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Oskar Von Hindenburg




mid 20s








Young Nobleman

Axis Force



Don "Major Deej" Finger

24 May 2013



  • Paul Von Hindenburg (2nd president of Germany) (Great Grandfather, deceased)



Jkr. Oskar Von Hindenburg, the great great grandson of Paul Von Hindenburg, the 2nd president of Germany (and the man who later promoted Adolph Hitler to Chancellor), is the last official young nobleman or "Junkers" inline with previous powerful Prussian nobility. 


In the last few years, Oskar has been reclaiming family lands that had been taken away from his family name since WWII.  As, such he's amassed a fortune in compensation for those lands. As mentioned earlier, Oskar heard and saw the propaganda of Volksjager, a Neo-Fascist who wants Germany back as it was during the Third Reich.  Volksjager had  amassed thousands of followers and was a like-minded personality to that of Oskar, both being anti-Semitic.  Both wanted to see Germany regain its former glory and power and to remove all influences of 'other races and nationalities' from German lands once again.


Oskar joined Volksjager and the New Reich Army in 2014, and in his zeal to move up in the ranks (and hopefully replace Volksjager), he commissioned a battle-suit design to use against any super-powered enemies, making him a vital person in the army's ranks.  In Oskar's mind, his rise to power and glory by way of using his advanced weaponry was justified due to his family's young nobleman or 'Junkers" status; a status that meant absolutely nothing in modern Germany.


Recently, Volksjager and the New Reich Army invaded Nuremberg, Germany and blockaded it, holding the city as the New Reich Army's new capitol.  Junkers joined in with Volksjager and between the two of them, they were a powerhouse; a combined powerhouse that still was not able to stave off the whole of the Germany Army and Air Force. As such, fear gripped Oskar and he hid in the shadows of Nuremberg, waiting to see what the end battle results were...and select THAT side, whoever was winning - either the New Reich Army or the German Military.


That's when the notorious Baron Berlin, his Axis Force and thousands of new troops troops showed up from being dead.  He and the remainder of his Axis Force troops and hundreds of additional troops snuck into Nuremberg, took over the New Reich Army and defeated the German military.  When Junkers saw Baron Berlin and his forces, Junkers got up the nerve to actually fight one of the German superhero team members of the Teutonic League and win.  THe end result was a cease fire and the capitulation of Nuremberg to Baron Berlin, who then renamed their recaptured grounds as the new nation of "Reichsland" with Baron Berlin as the new Kaiser.


Today, Junkers fights along side Axis Force, but is under Volksjager's watchful eye.  Baron Berlin continues to push Junkers to 'prove' himself a true Aryan and be worthy of being on Axis Force.  It's only a matter of time before Junkers either makes a move for more power...or gets taken down in the process...



Powers Origin: Technology


Junkers powers are solely based on his electric armor.



  • Electric Armor

    • The Armored suit and helmet are made of a composite metal material

      • Provides remarkable physical, temperate, toxic and sonic protection.

      • Provides incredible electrical/energy protection

      • Provides fantastic radiation protection

      • Creates an electrical field around him providing additional excellent protection from energy, electrical and physical attacks

  • Electric Blast

    • Junkers armor is an electric dynamo-driven suit that can generate remarkable amounts of electricity which he can emit to create electrical blasts from his gauntlets

  • Helmet

    • Visor

      • Can see in infra-Red

      • Can be adjusted for night-vision.

      • Provides excellent protection from flash attacks/bright light. 

    • Comms/Internet

      • His helmet contains a wide array of communications equipment to include connections to the Internet and Satellite communications. 

  • Boots

    • Can fly up to 300 mph at a range of 2000 miles (maximum altitude is 10,000 feet). 



  • Prussian Aristocracy (master)

  • Armor/weapons designer (professional)

  • Engineering (professional)

  • Electrical engineer (master)

  • Military history (proficient)

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