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Dark AgesTwo Steps from Hell
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Olaf Sprakenz




mid 50s (spirit: 1000)








Cimmerian Condor, Focke-Wulf

Axis Force



Don "Major Deej" Finger

29 Aug 2009



  • Valeria Sprakenz (wife, deceased)




In 1929, Professor Olaf Sprakenz was a well known German archaeologist from a well-to-do German family; a family that to this day, has disowned him.


Olaf, rather than following his father's wishes and becoming a German politician and performing, as the family had done for many decades, instead took a different path - archaeology.


Olaf was always fascinated with ancient Germanic and Goth history and artifacts, and by 1929, was already a professor of archaeology and a renown author on several books about his findings all throughout Nordic European territories.  His family, begrudgingly, provided him the funds for college, but upon receipt of his professorship, he was cut off from the family fortune (twenty million Francs in 1930s value).  Instead, the family fortune went to a snide, odious sister who was to marry a senior German politician and make the family even richer.  Olaf wasn't concerned with his family's wealth or status and instead, as noted, made his own way.  He even married his college sweetheart, Valeria, and bought a sprawling mansion to live in.


Sadly, there were complications with the birth of Valeria's first child's birth, wherein both the child and Valeria died.


Olaf was devastated.


Olaf fell into a deep depression and stupor.  He stopped going to work, relieved the mansion of its staff and let things in and about the mansion to slowly rot.  This went on until 1935 when Olaf, in a fit of depressive mania, believed that he could find an ancient Germanic relic that could 'bring back the dead'.  With that, Olaf took off on a wild journey across Germany, Denmark, Finland and finally back to the Black Forest of Germany, all the time finding clues and documents that would lead him to the item he wanted to bring back his deceased wife.

In the Black Forest, on the verge of a mental breakdown in his hunt for a 'winged relic', clues led him to St. Oswald's Roman-Catholic Church in the Black Forest.  There, Olaf began tearing the place apart to find the relic, only to encounter one of the church's priests. Olaf stabbed the priest three times, not killing the priest but incapacitating him.  Olaf grabbed the bloodied priest and demanded to know where the 'winged relic' was. Much to Olaf's surprise, the priest momentarily gave away the relics location with a quick glance in the direction of the church's altar.  Olaf slammed the alter away and found a trap door under the altar that led to an underground cellar...and a room adorned with Catholic relics, wards and fonts of holy water - all protecting something...or preventing something from leaving the room.

At the center of the room was a large stone box with holy relics encircling it.  Olaf in his determination to get to the box, knocked over two fonts of holy water, extinguishing several holy candles.

The box shook.

The candles in the room dimmed.

Whatever was in the box was powerful, and Olaf knew it.  It had to be the 'winged relic' he'd been searching for.

Before Olaf could open the stone box, the bloodied priest attacked Olaf, telling him 'don't release that devil! If is evil! You know not of what it will do if unleashed upon our world!'. Wherein Olaf, once again, stabbed the priest, leaving the priest to his final breaths as Olaf opened the stone box.

In the stone box, dozens of unrecognizable Catholic relics lined the the inside of the box.  Olaf ripped them out and pulled out a blackened sealed urn that was at the center of the box. Olaf ripped off the lid's seal and opened the urn.

A dark swirl of ichor emanated from the urn, enshrouding Olaf from head to toe.  Olaf's screams echoed throughout the basement and the church, as the dying priest looked on in horror.  Black wings tore out from Olaf's back, emanating wisps of dark energies about them and now all about Olaf's new blackened body and clothing.  No color could breach the dark shroud about the new body that was once Olaf.

In an old Goth dialect, the dark spirit that now inhabited Olaf's body finally spoke.  "Where am I?", to which the priest replied, 'you are in the house of God and I command you to return to your Hell!  Leave this plain of existence and never return!', at which time the priest, struggling with each breath, attempted to mouth an exorcism.  The spirit screeched an unholy screech and flew up and burst through the basement ceiling, the church floor and then the church ceiling and out into the night sky, screeching the whole time.

Luckily for the priest, a handful of locals found him and attempted to nurse him back to health, but due to his injuries, he died days later.  The priest, however, did not die in vain; he told others of what had occurred in detail and told the locals to pass that information to the Catholic church immediately.

Each person who left the town was found on the road 'drained of life' with a look of horror left as their death mask.  They'd each been attacked by the dark winged spirit.  The townsfolks were prisoners in their own town, unable to leave the town to warn others.  That's when the town came up with a bold plan.  They made dozens or written copies of what the priest had asked the townsfolk to relay to the Catholic church.  Each person took a copy and over 40 townsfolks made a break in all directions from the town to hope that at least one would be able to get the word out about the evil spirit.  They all ran in spoke-like directions from the center of the town, and kept running until they could get to safety.  In all, 28 of the 40 died, 7 were severely maimed (had their legs ripped from their bodies), leaving 5 that actually made it out alive.  Each found a church and gave them the message.  The priests at these churches called the Vatican to tell them of what had occurred. Little did the priests know that their calls were being monitored by a new Nazi SS division, led by (at that time) Major VonBattenburg (AKA Baron Berlin).


VonBattenberg led a special 'magicks and mythologies' team to the town in the Black Forest to find this 'creature'. There, they were attacked by what they later codenamed the "Kondor" (based on its long black wingspan).  Von Battenberg barely made his way into the town with three remaining team members.  There, the townsfolks took VonBattenberg to the church.  In the room that once housed the 'winged relic'/urn, his team becgan reading the ancient books and scrolls in the room.  Hours later, they discovered a spell that could be cast to control the evil spirit, however, whoever performed the spell would be the only one to control the spirit and that meant for the life of the the caster.

VonBattenburg learned the spell and with the help of his team, set a trap for "Kondor".  That night, VonBattenburg lured Kondor to the trap and there, said the spell needed to control the spirit.

After 2 minutes of performing the spell, Kondor was now 100% under the control of Major VonBattenburg.

Kondor was a dark spirit that needed to feed on souls in order to survive, and as such, VonBattenburg 'provided' souls to it; souls of his enemies, souls of those that opposed his methods; souls of innocent Jewish or racially different people.  The souls nourished Kondor, making it stronger than ever before, but never stron enough to be able to break from VonBattenberg's spell of control.

By 1939, "Colonel" VonBattenburg received a new codename: Baron Berlin.  He formed a team of super-powered and highly skilled combatants and named them "Axis Force", for which Kondor also became a member.

Throughout World War II (1939 - 1945), Kondor fought with the same vicious severity it always had, again, nourishing on the souls of the dying.  Kondor was never more that 10 miles from Baron Berlin at any time throughout the war, even if Kondor had to fly in circles in the sky above Baron Berlin (like a true Condor waiting for its prey to die).

In 1945, Baron Berlin was called to Berlin for a personal meeting with Adolph Hitler himself. In that meeting, Hitler accused Baron Berlin of crimes against the fatherland, treason and grand larceny (which were all true).  Before Baron Berlin could call upon Kondor, he was gassed and knocked unconcious.  Kondor, who was told to wait in a bunker in Berlin with the other Axis Force members, was attacked by Nazi soldiers adorned in Catholic wards and relics.  Kondor was forced into a thick concrete cell in the bunker and kept there until Axis Force members were to be dealt judgement by Hitler. Kondor instead killed every guard that tried to extract him from the cell.  As such, Hitler stated that Kondor would instead 'rot in his cell' until it was time for Baron Berlin and his remaining Axis Force team to be 'reanimated' from a 'cryofreeze' (that they'd all been placed in).

There, in the cell, Kondor stayed; motionless. Unable to move due to Catholic wards and protection relics lining the very walls, ceiling, floor and door of the cell.  Any attempt to breech the holy 'prison' resulted in excruciating pain for Kondor.

A day or so later, Kondor's bunker collapsed under a Soviet artillery barrage, burying Kondor under 100 meters of rock and concrete - and holy relics.

As such, Baron Berlin nor Axis Force were ever revived from their 'cryofreeze'.  70+ years later, the cryofreeze units finally failed and from they, emerged Baron Berlin and the remaining Axis Force team.  Minutes after exiting his unit, Baron Berlin called for Kondor...but there was no response.

Days later, Baron Berlin, while getting his bearings in the 21st century and hiding out in a derelict building on the outskirts of Berlin with his team, heard scratches at their door.  When opened, they found an emaciated, near death body of Olaf Sprakanz with faint wisps of black smoke and blackened eyes, wearing the severely damaged Kondor armor, all covered in concrete dust.  Olaf/Kondor's bloodied and bony hands looked like he'd been digging for years.


Baron Berlin aided Olaf/Kondor into the building only to see that the evil spirit inside was barely clinging to Olaf.  As such, rather than kill Olaf and the creature in one fell swoop, and against the wishes of his Axis Force team, Baron Berlin instead nursed Kondor back to health.  Baron Berlin had his team bring in 'derelicts (homeless)' from the streets and fed them to Kondor. 


Days later, Kondor was in full strength again.

Thanks to the internet and Axis Force's Stuka, the same books and scrolls from the Black Forest church that were used to control Kondor were now available to be read online. After some research, Baron Berlin found that the spirit had the ability to 'teleport' long distances, but due to the controlling spell Baron Berlin had on Kondor, it couldn't use that power (it would allow Kondor to be 'out of range' of Baron Berlin's control).  Instead, Baron Berlin performed a new spell that allowed Kondor to teleport himself and at least a dozen others to anywhere up to 200 miles away, however, still allowing Baron Berlin to control Kondor ever from that far away. 

As such, Baron Berlin now had a magical teleporter for him and his team.

This use of teleportation, however, came at a cost. Kondor would have to feed on at least 10 souls to ever survive.  As it is, after a teleport, Kondor would always be severely weakened, operating at four levels below his normal abilities until 24 hours later or after feeding on 10 souls.

As such, today, Kondor is still under Baron Berlin's control and is once again a member of Axis Force. Olaf's soul and body are still trapped in the spirit's dark energies, and although Olaf has mostly gone mad in his 'captivity', he wants more than anything to be rid of the demon that controls him.



  • Body Protection

    • Typical physical, temperate, toxic, sonic, energy protection

    • Remarkable magical protection (except against Holy objects/wards; no protection)

  • Flight

    • large black wings out from his back that he uses for flight up to 350 mph with a maximum altitude of 60,000 feet (he doesn't seem to need to breath, and also seems unaffected by the cold at that altitude).

    • Have the same body protection (above)

  • Teleportation (post-WWII)​

    • Can create a teleportation portal to transport 1-12 people/objects​

    • Max range: 200 miles

    • Linked to weakness: Teleportation Feeding (see below, under 'Weaknesses')

  • Enhance Magical Primary Abilities

    • Can lift over 2 tons with his remarkable strength

    • Has incredible endurance, requiring little sleep (1 hour/4 days)

  • Dark Control

    • Dark Grasp

      • excellent immobility on a target no greater than 20 yards away

    • Fearsome Stare

      • remarkable level of fear projection, 30 yards distance

    • Haunt

      • Can create up to three 'dark ghosts' that attack target psyche's for poor damage per attack​

    • Heart of Darkness

      • In a burst of negative energy Kondor can overwhelm the minds of those around him causing them to be disoriented and suffer feeble negative energy damage over a short time. Affected targets will also have their accuracy reduced by at least a level of skill.​

    • Living Shadows

      • You extend and animate your own shadow causing it to entangle all foes within a long 45 degree cone pattern in front of you, rendering all affected foes remarkably immobilized in a 40-yard range .

  • Dark Assault​

    • Dark Blast

      • A long range 400 yard blast of dark energy. Deals excellent Negative Energy damage and reduces the target's accuracy by a level.​

    • Engulfing Darkness

      • ​Kondor releases a burst of negative energy to foes around him dealing excellent Negative Energy damage, reducing the target's accuracy for a whole level and draining the target's health to itself at a poor level for the next 30 seconds (or until broken off).

    • Gather Shadows

      • By collecting shadows from his surroundings Kondor can boost his damage rate of any of his dark assault powers by 10% for about the next 12 seconds.

      • Powers use also heals Kondor by 10%

      • Provides Kondor with an amazing resistance to disorientation, holds, iimmobilization and knockbacks.​

    • Gloom

      • Darkens a 300 square foot area​, dropping visibility by 4 levels (but not for Kondor)

    • Soul Vampirism

      • When used, must be in physical contact with the target's head.​

      • Transfers feeble amount of health from target over time, as well as dropping a target's psyche a level over time.

      • If psyche is drained before the health/soul are drained, the target is a veritable mental vegetable from anywhere up to 1 year's time, at which point, target will regain a level of psyche each same length of time thereafter.

      • See WEAKNESSES: Soul Vampirism (below)


  • Exorcism

    • Does absolute typical damage over time if a proper exorcism is performed on Kondor.

    • When completed (brink of Kondor's death where Olaf can challenge Kondor for regaining control of his own psyche), it can release Kondor's spirit from Olaf's body.

  • Soul Vampirism

    • Must feed on one live human soul per day.

    • Lack of feeding weakens him by one whole level per day.

  • Teleportation Feeding

    • Linked to his teleport power (needs 10 souls to feed on to prevent a 4-level drop in abilities post-use of his teleportation power) or stays at reduced 4-level drop for the next 24 hours until he feeds on at least 1 soul; if no soul feeding after 24 hours of using teleportation, level drops to 5-level rank, with an additional drop per day after that, until death)



  • Magical Armor

    • Provides additional remarkable physical, energy, temperate, magical, sonic and toxic protection

    • Provides amazing level of radiation protection



  • Gothic History (Master)

  • Ancient Germanic History (Master)

  • Death magic (professional)

  • Aerial combat (professional)

  • Melee combat (professional)

  • Marksmanship (proficient)

  • Holy magics (proficient)

  • Mapping of Brain/Soul Centers (professional)

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