begin to appear in the pages of our Major Deej Comics titles as part of our Phase II efforts...all coming SOON (tm) (~2022)!

550, here we come!

The Arcane Sisterhood is BACK once again!
 21 Oct 2021 (UPDATED: 8 Nov 21)


Labeled as witches and hunted down since the 1400s, these women dared to change the world for the better - with magical women in charge of the planet instead of men! This placed them not only against the world of man, but the elders of their own original order, The Conglomerate! After being destroyed and/or transmutated by the Conglomerate's Knights Arcanus of that era, the Sisterhood slept...until recently! They've arisen and intend to continue in their venture to put women as the leaders of the planet...after they get their revenge against the Knights Arcanus and the Conglomerate of course!


For the next few weeks, the MDU will be working on and finally creating its newest villainous group: the Arcane Sisterhood! Check out the "What's News?" section for updates as well as the Arcane Sisterhood's main page!

UPDATE: 8 Nov 21 - WE'RE DONE! The Arcane Sisterhood is complete! Jump in and check out the amazing entries to these unique storied characters! Sometimes sisterhood is good; this one is BAD!

 21 Oct 2021

Arachnoknights Banner.png

Its been 14 years since that day on October 22nd in 2007 that a strange villain group came into existence called the 'Knights of Arachnos' (yes, the old webpage lives (for now)) which is now called the "Arachnoknights"!


Back in the day, this group's creation was inspired by Matt "Positron" Miller and NCSoft's Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG), 'City of Heroes' and its new villain creator game update.  As a result, Lady Arachnida was created and made to be the first leader of one of several other ' X of Arachnos' teams. In 2012 the game died, but the characters and the idea lived on. With a complete overhaul of its 'Lieutenants' and a redesign of their troopers, these creepy folks became a renewed part of the Major Deej Universe...and became one of the most audacious villain groups in the MDU!

Picture Below: Knights of Arachnos (October 2007)


Although the team is now led by Lord Arachnid, Lady Arachnida is still in the group as the 2nd in command.  The characters that make up this team each have an incredible back story and a powerful array of abilities and weapons, making a hero battle with the Arachnoknights quite epic when it does happen!  Soon (tm), stories will be written in the Major Deej Comics and more will be learned of their desire for domination!

Picture Below: Knights of Arachnos (2012)


With that, join us on Friday, the 22nd of October in wishing our spidery villains a spiteful 14th anniversary!


What do YOU think about the Arachnoknights? Leave your comments in the 'Latest' section above and let us (and them) know where you stand with spiders or villains or...well, maybe with a team that seems to like red and black a tad too much!

Picture Below: Arachnoknights (2010)

Arachnoknights Groupshot IV.jpg

Before you go, remember their motto:

Quod pugna belli nobis opus est 


It's the bloody CRIMSON again!
 13 Oct 2021 (Updated: 29 Oct 21)

Just when you thought is was safe enough from COVID-19 to go out Trick-or-Treating, the CRIMSON come back!  The Crimson is an international consortium of vampiric 'covens' that actually work regionally, but thanks to today's modern technology, they're all connected like never before!  Using social media, video monitoring and the ever-changing state of regional social issues, the Crimson's vampires are thriving in a buffet-level environment like never before!  They still, as always, operate in the shadows, but these days, they are no longer hiding in caves or basements, but in mansions, social clubs and castles! They've also learned the value of money and more importantly, its power and influence in helping the Crimson getting what they want: more tasty humans to feed on!

Over the next few weeks, the Crimson's characters will finally get their day in the (moon)light! Check out the Crimson's main page and read up on the new character entries as they are added. Look for new entries via the "What's News?" section! UPDATE: 29 Oct 21: DONE!!

Don't get beaten down, get TRODDEN!
 1 Oct 2021 (Updated: 13 October 21)


Homeless. Disadvantaged. Hobo. Bum. Street trash. Downtrodden. THE TRODDEN. These are the names given to the thousands of poor and homeless people in the San Francisco Bay area. Even though the thoughtful folks of 'Frisco like to display their 'kindness' by social media streamed hand-outs and politicians pontificate about the money they need to 'help' their district's disadvantaged, there's only one small group that actually goes out of its way to TRULY help and protect their fellow homeless; they are simply known as 'The Trodden'.

Over the next few weeks, the Trodden's characters will finally get their day in the sun! Check out their individual, heroic team page or watch the "What's News?" section for their NEW! entry notifications!

UPDATE - 13 Oct 2021: The Trodden entries are completed! New base! New images! Updated stories! Why are you still reading this? GO CHECK IT OUT IN THE TRODDEN WEBPAGES NOW!!!

It's the Dawn of the Daybreakers! Vampires...Beware!
23 Sep 2021 (Updated: 28 Sep 2021) 

Daybreakers Group Shot I.jpg

Just when you thought it was safe to go out for Halloween...the vampires return! But don't fret! The DAYBREAKERS are here to rid you of your vampire problems...for a price!  This for-profit gang of rogues and vigilantes have years of experience in tracking down, trapping and killing those of the vampirical persuasion! The Daybreakers, led by Sloan the Slayer, are a rough group that looks forward to protecting you from the vampire menace - as a profitable service, that is. Check out their incredible discount prices for multiple vampire killings (limited time offer; same nation/region only)! Employed by businesses, millionaires and international governments, the Daybreakers are the only ones that can do this job...because no one else wants to do it!

Over the next few weeks, rolling into our spooky Halloween season, we'll be adding new gang/character information, imagery and stories that'll haunt you until you howl!  Keep your crucifix close and keep an eye on the "What's News" section and/or the Daybreakers page!

Prepare yourself! The Daybreakers are taking back the night!


Update: 28 Sep 2021 - The Daybreakers are updated, completed and ready to go slay vampires! CHECK THEM OUT! Click on the pic above and scroll through the characters and their stories!

MAJOR MILESTONE: 450th Character Added!
28 Aug 2021  


Another major milestone has been achieved: 450 CHARACTERS in the Major Deej Universe! ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED!

Our 450th character was Doc Saw, but what's more amazing is that at the time of this post, we've already completed 467 characters! We were so focused, we shot past the milestone! We are now well on our way towards the massively monumental, mega-cool 500th character count (532=total MDU)!

As such, the MDU's infrastructure database of characters (DOC) is quickly being finalized as part of our Phase I efforts. Eventually, all these amazing characters will begin to appear in the pages of our Major Deej Comics titles as part of our Phase II efforts...all coming SOON (tm) (~2022)!

Number 500, here we come!

The IRE of The Pacific returns!


28 Aug 2021 (Update: 19 Sep 21)

Milu I.jpg

Millenia ago, the elder gods ruled the Earth in a majority of the world's regions. In the Pacific Ocean region, Pele, goddess of volcanoes and fire and the creator of the Hawaiian Islands, was one such elder god. Another god, Milu, was the god of the dead and ruler of Lua-o-Milu (equivocal of Hell for Polynesians).


In the MDU, Milu attempted retribution on Pele for past slights. Milu not only failed, but was imprisoned deep in the Marianas TrenchMilu recently freed himself from captivity, obsessed with exacting vengeance on Pele and any that dared stand in his way.


The MDU's Milu amassed armies of undersea followers using magically or artificially enhanced, super-powered warlords as his captains. With his army, Milu waged war against Pele...and won. A dying Pele imparted part of her powers to several human Polynesian 'heroes' that eventually banded together and fought back against Milu and his forces (see Pacific League for the hero story!), stopping Milu from overtaking nearly all of the Hawaiian Islands. Today, however, Milu and his band of warlords and troops, now collectively called the  "Kaha Koa", are slowly reforming...and are now more dangerous than ever!

The Kaha Koa is a loose band of regional warlords, all under the direct command of Milu, still operating as his own 'god of death'. As Milu contemplates and plots his next great move to expand his Lua-o-Milu with millions of new, innocent human souls, the Kaha Koa's warlords continue in their efforts of regional instability, invasions of the human mainland and islands and attacking any and all that dare enter their domain! Separately, the Warlords and their armies are dangerous; as a combined force, the Kaha Koa could turn Earth into a living Hell!

Join us in our journey into the mythos of the Polynesian culture, as well as the Indo-Asian world of deities and its many amazing stories and the deifications of their cultural villains and beings of chaos and/or discord. Check out our new character entries each week as we pierce the veil of the Pacific region's mythological powerhouses and how they are represented in this, our Major Deej Universe!



Update (19 Sep 21): It's done! Kaha Koa is all done! New stories! New images! These guys powers and origins will fry your brain! Go read all the incredible, awesome pages NOW!

BE A Rebel With "The Liberators"!

15 July 2021 (Updated: 14 Aug 21)


In the MDU, when the South Atlantic Ocean isles of  Saint HelenaAscension Island and the island group Tristan da Cunha were taken over and turned into the new socialist island nation of Oceania, the rest of the free world tried to liberate them - and failed miserably.


For the last few decades the militant socialist society of Oceania has become a bastion of military industry and a haven for some of the most reprehensible people on Earth. In an attempt to liberate the isles, a band of resistance warriors, androids and metahumans have since taken the fight to Oceania. They hide in the hills, the ocean, the sewers, in the island's volcano and even amongst the island's own Oceania troops, all in a desperate yet coordinated effort to try to free the islands of their oppressors. To that end, 'The Liberators' are now in full operation!

For the next few weeks, we'll be overhauling the ranks of The Liberators. Their stories are quite unique, with some surprising twists in their associations with 'other' heroes and villains throughout the MDU! Want to know more? Of course you do! Check back in every so often and visit the Liberators webpage or the 'What's News?' section to see the latest!


Update (14 Aug 21): The Liberators are complete! All new entries! All new images! All new AWESOME! Go check them out on the Liberators webpage! They'll make you WANT to become a freedom fighter after reading their stories!

The Exterminators Are Back!

19 June 2021 UPDATED: 13 July 2021)

Exterminators Mercs and Director 13 Group Shot I.jpg

One of the most feared, ruthless and dangerous brigade of hunters, murderers and mad scientists, The Exterminators, has found its way back into the folds of the MDU! This evil, villainous group has been in the MDU for decades, but now the characters that make up this vile menagerie will get their own stories to tell. Be warned, their stories, just like the Exterminators themselves, will most likely be disturbing and filled with a darkness that might even make the gory film-maker Quentin Tarantino squirm!  Check back with us from now out into July on the Exterminators site and/or the newest entries in the "What's News" section to find out which inglorious character and story has oozed itself into the pages of the MDU's most irreprehensible band of scum and villainy.  'If there be darkness in the pit of men's souls, it lives here'.

UPDATE: 13 Jul 21 - The Exterminators is completed! All character pages, images, soundtracks and slideshows are done! GO check out all their new entries and content! Sincerely cool, if not dark, stuff! GO! BROWSE!

Feeling Lucky? Let's Gamble on Some New Characters with the

Blackjack Bruno 2.jpg
Blackjacks Logo.png
Blackjacks Logo 2.png
Blackjacks Logo 2.png

1 June 2021 (Updated: 9 June 21)

As with any major gambling enterprise, crime and duplicity find their way to the 'fold'. Lucky for them, they have quite a 'draw' of characters that can be 'played' to keep the cartels and the 'families' happy and prosperous with their 'whales'; those 'wise guys' are the BLACKJACKS!

Headed up by the "Tzar of Gambling" himself, BLACKJACK BRUNO, the BLACKJACKS have influence, power and a means to 'correct' things if things don't go the way they way them to go. As such, the BLACKJACKS, along with their hundreds of thugs and sub-bosses worldwide, also have a band of 'unique professionals' to help fix problems; problems that might take away from the profitability of the BLACKJACKS and their clients.  Who are these unique professionals? Well, over the next few weeks, we'll be introducing them to you (luckily, only via web pages and NOT in person, youknowwhatImean?). Cut the cards, place your bets and go for that perfect '21' at the tables, cause we're dealin' here!

UPDATED - 9 June 2021: The Blackjacks are DONE! Go check out their awesome entries NOW!

Teutonic League Seal.jpg

Es ist Zeit für ein neues deutsches Heldenteam!


27 April 2021 (Updated: 31 May 21)

Teutonic League Seal.jpg
Teutonic League Group Shot A.jpg

Guten Tag! Germany's own superhero team, the TEUTONIC LEAGUE is ready to take its place in the MDU!  Started during the Cold War, the Teutonic League was an illegal, secret band of special heroes and people that did what they could for (at the time) West Germany. After German reunification, the team was not only outlawed (still), but completely obliterated from record. It wasn't until the 2000 Soltan Invasion of Earth did the team come back together to help save Germany and Europe from its alien invaders.  Today, the TEUTIONIC LEAGUE is in full public operation, however, it remains under heavy scrutiny, working hard to ensure they are never perceived as the next evil Axis Force!

Check in on us over the next few weeks as we provide new content into this hallowed hall of data of the characters, the history, their home...and much more! Don't need to go 'noir' on us! Come checkout what this band of young adventurers is all about and start practicing your German!

Update: 31 May 2021 - Teutonic League is DONE! Go check out these amazing stories, images, songs and the new Teutonic Towers base!

HARDCORPS has arrived!
8 April 2021 (updated: 24 Apr 2021)

Hardcorps GROUPSHOT I.jpg

From East Los Angeles comes HARDCORPS! This band of young heroes and fighters are here to help their community by keeping out the gangs, drugs and murderers as well as the greedy land barons and businesses who want to gentrify East Los Angeles into a new high-rent society funded by out-of-state investors wanting to 'upgrade ' it and rename it to its original 1920s name of 'Belvedere Gardens'.  Homeowners who've lived in East L.A. their whole lives are being targeted, threatened, bought out or downright murdered...unless someone stands up to HARDCORPS!  What makes this gang of youngsters tough enough to do this? Read up on them and see!

For the next month, we'll be introducing this band of brand new heroes to the MDU. Check back and see in 'What's News?' for the latest entries and updates for Hardcorps!  In the meantime, take a cue from these kids; help your community out and make a difference today!

UPDATE (24 APR 21): Hardcorops is DONE! Check out all the super cool character entries easily accessible by clicking on character images and/or links onthe Hardcorps webpage! Enjoy the stories! Enjoy the tunes! Enjoy the drama! Enjoy being Hardcorps!


12 March 2021  (Update: 8 Apr 2021) 

Eire Arm Group Shot III.jpg
EireArm Banner.png
Taoiseach VI.jpg

So, ye think to known about Ireland and its people, do ye now? Well, let me sit ya right down and tell ye a tale 'o the Eire Arm. The Eire whom, ye ask? Well, 'Tis time fer educatin'.


The Eire Arm are  a band 'o true Irish patriots, they be, at least, that's what they be tellin' everyone who'll listen to 'em! They'll go to war with anyone willing to do us Irish harm.


Some call them murderers and killers; others call 'em the army that no one wants to talk about; an Irish Army that's not run by them bloody politicians, but by old dogs 'o the IRA.


Keep an eye on the MDU's 'Eire Arm' we be talkin' about and make up yuir own mind 'bout these lads 'n lasses and their deadly...IREBOTS!! Get ready for war; the Eire Arm's a comin'!

UPDATE (8 Apr 21): BEGORA! We're done! Eire Arm and its characters are made! Go see!

400th Character Added to the MDU's Website!
8 March 2021  


It's a day of celebration! In less than two year's time, we've added another 100 characters and their pages to the MDUverse! That's a LOT of web-pages, costumes, stories, stats, talents and equipment!

We've added dozens of new groups and organizations since then and cleaned up nearly a hundred other older character pages and images.

Here's to our 400th Character milestone! Get 'fired up' over our 400th entry: The Firebird hero group's own leader, "FIREBIRD" himself! 

Believe it or not, Our next milestone may only be...450! We're getting close to finally getting all our characters and groups done! SOON(tm)!


28 Feb 2021 (Updated: 12 Mar 21)

Firebirds Group Shot A.jpg
Firebirds SG Logo-JPEG.jpg

When you need to be saved, who are you going to call? THE FIREBIRDS! Why them? Because this family of super-powered heroes and their amazing non-profit life-saving workers and teammates do this to help those in need! Ungoverned by politics or bureaucracies, the Firebirds are a team that in allowed by most nations across the globe to help them in their hour of need. Natural disasters, rescuing survivors of sinking ships, search and rescue operations and even, at times, fighting bad guys to help save and rescue the innocent and helpless.  A family that saves together are heroes together!

Over the next few weeks, the Firebirds will be getting their first major updates and new content in nearly a decade (if not for the first time)! The stories and tales of this 'fantastic' family of life-saving heroes will leave you with a warmer heart...especially since each of the family heroes have a fire-based power! Enjoy the entries and check in often for the latest!

UPDATE: 12 March 21 - All of the Firebirds are done! Go check out these awesome new characters and their entries!

It's the Chinese New Year! The Year of the 'Metal' Ox!  Ergo, it's the perfect time to introduce the CHAMPIONS OF CHINA!

10 February 2021 (Updated: 21 Feb 21)

Chinese flag stars.png
Chinese flag stars.png
Captain Shanghai II.jpg
Master Zhang IV.jpg
Ryoto IV.jpg

Even China needs heroes, even if they're state-run heroes! China's new superheroes in the Champions of China are a unique blend of magic, technology, mutant and incredible human skills. Combined with a limitless source of support personnel, intelligence information and a hardy consistent regimen of training, this team is more than enough to tackle anything they take on! 


Over the next few weeks, we'll be presenting these new characters in all their Chinese glory! Break out the fireworks, Wanton and Dim Sum and check out these new heroic entries with their amazing stories and incredible images while you celebrate bringing in the Chinese New Year! 


UPDATE (21 Feb 2021): The Champions of China entries are complete! Read up on these extraordinary stories and characters! 

Golden Dragons Logo 2.png


30 January 2021 (Updated: 10 Feb 21)

Golden Dragons Logo 3.png
Golden Dragons Logo 2.png
Dragonmaster I.jpg
Tsoo Mei I.jpg

When the Asia Pacific criminal organizations that made up the Triad went to war a couple decades ago, they left a huge power vacuum for others to jump in and take over. One of those filling that void is none other than the GOLDEN DRAGONS!

This gang of thieves, privateers, pirates, human traffickers, drug runners, weapons dealers, money launderers, gamblers, assassins and creators of political intrigue and war are well versed in their wide range of capabilities - all for a profit of course!

Led by the mysterious Dragonmaster, the Golden Dragons have stepped foot into the world of super-powered minions with several of their own gifted warriors and manipulators. Together, the Golden Dragons continue to feed off the ignorant, empower the politicians, dishevel the unworthy, obtain anything illegal for anyone, and make the Golden Dragons the richest band of brigands in the region in the process!

Follow along with us for the next few weeks as we add, update and amend to our wretched hive of scum and villainy!

UPDATE (10 Feb 2021): The Golden Dragons have been completed! View the images; read the stories; listen to the music; experience the rebirth of the Pacific Basin's next generation of crime!  ENJOY!!


They're back! Better get your insurance paid up!

16 January 2021 (Updated: 26 Jan 21)

Master Disaster III.jpg
Demolition Patry Logo.png

So you thought it was safe to step into 2021, huh?  Well, that idea just got the DEMOLITION PARTY!


Faster than a union-led construction crew! More powerful than a Liebherr LTM 11200 crane! Able to knock down tall buildings in a single blow! It's a Foreman! It's a Excavator! It''s....a DEMOLITION PARTY!! Yes, the Demolition Party. Led by the infamous FOREMAN, this group of super-powered demolitions experts routinely provides three of the five phases necessary for any site's demolition, all in one package...whether the site wants the demolition or not! Contracted by the highest bidder, these devastators and dilapidators show up, destroy and leave, usually getting enormous pay checks for cutting out the middle man and the slow union-led construction crews and services. That is to say, some of their jobs are to tear down buildings for competitors of other businesses as well; perfectly fine buildings not even slated for demolition for that matter! It's a dog-eat-dog world in corporate competitiveness, and what better tool to have than a crew of super-powered people that will take out your competition's factory BEFORE said factory can start-up production on a product that could corner the market! Imagine the happiness this 'party' brings to executives trying to find ways to 'tear down' their competition! Well, here they are!


Keep watching the Demolition Party page as well as the latest entries in the "What's News?" section of our website's home page in the next month or so for the latest character entries for our band of not-nice demolishers and dilapidators!

UPDATE (26 Jan 2021): The Demolition Party job is done on this site! Check out all the new and amazing info, history, powers, equipment and talents this band of destructive deficients have! It'll 'knock you over'!  ENJOY!!

2020 News Archieve

2020 News Archive

New Year Celebration
Toilet Paper
Crowd with Masks

2020: An Infamous Year for Most; A Productive Year for the MDU!

28 December 2020​

YAY! 2020 is in our rear-view mirror and with that, a whole new 2021 lies within view full hopefully loaded with renewed hope, health and happiness for all of us. We all know that 2020's trials and tribulations on each one of us has been difficult, but I have to admit, it's been a productive year in getting things done with the MDUverse! Thanks to the mandated 'down time' with COVID-19, work changes, working from home, travel and social restrictions, the MDUverse team has been able to add a LOT more to the site than ever before!

For 2020, we've been able to provide the following to our MDU site:

  • Added and updated over 233 characters and character pages

  • Added imagery for over 26 bases, HQs and facilities

  • Added 22 new MDU businesses, governments and charity organization pages

  • Completed 17 new teams, gangs and/or groups

  • Added a new 'Comments' feature

  • Overhauled and re-initiated our Facebook page

For this band of volunteers and working folk...that's a LOT!


For 2021, our goal is to provide and add/expand the following content on our site:

  • Add the final and LAST few hundred characters, groups/gangs ang MDU Organizations to the site

  • Construct and add imagery for an additional 16 bases, HQs and facilities

  • Restart publishing Major Deej Comics titles and issues with at least 6 brand new issues for 2021

  • Publishing our first MDUverse book/series on Amazon

  • Create a new MDUverse home page action-packed intro video

  • Complete page formatting standardization for all character and group pages

WHEW!! That's going to be quite the list...and that's just our starting goals! Things change! Clothes change! Hairstyles change! Stories change! CHANGE! I'm sure there will be more!

With that, THANK YOU for your patronage of the Major Deej Universe! We truly hope you've enjoyed reading and viewing our world of superheroes, stories and adventure and hope to bring you more and the same well beyond 2021!


MDU UCE Flag.png

The United Canadian Empire

and its UCE Enforcers!