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Tsoo Mei

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Battle Without Honor Or HumanityTomoyasu Hotei
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Susan Su

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Father (deceased)

Mother (deceased)

Uncles (2) (thugs in Golden Dragons)

Tsoo Mei, 'Little Dragon'

Golden Dragons



Don "Major Deej" Finger

~2007; 1 Feb 2012 (Updated)




A young Chinese woman, Susan Su was brought up in a traditional modern Chinese lifestyle, however, in her teenage years, she decided to apply herself towards a requested field in international law; a field that required an amazing amount of effort to not only learn, but would most likely place her in an influential political position in the Chinese Communist Party; a position that women were rarely ever allowed. As such, Susan didn't disappoint her family or the Chinese Communist party and excelled in college in China and the United States, learning international law...and how to be a spy.


After graduating, Susan was routinely assigned as part of a political attaché that went to the United Nations in New York City.  There, she learned how to be one of the best spies for China, so much so that she was able to gain 'influence' with the Secretary General of the Untied Nations, gaining access to information and decision making for him.  Some in the security council were concerned over her influence on the secretary general, and as such wanted her censured from direct discussions with him.  To the security council's dismay, the Secretary-General instead requested for Susan to have her parents flown to New York City and stay with him and his family at the home in the Berkshires for a weekend.


Although the Chinese government wasn't keen on the idea, if it meant an opportunity to cement a relationship with the Secretary-General, the Chinese leadership decided it best for them to go there. Two weeks later, a very happy Susan was able to not only perform her amazing spycraft on the Secretary-General, but got the opportunity to have her parents see the amazing sites of New York City (a highly valuable gift in the Chinese government's allowances).  Amidst her spying machinations (and immense pride and enjoyment with being with her family), while touring New York City's Times Square, a superhero and villain battle unexpectedly intervened on all of them, destroying Susan's life, job and family forever.


It was a catastrophe.

The United Nation's Secretary-General's motorcade, with Susan and her parents in the same car as the Secretary-General and his staff, was severely damaged as a result of the superhero/villain battle.  The injured and unconscious Secretary-General (and several others in the motorcade) were taken to a local hospital to be treated. Susan's mother screamed and wailed in terror and dismay seeing her husband mortally wounded and near death at the scene. Susan had been blown clear of the cars and wasn't found for nearly 20 minutes after the ambulances showed up, leading Susan to instead be brought to a separate hospital; a hospital where she was quickly identified to be a Chinese Spy. 

Susan's spycraft equipment was found on her, including her cyanide capsule and a recording of sensitive security council information the Secretary-General had unwittingly told Susan (in private the night before in his spare bedroom, for which Susan used her 'skills' to obtain said information). Susan was immediately designated a Chinese spy and sent to a secret interrogation facility outside of Washington DC. There, Susan was subject to days of torture and interrogation by some of the best CIA interrogators, all trying to get her to give up anything to 'save her' from what she knew was a death sentence in China for being captured as a spy.  The interrogators even mentioned that Susan's parents were under CIA 'guard' at their respective hospitals, protecting her parents from China's assassins, to which the interrogators stated they'd pull that security detail from her parents, leaving them wide open to assassination, unless Susan started telling them what they wanted.  Susan knew it was impossible to escape her situation.  She loved China and not the western world; she loved her parents, but not the Chinese government if they were going to kill her parents. Most of all, she hated the situation she was in on what Susan believed was the happiest day of her and her parents' lives...until those 'ignorant and self-centered supers' destroyed everything.

Susan's family was one of the oldest families in China. They had many long standing traditions and practices, including their family's own relatively unique religion; a religion that they'd told no one about. The Tsoo-Shau religion.

The Tsoo-Shau was an ancient Taiwanese/Chinese religion that involved a form of martial arts training for body and mind, as well as learning to control and operate one's self in the darkness. The few remaining scrolls and relics of this 10,000 year old religion identified only 7-10% of what the religion was originally about. A lot was lost over the millennia, however, Susan's father was the last in the clan to still perform and retain the religion's practices. Susan was taught most of this in her youth, however, her father was believing it was time to 'move on' from the old religion and embrace the new modern Chinese world, and as such, Susan's religious training waned and fell off by the time she was a teenager. With no son to take on the religion's mandatory male lead position, Susan's father figured it was simply time to 'let it go'.  Susan, however, continued to learn and study from her father's scrolls in her spare time during her teenage years. What she learned then, helped her that day under her interrogation with the CIA. In fact, that applied knowledge was about to change her life even more that the events that occurred to her and her family in Times Square.

One of the scrolls listed a forbidden incantation curse that only the religion's male leader was allowed to use to save his family and sacrifice himself for the benefit of 'future generations'. With that, Susan muttered the incantation's curse, hoping, in some small way that her one shot of saving at least her parents might be answered.

As it turned out, It was...and wasn't.

After completing the curse's incantation, much to Susan's actual surprise, an inky darkness descended upon the interrogation room's occupants, eating the bright lights of the floodlight lamps and making everything go darker than the darkest of nights.  Susan felt herself being possessed; possessed by something...evil.  An evil that was ripping her soul and mind apart. The interrogators screamed in agony, sounding as if they were dying.  Susan screamed, knowing she too was about to be consumed by whatever darkness she'd dared unleash on herself and the others. Interestingly, the 'evil' that was trying to take her over seemed incapable of doing so; she could feel it writhe and squirm all about her in the darkness, all about her skin, but try as it might, it was not able to enter her body.  The darkness then seemed to flicker; the evil seemed to become scared and panicky. It viciously attempted to take over Susan's body, but was unable to. As the room's lights began to fade back into existence, she heard the unnatural scream of the evil entity that was unable to escape the light. Instead, the evil entity was destroyed by the light, and the light was now once again bright in the room, devoid of any inky darkness. Feeling she'd just dodged a demonic possession, she looked about her to see the two interrogators' bodies drained of life, both looking like mummified corpses. Not even a minute of time had passed since this had all happened, but to Susan, it felt like an eternity.  Somehow, she'd unleashed an ancient evil, but it seems the evil was unable to control her, and as such, died, unable to return to its own darkness.

That's when three armed CIA agents forcefully entered the room with guns drawn.

Instinctively, Susan reached out to try and stop them. Dark tendrils emanated from her hands and body and engulfed each of the CIA agents, causing them to scream and convulse, all the while, Susan was feeling healthier and more energized. She quickly realized she was able to steal their life energies and add them to hers, to heal and become stronger as a result.

Walking over the now mummified corpses of the three CIA agents, Susan armed herself with their guns, magazines, a radio and one of their security access cards and IDs.  Susan quickly changed into the clothes of the dead female CIA agent that was lying on the floor. With seconds to spare getting dressed, she heard the building's alarms go off. She could hear dozens of boots running down the hall, all with the sound of engaging weapons rattling amongst them. Susan knew there was no way she'd be able to fight her way out, even with her new 'dark' powers she'd just used.  All Susan wanted to do was to see her parents one last time, especially her father in the hopes he'd be able to tell her what had happened with that dark, evil creature that seemed to have failed to possess her.

That's when Susan became enveloped in a shroud of darkness only to appear at the foot of her father's hospital room's bed.

Susan's father was alive...but without his legs. Her father was very weak, but was alert enough to warn Susan of the two CIA guards standing behind her.

Susan wheeled around and, with the guns she'd appropriated, shot the two agents dead before they could even draw their weapons.  She then dropped the two guns and went to her father. She disconnected him from the bevy of sensors and wires he was entangled in and picked him up out of bed (he was, actually, a small man) and once again thought of somewhere to go; somewhere safe. Home.

Susan materialized in her parent's home in China in the living room.  This same room was, at that same moment, being rifled through by several Chinese government operatives. The living room was a mess with cushions ripped open, walls with large holes in them made by sledgehammers and saws, and piles of documents and items on a make-shift plastic table next to her...including her family's Tsoo-Shau religious scrolls and relics.

Surprise entered the faces of the occupants upon seeing Susan 'teleport' in with her father. Susan immediately put her father down only to hear the government agents gather from their initial surprise and state that she (Susan) was to be executed on site for 'crimes against the people'.  Susan made quick work of them using the third CIA agent's gun and using her new dark powers to envelope and 'eat' several others in the room. One agent escaped, driving away in a government van at high speeds. Susan would have gone after it, but she realized she'd been shot in the upper chest near her heart.


She was losing blood.


She was dying.


She only had maybe a minute left to try and stop the bleeding or she'd be dead.


Susan had already killed the others in the house and couldn't use them to help her heal up. The only one left living was her father; a father who sat on the ground aghast at all the evil that he'd seen his angelic daughter Susan had just done. He knew it immediately. He knew she'd unleashed the Tsoo-Shau curse; a curse that he told her was never to be released on the world, especially not by a woman.   He stated that the intent of the curse was that the demon on darkness would come to consume all those endangering the curse-caster, but then, in an ultimate act, it would kill the curse-caster whereupon the demon would reside in a male's unliving soul until the next time the curse was to be used/said again. Women's souls were not able to take in the demon, and as such, the demon's death was expected. What was not expected was the dark powers the curse-caster would acquire in the process. That must have been some of the lore lost to the curse; scrolls or relics that were lost to time.  Stating all this, Susan's father, now faltering in his own health, started gasping for air. Realizing he was dying, the father told Susan to use his own life's energy to help heal hers. He offered to sacrifice his life for hers so long as she 'got even with all those that ruined their beautiful family legacy'. Susan, gasping for own life herself, had to make a fatal choice.

With great tears and sadness, both Susan and her father in their dying gasps, held each others hands, with Susan unwillingly using her new powers to take her father's life...and give it to her.  Susan saw her father die right before her eyes, watching her father smile his last smile as his face mummified right in front of her. Susan no longer gasped for air, quickly noting her wounds were healed and she was once again well and whole...thanks to her father's sacrifice.

Knowing time was not on her side, Susan used her powers to transport her and her father to their ancestral graveyard. There, using her powers, Susan opened an old family crypt and place her father in the crypt over that of another ancestor's bones. She said her Tsoo-Shau prayers she hadn't uttered in many years and closed the crypt door as she teleported to save her mother before the CIA or the Chinese government assassins killed her.

Again, thinking of being with her mother, Susan was teleported in a wave of inky blackness to her mother's mental ward chamber.  Her mother was drugged up, bound with leather restraints in a hospital gown in a small, unfurnished antiseptic room. She quickly realized there were two CIA agents outside of her mother's room's door, talking on the radio. She could see that the radio call was to warn them about Susan. She quickly flattened herself against the room's wall aside to the door as the agents came in, guns drawn. Susan took each of them out in seconds. Before she could get the last restraint from her mother's leg, a Chinese-looking janitor entered the room, removing a gun from his coveralls, aiming it at Susan, telling to 'die, traitor'.  Susan, a split second faster, was able to push the gun pointed at her, but sadly the shot went off ricocheting off the bed frame...and into Susan's mother's head in an explosive burst of brains and blood.

Susan, covered in her mother's brains and blood, used her powers like a claw and smashed the janitor through three walls, obliterating the walls (and the janitor) in the process. Susan, realizing her mother was dead, fell to her knees in abject despair. Angry beyond belief, Susan, for probably the first time in her life, lost control. She screamed while using her new powers at full effect, causing the entire old mental ward's wing, over 4000 square feet of brick and glass, to explode outward with dark tendrils blasting the roof over 100 feet into the air and the entire wing leveled to the ground. Susan picked up the remnants of her mother and teleported to the family's ancestral graveyard, where she placed her mother in the same crypt with her father, closed it up...and teleported to the last safe place she'd ever been at - the UN Secretary-General's home in the Berkshires.

At the Secretary-General's Berkshire mansion, the place had already been gone through by every international security agency (as denoted by the different security tapes across doors and hallways), but the place was fully abandoned. Susan could see a couple of guards at the gate in a CIA vehicle, but the house was hers to hideaway, at least, for now.

There, Susan was finally able to find a few minutes to grasp all that had happened. After a long cry, Susan took a long shower (being mindful to close curtains and not attract attention). She found some of the Secretary-Genera's wife's clothes and and a shoulder bag (Susan and her parents had been still officially staying there even when the incident in Times Square happened, however, the CIA took everything Susan and her parents had at the Berkshires and from their hotel rooms). Dressed and clean, Susan caught up on all she'd missed while she was being interrogated/tortured.

Susan learned that the UN's Secretary-General had been voted out due to his 'affair' with Susan and the discovery of the classified info that'd been found on Susan; info that proved China was spying on the UN and the United States, leading to what she quickly discovered was a massive political battle. China received thousands of international sanctions and losses as a result of trade embargoes and shutdown Chinese embassies all over the world. China had been caught spying and manipulating the UN Secretary-General; a major international incident that would most likely create bad tidings for China for the next decade to come.

The UN Secretary-General's wife not only divorced him, she took all his money and went back to her native Germany where she swore she'd use his money to make China pay 'forever'. The Secretary-General was voted out of office before he even awoke from his injuries. He was left with no money and with a massive medical bill that even the UN wouldn't pay for. Last word was that he'd 'disappeared'.

China had definitely shutdown Susan's safehouse accesses, drops and emergency money access. She was targeted for immediate assassination.


The United States and most other nations had a bounty out for Susan, thus making Susan a wanted woman.  She had nowhere to go and didn't know what next to do.  Her best bet was to join up with 'Death Legion', a league of assassins, however, with the bounty on her head, she knew she'd even be a target while working for them (plus she wasn't that good of a shot).  That's when Susan believed that the only answers she was going to get was from the Tsoo-Shau scrolls and/or whatever degree that even would provide, she had no idea.

Susan again thought of where she wanted to go (location of where her family's scrolls and relics were) and found herself in two places at once. 


Feeling like her body was like a ghost in each location (and without going insane trying to understand what was happening to her), Susan attempted to move in each location. One location was in a Chinese Intelligence vault with hundreds of her and her parents things from her parents' home; the other was in a dimly lit, dusty and dry cave; a cave with shelves of ancient scrolls, relics and dimly lit mystical-looking objects.  Try as she might, she couldn't move forward in the cave location, but was able to move in the vault. Focusing her mind, she chose to teleport fully to the vault location to hopefully undo the split state she was now in. In doing so, Susan was able to fully port herself into the vault, whole in body, but with great pain. She almost went unconscious when she reformed like this. She knew it was something she didn't intend to want to experience again anytime soon.

Wracked with pain, gasping to breath, Susan sifted through the thousands of 'appropriated' family items. She found her clothes, a few family pictures and memories, some food and the family's Tsoo-Shau relics and scrolls there. When Susan loaded her shoulder bag with everything she could carry, she attempted to teleport back to the Berkshires, but this time, she wasn't able to.


Susan's powers seemed drained.


With Susan now stuck in a vault and no one to 'drain' life from, she was concerned that she might actually be stuck forever in the vault. Lucky for her, an hour into her ordeal, the vault was opened by several Chinese vault workers that were adding more of Susan's family's stuff into the vault.  Susan used her powers to 'drain' two of the workers, allowing the other workers to flee in terror. With that, she felt energized enough to port again, and did so, back to the Berkshires.

At the Berkshires, she took stock of her items she'd recovered from the vault and, after eating some more food, tried to focus on teleporting to the cave she'd been in before. Sadly, not only could she not teleport to the cave, but it seemed like the cave was trying to 'hide' from her and her dark powers.  What that meant, Susan had no idea, but to this day, she has yet to find her elusive cave and the rest of the Tsoo-Shau scrolls and relics she saw that day.

Instead, while at the empty Berkshires manor, Susan took one of the relics that was said to have the "Chi of the Ancients" infused into it and meditated on it, trying to focus on it and see if it had any secrets that her and her new dark powers were now able to access. Instead, Susan found her astral self sitting in a dark Chinese Temple, lit by fire torches, surrounded by stone-carved dragons and icons of golden dragons all about her. Sitting before her was an old man clad in black and gold Chinese robes. After calling himself "Dragonmaster"(I), he asked whom she was, to which Susan, unwilling to readily state her name, said 'Su' (her family name, which also sounds like "Sue" or "Tsoo"), to which he asked her family name to which Susan, unsure what he was asking for, said in English, "Me?", to which Dragonmaster (I) then greeted "Tsoo Mei" to his vaunted chamber of meditation.

After Dragonmaster (I) chatted with the astral form of Tsoo Mei before him for the next 1/2 hour, he'd mentioned that her teachings of Tsoo-Shau was a branch mysticism that was lost in antiquity from his family's own religions and that they had 'more in common than she'd know'.  With some long descriptions and discussions, 'Tsoo Mei' was invited to come stay with him in his palace in Hong Kong.  With that, Susan grabbed up all she could carry from her Berkshire location and teleported herself to Dragonmaster's Palace in Hong Kong.

Once there, Tsoo Mei was told of the 'Golden Dragons'; Dragonmaster (I)'s 'organization' that he led, dealing with all forms of crime in the Pacific Asian region.  Initially, Susan was a bit dismayed to be associated with this level of pirates and thugs, but the more she saw, the more she seemed to like the idea that her skills and powers might actually be of benefit, for once, for herself and not nations or for the rest of the world. Susan realized she wasn't beholden to China or its politics anymore. She'd lost everything doing what she was supposed to do. Now, with new powers, she had a new view of her role in the world; none of which was to serve a government.


Susan rationalized that she now wanted wealth; wealth she could use to help continue with her family's legacy to become powerful once again; powerful enough to hopefully one day make the world pay for her parents' deaths and raise her family 'Su' name to maybe be a new leader in the world.  Susan agreed to join Dragonmaster (I), but on a year-to-year basis, thus allowing her a way out should she ever decide to 'move on'. 


Dragonmaster (I) agreed and immediately placed Susan with his top leaders in pulling off teleporter-based thefts and robberies, infiltration missions and/or any political jobs she was versed in. From one job to the next, Susan realized she wasn't only good at this, she was born for this. Her powers were intoxicating, allowing her control and power over others, even with their own powers. She soon realized that Dragonmaster (I) had 'superior' powers to hers, but in the same vein, she hadn't intended to usurp him.

Today, Tsoo Mei is a veteran with the Golden Dragons gang. She has had numerous run-ins with superheroes and although her few wins are hard fought, she is known as a very dangerous woman to be up against. She has the respect of all in the Golden Dragons and as such, they will do anything she says.  The Chinese government knows who she is, but doesn't publicly state so, saying there was never a family or person under the Su name for Susan and/or her parents or lineage (all was wiped clean in the Chinese records). The rest of the world doesn't know the connection of Susan to Tsoo Mei, other than a few secretive agencies and organizations with Top Secret clearances.

Susan learned a lot about her scrolls an relics she has in her possession. She still hasn't been able to get back to the cave she was in that one time and still feels like its eluding her. The elder Dragonmaster (I) had taken quite a shine to Susan, calling her his 'Little Dragon', treating her like a daughter...more than he does to his current granddaughter who goes by "Gilded Dragon", much to Gilded Dragon's chagrin and disdain. Since Dragonmaster (I)'s disappearance in 2018, Susan has seemed a bit more despondent, yet she follows the new leader, Dragonmaster (II) without issue. Susan has made millions of dollars in her endeavors and lives a life of luxury when not working as Tsoo Mei.

Susan is a smart, shrewd and dangerous woman to come up against. What's hers is hers and as far as she is concerned, she's earned it. She is VERY sensitive about her parents and gets emotionally charged in anything that helps to take down China's current communist government, however, she WILL NOT join any other 'western' groups or nations in order to do so; she hates them just as much.





Power Origin: Magical (Dark/Death Magic; ancient, non-standard)

  • Converted Dark Energy

    • Can convert and store up to 400 units of dark energy

    • Must use either meditation or Life-Energy Transferal to recharge/build-up dark energy

  • Dark Energy Manipulation/Blasts

    • Has up to incredible ability to control, manipulate and blast others within a 400 foot range with dark energies

    • Can create tendrils, claws, columns/beams and battering rams by solidifying dark energy (based on amount of energy units willing to use to solidify/use for strength

    • Can emit up to incredible blasts of dark energy from hands  up to a 400 feet distance; each blast is rank-level cost for energy units

    • Can create up to an incredible dark energy shield/field around self or others, outward to 40 yards (120 feet), based on rank-level cost for energy units (cannot make more than 4 shields/fields without effort and focus)

  • Life-Energy Transferal

    • Can draw up to incredible amounts of health from a being, animal, person

    • Cannot draw with artificial constructs, robots or androids

    • Life energy drawn from a target gets converted and stored as Dark Energy (see Converted Energy above)

  • Dark Energy Teleportation

    • Can teleport anywhere on planet Earth, requiring 1 dark energy unit for each 500 miles of geospatial distance travelled

    • If no dark energy is stored or available, Tsoo Mei cannot teleport at all

    • Can mix this power with Astral Projection, but at the loss of endurance (x2) for a day

  • Geospatial Navigation

    • All Tsoo Mei has to do is think of where she wants to go and her powers will immediately translocate her there

    • if she is unsure or wispy about where she wants to teleport to, she won't until she focuses her desired location

  • Astral Projection/Communication

    • With meditation with a Tsoo-Shau relic, Tsoo Mei can obtain Astral Projections to anywhere around the planet she focuses on or about

    • With her Dark Energy Teleportation power, she can transport her astral form to anywhere around the planet she focuses on or about (This costs her only an initial rank-level dark energy unit cost, but once done, it doesn't cost any dark energy units over time (she could be in this state for days))

    • While in her astral state, she can only communicate with others in meditation or in an astral state themselves



  • Earwig

    • Encrypted communications transceiver with 25 mile range or unlimited range with cellular/satellite links.

  • Handguns (2)

    • Good shooting damage with standard ammunition

    • Carries 1 extra fully-loaded clip for each handgun

  • Knives (4)

    • Remarkable material, sharp razor edge, weighted for throwing

  • Lockpick Set (1)

    • Good material tools for picking locks

  • Survival Kit (1)

    • Matches, signal mirror, thermal blanket, wire saw, food pills, water (10 ounces)

  • First Aid Kit (1)

    • Various items that can provide feeble healing capability once

  • Emergency Beacon (1)

    • Range: 10 miles; battery lasts 5 days when activated



  • China Spy (Professional)

  • International Law (Professional)

  • Chinese Law (Professional)

  • American Law (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Melee Fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: + Initiative (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Thrown Weapons (Proficient)

  • Fighting in the Dark (Proficient)

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • Spycraft (Professional)

  • Espionage (Professional)

  • Stealth (Professional)

  • Computers (Professional)

  • Encryption (Professional)

  • Encryption (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • Chinese (Master)

    • English (Professional)

    • Japanese (Proficient)

    • Vietnamese (Proficient)

    • Tagalog (Proficient)

    • Indian (Proficient)

    • German (Proficient)

    • French (Professional)

    • Russian (Proficient)

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