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Baron Berlin

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Tiroler AdlerGerman Bavarian Soldier Choir
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Amell VonBattenberg




mid 40s








Colonel VonBattenberg

Axis Force, Reichsland

Allied Fighters, Issue 2

16 May 2016

Don "Major Deej" Finger

1975; 18 Jan 2007



More to come!




Baron Berlin is a World War II Nazi  SS Colonel, a megalomaniac, and  an egomaniacally brilliant strategist that not only survived WWII, but has become the modern day Kaiser of his newly created fascist nation of Reichsland...and he's not even 40 years old.


Prior to WWII, Amell VonBattenberg's family used its previous Germanic imperial ties, wealth and influence to get Amell into the finest academies in all of Germany.  As the Nazi Party took power, As such, Amell took hold of the opportunity to gain a strong foothold in Hitler's new world order.  He joined the Nazi SS Division and quickly rose to the rank of Colonel.  There, he devised many brilliant plans and strategies, most of which made up Nazi Germany's "Blitzkrieg" technique for dominating most of Europe at the start of WWII as well as the infamous "Invasion of London".


During that time, he was responsible for creating battle plans and strategies for all branches of the Nazi war machine, however, he was also put in charge of securing all of Nazi German's 'appropriated' arts and treasures they'd seized from the fallen European nations and any and all 'non-Nazi' people, particularly the Jews. By war's end, these treasures would be used in a monumental Reich Palace and museum planned by Hitler himself.


At the same time, Colonel VonBattenberg, under his new code-name of "Baron Berlin", took the most incredible weapons and armor designs devised and created Germany's first super-powered team called "Axis Force".  After Axis Force's initial training, Baron Berlin led Axis Force into battle, time and again. In those battles, Baron Berlin encountered the only man who would become his arch-nemesis, Captain Invader.  For every three strategic advances the Baron made, Captain Invader and his super-powered Allied team called the "Allied Fighters", would thwart two of them. To counter Captain Invader, Baron Berlin established a spy in the Allied Fighters' support personnel; a spy that either gave bad intel to the Allied Fighters or told Baron Berlin where the Allied Fighters were at any given time. Defeating Captain Invader almost became a pleasurable obsession with the Baron.  Regardless, both Axis Force and the Allied Fighters lost many good combatants on each side in their struggle for victory.


In 1945, when Nazi Germany was weeks away from defeat, Baron Berlin decided that Adolph Hitler was no longer worthy to rule Nazi Germany.  The Baron devised a plan to take over the Third Reich and make himself the next Fuhrer. Prior to that, he had to ensure contingency plans were set in motion to ensure a smooth transition of power.  One of his first steps was to take all the stolen European treasures and hide them away in remote locations where no one but he and a trusted handful of Axis Force members would know of their location. 

It was during this 'relocation' of these treasures that Baron Berlin was ordered to call upon Hitler personally. 


Irritated, the Baron went to Berlin to see what madness Hitler was about to concoct once again.  At the meeting, Hitler told the Baron that he knew of the Baron's theft of the European treasures and told him to put them all back and under the supervision of one of Hitler's personal aides; a mousy-looking Hitler Youth who had no idea about what was going on.


Baron Berlin told Hitler, "no".


Baron Berlin and all of Axis Force super-powered members, soldiers and support team (numbering over 45 of them at that time) were all arrested and stripped of their weapons.  Hitler then ordered each Axis Force member to renounce the Baron and pledge undying fealty to Hitler.  The first thirty told Hitler that their allegiance was to Baron Berlin and ONLY to Baron Berlin.


Each of the disagreeable thirty were executed on the spot.


When down to 15 members, Hitler's aides mentioned the Third Reich may need what was left of "Axis Force" to stop the Russians or the Allies should they breach the defenses of Berlin itself.  As such, Hitler agreed but knew that in time, Axis Force might escape or be freed by more of their clandestine treacherous supporters.  Instead, Hitler decided to place the Baron and his remaining team into experimental cryogenic units located deep underground under the Chancellory.  These cryogenic units were designed to be used by Hitler and his staff should Berlin fall.  Hitler instead ordered the Baron and the remaining Axis Force members be placed in the units to keep control of them until such time as they were needed; then, according to Hitler, he would give them one last chance or have their family members killed on the spot.  Hitler mentioned that should the need arise, SS Colonel Wilhelm Wherheim would be the ONLY person with the key to unlock and open the cryo tubes should Hitler authorize it.

Days later, the Russians advanced on Berlin, killing any and all Germans they encountered. as one of Hitler's last orders, he told SS Colonel Wherheim to 'thaw out' Axis Force and force them to fight for Berlin.  On the way to the Chancellory to get to the secret underground cryogenics units, Wherheim was shot and killed by a Soviet sniper.


Wherheim never 'unfroze' Baron Berlin nor the remaining 14 other Axis Force members.


Prior to this, Hitler, in his rage over Baron Berlin's duplicity, had ordered the execution of each and every family member of the Baron and Axis Force.  All but three of their relatives were found and executed (but that's a story for another day).


As the hours ticked by, and there was no word from Colonel Wherheim, Hitler called for all of his top secret documents to be burned, including all documentation and history of Baron Berlin and Axis Force members.


Shortly after that, Hitler committed suicide.


The war was over, yet Axis Force lived on in a frozen stasis.

In 2017, the cryogenics units finally failed when their power sources finally died.  Baron Berlin and most of the Axis Force members survived the cryogenics freeze, however, they'd lost four Axis Force teammates due to equipment failure (and possibly an escape!). Baron Berlin swore vengeance against those that imprisoned him.  He also swore that his master plan to one day create a new "Reichsland", with him as the new Kaiser, would finally come to fruition.

After exiting through the sewers of Berlin, Baron Berlin and Axis Force quickly educated themselves of all that had transpired in their lost decades.  During that time, Baron Berlin was able to 'recruit' hundreds of new soldiers to his cause.  Axis Force set out on strategic raids on factories and businesses across Europe, stealing and killing as they went.  None of the Baron's murderous thieves were ever caught; the Baron planned the raids too well for that.

Not only did the Baron find incredible caches of 21st-century weapons, but he also discovered  thousands of new fascist sympathizers known as the "New Reich Army", led by a man named "Volksjager", all of whom were holding the German town of Nuremberg under siege in a vain attempt to create a new fascist nation.

With Volksjager and the New Reich Army, coupled with his own troops and Axis Force, the Baron realized that he'd found his new Reichsland.


As Volksjager's New Reich Army was minutes away from defeat, Baron Berlin and his forces arrived by way of Nuremberg's sewer tunnels and brought in thousands of new troops, recruits, weapons, defenses and of course, Axis Force. Minutes after Baron Berlin's arrival, the German superhero team known as the Teutonic League formed for a final offensive assault to end Nuremberg's siege, unaware of Baron Berlin or his forces. Minutes after the Teutonic League's offensive started, the Teutonic League heroes were not only defeated, but soundly beaten.  All other German military forces were driven back by miles, far outside of Nuremberg's town borders, resulting in hundreds of slaughtered German soldier and Baron Berlin with a cease fire and a total of 170 square miles of new "Reichsland" real estate.  Several more attempts were made to dislodge Baron Berlin, Axis Force and the new national army of Reichsland, but each attempt on the German government's part, failed.

Since then, Reichsland has become its own city state.  Baron Berlin has proclaimed that he now has access to nuclear weapons and would use them again should Reichsland ever be attacked again.  As a result, the United Nations and Germany has ordered a cease fire and peace negotiations.

The citizenry of Reichsland continues to grow more each day, with disenfranchised youth looking for a place to become more than what that are, and as such, are easily and quickly brainwashed by Reichsland's propaganda and social media ventures.  The Baron, now dubbed as 'Kaiser' of Reichsland, now has ultimate authority of his new fascist regime...just like he dreamed of.

Today, Baron Berlin plots and plans to expand Reichsland to encompass the entire world, with him as the planet's ultimate ruler.  As for the Baron's old WWII nemesis, Captain Invader, he is still alive...and is now putting together a whole new team of Allied Fighters to stop Baron Berlin once and for all!




Powers: Mutant


Baron Berlin is a normal human whose genetic relatives from World War I were exposed to the X65 hybrid mustard gas.  As a result, Baron Berlin is in excellent shape all around. He rarely gets tired.



  • Armor

    • (WWII) Baron Berlin wore a ceramic mesh leather suit providing him typical protection from physical, shooting, and temperature related damage. It also provided excellent protection from most forms of radiation and energy.​

    • (21st Century) Stuka has provided the Baron with a Kevlar weave suit providing good physical, shooting and temperature related protection.  It also provides excellent protection from energy attacks and remarkable protection from radiation.

  • Weapons/Paraphanalia (21st century)

    • Ubermachinz

      • multi-purpose weapon providing good machine gun style shooting damage, excellent mortar shell attacks and excellent flamethrower damage. It is also rigged with an excellent explosive device that will go off if anyone attempts to use the weapon other than the Baron.

    • Knives

      • Carries several steel knives for hand to hand combat

    • Grenades

      • Carries several types of grenades at any time to include explosive, fragmentary, smoke, flash-bang and acid.

    • Monocle Laser Ring

      • Designed to be a one shot weapon that can fire a circular laser pattern from his monocle infusing excellent energy damage that can cut and sever anything made of less than good strength material.

    • Electrified Gloves

      • Provides a jolt of excellent electrical damage when activated and directly connects with a person or item.

    • Poison Gas

      • The Baron carries two poison gas cylinders that can do incredible toxic damage to any and all within a 20 foot radius.

    • Lockpicking Device

    • 4 days ration of food; one day ration of water

    • 2 extra monocle laser ring charges

    • Stealth Cloak

      • can act as a thermal blanket providing excellent thermal protection or can be used as a refractory camouflage cover, preventing anyone over 10 feet away from detecting him under the cloak when its engaged.

    • Carries remote controls for explosives, drones, robots and vehicles.

    • Has an extensive communication suite equipped in his earpieces, providing comms up to 100 miles in range across nearly every accessible frequency.

    • His shoulder units fold out to provide a rocket pack allowing him rapid takeoff up to speeds of 400 mph at a range to 200 miles before the fuel is exhausted.  He can only carry an additional 200 lbs with the rocket units, reducing speed and range by half.



  • Modern Warfare (Master)

  • Military Strategy (Master)

  • Military Tactics (Master)

  • Pilot (Master) - all forms of aircraft, including jets

  • Melee military combat (Master)

  • Marskmanship (Master)

  • Stealth (Professional)

  • Tank operations (Professional)

  • Business (Professional)

  • Government (Master)

  • Sociology (Master)

  • Psychology (Master)

  • Leadership (Professional)

  • Cultural Arts (Professional)

  • Financing (Professional)

  • Rocketry (Proficient)

  • Mining (Proficient)

  • Early 20th century history (proficient)

  • Submarine Operations (proficient)

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