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MOONGUARD Commander and Fort Armstrong Commanding Officer

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As a result of the Soltan Star Empire's invasion of Earth in 2000 and the ultra-powerful Galactic Expatriates and alien attacks, the World Council empowered GUARD to build a powerful defensive and operations base on the moon, designated as Fort Armstrong. To do this, GUARD created a new subdivision in their Operations Division called MOONGUARD. Initially led by a retiring GUARD Commander, 80% of the effort to build and arm the base were done by GUARD Lt. Commander Wayne Grissom.


Grissom not only built the base in record time, but also defended it against a constant barrage of attacks and assaults. After the base became operations, Grissom was made its new commander.

MOONGUARD is responsible to all of the Moon and its shallow atmosphere.  Several storage and berthing units are located outside the man moonbase, including three additional launch pads.

Since the base's construction, numerous attempts by villain groups, aliens and megalomaniacs continue to try and take over Fort Armstrong, however, none have ever succeeded, including two attempts by individuals from the Galactic Expatriates.


In time, GUARD's "Astroguardians" set up shop in Fort Armstrong and although considered a separate division, MOONGUARD and the Astroguardians have worked closely and effectively together.



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