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Big Brother

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Don "Major Deej" Finger

4 Feb 2007



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George Winston Goldstein, born on the Atlantic Isle of Saint Helena, was originally a high ranking analyst for MI-6, British Intelligence, for the first 20 years of his adult life.  There he was lauded for his 'kingmaker' scenarios that aided in deposing malevolent leaders of nations and factions, and manipulatively replacing them with benevolent, British-leaning leaders. Although a high majority of his work was classified as top secret, it still earned him a rare MI-6 knighthood by the Queen of England, thus making him 'Sir' George Goldstein.

In the late 1980s when the British government waned in control of the South Atlantic islands of St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha, the local populace lost their British abode citizenship status, they experienced a resulting economy collapse  across said islands. This created a huge island-wide shortage of food and supplies that led the citizens to revolt against the British government that, sadly for the islanders, didn't amount to any response by the British government nor the monarchy.  Sir Goldstein, angered at seeing his fellow islanders' treatment, recommended an 'olive branch' scenario to help aid the islanders.  It was a well thought-out plan that would basically result in a win-win for all, however, a young, inexperienced MI-6 manager  instead denied the proposal. Goldstein pressed the situation with other at MI-6 leaders, however, the same  proposals were dismissed and ignored outright. Word got to Goldstein's manager to of his 'end round' on the manager and as a result, Goldstein was demoted to a lower level analyst's rank.

That next day, Goldstein didn't show up for work...and never has since returned to MI-6.

Using his extensive 'kingmaker' skills, Goldstein flew back to St. Helena and seized an opportunity to connect with a shadowy global organization and created a new socialist movement in the St. Helena isles.


The movement went off like wildfire.  Nearly all of the islanders backed the new socialist movement and within a month, demanded seceding from the British commonwealth.  The British answer was to install a new governor, who immediately took charge and in the protests that followed, was responsible for 20 deaths due to rioters and protesters.


'Sir' Goldstein shot and killed the new British governor on live TV himself and announced to the world that the islands had now formally seceded from the Commonwealth and were now to be considered an independent new nation called "Oceania".

The British, unhappy over this situation, sent warships, fighter planes, bombers and troops to take back the island (think Falkland Islands War, as an example).  When the troops hit the beach two weeks after they left port in England, they were assaulted by two thousand black-uniformed troops with superior armament and body armor.  All the British troops were killed in minutes.  The British Air Force and Navy were blown out of the sky and water respectively by never seen before high-tech aircraft, subs and warships all sporting the new Oceania flag and logo.

After several more attempts, the British government got the United Nations involved and put up a blockade off the islands, cutting them off from regular supplies for food, water and materials. Incredibly, the blockade did nothing; supplies and more weapons and troops continued to pour into the islands, doubling the island's population in weeks. 


The British attempted one last offensive only to be stopped cold.  Whatever remaining British forces were left, returned back to Britain, all except 2 or 3 ships that, to this day, continue a 'blockade' and surveillance of the islands.

Thanks to Goldstein, "Oceania" won its independence from it British parent nation.  Goldstein was immediately voted to be the president of the island by the citizens, but instead, Goldstein came up with a radical plan, pushing the island's socialist movement into a true extreme - an extreme that was designed to make everyone in the island 'equal'.  Goldstein, rather than becoming a President, instead 'allowed' himself to become the highest ranking position of his new Oceania nation - Governor.

Months later, huge industrial sites began construction and manufacturing on the islands of thousands of new high-tech weapons, aircraft ships and combat vehicles.  Citizens were trained in engineering, manufacturing and soldiering, all for the 'defense' of Oceania, according to Governor Goldstein. In 1999, they even made nuclear weapons with long-range missile capabilities. 

As such, the Governor initiated Oceania's new form of militaristic and industrious socialism synonymous to George Orwell's '1984' philosophy.


Initially, there was some resistance to the socialist movement, but those in the resistance were found and 're-educated' to goodthink about Oceania's new order.  By the close of the 20th Century, citizens of Oceania truly believed that they were the world power, and that other nations wanted to take away their power, such as the evil United States and the cruel Europeans and British powers.

In 2000, the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth.  Interestingly, Oceania was NOT invaded nor did it ever collaborate with the Soltans.  To this day, Oceania's lack of being invaded has been one of the greatest mysteries if not bordering on conspiracy theories of secret negotiations with the Soltans.

Over the next few years after the invasion, the world began to concede to Oceania's existence. Goldstein didn't use any of his expansive military and industrious military might to attack or over-reach the island nation's borders, and as such, in 2015, Goldstein was 'recognized' by the United Nations as a legal leader of Oceania and, pending further review, was in line for a seat with other national leaders in the United Nations (much to the chagrin of the United States, Israel and Great Britain (and by association, the British Commonwealth).

Over the last several years, propaganda created by Goldstein's nation has prodded thousands or people worldwide to move to Oceania and join their socialist society of equality and become citizens of Oceania.  Along with that, new resistance movements have also started up...but have been quickly quelled, with most of the resistance leaders re-integrated into Oceania's society as their most 'devout' workers.  One such resistance movement, the Saint Helena Liberators, led by Major Liberator, continues to be a thorn in Goldstein's operations.

Today Goldstein is still the Governor of Oceania.  The citizens remained loyal and brainwashed, while their military might continues to grow into that of a superpower's arsenal unto itself.


All citizens love Goldstein as their 'Big Brother'.  None are allowed to think otherwise.

The question Governor Goldstein now has to ask is whether Oceania should 'expand" its social views out to the rest of the world...



Powers: None 


  • Governor's Protectorate

    • Keeps a band of no greater than six highly trainer special forces military personnel around him at all times.  They are armed with:

      • Machine Guns​

      • Grenades

      • Shotguns

      • Medical Packs

      • Grenade Launchers

      • Smoke Grenades

  • Personal Weapons

    • High Powered MAWS Weapon​

      • Flamethrower​

      • Machine Gun

      • Grenade Launcher

    • Force blaster Glove (left glove)

      • Excellent force blast; range 200 yards​

    • Personal security force field (right glove)

      • Provides excellent physical, energy, radiation, toxic and thermal protection when engaged​

      • Has enough power to run for 20 minutes total

  • Flightpack

    • Allows him to fly up to 100 mph to a max altitude: 2000 feet.

  • Radio Communications (Earwig)

    • Allows for closed channel, encrypted two-way communications

    • Range: 250 miles (although it can piggy-back on existing wireless/WiFi networks)


  • Leadership (Master)

  • Strategic Planning (Master)

  • Tactical Planning (Professional)

  • Business/Business Management (Master)

  • Finances (Master)

  • Engineering (Professional)

  • Sociology (Master)

  • Psychology (Professional)

  • MAWS User (Professional)

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