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United We Stand - Divided We FallTwo Steps From Hell
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The Seaguardians is one of four super-groups from the mega-group called "The Guardians" which operates in the Operations Division in the international peacekeeping force known as G.U.A.R.D.

The Seaguardians came into being by originally being a United States Navy Special Operations Submarine Squadron called COMBSUBRON Alpha. However, in the squadron's infancy, and as it was amassing its new fleet of unique high tech submarines, the Soltan Star Empire invaded Earth in January of 2000.  One of the few subs that survived was the USS Nautilus (SSQ-1), a refurbished sub loaded with a new quantum energy power plant allowing it to teleport to distances of over 200 miles away, commanded by then-Commander Wolfe.  By invasions end in August of that same year, however, Captain Wolfe (as he got promoted to) aided in several critical battles taking down Soltan Command Ships and chasing the invading Soltans away from the Hawaiian Islands. Unfortunately, the world's submarine forces were completely destroyed by invasion's end, and would remain so for the next 10 years.


10 years after the Soltan Invasion, new threats emerged from the undersea nation of the Atlantic Kingdom, the emergence of new rogue nations such as Oceania and the United Canadian Empire and violent encounters with god-like beings in the Pacific Ocean that eventually coalesced into a group called the "Kaha Koa".  The world's nation's surface combat ships were constantly being damaged and destroyed and the resources to build better ships was thin.  That's when a previous US Navy Commodore Argough presented the newly expanded international peacekeeping force known as G.U.A.R.D. with a proposal for SEAGUARDSEAGUARD would be responsible for maintaining peace and security across the seas, oceans and major waterways around the world. As such, a super-powered group would be created to augment this division, much like other divisions such as Astroguard and Terraguard had done. Upon approval by the World Court and the United States Navy, SEAGUARD and the Seaguardians came to be.

SEAGUARD was led by (newly codenamed) Commodore Argonaut (AKA Commodore Argough), while the Seaguardians were led by Captain Seawolf AKA Captain Wolfe.  The Seaguardians would utilize the resources of SEAGUARD to maintain a super-powered presence in protection and maintaining order in the seas, oceans and major waterways around the world. Using their newly designed submarine, the GSS Paragon (GSX-1) as their base of operations, the Seaguardians use the sub's teleporting tech (gleaned from the original USS Nautilus (SSQ-1)) and travel the world over to take down the undersea and at-sea threats against peace and protect the recognized nations of the world.

Today, the Seguardians continue to do their difficult job, but not as a military-like Naval force, but more as a family...although quite dysfunctional at times. They are highly trained in their powers and equally trained as submariners, capable of operating and repairing any systems and equipment on the sub...even down to the ship's cook.  They have won worldwide acclaim time and again and have been lauded by the United Nations as 'the greatest peacekeeping sea-force in the history of the Earth'.  With many enemies and a vast expanse to patrol, the Seaguardians, as always, have their work cut out for themselves.



GSS Paragon (GSX-1) Submarine


Additional MDUVerse Info

The Seaguardians group was created by Don 'Major Deej" Finger on 8 October 2013 and is based on a previous group he created called "COMSUPSUBRON 1" (also called COMSUBRON Alpha), on 31 May 2007. The characters that make-up the team were all created by Don Finger as well, however, their creation dates varied, most of which were created between 2007 and 2013.

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