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Captain Seawolf

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Craig Wolfe





Single (Divorced x2)











Don "Major Deej" Finger

14 April 2007


  • Margaret "Maggie" (Malone) Wolfe (ex-wife)

  • Candice "Candy" (Cohen) Wolfe (ex-wife)

  • Dwight Wolfe (Father, MIA, presumed dead)

  • Sarah Wolfe (Mother)

  • Barbara Wolfe (Sister)



Craig Wolfe was meant to be a submariner his whole life.

His father, Commander Dwight Wolfe, was performing what is called a 'dependent's cruise' where the crew's family members and close friends are allowed to go to sea on the sub for a one-day excursion, diving the sub, doing some 'angles and dangles' and usually doing an exciting 'emergency blow' to the surface to end the day before returning to port. On this trip, Commander Wolfe's wife, Sarah, eight months pregnant, gave birth to Craig just as the boat was performing the emergency blow.  The mother and child made it through with the help of the ship's Corpsman aiding in the birth.  Nonetheless to say, being born on a submarine was an event that had never happened in submarine history before that day.

Over the years, Craig became a smart and physically active boy, applying to all forms of sports and clubs, especially, the Chess Club.  In his teenage years, he joined the "US Naval Sea Cadet Corps", a youth-based US Navy supported program to introduce young teens to the live of the US Navy. There, he quickly made rank in there and eventually even became a regional leader in the Sea Cadet program even before his 17th birthday.  At this time, his father had taken a new assignment, retiring as an Admiral, and working for the CIA on covert sea operations.  On the day of Craig's high school graduation as the class valedictorian, his father was reported 'missing' somewhere out in the Atlantic Ocean on a 'secret' mission.  His father was never seen alive again.

Craig graduated from the US Naval Academy Summa Cum Laude as the class Valedictorian there four years later.  His first assignment was, ironically, as a young Ensign about the USS Seawolf (SSN-21). There, he excelled in his post, lauded as a tough but fair officer. His next assignment was to the Pentagon, where he met another equally successful man, Captain Argough.  There, they worked with a group called "NAVSEA" to build new future-tech submarine designs, incorporating autonomous controls, drone technology and new forms of detection prevention.  Their designs led to the creation of a new submarine squadron, COMSUBRON Alpha.  This new sub squadron was designed to test and incorporate the new tech and systems on existing subs and use them on classified and special missions to test their functionality.  Nearly all COMSUBRON Alpha missions resulted in 100% success rates. Sadly, that's when an alien empire decided to attack Earth in 2000.

When the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth, nearly all of their military defenses were annihilated within hours of the start of the invasion, including nearly all active duty submarines.  One of the subs that survived was the USS Nautilus (SSQ-1), a refurbished sub loaded with a new quantum energy power plant, which incredibly allowed it to 'teleport' to distances of over 200 miles away. Commanded by then Commander Wolfe, he was able to take out dozens of Soltan warships and thousands of their troops using specialized weapons and extremely brave tactics.  The sub, sadly, suffered a critical strike in July of 2000, leaving her sunk at the pier in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  There, Captain Wolfe took a damaged 688-I class submarine there at the Pearl Harbor Shipyard, crewed and fixed her up, and used it to destroy the sole Soltan command ship that had been hovering over Honolulu since the first day of the invasion.  The sub was destroyed in the process, with only 10 survivors, one of which was Captain Wolfe, who intended to go down with the ship, but instead, his unconscious body was pulled from the sinking sub by the ship's sole cook (who would later be known as as a heroic member of the Seaguardians code-named 'Hurt Locker').

Days later, the Soltans were driven from Earth thanks to the combined powers of the Earth's forces. Sadly, for the submarine fleet and especially COMSUBRON Alpha, it would be well over a decade before any nation or military got to rebuilding their submarine fleet...that is, all except one single organization: G.U.A.R.D.

GUARD was created to facilitate a global peacekeeping force, predominantly headed by World Security Council and the World Court. One such Operations Division group, SEAGUARD, headed by the previously mentioned Mr. Argough, now known by the code-name  'Commodore Argonaut', immediately sought out Captain Wolfe and recruited him to GUARD. Although still in the US Naval Reserves, Captain Wolfe became a leader of a new pre-commissioned submarine unit, the PCU Paragon City (GSX-1).  The GSX-1 was the culmination of all the incredible designs (and some new ones) used in COMSUBRON Alpha, but this time, on a new (not refurbished) sub design.  On the ship's trial runs, it performed flawlessly with advanced weapons, sensors, stealth and quantum-powered 'porting' tech, as well as an Artificial Intelligence-operated ship's interface that minimized the crew to only 40. The crew deemed Captain Wolfe as one of the best Commanding Officers (COs) ever and as such, he quickly became quite the legend over the next decade in his undersea operations for GUARD...that is, until the Atlantic Kingdom became involved.

For decades, the mad scientist, now mad king of the Atlantic Kingdom, King Dolphin, threatened the world to stay away from him and his 'cloned' Ningren citizenry. The Soltan invasion didn't do a lot of damage to the Atlantic Kingdom, but it did increase the paranoia and political pressure the king had against the rest of the world. After intel identified several at-sea attacks in the Atlantic Ocean by 'super-powered robots, creatures and beings', Captain Wolfe and the GSX-1 were assigned to do surveillance on the Atlantic Kingdom's capitol, Atlantis. 


Sadly, the sub was attacked and sunk by the Atlantic Kingdom.  Most of the crew died that day, except for a handful that were tossed into either torture chambers or used as test subjects in their hybrid science labs.  Captain Wolfe was taken to the lab, where he also found a dozen or so other sailors and/or submariners from around the world being altered, changed or outright mutilated by mad-scientist level equipment.  Captain Wolfe was placed in a machine that was to expand him neural capacity to use him as a mental controller of humans to 'make them do' what Captain Wolfe would force them to do (once of course, Captain Wolfe was forced to mind control with brain-implanted sea critters specially made by King Dolphin himself.


During the procedure, Captain Wolfe feigned death, causing one of the Ningren scientists to check on him.  Captain Wolfe subdued the scientist and broke free, taking nearly all of the men and women he could in the lab with him to somehow escape.  During the course of the escape, a group of Ningren troops came directly at them.  Wishing there was a rescue squad to miraculously show up and save them, Captain Wolfe actually 'made' one show up...out of nowhere.  This rescue squad, as he later found out, was the result of new powers that he had as a result of the experiments performed on him by the Atlantic Kingdom scientists.  As such, he was able to find a troop transport pod and escape with all the captives, all the while using his new 'illusion' powers to distract and deter any and all Atlantic Kingdom forces from following them.

After months of recovery and learning about his new illusory and mental powers, Captain Wolfe was brought back to active duty.  Thanks to the rest of SEAGUARD, they were able to salvage the GSX-1 Paragon City and update it with even more incredible equipment and weaponry.  This time, the crew complement needed was literally down to four maximum required; the ship's automation and self-repair tech took the place of nearly all crew members, even though there was more than enough room to house up to an additional 70 personnel in bunk rooms and the newly installed SEAL Team 8 Mobile Command Center (MCC) in the bowels of the sub.

Today, Captain Wolfe, now code-named "Captain Seawolf" is still in charge of the GSX-1 Paragon City and its new 'super-powered' Seaguardians crew.  Together, they have become a new undersea force created to keep the world free and to fend off illegal and evil attackers from any ocean or large body of water in the world.  With their quantum porting engineering, the sub can 'teleport' itself across oceans and even into certain lakes and major waterways.


Captain Seawolf is a very serious man, who is highly intelligent yet a man with personable charm and way of working with people.  He doesn't back down from a challenge and is a fantastic naval strategist, as well as a highly resourceful leader and mission commander.  He exudes confidence and trust, but at the same time, you know he's thinking seven steps ahead of everyone else. He predominantly is calm and loves coffee...repeat...LOVES coffee; rarely is he seen without a cup of coffee close at hand...or in hand.



Power Origin: Science


  • Believed Wounds

    • Can mentally project remarkable images of wounds, weapons or damage done to a targeted person's psyche, making them believe they have suffered the like-level amount of damage (knife wound=typical; rifle wound=potentially good lethal damage, etc.).

    • Can project up to 300 feet away.

    • Wounds can only be 'unseen' by the target if their psyche actively overcomes the illusion, otherwise they still take 'damage' even though they may not have actually been damaged (psyche damage transferred to physical health damage).

    • Anyone with a psychic shield or mental block of above remarkable will be unaffected.


  • Deceit

    • Has remarkable power to deceive an enemy into believing his friends are not who they appear to be.

    • If successful, the enemy will ignore you and attack their own allies.

    • If deceived before enemy/target has noticed him, his presence will continue to be masked.

    • Lasts for only 30 seconds unless recast.

    • Anyone with a psychic shield or mental block of above remarkable will be unaffected.

  • Phantom Army

    • Can fabricate 3 individual images of people he knows against a targeted foe. These Phantoms are not real, and are indestructible. Their attacks are similar to 'Believed Wounds'.

    • Though these images deal good damage per attack, it is illusory and will heal if the victim survives long enough.

    • Phantoms are short lived for only 20 seconds and cannot be buffed or healed.

    • Cannot cast/control them beyond 200 yards.

    • Can make images as small as a bug to as large as a submarine.

    • Anyone with a psychic shield or mental block of above remarkable will be unaffected.

  • Invoke Fear

    • As part of his powers, he can glean a thought or memory from targets and create a remarkable illusion of what they fear.

    • This only lasts for 30 seconds.

    • Can expand this fear to all within a 30 yard radius of his location (cone, 45 degree arc) but at a lower (excellent) level

    • Anyone with a psychic shield or mental block of above remarkable will be unaffected.

  • Optical Overload

    • Has remarkable ability to overload the mental connection with the cortical connection to the eyes, thus making someone perceive they are 'blinded' temporarily.

    • Effect can be cast to anyone in a 30 yard radius.

    • Effect lasts for 20 seconds max, but can be recast after a n additional 1 minute, 10 seconds.

    • Anyone with a psychic shield or mental block of above remarkable will be unaffected.

  • Invisibility

    • Can make self or up to 3 additional personnel mentally invisible (not mechanically) on a remarkable level.

    • Lasts for as long as Wolfe concentrates to do so (doesn't break concentration)

    • Anyone with a psychic shield or mental block of above remarkable will see through his 'invisibility'.


  • Conceived Improvement

    • Can target allies to make them remarkably believe they can perform +1 level higher in fighting, agility, strength or endurance for up to 30 seconds.

    • Anyone with a psychic shield or mental block of above remarkable will be unaffected.

  • Conceived Speed Reduction

    • Can target a single enemy/person to make them believed they are 'running through mud', making their reactions and speeds reduced by 2 column shifts.

    • Lasts for 20 seconds.

    • Anyone with a psychic shield or mental block of above remarkable will be unaffected.


Mind is mentally shielded at amazing levels, preventing anyone of like-level or less from accessing his thought, fears or memories.

This is even active while unconscious; neural pathways became shielded as a result of the experiments done to him.



  • Body Armor

    • Under his coveralls and coat, he wears a full body suit that provides:

    • Typical physical, magical protection

    • Good energy protection

    • Excellent temperate, radiation protection

  • Energy Pistol

    • Carries amazing material pistol with good energy blasts at max range of 200 yards

    • Power pack provides 25 shots of good or less energy blasts per pack.

  • Belt

    • Carries two (2) Energy Pistol Power Packs

    • Carries emergency survival kit (food, water for 2 days, matches, wire saw, etc.)

    • Collapsible coffee mug (2)

    • Instant Coffee packs (5)

    • Emergency transponder signal w/ 250 mile range, 10 day battery; can be picked up by GUARD satellite

    • 2 red flares

    • 1 smoke grenade (excellent loss of visibility in area) for 30 seconds

  • Sunglasses

    • Provides Heads Up Display of data fed from GUARD satellites and/or GSX-1/personnel

    • Links Earwig audio

    • Miniature live feed camera (1024 resolution)

    • Excellent flash protection

  • Earwig

    • Communications encrypted (remarkable-level) transceiver with 250 mile range without global comms towers/satellites; unlimited with towers/satellites.

    • Can be used to communicate with GSX-1 A.I., but not control it.

    • Cannot penetrate beyond 20 feet of water or 10 feet of rock/material of excellent of better.

    • Excellent material

    • Carries a charge that lasts 2 days

  • GSX-1 Remote Control Device

    • GSX-1 A.I. Control/Interface

    • 1024-bit (incredible level) encryption

    • Looks like an X-Box controller

    • Range: 25 miles



  • US Navy (Master)

  • Naval engineering (Professional)

  • Naval Tactics (Master)

  • Submarines (Master)

  • Nuclear Power/engineering (Professional)

  • Quantum engineering (Proficient)

  • Leadership (Professional)

  • Organization/Logistics (Professional)

  • Weapons Development (Professional)

  • Chess (Master)

  • Coffee (Professional)

  • Communications Engineering (Proficient)

  • Stealth (Professional)

  • Brain/mental sciences (proficient)

  • Psychology (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: +Initiative (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Holds/Escapes (Proficient)

  • Acrobatics (Proficient)

  • Akimbo (Proficient)

  • Slight of Hand (Proficient)

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