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Madame Arachnia

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Unknown (25-30?)


10 April 1945







Spider-Woman, Arachnia

Axis Force



Don Finger

16 Sep 2018






Very little is known about Arda and her code-named personage known as "Madame Arachnia".

In 1940, while Axis Force was in Austria taking down several resistance cells, the team came upon a strange sight.  In one of the villages expected to house the resistance fighters, over three dozen cocooned bodies hung from the town square's trees and roof edges; cocoons with the bodies of the resistance fighters webbed up and suffocated within.

As Axis Force entered the square, guns drawn and ready for combat, they encountered a shadowy being who kept darting between and amongst them, causing even the great Axis Force troops to trip over their own feet and be completely disheveled.  Thanks to the tactical thinking of Baron Berlin, leader of Axis Force, he saw the awkward pattern - and game - for which this person/being was playing.  After a few more seconds of re-positioning himself, he was able to attack and wrestle to the ground the being that was causing the chaos.

It was a woman in layers of black leather with the spirited eyes of a creature, vice that of a normal human.

Baron Berlin was able to reach out and grab her by the neck. She clawed at him and fought with a ferocity he'd never seen before.  Regardless of how much she fought him, the Baron still help her neck in his grip.  He finally thrust her body hard upon the ground, trapping her between him and the ground, the woman shrieking the whole time.

He finally asked her if she'd cocooned the resistance fighters, which she eventually hissed a 'yesssss' to, explaining they'd killed an innocent child to prevent her from giving away their position; a crime against her being, so, she, the 'crazy Spider-Woman of the town, killed the fighters and strung them up in a strong web-like material she'd made for trapping and hunting.

The Baron allowed her to stand, but immediately placed her in handcuffs with him.  She shrieked at being 'bound' and demanded to be released. After he allowed her to calm down, he asked if the 'Spider-Woman' considers any attack against the youth as a reasoning for killing others, to which she simply stated, "I would be the death to any attacking a child".  With that, he offered her an option:  fight him and prove she was more powerful than him and he'd let her go and leave her alone; if he stopped her, she'd 'help' him and his team and nation in protecting the innocent children from the massacre by the Jews and the Allied troops fighting against Nazi Germany.

She agreed, but told the Baron that if she was bested by him, she'd only follow him - no other man.


In agreement (and at the disdain of Axis Force for the Baron performing such a crazy act with a crazy woman), the Baron and the Spider-Woman fought a game of cat and mouse.  She'd tossed several knives at the Baron with deadly accuracy, one cutting his arm in the process.  The fight went on for almost five minutes until finally the Baron got the best of her and took her to the ground, incapacitating her. once again.  She shrieked and fought against being help, but in the end she yielded.

Arda, as she allowed herself to be called, was trained 'in field' with the rest of Axis Force and its troops.  She loved the idea of body armor and REALLY loved her web grenades and futuristic gun.  She was trained in all ways of being a Nazi soldier, which she excelled at. She had little to no fear about the enemy and as such, was not only aggressive in fighting the enemy, but was usually found as the vanguard of most attacks, attacking from afar with her chaotic movements eventually moving in for a close-up, in person kill.  She truly had a sadistic mentality, but relished children with a completely different mannerism, showing kindness and compassion to them.

She enjoyed hiding in the shadows, learning how best to attack her prey, and move with the body motions of a spider in the process.  As such, she became initially known as "Arachnia", but she countered and liked the name "Madame Arachnia" instead. Throughout World War II, she was one of the better fighters in Axis well as a bit of a vamp, too.  She could become sultry and feminine when she wanted to be and was known for seducing many of the German soldiers in the evenings.


Once every three months, Madame Arachnia had to take a 'leave of absence' from the team for 'personal reasons' and return to her home town in Austria for three days.  She always returned re-energized and full of vigor, which of course led others to not be concerned with her every-three-month trips.


At one point, she and Axis Force were brought before Adolph Hitler who bestowed the Iron Cross medal unto each of them personally. When it came time to award Madame Arachnia her Iron Cross, even Hitler was creeped out enough by her to instead have one of his aides place the medal around her neck. It was noted by a surviving Nazi soldier after the war that no one had ever seen Hitler 'creeped out' about anything before her.

For the rest of the war she fought with Axis Force as a force to be reckoned with...that is, until she and the rest of all of Axis Force were ordered back to Berlin in APril 1945.  Once there, each Axis Force team member was sequestered and told they were being charged with treason and grand larceny against the Fuhrer himself.  Each were to be executed.  Madame Arachnia killed two guards before they gassed her room, knocking her out.  It was reported she was eventually taken outside and executed by a firing squad. Her armor and weapons were destroyed so that the Soviets could never copy the technology.

Many rumors abounded about that day in regards to Madame Arachnia.  Some say she seduced a guard and was able to escape; others stated that even after executing her, when it came time to collect the bodies for mass burial, her body was missing from the pile.  Nonetheless, the mystery of Madame Arachnia to this day continues to enchant European scary storytelling practices around campfires.  Even in her hometown in Austria, there are still reports of 'strange shadowy figures' darting amongst people in the night, along with dozens of strange cobwebs found on nights when degenerates are later found dead or in pieces.

As such, she has never been seen since that day in April 1945.




Powers: Natural/Mutagenic??

Although she never admitted to having powers, Madame Arachnia had abilities far beyond that of normal people.  It is believed she had the following powers/advanced capabilities:

  • Enhanced speed

  • Enhanced contortion/flexibility​

    • She had the ability to climb into a hole or pipe 2/3rds her size.  She'd been seen scrunched into a small ventilation pipe that even Captain Invader couldn't put his head in.​

  • Enhanced Strength and Stamina​

    • She has good physical strength and an excellent stamina and endurance vs normal men.​

  • Night vision​

    • She moved around as if she had a form of either night vision or enhance senses.  She wore a helmet that covered her eyes and as such, seemed to point to powers vice technological equipment.

  • Leaping

    • She could leaps dozens of yards, almost always landing on her feet or to her feet. She was once seen leaping from a cliff down into a forest 60 feet below, with her not only landing safely but able to run at a full sprint after landing.​

  • Potential human-spider hybrid?​

    • Her mannerisms, creepiness and body movements are all considered unnatural for humans, yet highly natural for spiders.  It is believed she may be a human-spider hybrid or mutant.  No ine was ever able to get a blood sample from her to determine if this was the case.​



  • Body Armor

    • Excellent protection from physical, energy, thermal, toxic and sonic attacks.

    • Incredible protection from radiation attacks.

  • Helmet

    • Covers her eyes

    • Has red 'orbs' on side of the helmet; believed to be used to enhance perception in the surrounding location.

    • The engineer who designed this helmet 'died' of heart failure the night after he presented it to Madame Arachnia; the helmet's design plans mysteriously burned in a lab fire later that same night.

  • Pulse Rifle (1)

    • Good physical shooting damage in semi-automatic state.

    • With a push of a button, she could engage a one-shot magnetic pulse to further the range of the bullet from a standard 300 yards to 500 yards.  Magnetic pulse had to be recharged each time after it was used.

  • Web Grenades (8)

    • Excellent tensile strength hand-thrown sticky web grenades used for holding a target in place.

    • Takes 30 minutes before the webbing becomes brittle and disintegrates.

    • Can be cut with excellent or better strength blade or knife.



  • Marksmanship (Professional)

  • Stealth (Master)

  • Blending/Camouflage (Professional)

  • Acrobatics (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Hand-to-hand combat/Savate (professional)

  • Martial Arts: Melee combat (blunt) (professional)

  • Martial Arts: Holds/Grabs (professional)

  • Tracking (Professional)

  • Spiders/Araneology (professional)


  • Has spider-like tendencies; hiding in small holes, patiently waiting to spring traps/attacks; quick attacks; use of webs; cocooning

  • Has an affinity and weakness for the care and safety of children; she will sacrifice herself rather than let a child be harmed.

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