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Previous Team Members

Previous Team Members



The Astroguardians is a team of super-powered individuals (primarily if not solely) from Earth that are part of a mega super-group known as "The Guardians" which is a part of Earth's Global Unilateral Aegis Response Department otherwise known as GUARD.

Th Asstroguardians were created as a direct result of the Soltan Star Empire's Invasion of Earth in the year 2000.  For several months of 2000, the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth and attempted to steal it's people for slave labor, our natural resources for their dying slave-planets and mostly our planet's magical energies.  Thanks to incredible fighting and battles, nations and super heroes (and some super villains too), Earth was able to liberate itself from the Soltans. It didn't take but a few months after the world started rebuilding itself before what was left of GUARD decided they needed  a new operations division specifically suited for fighting in outer space.  Thus, GUARD created ASTROGUARD.

ASTROGUARD was founded by a former veteran Russian Astronaut named Yuri Parenov.  Several Astrotrooper Groups were created and trained (amassing 300-400 troops), with over 100 "Starfighter" exosphere fighter planes.  They operated out of an old Russian Space Station for the 1980s, but the station was falling apart pretty much daily by 2010.  Parenov did a remarkable job creating ASTROGUARD, but was always missing an edge that they couldn't obtain to even think of stopping another Soltan Invasion...after all, what were 300-400 Astrotroopers and 100 Starfighters against hundreds of thousands of Soltans Marines and thousands of veteran enemy space fighters?


Sadly, in 2010, after 20 years of service with GUARD,  Commander Parenov put in his retirement papers.  Vladimir Vorisch was called in to replace him.


Vorisch, a veteran Russian Astronaut and a decorated veteran of the Soltan Invasion, was a non-nonsense type of leader who pushed his peopel to perform harder than they ever had...and led by example.  Commander Vorisch immediately began an intense training regimen for all in ASTROGUARD, increasing their combat efficiency by 20%.  He even helped to create a new subdivision, MOONGUARD, a new permanent Moonbase, Fort Armstrong, as well as build a brand new ASTROGUARD Space Station.  Even with this, Vorisch was looking for an edge, just like Commander Parenov was...but this time, Commander Vorisch found that edge...The Astroguardians.


After events unfolded in GUARD to build a new supergroup called "The Guardians", it was instead believed that each major Operations division contain their own superhero group. For ASTROGUARD, it was the "Astroguardians" group.  The problem...they needed to recruit superheroes to fill this group...especially superheroes who could fight in space...or operate exceptionally well with their powers in space.


Initial plans were to recruit aliens into the team (there were, by that time, over 40 different aliens on Earth (that were known; some already working with GUARD (see Starfighters)), however, Vorisch believed that those 'not' from Earth may not be as motivated to 'fight' for Earth as they might for their own home planet, ergo, although considered a xenophobe, Commander Vorisch instead would recruit members only from Earth.

A few years ago, the team roster was finally completed and since then, ASTROGUARD and its "Astroguardians" have already made quite a difference. In their short time, they've discovered several Soltan 'Scout' ships and 'Surveillance' drones and destroyed them. Several other 'space-related' incidents with aliens and out own villains have been dealt with, earning international recognition for this new space-faring team.

Today, the Astroguardians, currently led by Astroguardian, based out of ASTROGUARD's new Gagarin Space Station (and sometimes at Fort Armstrong on the Moon), continue to perform tasks and missions assigned to them by GUARD's Operations Division as well as perform patrols in and around Earth and the Moon, looking and searching for when the next Soltan Invasion will occur.




Location: High equatorial Earth Orbit

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