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John Adams Brown


Hero (at time, Vigilante)











Director 5, Captain Invader, Agent 15

The Allied Fighters

The New Allied Fighters Issue # 1 (MDU Comics)

Feb 2012

Don "Major Deej" Finger

Jul 1974



Major Invader is a WWII hero that is still somehow fighting the good fight today.

In World War II, then 'Captain' Invader led the Allied Fighters, a band of heroic combatants, into victory after victory, but as with all wars, the cost was high in heroes. Nearly half of those that made up the Allied Fighters died in combat.

During WWII, he gained an arch-nemesis known as Baron Berlin, who had a similar yet villainous group called Axis Force. The Baron considered 'Captain Invader' his equal in tactics and strategy.

In 1943, as part of a precursor to the Allied Invasion of Italy, the Allied Fighters were to conduct a pre-invasion interdiction mission on the Italian shore.  There, his brother, codenamed: Kinetic Avenger, was killed by a landmine.  His body was never recovered.

Prior to the war's end, Captain Invader, was said to have been contacted by a mysterious time traveler known as a "Chronoknight".  The Chronoknight insisted that Captain Invader sneak into one of Hitler's strongholds and rather than killing Hitler, inform him that Baron Berlin's 'crooks' were stealing arts and treasures from Hitler  as well as plotting a coupe against Hitler to take over Nazi Germany.  The Captain was told NOT to kill Hitler during their meeting or time would 'not turn out well' for the rest of time.  The Chronoknight also mentioned that sometime in the future, the Captain, as "Major Invader", would once again be faced with Baron Berlin and several of his Axis Force troops; as such, the Chronoknight charged the Captain that it was his paramount duty to do everything he could to stop Baron Berlin once again, otherwise the Baron would affect time to such a degree that many worlds and universes would die directly as a result.  These cryptic comments were later typed up and kept in an Ultra Secret vault, labeled as the "Chronoknight Files", and with them, a series of orders, measures and protocols that would be required to be activated should such an occurrence happen; they were known as the "Alpha Foxtrot" protocols.

After the encounter with the Chronoknight, Captain Invader snuck into one Hitler's Wolf's Den and although it took every fiber of his being not to kill Hitler, the Captain told Hitler about Baron Berlin, the thefts and the planned coupe. With that, Hitler allowed Captain Invader to leave without harm, but the next day, he recalled Baron Berlin and Axis Force back to his headquarters in Berlin.  There, Hitler had all of Axis Force either killed or placed in experimental cryongenics chambers (that initially were for Hitler and his generals to use should the war go bad for them) as punishment for their crimes and deeds.  The remaining cryogenic-frozen Axis Force members (of which Baron Berlin was one of them) was only to be thawed out only if Berlin was to be inevitably overrun by the Soviets or the Allies, wherein, Hitler would allow Axis Force a chance at redemption by stopping the advancing Soviets/Allied Forces.  Axis Force was never released from their cryogenics freezers at Berlin's fall.

At war's end, Captain Invader was promoted to 'Major', and went to work for a newly formed branch of the CIA.  The remaining Allied Fighters either disbanded or left within a day's time of V-J Day .

Soon thereafter, Major Invader became disgruntled with being 'handled' by the US Government, and instead left the CIA and married the former Miss Vindicator, Claire 'O Reilly. She gave birth to two sons; one was stillborn and un-named; the other was named Adam Jefferson Brown

As the years progressed, the Major was brought in part time to aid in ultra secret government missions.  One such mission was to go deep undercover in a radical ex-military anti-super-powered group of ex-Soviet troops that wanted nothing more than to kill or dissect every 'super' on the planet; they were called "Baltic Force". Years of deep undercover work allowed him to work his way up their promotional ladder within Baltic Force to the top position: Director (his official title was "Director 5").

In the 60s, in a daringly deceptive operation, the Major was able to corral over 85% of Baltic Force's operatives and leaders, practically shutting down the organization.  Major Invader received the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the ire of the remaining Baltic Force members that got away.

In 1995, Major Invader was asked once again by the CIA to aid in taking down a new faction of Baltic Force called "The Exterminators". During the incursion and ensuing battle, the Major discovered his own son, Adam Brown, was the notorious Director of the Exterminators.  In a scenario that required a split second decision to be made, the Major had to kill his own son to stop the murder of dozens of incapacitated 'supers' with a deadly nerve gas. After he buried his son, the Major's wife left him. Later than year, she died of old age, but most say from a broken heart.

On May 23rd, 2000, a Soltan alien Invasion occurred.  Major Invader hastily threw together a new band of young, untrained Allied Fighters, only to have nearly all of his team decimated before his eyes. He himself was hospitalized for over a year. As a result, the Major went back to work for the CIA...but the trauma of seeing his team obliterated weighed heavily on his conscious for the rest of his life. He disbanded the Allied Fighters, locked the group's base down, and vowed to never put a team of Allied Fighters together again...ever.


Recently, as Major Invader was contemplating retirement, he was contacted by the US Secretary of Defense and informed that the Alpha Foxtrot protocols were activated - Baron Berlin and several of his former Axis Force troops were identified as alive and already creating problems.  He must now rebuild the Allied Fighters and train them to stop Baron matter what.

At nearly 100 years of age, the Major still has a slew of tricks up his sleeve, including advanced weaponry, a muscle enhancement body suit, and his favorite multi-function weapon, "Devastator". To top that off, the Major is seriously wealthy...some say in the hundreds of billions of dollars.

Will the Major be able to once again put together a cohesive fighting team to take on some of the greatest threat to the nearly 100 years of age?

Will he be able to out-think and strategically stop Baron Berlin from whatever machinations are afoot?

Can this cantankerous old man who dwells in the past be able to save the Earth's fragile future?



Origin of Powers: Natural and Mutagenic

  • Enhanced Strength

    • In his prime, John Brown was able to press over 400 lbs with little effort; at his current age, he has good strength, capable of lifting 250 lbs.

    • Running/Swimming: He could easily run a 4 minute mile or swim a bronze medal speed in the water...even today.

  • Enhanced Endurance

    • His metabolism, heart and muscle structure are that of a good Olympic athlete still even to this day.  As it is arthritis is his only enemy at his current age.

  • Enhanced Senses

    • Brown's hearing, sight, taste and tactile feel were excellent in nature in his prime, and still good (better than typical) today at his current age.



    • He wears good body armor protection against physical, energy, temperate and toxic/acidic attacks.

    • His suit provided a majority of his body with incredible radiation protection

    • The Exo-skeleton is a series of cyborg implants onto a composite material structural frame extending from his neck to his toes.  It is powered by dozens of small rechargeable, regenerative batteries that with a power supply pack, can last for 2 weeks; without, 2 minutes. The exo-skeleton enhances Brown's fighting, agility, strength and endurance by a factor of 1x his normal traits


    • Monstrously strong material (potentially alien Soltan material)

    • Energy Blaster:

      • Stun (blue light) - remarkably strong stun energy

      • Kill (red light) - remarkable plasma energy that also induces feeble energy damage over time for nearly 20 seconds from when target is hit.

    • Machine Gun:

      • Takes five different caliber bullets; effects to excellent shooting damage at an average range of 500 yards.

      • Clip allows for 2 automatic bursts, 4 semi-automatic bursts, or 20 individual shots per magazine

    • Shotgun:

      • Retains 10 shotgun shells in cylinder chamber

      • Excellent area of effect damage per shot; range - 50 yards

    • Flame Thrower:

      • 1 minute charge of compressed flamethrower fuel, excellent heat damage at a range of 50 yards

    • Rocket Launcher:

      • Can launch up to 4 short range rockets that are remotely fed incredible-rated targeting data from Major Invader's HUD tracking system.

      • Each rocket utilizes remarkable explosion force; range 1 mile, speed - 700mph

    • Stun/Bean Bag:

      • 10 Rubber and composite bead impact devices; effects remarkable stun effects with only typical damage; range - 200 yards


    • Night/HUD vision goggles:

      • At night, no penalties for seeing in nighttime darkness

      • Heads Up Display (HUD) provides tactical digital imagery and data regarding the Major's equipment condition, targeting and equipment settings.  Can be shifted on or off or limited/focus. Can track up to 10 objects at once with incredible ability, 20 with excellent ability and 40 with good ability.

    • Omni-Directional Vocalizer (ODV):

      • Bounces Brown's voice across different locations in a room or reflective area, making it sound like there are voices coming from everywhere.

      • Delays in transmitting mean that he can roll a series of ODV voices to locations making it seem like there is  a pathway to follow to the voices. This also allows several different voice recordings to be played near simultaneously, creating good levels of confusion.

      • Range in reflective wall room 1/2 mile; standard walls - 150 yards; open field/area - 20 yards

    • Drone Control Link:

      • Using the visor HUD, the Major can mentally control the flight path, video/audio recording and weapons of a deployed drone. Range - 5 miles.

    • Data Link and Body/Equipment Sensor Processor:

      • Retains 35 900pB Server Databases worldwide linked and transmittable to hundreds of secure channels and IP addresses.  Data transfer rate (air/space) - 1Gb/sec (pending weather/density; (water) 10Mb/sec; (underground) air/space rate minus 100Mb/sec per 100 feet of depth.

      • All body and equipment sensors tie into the sensor processor for visual status updates via audio (earwig) or visual (goggles/HUD)

      • Data is transmitted in encrypted microwave micro-bursts to a secure US, Russian, British or Canadian government satellite (none of which countries know he's doing this) for upload in the Major's several server farm database locations for future use and analysis.

    • Communications Equipment:

      • Full array of microwave, HF, VHF, IR Radio and photon micro-burst encrypted data and signal frequencies.  Ranges vary depending on channel, source, weather, signal strength, power rate and satellite positioning.

      • Has a direct link to the Pentagon, US Secretary of State, MI6, Kremlin and Canadian Prime Minister, as well as individual channels for each and every Allied Fighter and various combat and personal channels.

    • Psionic Protection Filters:

      • Head/hat are layered in amazingly strong psionic protection devices (possibly magic in origin).  Prevents anyone with mental powers to read his mind, attack him with psychic or mental powers or any projected vertigo/confusion spells/powers.

      • Can be turned off, but he almost always has it on.

    • Audio Amplifiers/Sound Dampeners:

      • Mask contains an 400dB audio amplifier that can be heard for nearly 1 mile in open air

      • Mask contains sound dampener material so that any audible conversations he is having under the mask cannot be heard by anyone outside of 1 foot of his location.

    • Mask Re-breather/Air Filter:

      • When the mask is over his face and the mask is set for re-breathing, a micro-encapsulated oxygen supply tube juts up his nose from the mask and seals; providing 1 hour of oxygen to a maximum depth of 500 feet.

      • When the mask is over his face and the mask is set for air filtration, He can filter out any gases, pheromones or particulates for 10 minutes before the filter's properties start saturating, increasing expose from feeble to full effects, a level at a time, every 2 minutes.

  • 9mm HAND GUN

    • 9mm Military Handgun with 20 magazines of 12 rnds/magazine; typical shooting damage, range 150 yds.


    • Excellent strength armored composite material that stores a massive variety of mission -specific gadgets, survival gear and weapons.  An average load-out of the Major's Combat-pack is as follows:

    • Survival Gear

      • Wiresaw, magnesium matches (10), mirror, combat knife, 100 yds of parachord, first aid kit, morphine capsules (2), headache/pain medicine (bottle/100 tablets),

    • Handcuffs (2 pr)

      • Amazingly strong cuffs able to fit large and small hands. Thumbprint lock (Major Invader's); no key.

    • Pack of Caltrops (10)

      • Excellent material strength; typical piercing damage when stepped on; 50 caltrops per pack

    • Land Mines (4)

      • Remarkable explosive device that can be set off by vibration, frequency, depressed switch or remote switch (5 mile range).

    • Gun Drone (1)

      • Unfolds to be a hovering gun platform with good tracking system, good shooting bursts for automatic bursts up to 30 seconds at a range of 200 yards. hovers 10 feet off ground level in stationary position; only follows if Major Invader controls it to remotely, but only moves at 10 feet/sec max speed.

    • Web Grenades (2)

      • Excellent strength sticky composite fiber web when grenade goes off based on manual timer (1-12 seconds). Looses tensile strength after 10 minutes and weakens to feeble material.

    • Explosive Grenades (3)

      • Remarkable force explosion that affects adjacent areas of explosion as well.

    • Smoke Grenades (3)

      • 1 red, 1 black, 2 white.  Obscures normal vision in affected area and all downwind areas over time by a factor of 4.

    • Targeting Drones (2)

      • Provide for targeting triangulation and visual/sensor/camera tracking of target/subject. Zero-noise drones; range 10 miles of control; 1/2 hr flight time before battery packs have to be changed out. Can be manually controlled. No weapons on these drones. Excellent material strength.

    • Jet/Rocket Pack (1)

      • Provides flight for max of 500 extra lbs to a max speed of 350 mph at a max range of 100 miles. Rocket assist take-off; jet engine kicks in after launch.



Current Occupation: Classified/Private Superhero Contractor for United States and United Nations

  • Military (Master)

    • 3x base knowledge of anything military-related; equipment, personnel, tactics, organization

  • Military Tactics (Master)

    • 3x base knowledge of all forms of military tactics, historical or otherwise

    • Increased initiative to attacks

    • Increased fighting to attacks

  • Military Strategy (Master)

    • 3x base knowledge of all forms of military strategic operations, plans and conditions

    • 2x intuition to attacks

    • 2x resource movement (logistics)

  • Covert Operations/Spy (Master)

    • Reduces target's intuition towards John Brown by 2x when John Brown is in Stealth

    • 3x intuition vs opponent's stealth

    • 3x movement agility when using stealth

    • 3x knowledge about stealth equipment, operations, history, personnel

  • Pilot (Master)

    • Certified to fly ANYTHING including space ships

    • 3x knowledge and understanding of aircraft, flight effects and aerospace engineering

  • Martial Arts (Master)

    • 2x melee fighting

    • increased melee initiative

    • 1x evasion skill

  • Politics (Master)

    • 3x base knowledge of anything related to politics

  • Communications/Computers (Master)

    • 2x base knowledge of anything related to computers and communications equipment

    • 3x knowledge on equipment based out of 20th century

  • Marksman (Master)

    • 3x agility for shooting in any condition

  • Weapons Expert: "Devastator" (Master)

    • 3x base knowledge of anything related to "Devastator" weapons

    • 2x agility for shooting with "Devastator"

  • Weapons Expert (Expert)

    • 2x base knowledge of anything related to any form of weapon, ancient to modern

    • 1x fighting skills with any weapon

  • Navigation (Expert)

    • 2x base knowledge of anything related to navigation

    • 2x Intuition to directions and maps and spacial referencing

  • Finances (Expert)

    • 2x base knowledge of all forms of financial operations, stock market, accounting, money management

  • Field Engineer (Expert)

    • 2x knowledge to fix/maintain equipment in the field

    • Can perform maintenance/repairs in field in 60% less time than average person

    • Normally does not need technical references/specs (partially memorized)

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