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Wilhelm Heinkel




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Axis Force



Don "Major Deej" Finger

1975; 29 July 2011



  • Ernst Heinkel (father, deceased)

  • Heinrich 'Henry" Heinkel (grandson)



Wilhelm Heinkel, heir to Ernst Heinkel's (Wilmhelm's father), German WWII Aircraft manufacturer, initially worked with Adolph Hitler's SS, until that fateful day in 1940 when Wilhelm's command center was bombed by the French underground.

Losing both arms, an eye, and told he'd never be a pilot ever again, he asked his father to "fix him", with a purported 'cyborg trooper' design  the Heinkel Company was experimenting with.

With Hitler's authorization, Wilhelm underwent weeks of exhaustive surgery and installation of cyborg attachments. When he awoke, he discovered Hitler remade him into a human weapon, with new arms loaded with missiles, guns, and a cannon.

He also found out his father was killed by a French underground bombing while Wilhelm was convalescing.

Mad with anger and hatred, he became a human killing machine and joined a Nazi super-team called "Axis Force", fighting alongside them against the Allies throughout most of World War II (WWII).

In 1945, as Berlin was under seige by the Soviet Army, Hitler recalled Axis Force and charged them with treason. All but 15 were executed.  Those 15, Heinkel amongst them, were instead placed in experimental cryofrreeze chambers to be 'thawed' if needed to help defend Berlin should the Soviets gain further ground.  Hitler believed they'd 'rise to the occasion' to redeem themselves and fight the Soviets off when the need arose.  Sadly for them, the 15 Axis Force members were never thawed.  70+ years later, their cryofreeze units finally failed and they all awoke in 2017 and a new century.  Heinkel was still just as angry with the world as he was before his deep freeze, and all he wanted was to kill once again.

Today, Heinkel is back with Axis Force and Baron Berlin, who is now the ruler of their new nation, Reichsland. Thanks to teammate Stuka, Wilhelm now has a new fantastic array of 21st-century devices and weapons to continue his unhinged killing spree he started in WWII.



Powers Origin: Technology


Heinkel has no powers; all his unique abilities come from his weapons (see Equipment)


  • Mechanical/Weapon Arms

  • Left Arm

  • Capable of firing twin housed machine guns from left handed gauntlet, capable of creating good shooting damage upon impact from each gun;  fires in a tight 15 degree arc at a range of over 100 yards. Fires 100 rounds/minute, houses 200 rounds per gun.

  • Is remarkably strong, capable of crushing or rending steel.  He cannot however lift any weight over 200 lbs due to his spinal structure. 

  • Arm, gauntlet and hand are made of amazingly strong material.

  • Right Arm

  • Capable of firing excellent explosive canon shot (gauntlet stores up to25 rounds); fires off one round at a time.

  • Is remarkably strong, capable of crushing or rending steel. He cannot however lift any weight over 200 lbs due to his spinal structure.

  • Arm, gauntlet and hand are made of amazingly strong material.

  • Eyes

    • Targeting system  (right eye)

      • Micro-targeting system tied to right eye sight via laser sight.  Increases shooting agility by a factor of 2.

      • Also provides excellent protection from flash/blinding attacks.

    • Protective lens (left eye) 

      • Left eye contains a particular and unique contact lens type protection from wind and particulate as well as excellent flash/blinding protection

  • Body Armor

    • Micro-mesh composite weave provides good physical, energy and temperate protection.

    • Provides remarkable protection from radiation.

  • Rocket Pack

    • Solid rocket fueled twin rockets allowing for mental control of nozzle directions for changes in flight maneuverability.  Rocket Pack allows Heinkel to fly at speeds up to 450mph for a range of 300 miles at a maximum altitude of 20,000 feet.

    • Packs are a packaged unit, thus when fuel is depleted, a new pack must be used.

    • Can only carry 200 lbs of additional weight, of which will half his speed and range for flight.

  • Utility Belt

    • Contains comms devices, tracking units,field repair kit; 2 days emergency food, handcuffs, amazingly strong garrote wire, 2 smoke grenades, 2 flash-bang devices (typical damage from sound and light)


  • Military Intelligence (Professional)

  • Military Tactics (Professional)

  • Marksmanship (Professional)

  • Pilot (Professional)

  • Weapons Engineer (Proficient)

  • Robotics (Proficient)

  • Torture/Human Incarceration (Proficient)

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