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Oscar "Ox" O'Reilly 














Camille (Woods) O'Reilly (ex-wife)


Demolition Party



Don "Major Deej" Finger

31 May 2015




Oscar started his life as a street thug from the rough side of South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  In his youth, he stole and robbed from stores and houses, mostly for the thrill of it, but soon started 'planning' robberies and thefts. As a result, he was able to steal more and get more money. He started employing thugs to help him in his robberies, and in short time, he became the premiere thief in the city. Police were never able to figure out who the mastermind behind all of this was. As such, the police set up a dragnet, capturing as many of Oscar's thugs as they could by setting up perfect places to be burglarized and catching said thugs in the act. Oscar went underground for a bit and by a strange stroke of luck, actually got a job in a construction company. 


Oscar obtained the job one night while out drinking. At the bar, Oscar overheard a foreman talking to his co-workers over drinks how they needed to set up the security fencing around their construction site. Oscar, wanting more than anything to take full advantage of this, on an unusual whim, instead went over to the foreman and told him the flaws in how he was setting up the fencing and security. The foreman, realizing his mistakes, asked Oscar if he'd had any experience working security before, to which he answered he'd done 'freelance' jobs only.  The foreman hired him on the spot, getting Oscar his first legitimate job ever in his life.


For the next several years, Oscar not only performed his job better than anyone else, but was responsible for catching several other would-be crooks from stealing from the construction company and getting them arrested. During this time, he quickly learned everything about the job. How to operate the equipment, how to manage a project, how to 'grease the palms' of building inspectors, everything. He even found love for a short time, Camille (Woods) O'Reilly, however, with his apex attitude and his 'unnatural' love for construction and building things, she left him only several months after getting married. She has not been seen since, nor did he care to pursue her.


After years of learning his new trade, Oscar was given an opportunity to be a foreman for a construction site project. Not only did he execute a perfect project plan, but he came in under budget and done a month ahead of schedule. That's of course, when everything went south.


On Oscar's construction site, theft and robbery attempts had increased over 400%.  Some of the culprits he knew, some were new to the game. Oscar always made sure not to interact with those he and his security guards would catch in the middle of their illegal acts, but one night, he wasn't so lucky. His Number 2 from back in the day, Doyle, saw Oscar.  He immediately threatened Oscar to rat on him unless Oscar let Doyle escape. Oscar turned Doyle over to the cops instead. It didn't take long before word got out, courtesy of Doyle, about Oscar's 'betrayal'. That's when all the other gangs, looters and robbers decided to band together and do some 'demolition' work on Oscar's newly finish seven-story business building.


Oscar while working late that night, overheard the ruckus outside of nearly one hundred gangsters and thugs descending on his site. Carrying handguns, shotguns and Molotov Cocktails for fire-bombing, Oscar knew he was in big trouble. Knowing full well his site (which he was beyond proud of for building, almost to the point of being in love with his building) was about to be destroyed. Oscar instead went after the mob and got in their way, yelling at them that they were making a grave mistake and lied to them saying he was 'working an angle' to pull off the biggest heist in the state as a construction foreman.


The mob of course demanded to know what they'd get out of such a deal for not tearing down the building, to which Oscar instead told them about 'another' more profitable site that they could raid instead to cover their time and expenses. As such, they demanded Oscar lead them to the site and get them in to loot and rob the site.  As Oscar unwillingly led the looting mob down the street ten blocks to the targeted site, Oscar knew he'd saved HIS site from damage, but in so doing, he was now taking a mob to the construction site of the foreman who once helped him get started with a legitimate new job and life; he considered him like a father. Sadly, Oscar decided his love for his building was greater than his mentor. That's when Oscar's mentor engaged them 1 block from the targeted site. He'd heard over the company radio of what was happening and that Oscar was leading a mob to Oscar's mentor's site to raid it. Oscar's mentor stood firm with a .45 caliber handgun in front of the mob of 100 thugs and Oscar, ordering them to stop and leave before the police arrived.


When Oscar tried to to quell his mentor, his mentor got nasty, asking how he could ever expect a gutter-level waste like Oscar to ever become a 'real man', telling Oscar that regardless of whether the mob left or not, he'd see Oscar in jail with Oscar's name removed from his beloved building, and to hire Death Legion assassins and mercenaries to pursue and kill each thug who dared to threaten or steal from him every again. Oscar, hearing his name was to be removed from his beloved building, snapped, and threw a brick hard at his mentor, bashing his mentor's brains in, killing him on the spot.


Oscar knew he'd lost all he'd worked for...and interestingly enough...kind of enjoyed being his old, thug-like self.


Knowing there was no turning back (and that his name would most likely STILL be on his beloved building), Oscar continued on to the construction site to be raided, herding his thugs, egging them on and encouraging them like a natural born leader. Oscar, the construction foreman was no more; instead he was Oscar, the crime leader.

Once on the targeted construction site, Oscar unlocked the gates and led the mob into the site.  Several of the security guards, trained by Oscar himself, tried to stop them (all the guards were in complete disbelief that Oscar was leading a mob against them). Sadly, all the security guards were killed by the mob and Oscar. Oscar, knowing he'd passed across his own Rubicon, instead shifted into his gang leader mode, telling the mob where the 'good stuff' was and what to use to haul it out and where to sell it. In less than 20 minutes, the site was stripped of over 90% of its copper wiring, brass piping, electronics, expensive building equipment and of course, construction equipment.  By the time the police showed up, the mob, and tons of stolen materials, were gone.  Oscar, overnight, became South Philly's new crime boss, whether if Oscar's wanted to be or not.

The next day, Doyle (today, labeled as 'Doyle the Snitch') wound up dead in his cell in prison; the victim of an unfortunate 'slipping on spilled milk' accident that resulted in a broken neck (Oscar had the Doyle killed, knowing Doyle would never stop coming after him unless something was done to Doyle 'permanently'). This of course cemented Oscar's reign as the new crime boss, and earning a unique title as 'The Foreman' for his 'role' in all of this. Oscar was sad that things turned out the way they did, but the one thing he built, his building, survived, and to Oscar, that's all he cared about.

Oscar obviously left his apartment and went underground, now expected to plan the next big heist. Being out of the crime game for as long as he was, Oscar realized he didn't know enough of the neighborhood to actually do any heists of magnitude. When his fellow thugs started getting restless for the next 'big hit', Oscar instead pointed them to another of his former boss's building sites, telling them the access and security codes to get in and what to rob there. Once that profitable heist went off, Oscar was able to get them to pull off several other lootings and robberies on sites he'd worked at. His new gang grew in size, as did the money they were getting through CANIS' black market dealings for all the looted and stolen construction equipment and materials. After one major robbery/loot job, Oscar saw the Police Commissioner on TV telling everyone about the theft and that he'd figured out WHO was behind planning the robberies and was now working with the FBI to bring in the person called 'The Foreman' in.

That night, Oscar did what he always did when he was about to get caught - run. He packed up what little he had with him and was about to skip out on his new gang he was supposed to be the leader of and go find a new life under a new name and start over again, hopefully, as a legitimate guy, in honor of his mentor he'd killed, hoping, in his own mind, to do a penance for killing his mentor. As Oscar was leaving, he knew had to see his beloved building one last time, face-to-face. He loved that building. It was everything to him. It was breaking his heart just having to leave it. So long as it stood with his name on it, he was happy and content to relinquish it to the rest of the world.

That's when the superhero Major Deej showed up at the building.

Major Deej deducted that Oscar couldn't stay away from the building he so desperately loved, and as such, Major Deej staked out the building, finding Oscar there.  After a heated discussion for a couple of minutes, Major Deej went to arrest Oscar, to which Oscar bolted. Using every resource he had, Oscar evaded capture, all the while doing whatever damage he could to Major Deej to stop him. He dropped construction beams on him, blew-up Major Deej up with explosives from the site's munitions shed, and eventually, tried to crush Major Deej with a massive bulldozer. Major Deej fought hard and was nearly defeated by Oscar until Major Deej garnered enough strength to throw-off the bulldozer, sending it careening into the corner of Oscar's building; a corner that was easily a major support for the building.

The support buckled, brining Oscar's entire, beautiful building down upon Oscar while Oscar was trapped in the overturned Bulldozer.  In the end, the entire building collapsed into a pile of dusty debris. Major Deej dug through the debris and pulled out a nearly dead Oscar to safety and onto a waiting ambulance.

When Oscar awoke in the prison hospital days later, he was in a full body cast. Nearly every bone in his body was broken or damaged. The doctors said he'd never walk again, and that Oscar was going to be tried and convicted, en absentia, for all of his crimes, most likely leading to two life sentences in prison with no possibility for parole. Oscar, seething at the loss of his beautiful building (and blaming Major Deej for its destruction) plotted his revenge from his hospital bed. 

Over the next few weeks, Oscar was able to communicate to his new gang of thugs (they never knew Oscar was trying to bail on them) that they needed to 'rescue' him if they'd ever hoped to get back to business.  In one of Oscar's ambulatory trips, Oscar's thugs 'rescued' him from the cops and brought Oscar to one of their hideouts. There, Oscar played a card that he once thought was a once a myth; a business that helped to give super-powers to those wealthy enough to pay for them. Oscar wanted to walk again, but more to the point, he wanted the power to destroy Major Deej for what the Major had done to him and his beloved building.  Luckily for Oscar, the myth revealed itself to be a secret sect of Zenith Labs. From that point on, Oscar knew he could never go back to being legit; he was 'The Foreman' now and forever, and he was going to be the best Foreman for his gang ever...starting with obtaining the powers needed to kill Major Deej.

After months of grueling surgeries and experimentations at Zenith Labs, Oscar was released as a new man; a man who could not only walk again, but had super powers. Sadly, Oscar was only able to afford 60% of the cost of Zenith Lab's 'services', and as such, needed to come up with the other 40% of they'd kill Oscar for 'payments due' and use his body for 'spare parts' in their other experiments. Oscar clad himself in new enhanced body armor and with his new (and augmented) super strength and invulnerability powers, he was fully capable of leading his gang in what would become some of the greatest crimes in Pennsylvania. Robbing banks, stealing from the military, you name it, he did it, all under the name of 'The Foreman', just to rub Major Deej's nose in all of it, daring the Major to fight him, if Major Deej could find him.

After a couple years time, Oscar made up the other 40% and paid off Zenith Labs. Oscar's gang, for the most part, stuck around, but felt like fifth wheels compared to The Foreman being able to do most all the work and fighting. Most left the gang (with their pockets loaded with lots of money gained from The Foreman's robberies), prompting The Foreman to 'hire' others. This hiring led to a unique situation; an encounter with a couple of villains that had also earned super powers courtesy of Zenith Labs and who also needed work to help pay for their powers.  The Foreman hired them on and their life of crime continued, helping each other 'pay off' Zenith for their newly acquired powers. Word got out, and soon others who'd gained new Zenith Lab-provided super-powers joined The Foreman's gang. Amidst all of this, The Foreman began to encounter superheroes trying to stop him and his band more often than not. As such, The Forman's super-powered gang 'bulldozered' these heroes and usually put said heroes into the hospital, earning The Foreman and his super-powered thugs not only serious 'street cred', but federal warrants for their arrest.

With the increased superhero activity, quick and easy robbery and looting jobs became rarer; more security, more heroes. More heroes led to more arrests of The Foreman's regular and super-powered gang members. The Foreman usually got out of being arrested, but the superheroes were now making far more difficult than ever to do standard thefts and robberies. As such The Foreman's ways weren't working anymore, and thus Oscar now had to concoct a new way to do business, move forward and still earn money.  That's when Oscar realized how to merge his previous construction and criminal skills together.  They'd become professional demolitionists; demolitionists that could be hired by any business who wanted to 'destroy and/or damage' a competitor's factory, building, site or industry...all for a price. It didn't take long before The Foreman's new "Demolition Party" became a full time villainous business.

As The Foreman, Oscar ran the Demolition Party (which was sometimes called 'DP Inc.' to make them sound even more legitimate). His hired super-powered thugs were taught legitimate skills in construction, demolitions, explosives and how to bring down buildings 'safely' without destroying other surrounding buildings in the process.


The Demolition Party's new business took off like a rocket shooting into outer space.


The black market for demolishing others businesses was an untapped opportunity that the Demolition Party to cornered the market with, making billions of dollars in profit each year.  DP Inc even started doing some 'relatively legitimate' jobs too, with construction companies using DP Inc to bypass Labor Union rules and regulations (and the associated extreme costs therein) and instead offered to perform 3 of the 5 phases required in a site demolition process, yet only at half the price of what it would cost a legitimate demolitions contractor to do legally and 'the union way'.

Today, The Foreman continues to lead his gang of normal and super-powered demolitions-trained team members with the Demolition Party. He's earned millions of dollars in profit and has become a go-to guy for those receiving new Zenith Lab-provided powers, needing to work off their debts to Zenith Labs. As The Foreman, Oscar still goes out on heists and jobs and works and fights alongside his fellow Demolition Party crew, leading by example on and off the field.  The Foreman is considered to be one of Major Deej's major nemeses, and as such, both have had critical battles with one another, leading to several hospitalizations for each of them and a continued, growing hate for one another.




Power Origin: Science (Lab)


  • Invulnerability

    • Has remarkable invulnerability against all forms of damage excluding psychic/mental/psionic attacks and magic attacks.

    • Has an incredible resistance to all forms of radiation, toxins and poisons as well.

  • Enhanced Strength

    • Has increased remarkable levels of strength, able to lift 1 ton of weight without effort

  • Enhanced Endurance

    • Has incredible endurance levels, allowing him to need only 2 hours of rest. As a result he heals 40% quicker that an average person.

    • Still needs to breath oxygen, but thanks to his enhanced endurance, he can hold his breath for a dozen minutes effortlessly.

  • Super Jump

    • Thanks to his enhanced strength and endurance, he can leap with remarkable abilities, going as far as 300 yards across, 150 yards up and 450 yards down without hurting or damaging himself.

    • In performing leaps beyond his first, he increases his ranges (across, mostly) by 50% for each leap until he reaches a maximum limit of 200% (0.3 miles across).



  • Body Armor

    • Whole body protection except Head (see Helmet),  Forearms (See Titanium Gauntlets) and Legs (See Boots)

    • Protection

      • Provides incredible temperate protection

      • Provides amazing physical, energy and toxic/toxin protection

      • Provides spectacular radiation protection

    • Self Contained Suit

      • Armor and Helmet seals itself to prevent the external environment (air, water, space, etc.) from getting in

      • Oxygen breathing system with 2 hours of air

  • Titanium Gauntlets

    • Protection

      • Provides fantastic levels of protection around hands and forearms

      • Provides incredible temperate protection

      • Provides spectacular protection against radiation

    • Gauntlet optional attachments

      • Normally, he doesn't wear these unless he is expecting a physical confrontation with superheroes

      • Foreman's Hammer

        • Energy shield that forms a block of energy around gauntlet fist, providing and additional level of protection (max: spectacular)

      • Piledriver

        • Attachment provides a melee-level composite material jackhammer-like prong that extends 3 feet beyond gauntlet when activated

        • Repeatedly pounds at target, causing fantastic levels of damage to target area every several seconds

        • Can only operate for 30 seconds total before recharge is needed

      • Hot Rivet Shooter

        • Attachment that shoots incredibly hot composite 'rivets' (more like magnesium-laced bullets; bullets made from amazing composite materials) that, upon impact, will do either incredible temperate damage or amazing shooting damage, whichever is higher to the target, but not both at the same time)

        • Can shoot 1 burst every 12-15 seconds

        • Can shoot a total of 10 bursts before 'rivet' depletion

      • Rebar Pole

        • Extendable (2 ft long extends to 7' long) pole

        • Made of amazing composite material

        • Uses is as a long staff weapon or a pry bar

  • Boots

    • Made of unique composite materials

    • Protection

      • Provides amazing levels of protection around calves and feet

      • Provides fantastic temperate protection

      • Provides spectacular protection against radiation

    • Jet and rocket assist features:

      • Jet-Allows in-atmosphere flight of up to 600 mph to a max range of 2000 miles with a max altitude of 50,000 feet ASL.

      • Rockets, when activated, provide one-shot emergency activation burn burn for emergency escape, going up to Mach 2 speeds for a range of 400 miles max, altitude can be up to 75,000 if necessary, but normally stays below 25,000 ft AGL (can be a rough landing; no brakes!)

  • Helmet

    • Titanium material

    • Protection

      • Provides fantastic level of physical, energy, toxic/toxin protection 

      • Provides Incredible level of temperate protection

      • Provides monstrous protection against radiation

    • Visor

      • Provides night vision, thermal vision and electrical/thermal trace detection

      • Provides excellent flash protection

    • 'ROBIE' system ('Remote Operations Broadcasting Integrated Equipment')

      • Heads-Up Display with data from remote server site (HQ) shows a limited (non-AI), voice activated array of visual projections about jobs, blueprints, security layouts, robbery plans, personnel files, internet, audio and video communications

      • Unlimited encrypted communications transceiver

      • Video processor and recorder

  • Mechanical Augmentation

    • Armor's endo-skeleton and infrastructure provide enhance fighting, agility, strength and endurance

      • Increased strength +2 levels (max amazing)

      • Increases endurance +2 levels (max amazing)

      • Increases agility +1 level (max remarkable)

      • Increases fighting +1 level (max excellent)

  • Additional Equipment

    • Pouches/Storage Voids in Armor

  • Flare (2)

    • Red in color

    • provides +2 visibility for up to 2 miles range for 5 minutes of burn time (magnesium)

  • Spare Earwigs (2)

    • Provides 25 mile range of encrypted communications

    • Provides a tracer for locating

    • Battery lasts 3 days

  • Tracking Device (1)

    • Uses earwig tracer signal

    • Range: 10 miles

    • Must use triangulation system to track

  • Multi-Sensor Handheld Unit (1)

    • Excellently powerful portable sensory device that can probe and analyze metallurgic analysis, structural integrity analysis, energy analysis, underground sonar, soil analysis, air quality analysis, chemical analysis, water analysis and toxin/poison analysis.

    • Data can be sent back through helmet's ROBIE system link to HQ computers



  • Construction (Professional)

  • Construction Equipment, Vehicles & tools (Professional)

  • Plans/Blueprint/3D Diagrams (Professional)

  • Theft/Burglary/Looting/Robbery Planning, organization and Plotting (Professional)

  • Theft/Burglary/Looting/Robbery Skills (Professional)

  • Lockpicking (Professional)

  • Black Market (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Melee Fighting (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Holds/Escapes (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: +Initiative (Proficient)

  • Finances (Proficient)

  • Leadership (Professional)

  • Warehouse Management (Proficient)

  • Pick-Up Trucks (Professional)

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