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Wayne Grissom

Codename: "Moon"

Walking On The MoonThe Police
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Great Grandson to Astronaut Virgil I. "Gus" Grissom (famous Mercury and Gemini Astronaut who died in fiery Apollo 1 Test Flight).


Wayne Grissom started as a cadet in Civil Air Patrol and went on to become a USAF pilot and then NASA Astronaut. Grissom's first Space Shuttle mission was attacked by Galaxon and his evil Galactic Expatriates in their attempt to commandeer the shuttle for their own evil purposes.  The Shuttle was destroyed on the launch pad, with Grissom and his crew barely able to escape in time.  Once they escaped, the astronauts, led by Grissom attacked the Galactic Expatriates using some high-tech ingenuity in knocking out two of the powerful aliens.

Sadly, Grissom was targeted by Galaxon and the Galactic Expatriates not long after that. Galaxon disintegrated his two daughters and his wife right in front of Grissom.  Grissom tried to stop them, but wound up in the hospital for nearly a year, recovering from his injuries inflicted upon him by the Expatriates.  Rather than uncontrollable emotional rage and depression, Grissom dug down using his willpower and learned to walk all over again in record time. After that, he worked out until he was back in perfect physical shape. His next plan was to take out the Galactic Expatriates once and for all.  Sadly, NASA 'let go' of Grissom with a large million-dollar severance package.

Grissom's plan, as far as Grissom was concerned, would reach fruition, regardless of anyone else's help.

After another two months of planning and preparation, Grissom lured the Galactic Expatriates into a trap.  The results of Grissom's revenge left all of the Galactic Expatriates broken, impotent and near death. The only reason he didn't kill them out right is because of his kids who always believed their father to be a true 'hero' who would never kill. IN the end, Grissom handed the broken remnants of the Galacitc Expatriates over to the world's policing organization, G.U.A.R.D., and went back to the graves of his family to tell them they'd been avenged. The beaten Galactic Expatriates were hauled off in osmium-steel chains and power negation bands to an island prison in the Pacific.  Years later, after they'd partially healed, they escaped the island prison, but that's a story for another day.

Days after defeating the Galactic Expatriates, GUARD contacted Grissom. They wanted him to head up a secretive team that would build a new moonbase named "Fort Armstrong" on the moon.  Grissom agreed and bore himself into the exhaustive effort.


Through Grissom's leadership, Fort Armstrong was not only built in record time, but was also one of the most highly defendable bases ever. By the time the base was completed, Wayne was given the new title as Fort Armstrong's Base Commander and as GUARD's new MOONGUARD Subdivision under Operations.

Since then, numerous attempts by villain groups, aliens and megalomaniacs have been made to take over Fort Armstrong, however, none have ever succeeded, including two attempts by individuals from the Galactic Expatriates.


In time, GUARD's "Astroguardians" set up shop in Fort Armstrong and although considered a separate division, MOONGUARD and the Astroguardians have worked closely and effectively together.

Wayne Grissom is an incredible smart and dynamic leader, one who understands what is needed to complete a task, and ensuring every resource in thrown at it to accomplish the task.  he is respected by all personnel in MOONGUARD.  He is currently working 'remotely' on his next masters Degree, however, he desires to create and eventually be the only expert in Lunar Engineering; a field he intends to make his own.

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