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Frau Krieger

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Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rythme of the War Drums (explicit)A Perfect Circle
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Brunhilda Blohm












Warrior Woman

Axis Force

Allied Fighters, Issue 3

May 2022

Don "Major Deej" Finger

10 Nov 2010



Edmund Blohm (father, now deceased)




A pure Aryan German woman, born the final day of World War I, Brunhilda Blohm daughter of Nazi industrialist Edmund Blohm, became a die-hard Nazi Party member, and a member of the "SS" in the Intelligence field.

Captain Blohm was one of the very few women in the "SS" and was trained by some of the deadliest Nazi special forces personnel in all of Europe.

In WWII, she ran with "Axis Force", a special super-powered and highly skilled Nazi unit, providing intelligence and field support for interdiction missions. She was noted for her whip she used to ensure 'men were listening to her'.

In 1940, she came across a Czechoslovakian Archaeologist who'd unearthed an ancient relic (that he was tasked to find for Hitler and the Nazis).  The archaeologist had no intention of handing it over to Hitler.  Captain Blohm and he fought over it.  In the fight, she unleashed the dark forces behind the relic.  A band of (purportedly) demons emerged and began attacking any and all in the room.  The archaeologist was quickly killed by the demons, as were dozens of Nazi troops and site workers.

Thinking quickly, Captain Blohm read through the archaeologist's notes and discovered that two spells were required to not only control the demons, but make the spell caster the master of the demons.  Minutes later she arrived at the scene of the demon rampage and used the two spells.  She was able to control and master the demons.  

Although considered a witch for her new ability to control demons, she ignored everyone's caustic remarks and instead showed her superiors and the Axis Force leader, Baron Berlin, the value of controlling the demons.  Thanks to Baron Berlin's backing, Captain Blohm became a new member of the main Axis Force team, designated as code-name "Frau Krieger".

In 1945, when Axis Force was charged with treason by Hitler himself, Frau Krieger had planned to unleash her demons upon her captors, however, she was knocked unconscious and was about to be executed when several of Hitler's aides got Hitler to change his mind and instead imprison her and other remaining Axis Force members in cryogenics units (initially created for Hitler and his staff) until such time that they'd be needed to defend Berlin from any invaders.  During the battle of Berlin, she and the rest of Axis Force were to be 'thawed' out and given a last chance at redemption by saving Berlin, however, they were never thawed.  She and the few remaining non-executed Axis Force team members remained frozen for the next 70+ years until the cryo-units finally lost power in 2017.

After being exposed to the futuristic 21st century, Baron Berlin and the rest of Axis Force, including Frau Krieger, agreed that they continue in their quest to create Baron Berlin's fascist world vision and create the new nation of "Reichsland". Just a few months ago, they did just that.

Frau Krieger still has her powers of demon summoning and control, as well as healing/absorbing health unto others, to include a new ability to create a 'flaming' whip that can cause excellent immobilization, fire damage and/or magical enhancement to a being or demon.

Although Frau Krieger is still a cold and stoic woman, Baron Berlin considers her one of the team's greatest assets and has recently been seen leaving Frau Krieger's quarters in the early morning hours...

Today, Frau Krieger continues to fight alongside her Axis Force compatriots, subjecting cruelties upon anyone she deems 'unfit' for Reichsland.




Powers: Magic-based

  • Healing

  • Her new powers give her the good ability to heal and absorb health from the creatures and/or others within a 10 foot radius of her. 

  • Demon Summoning & Control

  • She is a master of demons and can summon them from dimensional rifts within 20 feet of her location.

  • She can summon and call up to 6 demons at a time, however, over 10 she begins to loose control of their wills.

  • These demons range from lesser demons that may do feeble to poor slashing and biting damage to larger ones than can do excellent physical, slashing and biting damage as well a shoot fire from either their mouths or hands.

  • She can also recall them at any time, but again, anything over 10 demons means she may not be able to dispense of them as readily.




Magical Whip

  • Made of unearthly mystical material, her whip can do good damage upon immediate contact.

  • She also realized she could channel her demon summoning powers through her whip, and as such further empower or de-power the demons she controlled, or could even immobilize people when in contact with her whip. 



  • Demonology (Master)

  • Military Intelligence (Master)

  • Spy (Professional)

  • Whip Fighting/Utilization (Professional)

  • Stealth (Professional)

  • Military History (Professional)

  • Communications equipment (professional)

  • Archaeology (Proficient)

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • Egyptian (Proficient)

    • English (Professional)

    • French (Professional)

    • Dutch (Professional)

    • Russian (Proficient)


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