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Bruno Osaro

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Don "Major Deej" Finger

7 Aug 2013


Stopa Osaro (father)

MANY bastard children



Bruno Osaro is a Russian born citizen who has since become the leader of the Blackjacks casino cartel of gangs.

Born in the shadow of the Soviet Union's transformation into the Russian Federation, Bruno and his family initially faced the worst of the transition.  His father, Stopa Osaro, was a Soviet-turned-Russian Army Non-Commissioned Officer forced to live with no pay or food for years until the Russian government stabilized as a result of the fall of Soviet communism.  His father, in an attempt to bring money in to feed his family of six, led illegal gambling games with the troops and the local populace.  As Bruno was already a teenager at this point, he watched his father play and learned all of his secrets and skills, even to the point where Bruno started setting up gambling rooms at the local youth-based centers, making as much money as his father on some occasions.  For them, their winnings were enough to give them a new middle-class lifestyle, one with a car, a house and even their own newly acquired property. Although a rough start for them, they excelled in their gambling skills and soon became the envy of the local region...envy being the key word.

Bruno's father, being one of the best cheaters in any gambling game played, unfortunately, caught up with him.


In a high-stakes blackjack game with a Soviet general, Stopa Osaro was set-up and charged with cheating during a blackjack game (ironically enough, Bruno wasn't actually cheating during that game).  In less than a day, Bruno's father was tried by military tribunal and sentence to life in a Gulag in Siberia, while all his property and money was 'taken' by the new Russian Federation representative as compensation for Bruno's father's purported cheating, leaving Bruno and his family homeless, penniless and outcasts.  Being winter, the harsh cold and the walking trip to the next town led to the death of three of Bruno's siblings and his mother, leaving his the oldest and responsible family member to care for the rest.


For the next three years, Bruno worked every job he could with whatever made-up name he could create.  In that time, they lived in an old dilapidated shack of an old Soviet friend of Bruno's father, for which, when food finally became sparse, led Bruno to kill his father's friend to leave enough food for remaining siblings to eat.


All during that same time, Bruno would set up back alley gambling games to earn more money, all they while slowly accumulating enough to get his siblings through one day at a time.  Finally, an old Czechoslovakian man paid Bruno a visit in their old shack.  The man was Oskar Mogilevich, the son of the infamous and highly illegal gambling gang called "The Blackjacks", Vaclav Mogilevich.  Oskar told Bruno he'd heard of Bruno's skills and challenged him to several gambling games to see if Bruno actually had skills.  For the next 18 hours, Oskar and Bruno played, non-stop, with Bruno winning more than half of the games himself.  At the end of their long session together, Oskar offered up Bruno a job with the Blackjacks, running his own operation in Russia. 


Bruno agreed. 


After going over the rules, acquisition fees and processes, Bruno was brought to an old abandoned orphanage and told to 'fix it up and run it for the Blackjacks', being handed a large amount of cash (nearly one million dollars in equivalence). 

In less than a year, Bruno got the place set up as a high-quality gambling hall, paid off the local authorities and police and trained and hired several dozen new gamblers, including his siblings who even helped in serving food and drinks.  Bruno's illegal gambling house opened and prospered like never before.  In time, he was able to open over a dozen other illegal casinos throughout Russia...that is until the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth in 2000, obliterating Bruno's gambling houses and leaving most of his clients and constituents dead.  As such, Bruno joined the Russian Resistance against the Soltans, leading militia troops against them.  When the Soltans were finally driven off Earth several months later, Bruno was designated a Russian hero for leading the resistance factions, and as such, became a prominent figure in Russian society.  This, however, didn't stop him from his continued desire to gamble and build his own casino empire...or from getting his father out of the gulag in Siberia.

During the invasion, Oskar Mogilevich, then-leader of the Blackjacks, died in the invasion.  In 2001, his last will and testament was found wherein he designated Bruno Osaro as his successor for the Blackjacks...and the heir to all his fortune - an amassed amount of the equivocal of $290 million. From the ashes of the decimated Blackjacks, he began to build his new Blackjack empire using the code-name "Blackjack Bruno".

Over the next decade, Blackjack Bruno bought up land all over Europe, investing in building casinos in over two dozen new locations.  Eventually, he ran into the Aegis Alliance leader, Mister Aegis, who offered up a partnership in the alliance and a means of laundering Bruno's illegal gambling winnings. Eventually, Bruno caught the interest of INTERPOL and every crooked Russian and European Mafia Leader.  As such, he engaged in gang warfare, evading the authorities while killing off those wanting to take Bruno's casinos and empire from him.  Bruno had a knack for multi-tasking and as such was able to build even MORE casinos all the while evading the authorities and fighting-off his rivals.


By 2017, Blackjack Bruno was an institution unto himself.  Under dozens of different aliases, he and the Blackjacks set themselves up as 'legal' casino entrepreneurs that helped to build, update and revitalize casinos around the world. With his existing worth over $100 Billion, Blackjack Bruno is indeed a force to be reckoned with...and a VERY dangerous man to cross.

Today, Blackjack Bruno continues his streak of winning with dozens of new casinos being built and/or managed by him and his Blackjack associates.  Most of all the Blackjack money profits are laundered through the Aegis Alliance, however, Bruno knows to never "keep all your borscht in one pot", and has assets and money squirreled away in hundreds of other locations...just in case.

Bruno is a single man, with a taste for beautiful women, fine things and a need to fight or kill someone every day. Most of the time, he'll travel to a casino where some employee was caught stealing from the Blackjacks and kill that thief himself, but he seems to enjoy using proxies to do this, now that he's getting on in years.  As of this writing, there are at least a dozen doppelgangers of Blackjack Bruno around the world...making it almost impossible to know which one is the 'real' Blackjack Bruno. Bruno's siblings have since gone on to do their own thing, and as for Bruno's father, Stopa, no matter how much Bruno bribed the Russians, to this day, he still cannot gain the release of his father from the Gulag; a situation that continues to gnaw at Bruno's soul every day.



Power Origin: Normal (no powers)



More to come!



More to come!

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