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Unterseeboot LiedMusic of the Kriegsmarine
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Klaus Donitz and/or Rolfe Hecke (??)

Donitz: Unkown; Hecke: Unknown



Klaus: 30s; Hecke: 40s








Kapitan Kriegsmarine

Axis Force



Don "Major Deej" Finger

1975; 17 Oct 2009


  • Donitz:

    • Karl Donitz (father, deceased)

    • Peter Donitz (brother, deceased)

    • Peter Heiser (illegitimate son, deceased)

    • Warren Heiser (great grandson)

  • Hecke:​

    • Marilyn Hecke (wife, divorced)​

    • Wulf Hecke (son)




Kriegsmarine is the title given to WWII German Navy Fleet Commander Karl Donitz' son, Klaus Donitz, who was secretly the first bearer of the armor.

Against all records and reports on Klaus' history, he manned the armor that was used in many undersea combat operations against the Allies.  As a member of Baron Berlin's Axis Force, Klaus performed many impressive tactical attacks, all of which usually either led Axis Force to victory, or was able to extract Axis Force in the face of defeat.

In 1943, Klaus' brother, Peter Donitz, died in action. His father, Fleet Commander Karl Donitz, ordered Klaus to turn over the armor and practice to become a doctor instead.  Klaus lied, saying he'd turned the armor over, and instead, fed false intel to his father's aides about his 'expected' whereabouts.  In 1945, Klaus met his fate in a massive battle between the Allied Fighters and Axis Force. Klaus in the Kriegsmarine armor was said to last be seen in a final battle between himself and the Allied Fighters' Captain Battleship in the Baltic Sea.  When no one was able to find him, the aides (in fear of being executed themselves), falsified data saying he'd instead died in an allied bombing raid.

In 1960, a book was published about Klaus Donitz by an illegitimate son named Peter Heiser, the son of a French prostitute. No investigations occurred and the book's sales were not even worthy of a second print. Peter Heiser supposedly died of a drug overdose sometime in the 1980s.

65 years after Karl Donitz' supposed death, a German Salvage Boat crew in the Baltic Sea discovered the Kriegsmarine armor in 1000 feet of water.


According to the salvage captain (the only one who looked inside the suit), a human skeleton believed to be that of Klaus Donitz was found.


When the salvage captain, Rolfe Hecke, informed authorities of their find, surprisingly several German government units responded and were sent out to look at the armor.  After seeing the armor, the agents 'took' the armor (and Donitz' remains) off the salvage ship, crating it up and sent it back to Berlin for further action. The German unit leader demanded Hecke's secrecy about the armor's find.  When Hecke asked for a fair salvage price for the find, the unit leader threatened to arrest Hecke and 'put him in a hole for years on end' and 'the only profit you get out of this is your life'.

A week later, a now-destitute Captain Hecke went on an alcohol-fueled tirade on TV telling the world about the Kriegsmarine armor and how the German government short-changed him for his discovery.  The media went berserk with the news, which eventually prompted the German government in 2015 to show the armor off at a one-shot press show, where after, the armor would be crated up and buried with Klaus' (supposed) remains.

During the press show, when the government representatives went to unveil the armor, they found it missing in its display case.  Investigations showed the armor had 'walked' through the glass display case, with no broken glass anywhere. The armor's footsteps led to the edge of the Rhine River, where the trail dropped off.  When the media went to interview Captain Hecke, they found German government agents already sifting through Hecke's apartment, but, no Captain Hecke was found...only wet footprints that came from the Rhine River leading into Hecke's apartment and then back to the river again. Everyone believed that Hecke stole the armor, but no one knows how he could have 'walked' out of a locked display case.  The German government agents said the armor still had the human remains inside the armor at the time of the unveiling; nothing had been removed from the armor at that time.  Other than than, nothing else was found about the armor...until recently in Nuremberg, Germany.

Recently, Nuremberg, Germany was beset by a band of ultra-nationalists called the "New Reich Army", led by a charismatic anti-Semite called "Volksjager".  In that time, Baron Berlin and the remainder of his Axis Force arrived (after having thawed from a frozen prison for the last 70+ years) and took over leadership of the New Reich Army.  During their battle with the German military, Kriegsmarine arrived from out of the river and began fighting alongside his old Axis force colleagues.  Kriegsmarine, to this day, since his return hasn't muttered a single word, but is definitely 'alive' in some form or respect.  No one is sure if it is the ghost of Klaus Donitz operating the suit, Hecke, or someone else.  Instead, the armor and eyes glows with an eerie green phosphorescence, and Kriegsmarine is exhibiting new powers of controlling water, becoming intangible and phasing through walls and solid objects - powers the original Kriegsmarine did not have. 

Today, back with Axis Force, Kriegsmarine follows Baron Berlin's orders...and not much else.  When there is nothing to do, Kriegsmarine just 'stands there', glowing. Anyone who has attempted to take the armor's helmet or pieces off have been met with an angry, violent Kriegsmarine that would rather kill you than let you access his armor.  The armor gives off an eerie glow emanating from itself and the visor of the suit.  No one, other than the missing Captain Hecke, has ever seen inside the Kriegsmarine armor, not even the German government officials that took the armor from Captain Hecke...or did they...?

On a side note, the grandson of Peter Heiser (and supposedly great grandson of Karl Donitz), Warren Heiser, is suing the German Government for over 250 million Euros for the mishandling of his 'great grandfather' and his priceless armor.  He's already been allowed an authorization of ownership of the armor IF he provides a DNA sample for proof of lineage...which Warren said he won't provide until he can see the armor/remains first.  Warren currently has a 20,000 Euro bounty out for capturing and returning the armor and 'whomever' is running around in his 'great grandfather's' historical suit.  Hundreds of bounty hunters and amateur treasure seekers are looking for Kriegsmarine to this very day.

Who or what is controlling the armor?  How is it now more powerful that ever before?  Why is the bearer/spirit still wanting to fight alongside Axis Force? Seems there's more questions than answers for this villain.  Regardless, Kriegsmarine is back with new powers, a spooky demeanor and a dedication to Baron Berlin that borders on the level of a blood oath...



Power Origin: Donitz​ (WWII) - No powers; Current - Unknown (possibly magical)

Current Kriegsmarine:

  • Energy Field

    • Kriegsmarine emits a strange, eerie sea-green colored phosphorescent-type glow from his armor and eyes.

    • The energy fields seems to provide amazing protection for all forms or attack, and unearthly protection from magical attacks.

  • Intangibility

    • Stealth

      • Remarkable ability to prevent any form of detection other than technological.

      • While shifting and staying intangible, Kriegsmarine looks to become invisible to normal vision.

      • Cannot touch or affect Kriegsmarine in this state UNLESS you can sych with the ethereal plane.

    • Phasing

      • While intangible, Kriegsmarine can walk through any wall, barrier or object.  Since it doesn't seem to need to breath, it can walk endlessly through objects/walls/etc.

      • Can 'walk on air' while phasing.

  • Water Control

    • The armor (or its bearer or spirit) has the incredible ability to control water, shooting solid streams of water from its gauntlets up to 40 yards away, erupting water from local sources underground, and using it to amass and drown or toss its victims.

  • Movement

    • On land, Kriegsmarine moves only at typical speed.

    • At sea or in the water, he can move up to amazing speeds (>140 knots).

    • I intangible while swimming in the water, he does not leave a wake or pressure trail.

  • Torpedoing Attack

    • With enough speed, Kriegsmarine can 'torpedo' a lightly armored ship and sink it that way too, never affecting his suit at all. 

    • He's also performed a trick of swimming up to ships and 'phasing' through their hulls to enter the ship below the waterline either for espionage or destruction.


  • Kriegsmarine does not seem to talk.  It can 'write' things down (only in German) and use basic hand signals and jestures, but no vocals.




    • Body Armor

      • Provided remarkable physical, temperate, sonic and toxic protection

      • Allowed for underwater depths down to 850 feet; 1000 feet = crush depth
    • Air Pack

      • Can hold up to 2 hours of air

    • Mini-Torpedo Gauntlets

      • Armed with 4 mini-rocket launched incredibly powerful torpedoes each with a speed of 100 knots and a range of 3 miles; no radar or magnetic targeting.

    • Hydrojet Boots

      • Allowed for swimming speeds up to 60 knots for 1 hour

      • Used in the Kriegsmarine Torpedoing Maneuver where he'd accelerate to 60 knots and punch a hole in the side of ships below the waterline (torpedoing) and them use his Mini-Torpedo Gaunlets of belt bombs inside the ship and swim back out the hole he made

    • Belt Bombs

      • Sometimes carried 6 remarkably powerful time bombs (no greater than 1 minute timer).

    • Underwater Phone Transceiver

      • Used sound-based​​ call system for underwater message transmissions and receipt

      • Range dependent upon water salinity (1-10 miles)


    • It's the same suit as the Original Suit (above), however, everything looks rusted and/or broken, other the the shell integrity of the actual armor and helmet which, although rusted and with a few barnacles here and there, looks remarkably solid.

    • At this time, none of the weapons listed in the original suit have been seen used or working.



  • Both:

    • Language/Writing: German (Master)

  • Donitz:

    • Nazi Germany Navy (Master)

    • Submariner (Professional)

    • Government (Professional)

    • Deep Sea Diver (Professional)

    • Underwater Combat (Professional)

    • Olympic Swimmer (Professional)

    • Military (Professional)

    • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • Hecke:

    • Ship Captain (Professional)

    • Deep Sea Salvage Operations (Professional)

    • Deep Sea Diver (Proficient)

    • Business (Proficient)

    • Finance (Proficient)

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