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1975; 4 June 2013



Rudolph Hess (uncle, deceased)



Greta Hess, a young niece of  Rudolf Hess (Hitler's 2nd in the Nazi Party), begged to help Nazi Germany during WWII.  She was highly anti-Semitic, as her uncle, and wanted nothing more than to support the Nazi Party and troops.


To her pleasure, she was 'volunteered' for a science experiment that was to create stronger Aryan women.  During the experiment, the facility was sabotaged by British Intelligence.  No one in the facility survived except Greta who was found amongst the rubble in perfect health.


It was later discovered she obtained incredible healing and recovery powers that she could not only apply to herself but could project to others, all as a result of the lab's one-shot mix of lab chemicals, electricity and explosive energy.  With the scientists dead and all the research destroyed, no one was able to duplicate her powers.


Greta took the code-name "Feldlazarett", ("Field Hospital" in English), for her ability to heal others so quickly.  In time she also discovered, using her powers, she could transfer pain from afar to others as well.


She was assigned to the Nazi super-group, Axis Force, under the command of Baron Berlin.  From day one, she became a valuable member of his group.  The Baron never went on a mission without her.


In 1945, Baron Berlin and Axis Force were summarily judged guilty of grand larceny against the Reich and treason by Hitler himself. Most of Axis Force was executed, however the super-powered members of the team and Baron Berlin, along with Greta, were placed in experimental cryogenic storage chambers deep under the Chancellery, wherein they would stay until such time that Berlin was in need of their powers. Weeks after going into Cryo freeze, Hitler demanded the remaining Axis Force team be thawed out and given a '2nd chance'. Sadly, this never happened.


The man sent to thaw out Axis Force was killed by a sniper.


Axis Force remained frozen until 2017, when the nuclear-powered Cryo chambers finally failed.  The surviving Axis Force members, including Greta, emerged 70+ years into the future, but after seeing the new century, all agreed it was in need once again to be ruled by 'better' people. 


Today, Feldlazarett (and the renewed Axis Force) have taken over the German town of Nuremberg and have since renamed it as "Reichsland".  Greta uses her powers to help heal her teammates in induce pain in her enemies, all with her penchant for anti-Semitic behavior with a dash of inhuman practices on any she deems 'unworthy' of Reichsland's new order.



Powers: Science-based

  • Healing field

    • Greta can create a red healing field around a person up to 20 yards away, providing excellent rates of healing, mending bones, tissue and arteries.

    • With direct contact and over a period of hours, she can regenerate missing limbs, however, this leaves her highly exhausted prompting her to regenerate through sleep for at least 24 hours before she can use her powers at full strength again. 

    • Greta can also heal herself at an incredible rate should she herself get hurt (and yes, she will heal herself before anyone else regardless of how bad others are hurt)

  • Pain field

    • Great can also induce a black/red field around a person up to 20 yards away that can inflict excellent levels of bio-damage to that target's body.

    • If she keeps the field on for over 12-15 minutes, she can also transfer the target's remaining health to her at a typical rate until the target dies.


  • Body protection

    • Greta wears a heavy leather upper body suit, gloves and leggings that will provide her poor protection from physical, energy and temperate damage. 

    • Also provides good toxin, acidic and radiation protection

  • Flight Pack

    • Using a stolen GUARD flight pack, Greta can fly up to 250 mph for up to 100 miles at a maximum altitude of 2500 feet.  The pack can easily be fully recharged in less than 10 hours through a standard electrical outlet.

    • Casing is incredibly strong and heat resistant.

  • Field Medicine Belt

    • Greta carries a variety of field surgical and life-saving equipment in pouches on her belt.

    • Amongst her medical materials, she also carries a vial of remarkably strong anesthetic  that if dosed correctly could knock-out a target for up to 8 hours.

    • Also carries a micro-defibrillator pack that can induce up to three shocks to a target's chest to attempt to restart a target's heart.  Can be recharged off standard outlet in 4 hours.


  • Field Medicine (Professional)

  • Human Biology (Professional)

  • Nazi Party History/Organization (Professional)

  • Chemistry (Proficient)

  • Propaganda (Proficient)

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

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