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Stukas Im VisierFeindflug
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Klaus Von Steber




mid 40s








Professor Von Steber

Axis Force

Allied Fighters Issue #3

May 2022

Don "Major Deej" Finger

1975; 27 January 2008



  • Sigmund Von Steber (father, deceased)




Klaus Von Steber is a mechanical and science genius responsible for some of the most incredible weapons and equipment designed in World War II.  He was a member of Baron Berlin's Axis Force, providing the Baron with the most advanced equipment during the war...and now in the 21st century.


With multiple doctorates in engineering, mathematics, quantum physics and advanced sciences, Klaus was one of the foremost engineers and scientists in Nazi Germany.  His expertise garnered Hitler's interest, placing Klaus as the lead designer and creator for hundreds of new weapons and systems. He was also deeply involved in Germany's early attempts in creating nuclear weapons with their 'Heavy Water" program. In 1939, in order to start planning for combat cargo submarine designs and advance weapons needed for a potential invasion of Great Britain, Klaus unfortunately showed a sadistic side of himself when he was allowed too much 'leeway'; he killed and murdered his workers.


To 'assuage' the anger from the scientific and engineering communities, Klaus was assigned to Baron Berlin's special operations unit known as "Axis Force".  There, he aided in designing most of the equipment that, rather than used in the "Invasion of England", was instead used for special operations, thus lowering the high demand of resources that Klaus demanded on his projects.  His desire to be in the 'thick' of the fight to determine quick alterations of his equipment usually had him in the front lines with the troops, much to many Nazi generals dismay.  Regardless, no other German engineer or physicist was able to create and alter his new equipment at the rate he did.


Throughout World War II, "Stuka" (his code-name) refocused many of his inventions towards Baron Berlin and his needs, however, Stuka was also tasked by Hitler and his aides to brainstorm the thefts of all of occupied Europe's treasures.  Already a surly, arrogant man, Stuka's lack of sleep and the pressure placed on him in creating these new inventions and thefts slowly twisted his brain further.  He soon saw himself as a "god of science", even telling the Father of Modern Rocketry, Werner Von Braun, that Von Braun's rockets were mere toys to appease Hitler and that 'his' (Stuka's) weapons were the true future.

Days before the Fall of Berlin, Hitler called for Axis Force to come to Berlin.  Once thee, each Axis Force member was arrested, including Stuka, for treason.  Hitler believed that Axis Force was plotting his (Hitler's) overthrow and had stolen all of his arts and treasures (which Baron Berlin actually did).  Most of Axis Force was executed on the spot, however 15 of the more powerful members, one of which was Stuka, were instead placed in an experimental cryogenic prison only to be broken out as Hitler's last straw in defeating the invading Allies.  Fate instead left Axis Force in the hidden underground cryogenics units, where they remained for the next 70+ years. 

In 2015, the cryogenics units finally failed and the remnants of Axis Force were thawed out  alive.  Baron Berlin immediately reformed Axis Force.  Stuka, over the decades in his cryogenics sleep, was almost like a sponge for knowledge coming out of cryofreeze (his memory and reasoning increased by a whole new factor).


Stuka was now able to process and invent 10 times more than he'd ever done.  Within weeks, he'd learned and understood all the technological advances that had happened over the last 70 years...and was learning and creating even more new high tech equipment and weapons weeks beyond that.  He'd even learned how to create a nuclear weapon, however, his resources to build one were limited.  That's when Baron Berlin took Axis Force with him to conjoin with another anti-Semite group called the "New Reich Army" and take over Nuremberg, Germany and create a new Nazi nation of "Reichsland" from which to work from.

Today with the resources of a new nation at his hands, Stuka has begun to build some of the world's newest and most powerful weapons...weapons that he and Baron Berlin intend to use to not only expand the borders of Reichsland, but to take over the world!




Power Origin: Science

Klaus Von Steber's brain was experimented on by his father, Sigmund Von Steber.  The experimentation resulted in the following:

  • Amazing reason and intellect

  • Incredible psyche; almost a hyper-focus, yet on dozens of multiple processes all at the same time.

  • Has an inherently incredible intuition as to create order from chaos; can make scrap materials into functional equipment; an eye for resources and what is around him.

  • An excellent increased endurance and strength.

  • A side effect of the experimentation was his height and stature; he was stunted to only 5 feet in height, however, he is remarkably well centered in body mass, allowing him to perform physical movements based on an increased agility and fighting capability.





  • Body Suit is a reinforced breathable leather/composite material that provides typical level protection vs. physical, toxic, sonic, thermal and energy attacks.

  • Helmet provides good protection vs. physical, toxic, sonic, thermal and energy attacks. ALso contains mini-computer network.

  • Energy Aura Generator is one of the most modern forms of protection in Reichsland.  It provides incredible physical, toxic, sonic and energy protection as well as unearthly radiation and thermal protection.

  • Suit contains 1-hour supply of oxygen and a mask.


  • Dark Energy Gauntlets

    • Can produce up to remarkably powerful dark energy surrounding Stuka's fists/gauntlets. This protects him from damage when hitting things and increases his good strength into a remarkable melee punch.

  • Grenades

    • Stuka retains a remarkably powerful array of explosive, fragmentary, smoke, flash-bang, ECM and  sonic grenades on his belt.

  • Unique devices

    • Stuka has created dozens of unique devices that he retains in his bandoleers.  These devices can range from monitoring devices to mind-wiper devices, at times amazingly powerful in design and effect.

  • Goggles (modern)

    • linked to his computer network in his helmet, providing heads up displays of actions, alerts, schematics and video imagery from anywhere he can access cameras in the world. They can also see into all light spectrums as well as become night-vision goggles.​

  • Comms equipment (modern)​

    • Earwig encrypted communications ​transceiver with a 100 mile range.

    • Antennae on his helmet couple with the earwig to increase comms/network atmospheric range to 250 miles or can also receive a direct satellite signal.



  • Scientist:

    • Mechanical (Master)

    • Mathematics (Master)

    • Physics (Master)

    • Electric-Plasma Energies (Master)

    • Dark Energy (Master)

    • Quantum Physics (Master)

    • Paranormal (Professional)

    • Chemistry (Professional)

    • Computer (Professional)

    • Biological (Professional)

    • Medical (Professional)

    • Geologist (Professional)

    • Astronomy (Proficient)

    • Magical (Proficient)

    • Psychology (Proficient)

    • Politics (Proficient)

    • Military Science (Proficient)

  • Engineer:​

    • Aeronautical (master)​

    • Mechanical (master)

    • Electrical (master)

    • Electro-chemical (master)

    • Weapons (Master)

    • Naval (Professional)

    • Land/Tunnel/Excavation (Professional)

    • Metaphysical (Professional)

    • Theoretical Science (Professional)

    • Arcane/Magical (Proficient)

  • Pilot - all types (Master)​

  • World History (Master)

  • Manufacturer (Professional)

  • Driver (Professional)

  • Submarine Captain (Professional)

  • Marksmanship (Professional)

  • Melee Fighter (Professional)

  • Blind Fighting (Professional-no negative effects)

  • Languages (35) (Professional)

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