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Oceania Technologies



Intuitive Algorithm

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Eire Arm Battlebots

Eire Arm



Don "Major Deej" Finger

14 Feb 2020



Created under contract by Oceania Technologies, this unique battlebot version was designed and manufactured for the man known as Taoiseach, the leader of the Irish independence army (and reportedly terrorist group) called the "Eire Arm".

These battlebots were originally part of a line that was to be sold to Mexico, however, thanks to United Nations sanctions, the battlebots were never sold.  Over 250 sat in the Ocean Technologies warehouse floor until a request came in from Taoiseach. As such, Oceania Technologies fitted the battleshots and remained them Eire Arm Battlebots for production titling.  Several months later, the first shipment of 50 reached Ireland by submarine.  Controls, codes and a massive array of repair and maintenance machines were also provided.

A year later, thanks to limited update time (because Oceania was under attack by the rest of the world...again), only an additional 30 made it out on the sub, but this time, to meet their contractual needs, they provided their own automated battlebot manufacturing consoles. So long as the Eire Arm had access to the resources to build the battlebots, the consoles would build them from scratch. For every battlebot made with the consoles beyond the contracted 250, Oceania would be able to charge for the creation of each additional battlebot (now called Irebots) to the sim of $75 million each.

As such, Taoiseach has had to 'raid' banks and resources locations (warehouse, manufacturing sites, etc.) in and about the British Isles and Europe to be able to continue building the Irebots. If a payment isn't made within 30 days of the manufacture of a fully operational battlebot/Irebot, the manufacturing consoles will be remotely shutdown until the payment is made.

There are several times now that the Eire Arm hasn't had the money to make payments, resulting in the manufacturing consoles being shutdown remotely by Oceania.

Today, the Eire Arm continues to maintain its 250 count of Irebots in their military arsenal.  Each time one of more gets destroyed, they go out, raid banks and factories, steal what they need, pay off Oceania, and once again, the Irebots get made and/or repaired.



Programming and a limited AI algorithm provides for the following:

  • Fighting at an excellent level

  • Agility at an excellent level

  • Strength as an remarkable level

  • Endurance at an amazing level

  • Reason at a good level

  • Intuition at a remarkable level

  • Psyche...well, it has none, nor a brain to associate it with



IREBOT DESIGN (Mk I Eire Arm Battlebot)

  • Armoring

    • Provides remarkable physical, temperate, toxic/toxin protection​

    • Provides excellent energy protection, except EMPs/magnetics

    • Provides incredible EMP/magnetic protection

    • Provides fantastic radiation protection

  • Electrical Conduit Attack​

    • Can generate good amounts of electricity to perform:​

      • Manually (touch) electrical charge of excellent damage​

      • Ranged shot of good electrical damage at a range of 10 yards

    • Can scramble any and all electronics by touch at a good level​

  • Irebot Assault Weapon​ (1)

    • Can fire excellent plasma (energy)/shooting damage at a range of 400 yards​

      • Uses Powers Packs/Energy conduit cables to body generator

      • With power packs, can fire 40 shots before drained

      • If connected to body generator, can fire up to 400 shots before energy cap is reached

    • Can fire good force damage grenades (area effect) up to 100 yards away

      • Stores 10 grenades​

    • Can shoot excellent flamethrower fire up to 10 yards away

      • Cylinder can provide max of 30 seconds of fire before drained​

    • Made of amazing material

  • Smoke Grenades (2)

    • Reduces visibility by a factor of 3​

    • Lasts for 30 seconds each

  • Power Packs (4)​

    • Carries plasma power packs for use with Irebot Assault Weapon​

    • Each power pack provides 40 plasma shots before drained

  • Vision/Sensors​

    • Remarkable visual, audio and tracking sensors​

    • Normal, night, infra red, ultra violet, x-ray and electrical tracing/pathing vision

  • Communications/Video Transmission Suite​

    • Remarkable level of comms equipment and video recording/streaming equipment​

  • Emergency Beacon​

    • IF the battlebot considers the unit is in dire need of assistance or damaged beyond self repair, it will start the beacon​

    • Range: 20 miles; lasts for 3 days before battery runs out


  • Tactical Combat (+Fighting, Intuition, Initiative)

  • Weapons (Master)

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Charge/Evade (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Hand-to-hand fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Slam/Stun (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Block (Proficient)

  • World History (Master)

  • Standard College level student knowledge (Professional) (no academic contacts though)

  • Driving (Professional)

  • Pilot (Professional; all forms of craft)

  • Navigation (Master)

  • Celestial Navigation (Master)

  • Languages (Master)

    • 110 different world-renown languages (translator)

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