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Strength of a Thousand MenTwo Steps From Hell
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The Terraguardians are a GUARD superhero group from the mega-group, The Guardians, GUARD's own massive hero group.

When GUARD was formed, TERRAGUARD was also created, but at that time simply called "GUARD Security Forces".  After a few years of commentaries about being 'world rent-a-cops', TERRAGUARD became their new name (as well as the creation of several other associated groups like AEROGUARD, ASTROGUARD, etc.).  TERRAGUARD's troops were mostly made up of ex-military or law enforcement personnel from around the world, as well as famous and infamous detectives and commissioners, all to ensure that TERRAGUARD performed its greatest service - security and enforcement of world laws and the prevention of chaos and anarchy.

Eventually, each major division made up its own superhero group; TERRAGUARD was no different. General Stone, who'd helped set up TERRAGUARD, also set up the Terraguardians.  His inclusive, no nonsense approach as well as his demeanor was able to coalesce what should have been one of the most dysfunctional band of heroes into a family and a powerful fighting team.

Recently, the team leader, Valor, has left the Terraguardians' leadership position and has become an auxiliary member to the team, appointing Kinetix (Now Terraguardian) as the new team leader. Valor shows up when there is a crisis, but for the most part, is working with the new 21st-Century version of the Allied Fighters now.

Today, the Terraguardians have fought and engaged hundreds of terrorists, super-villain groups, international tyrannies and most importantly provided the help and security other nations and cities needed to prevent death, destruction or devastation to occur.  The Terraguardians are held in the highest regard around the world, with each one of them a diplomat in their own way.  They've successfully operated out of their primary base in Nevada at 'Ground Zero', the HQ of TERRAGUARD.



Ground Zero Base HQ, Nevada Desert, Nevada, United States (Location: Relatively Secret)

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