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The CallingZack Hemsey
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Eva Grunschnapzt 




late 20s








Bavarian Forest

Axis Force

Allied Fighters, Issue 3

May 2022

Don "Major Deej" Finger

25 Feb 2007



  • Jan Janke (fiancee, deceased)




An orphaned girl who lived in a small Bavarian town, Eva Grunschnapzt was a woman who'd joined the secretive Nazi Biological Weapons Division.  There, she worked on a variety of radioactive and highly toxic plant poisons.  In 1939, she fell deeply in love with Jan Janke, a soldier originally assigned to the Biological Weapons Unit.  Jan was the first man she'd ever given herself over to with full abandon and were planning on marrying that December.  Due to an uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto in the recently German-occupied Poland, additional troops were needed to keep order, of which Jan and his unit were assigned to attend to.  Sadly, Jan died from what was reported as a "Jewish mob" that not only killed him, but damaged his face so bad that a closed casket service could only be done.

Eva was utterly emotionally destroyed.

She cried endlessly for days.  It wasn't until a visiting SS Colonel VonBattenberg (AKA Baron Berlin) sat down with Eva to help her out.  Rather than yell at her and order her to be a model German, he instead told her of ways to gain vengeance against the evil Jews that did this to her.

Eva not only responded, but from that time on, she had the look of nothing but pure murder in her eyes; murder for the Jews and anyone who dared keep her from decimating them.


Immediately after that, Eva went to work feverishly, sometimes without sleep for days, concocting some of the most vile and odious chemical weapons, toxic gases and poisons for Nazi Germany to use to aid her in her vengeance.

During one of the experiments with highly toxic plants (to promote rapid toxin secretion and resupply), a British Royal Air Force (RAF) air raid caused the Biological Weapons Division building's transformer to explode just as some plants were to be treated with  a variety of radioactive isotopes. Eva was engulfed in the explosion, setting off dozens of Eva's poisonous weapons, broken vials of lethal gasses and dozens of pressurized tanks of toxic gas, leaving the entire building nothing was a pile of toxic, deadly rubble.  No one survive the building's destruction execpt Eva...however, Eva was 'changed' after her exposure to all of that.


After a month of convalescense ,Eva began to heal at an accelerated rate.  Not long after, she was able to emit poisonous spikes form her hand and barbs from all over her body.  She was a walking weapon of toxic death.


Colonel VonBattenberg heard of what happened regarding her new powers and offered Eva a spot on his new super-powered special operations unit known as "Axis Force".  Eva didn't even hesitate; all she asked was to allow her the opportunity to kill more Jews with her new powers.

Throughout the rest of World War II, "Bavarian Forest" as she was originally called, was a terror to all Allied troops, mercilessly killing them with her spines, poisons and toxins. She was not a very tactical person, but she had a way of getting into the middle of a fight and unleashing everything she had, poisoning anyone and everyone within range before she'd one by one go around and personally kill each one she could.

In April 1945, she and Axis Force were placed under arrest by Hitler himself due to their involvement of stealing 'his' (Hitler's) treasures.  She and the rest of Axis Force were placed in experimental cryogenics chambers, with the plan for them to be thawed out when it came time to defend Berlin from the Allies and the Soviets.  Instead, she and Axis Force were never thawed out.  In 2015, the cryogenic units failed and she and the remnants of Axis Force awoke from their near 70+ year slumber.

Today, she has committed herself completely to Axis Force and Baron Berlin once again.  Severely angered over the results of World War II and the prevention of the Jewish holocaust, "Waldfrau" as she now calls herself, has recommitted herself as the new Director of Botany and Agriculture in their new nation of Reichsland and looks forward to every single mission where she can go kill as many Jews as she can...maybe even be the initiator of a new Jewish Holocaust, should she be so desirous... 



  • Plant Control

    • Entanglement

      • Good immobilization with vines, roots and plants against a person or group of people in a 45 degree arc in front of Waldfrau

      • Range: 50 yards.​

    • Vine/Root Hold

      • Good solid hold with vines, roots and plants against a person in a 45 degree arc in front of Waldfrau

      • Range: 25 yards.​

    • Seeds of Confusion

      • Provides a good means of emitting a spore in the air that when inhaled can create confusion for up to 2 minutes time if the person is unable to counter its psyche effects.​

      • This confusion usually causes the victim to either run in fear or attack anything and everything in front of him/her, not realizing if it is friend, foe or an inanimate object

    • Toxic Breath/secretions

      • Emits a typical strength toxic gas from sacks in her mouth (or other orifices).

      • Damages over time until an antidote is found or the victim is paralyzed within 2 minutes time.

      • will wear off after 24 hours, leaving the victim sick and weak for the next 24 hours.

    • Healing enzymes

      • Can provide typical rate of accelerated healing ​to those she tosses her 'enzymes' upon within a 10 foot range in front of her.

      • Target of the healing is over time for up to 2 minutes.

      • Can only do this once every 2 minutes.


  • Thorny Assault

    • Body Spines

      • Can flex her body to produce several dozen thorn-like spikes to emanate from her body.​

      • Each spike is a good material strength

      • Each spike is tipped in a feeble poison that can work over a minute's time.

    • Barbed Melee assault

      • First are covered in long, sharp barbed spikes of excellent material strength​

      • Allows for edge attacks in melee combat

      • Each spike is tipped in a feeble poison that can work over a minute's time.

    • Poisonous Thorn Slinging

      • Can toss poisonous thorns out from her forearm and hand at a range of 20 feet.

      • Each thorn is tipped in a feeble poison that can work over a minute's time.

    • Body Spine Launch

      • Waldfrau can, while her body spines are emanating, spin in a circle and use centripetal force to launch her body spines out from her body in a 360-degree arc up to 20 feet away, doing good edged throwing damage overall.

      • Each spine is tipped in a feeble poison that can work over a minute's time.

  • Resistance to Toxins, Poisons

    • Monstrously powerful resistance to all forms of toxins, poisons and biological weapons in all forms of delivery, ingested or external​

    • Increases Eva's physical endurance to tolerate pain and damage by a whole factor.



  • Flexible Gapped Body Armor

    • Eva's body suit provides good physical and energy protection from all forms of attack.

    • Narrow gaps in armor allow for body spikes to emanate freely.

  • Comms Equipment

    • As with all other Axis Force members, she also uses an encrypted earwig transceiver for communications with a range of up to 100 miles.



  • Botanist (Master)

  • Chemical Engineer (Master)

  • Poisons/Toxins (Master)

  • Radioactive Engineering/Application (Professional)

  • Biological Mutagens (Professional)

  • Spores/Fungus (Professional)

  • Chemical Weapons (Professional)

  • Spines/Spikes - Melee fighting (proficient)

  • Marksmanship (Proficient)

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