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Saw Blade
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Bruno Dreime





Widowed (x3)










Ex-wives (three; deceased (all murdered by Bruno))

No children known (but possible bastards anywhere in the world)

Saw, Dr. Bruno Malenko, Dr. Emil Vostok




Don "Major Deej" Finger

1980 (Saw); 4 Feb 2017 (Doc Saw)




Dr. Bruno Dreime AKA "Doc Saw" is an aged ex-Soviet Union doctor and scientist bent on discovering what makes super-powered beings tick - even if he has to sadistically and immortally cut into them while they are still alive.

With a degree from one of Moscow's most esteemed medical universities, Dr. Dreime worked his way into the Kremlin as one of their forensic doctors used in hundreds of Kremlin-related operations. When needed in the field, Dr. Dreime had a high-tech backpack created that when coupled to his neural network of his brain, was able to manipulate over a dozen tools and medical devices from long, extendable articulating arms from his pack.  Over the years, he became renown in his actions and duty to the Soviet Union, however, whenever there is a political change in the Kremlin, many are 'purged' due to their previous affiliation with the prior directors and leaders; Dr. Dreime was one of those.

Reassigned to the Baltic Force facility outside of Vilnius, Lithuania in 1988, Dr. Dreime became the lead surgeon for experimentations and autopsies on living and dead super-powered beings.  Over time, he became fascinated by their physiology and what made them 'tick', as such, the good doctor became more barbaric in his practices of tearing apart the bodies of the super-powered beings to get at whatever it was that made them different.  His sadistic tendencies were well known to the staff at the Baltic Force facility, however, his results and findings were deemed worthy of his torturous methods.

In 1990, the Baltic Force facility was assaulted by the US government's CIA field commander, Special Agent John Brown (see Major Invader), leaving the facility a smoldering ruin.  Dr. Dreime was spirited away to a strong containment cell used for some of their super-powered captives, where he and two other troopers rode out the massive destruction Special Agent Brown and his team imparted on the Baltic Force facility.  When all was done, Dr. Dreime was furious over the destruction of most of his life's work by the CIA. He aided in salvaging what he could from the decimated facility and left with the few remaining survivors of Baltic Force to secretive hiding places for the next year or two.

During the Soltan Invasion of 2000, Dr. Dreime (in conjunction with his fellow Baltic Force scientists and doctors), while performing alien autopsies (most of them while the Soltans were still alive) on the Soltans and their army of creatures, discovered each of their true weaknesses. As a result of his sadistic means of discovering the Soltans' weaknesses, he was instead dubbed as "Doc Saw", using automatically programmed appendaged surgical saws he devised in his own high tech field surgical backpack.  Doc Saw's sadistic and immoral methods did provide Baltic Force, and eventually the world, the  critical information needed to devise weapons against the Soltans which directly led to the defeat and retreat of the Soltans from Earth.

After the invasion, Baltic Force struggled to regain its foothold and re-purpose its own mission. Doc Saw became a bit disillusioned (and in need of money and more education), took off and attempted to make a name for himself, only to be met with derision, anger at his immoral practices and his egotistical demeanor. As such, years later, the new leader of Baltic Force, Director 13, recalled Doc Saw (who willingly returned for the money and the freedom to torture his patients his way, as he was promised) into the renamed Baltic Force organization now called "The Exterminators".  Doc Saw, who had to change his name to other aliases to help  and became the chief surgeon and medical doctor for the newly formed Science Unit.  Doc Saw, now with new modern resources and a new leader more than willing to accept his methods, was never happier in being part of this group's new direction.  As part of The Exterminators 'signal to the world' of their desire to annihilate every single super-powered being, alien, magically-altered person or tech-infused being, Doc Saw was brought in to perform 'field butchery and mutilations' on over 40 targeted super-beings, their families and their children. Doc Saw, directly responsible for all the mutilations, showed no remorse or sense of shame in any of what he'd done.

Today, Doc Saw, as the Exterminator's Master Scientist, has not only continued his work in experimenting, dissecting, mutilating and killing super-powered beings, but he has also become more active in the field, sometimes using his medical high-tech backpack as a weapons system against anyone 'stupid' enough to stop him in his duties.

Doc Saw is a demented, egocentric, old man in poor health that uses a neural-connected medical backpack not only as his tools in performing his unethical and sadistic surgeries and mutilations, but also uses them in the field in combat. Although a proud, boisterous and arrogant Russian, he is also a coward when it looks like he or his teammates are losing. He'll be one of the first to retreat to safety, even at the expense of killing a super splayed out before him.




Power Origin: Natural

He has no powers.



  • Suit/Lab Coat

    • Provides typical protection against physical, energy, temperate and toxic/toxin damage

    • Provides good radiation protection against radiation damage

  • Surgical Backpack (Mark X)

    • Contains several foldable amazingly strong steel armatures that are controlled either through a neural-control in his skull cap or programmed and operated via his onboard computer.

    • Armatures can be wielded as weapons as well

    • Those armatures/devices/weapons include:

      • Blade/Cutting/Drill Devices (4 of each)

        • Each armature has a set of spectacularly strong material knives, drills, scalpels, blades, straight edge saws and circular saws

        • Range: Melee range of armatures

      • Laser Scalpel/Weapon (2)

        • Can emit amazingly powerful cutting lasers (for pinpoint cutting/slicing)

        • Can emit up to remarkably strong laser beams for defense/offense in combat

        • Range: 200 yards

      • Grapplers/Mechanical Fingers/Legs (4)

        • Amazingly strong yet gentle if need be grabbing, grappling, holding and even crushing mechanical grappler/fingers housed in each armature

        • Can use these to grab large and small things, manipulate to detailed delicacy in surgery or in combat to throw and crush things (and pull himself and his pack up to or into places, even to walk with if necessary)

      • Lights (3)

        • Can emit excellently bright operating theater lighting that also can double as blinding lights

        • Range: 60 feet

      • Electrical Charge (1)

        • Can, upon direct contact, zap a target with up to remarkable electrical charge

        • Also used as a medical defibrillator

      • Sonic Drill/Weapon (1)

        • Can use one of two sonic drillers/weapons that can emit up to remarkable levels of sonic energy (focused) or excellently powerful weapons-utilized sonic bursts when used in combat

        • Range 100 feet

      • Cauterizing/Sterilizing Flamethrower (2)

        • Can emit up to excellent heat (temperate/energy) beam or good flamethrower

        • Range: beam - 200 feet; flamethrower - 100 feet

      • Anesthetic/Knock-Out Injectors (2)

        • Incredibly powerful anesthetic knock-out drug that is in a syringe and, upon contact, is automatically injected in the target to the proper dosage for height, size, weight and super-power state

        • Needle is spectacularly strong material

      • Various Sensors/Orthoscopic Camera (1 set)

        • Armatures contain a variety of sensors include heart rate detection, breathing rate, toxicity scans, blood sample scans (only with sample), body fluid toxicity/chemical results (again, only with an extracted sample), and a orthoscopic camera (can be inserted into a body providing Doc Saw with a video feed to his goggles as a Heads-Up video Display)

    • Onboard Computer (1 primary; 1 backup)

      • Designed to perform any of hundreds of medical surgeries and/or autopsies without any interaction other than his own thoughts (via the neural-controls)

      • Incredible reason as applies to medical/surgical functions and tactical combat functions

      • Programmed with several dozen tactical combat tracking and combat techniques, providing a remarkable fire control and combat system agility and initiative

      • Has remarkable encryption capabilities between itself and the Neural Skullcap

      • Does NOT have a data link to it; it is ALL analog wiring (remarkable material wiring)

      • Backup computer comes online if primary fails, but only operates at two levels less in all functions

    • Power Supply (1 only needed in pack; 10-12 spares)

      • Contains powerful experimental battery that provides up to 22 hours of full operation at a 100% actuation/energy utilization rate

      • Takes 12 hours to recharge

      • Doc Saw keeps over 10 to 12 of these power supplies in the base or in secret storage locations at his safe houses

  • Neural Skull Cap (1)

    • Remarkable material and protection against all damage except magic

    • Provides a direct neural link to his Surgical Backpack and onboard computer

    • Only has to think (in Russian) what he wants the backpack to do and it does

    • If the Neural Skull Cap is removed, he'll lose control of the backpack's functions, unless they were already in automatic mode

  • Soviet-Era KGB Kalashnikov Pistol (1)

    • Non-metallic remarkable material composite gun pistol

    • 10 rounds (typical shooting damage) or 3 bursts (good shooting damage)

  • Knives (6)

    • Carries additional amazingly strong material knives on his person/in his suit​

  • Smoke Grenade (1)

    • Provides excellent visual drop upon contact in affected area​

    • Emits for 30 seconds

    • Affects and spreads to adjacent areas every several seconds

  • Chloroform Pads (4)

    • Carries packets with remarkably strong toxin knock-out liquid that, when inhaled by the target, will enact within 12-15 seconds to full effect, even if with only one breath of it​

  • Earwig/Device Communicator (2)

    • Keeps an incredibly encrypted Exterminators comms ear piece with a 25 mile range and a 2 day battery charge​

    • Keeps an additional incredibly encrypted rarely known personal comms device in his sleeve that has a direct connection to his personal team that he uses in the field or to call upon to extract him if he retreats/escapes a battle; range - 25 miles; battery life - 2 days.



  • Medical Doctor/Surgeon (Doctorate)

  • Medical Science (Doctorate)

  • Biology (Doctorate)

  • Chemistry (Master)

  • Medical Operations (Master)

  • Medical Equipment (Professional)

  • Surgical Backpack Control/Operation (Master)

  • First Aid/Triage/CPR (Master)

  • Autopsies (Doctorate)

  • Forensic Science (Master)

  • Medical Investigator (Master)

  • Psychology (Professional)

  • Pathologist (Professional)

  • Biological Lab Operations (Professional)

  • Escape Plan/Route (Professional)

  • Computers (Proficient)

  • Navigation (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • Russian (Master)

    • German (Master)

    • English (Proficient)

    • Slavic (Professional)

    • Norwegian (Professional)

    • French (Proficient)

    • Spanish (Professional)

    • Italian (Professional)

    • Egyptian/Arabic (Proficient)

    • Hindu/Indian (Barely Proficient)

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