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Sophia (Salvatori) Ferrari




19-22; (96+ relative)








Madame Freccia

Axis Force

Allied Fighters, Issue 3

May 2022

Don "Major Deej" Finger

1975; 29 Feb 2012


  • Roland Ferrari  (husband, now deceased)

  • Benito Ferrari (Father-In-Law, deceased)

  • Giancarlo Ferrari (son)




Sophia Salvatori was born in Abbiategrasso, Italy in a prominent Italian family in 1922, where nearly all the men in the family had participated in each Olympics and world competition in Archery.  None won any medals, but they each came close each time they attended the Olympics.  Women were not considered 'archers' and as such, as Sophia grew, up, she was told time and again she'd never be able to be an Olympic archer; it was for men only.

Regardless, that didn't stop Sophia from training with her relatives and brothers.  Over time, she became an expert archer...better than anyone in the family.  Ridiculed and derided for her 'impossible' dream of being a female Olympic archer, she was instead introduced to suitors and important heads of state, such as Italy's fascist leader, Benito MussoliniMussolini took an interest in Sophia, but more as a novelty that anything.  He had her join the 'entertainment' corps for Italian troops, all of which were serving abroad with the Axis powers.  She figured at least she'd get a chance to show others how good she was at archery.

At her first show, she was to do "William Tell"-knock-the-apple-off-one's-head type tricks.  She aced her shots to the roar of the troops...just as the troops were attacked by British forces.  Half of the Italian troops were killed or lay dying.  Sophia took up her bow and in what was witnessed as the most 'impressive display of combat archery ever seen', she took down over 20 British soldiers in 2 minutes before the Italians retreated, taking Sophia with them.

Days later, Mussolini met with Sophia again, this time to tell her rather than create 'more babies for the good of the nation', he wanted her to join one of Nazi Germany's Special Operations units called "Axis Force" and to be Italy's first and only representation on that team. Sophia agreed and left that night for Berlin.

Days later, she was able to impress even the Axis Force's leader, Baron Berlin, with her agility, archery skill and tenacity.  Stuka, Axis Forces' resident genius, immediately devised several types of new arrows and arrowheads she could use, such as flaming arrows, electrical arrows, net arrows, flash arrows, rocket arrows, and plastic explosive arrows.  She quickly mastered her new weapons with dangerous and deadly accuracy.

In 1941, Sophia fell in love with one of Axis Force's support team, Roland Ferrari (son of Benito Ferrari, known for their race cars) and became pregnant.  She and Roland were quickly married, wherein Sophia took the Ferrari name.

During her last few months prior to delivering the baby, she was forced to go home and have her child.  During that time, Roland Ferrari was killed by the leader of an Allied superhero group, the Allied Fighters; the leader was Captain Invader

Sophia swore that day that she'd never rest until she killed Captain Invader herself with her own arrows.

After giving birth to Giancarlo Ferrari, she left the baby with her family and went back to work with Baron Berlin's Axis Force. When the Allies invaded Italy in 1943, several of her family members (as well as her son) were able to survive the onslaught of the Allied invasion, however, most of her clan were killed; her clan's lands and homes were destroyed outright in the Allied siege.

Sophia was never able to return home, and instead became more bitter and vengeful than ever before. With over 370 kills to her credit, she became a darker person, enjoying killing her Allied victims.  She even started playing cat-and-mouse games with some of her targets...just to torture them before she killed them. 

In mid-1945, Sophia, along with the rest of Axis Force were arrested for (purported) treason. Most of Axis Force was executed, however, fifteen were spared and placed in cryogenics freeze units (originally created for Hitler and his staff should Berlin fall) until Berlin was in danger of being overrun, and then Hitler would release Axis Force and give them one chance at redemption.  She and Axis Force were never thawed.  They remained in the hidden underground facility for over 70 years before the equipment failed, waking up in 2017 to a whole new world and century.

Sophia had learned that her son, Giancarlo, and his own family grew up well, with him earning Olympic medals in archery in his 'deceased' mother's name over the years.  As much as she wanted to go back to her family, she was instead obsessed with making the rest of the world pay for what happened to the rest of her family. Britain, France, America; all who sided with the Allies - they would pay, even decades after the war had ended. 

Sophia's war was back on.

Today, back with Axis Force, she has now taken her obsession to all new levels since she's discovered Captain (now Major) Invader is STILL alive.  She intends to fulfill her private promise to herself to avenge her late husband, Roland and the death of dozens of her clan; she will not rest until Major Invader is dead by her arrows.

As a side note, Sophia is not yet aware that she is also heir to tens of million of Euros for her family's shares in the Ferrari car company stock.  She'll be one very rich woman if she can figure out how not to be arrested and placed on trial for her previous war crimes.




Powers: None



  • Leather Bodysuit

    • Provides typical protection from physical, toxic, acidic and radiation attacks.​

  • Bow, Quiver of Arrows

    • Her specialized arrows are excellent in design and effect, and vary between smoke, knock-out gas, tear gas, electrical shock, explosive, instant-acid, and sleep gas.

    • She also has her normal arrows designed with a special adapter allowing her to connect a rope (synthetic rope, now) and use the arrow as a grapple and/or anchor, for which she'll either use as a tighrope, a rope to swing from, or a means of shooting someone and yanking them to her location.

  • Cape

    • Lined with dozens more arrow, arrowheads and other special tools such as lockpicks, sonic device, noisemakers, and parts to make an emergency wrist crossbow with a five shot arrow feeder.



  • Archery (Master)

  • Stealth (Master)

  • Hunting (Master)

  • Spying (Professional)

  • Athletics (Expert)

  • Martial Arts - Vs. Holds (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts - Initiative/Target Study (Expert)

  • Parkour (Professional)

  • High Society (proficient)

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