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Irish Fighter

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Kyle O'Brien


Hero (as Irish Fighter), Villain (with IRA)


90 (looks 22)

Single (but a non-participating parent)







Kylie O, Prisoner 651, K.O.

Emerald Society



Don "Major Deej" Finger

Jul 1974



Kyle was born near  Dublin, Ireland on August 1st, 1927 to his mother, a local prostitute (only known then by her made-up name of "Sarah") and an unknown father (initially rumored to be a tall, young, rich, red-haired man).


Days after his birth, Kyle was left on the doorstep of a local church, abandoned. 


For the next decade or so, Kyle was raised in a Catholic orphanage outside of  Dublin, where, even under the best conditions, the orphanage was nothing more than a work farm for cheap child labor. Fights amongst the orphans (mostly for attention or wages) and routine disciplinary beatings created a despotic, dark home for Kyle and the other children.  In the deathly cold of Irish winters, most of the children either froze to death or worked until they collapsed from disease or sickness.  Kyle did what he could to help the other children, especially the more sickly and weak ones, by fighting off bullies, slave laborers, and the orphanages administrators.  He wound up being in trouble more times than not, usually with him being locked into the orphanage's dank coal pit in the basement as punishment for his actions, sometimes for days at a time with no food.  This coal pit, as would later be discovered, held coal that was poorly mined by an old Irish miner who brought the coal from a  region that would later be discovered in 1960 for its high concentrations of radioactive uranium ore.

In 1938, at the age of 11, Kyle, who'd become quite the  scrapper, was adopted by the O'Brien family. Patrick O'Brien, an up-and-coming boxer, saw the fight and tenacity in Kyle at the orphanage and demanded Kyle's adoption on the spot.  Since his wife was unable to have children, Kyle was to be her only son, albeit, adopted.  From 1938 to early 1941, Kyle went with his mother and father from city to city, boxing match to boxing match. More times than most, Patrick lost.  Regardless of the losses in the boxing ring, Kyle's adopted father taught him all about boxing and fighting, as well as important lessons in life.  Critical to all this was Patrick's insistence  that Ireland and its people were always worth fighting for. His adopted father was an alcoholic as well, but even in his worst case of drunkenness, Patrick never struck his wife or Kyle.  Overall, their life was that of a good Irish family; spirited discussions, fights, a happy, loving husband and wife, and for Kyle, hundreds of new and fond family memories that he thought he'd never have the chance to experience in his young life. This all took a dark turn thanks to World War II (WWII).

By 1940, Britain was fully embroiled in war with the Axis forces of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. German bombers, crossing the English Channel bombed British cities day and night, destroying towns and cities up and down the United Kingdom. At that time, Ireland was still neutral in the war, only providing assistance to Britain in the form of cattle, road repairs and emergency assistance, especially during the neighboring 'Belfast Blitz' bombing. Kyle and his adopted family had since moved to North Strand, north of Dublin, Ireland in a nice tenement for which Kyle viewed as a 'palace' through his youthful eyes.

In May of 1941, his adapted mother had fallen into a deep depression over the loss of her parents. His adopted mother's parents were  killed in London during a German bombing. His mother rarely left the house,staying in bed most of the day, depressed.  His adopted father started staying out late, sometimes returning in the wee hours of the morning. Kyle thought he'd been working late at night, but he eventually (after the war) realized his father always returned home with the smell of another women's perfume on him. Regardless, Although Patrick was not there for his wife, he was there for Kyle.


Patrick began to spend more time with Kyle while his wife was fighting depression, taking Kyle out to the local park and doing fun father-son things such as flying kites, riding Merry-Go-Rounds and teaching him about other sports, all to lighten their moods.  Eventually, Patrick had to hire a nanny and a cook to take care of his wife. Through all of this, Kyle grew to respect his adopted father and at the time considered him a great man and father. 

At 2am on May 31st, Germany unexpectedly bombed Dublin and North Strand.  Although years later it was discovered that the bombing was actually an error on the Luftwaffe pilots' navigation, since Dublin/Ireland wasn't supposed to be bombed, the damage and lasting effect echoed in Ireland for the remainder of the war.  When the bombs began falling, Patrick grabbed up his wife and Kyle and ran with them out into the street trying to get them to a bomb shelter for safety.  The building next to theirs was hit by a bomb, causing a fire to start up in their tenement.  Patrick's wife broke away from him and ran back into the house screaming she had to go back and retrieve her recently deceased parents photos back in the tenement.  Patrick yelled at her to come back to no avail. Patrick told Kyle to wait in the middle of the street until he went after and returned with his mother.  

That's when two bombs fell on their tenement. 

One bomb landed square on their tenement killing his adopted parents instantly before his eyes.  Screaming at the top of his lungs, stoked with shock and adrenaline, Kyle started running back to the tenement towards his now dead adopted parents, only for a bomb to land and crater directly in front of Kyle. The bomb impacted into the street, knocking Kyle on his backside, however the bomb did not immediately explode. As Kyle sat stunned staring at  the bomb mere inches away from him, his family's cook and nanny tried to scoop up Kyle, only for the bomb to explode.  The bomb's explosion disintegrated the family cook and nanny, as well as half the town's block.


Miraculously, Kyle survived the bomb's explosion.

At the bottom of the bomb's large street-wide crater, Kyle was found by neighbors.  They loaded a blackened, unconscious Kyle in an ambulance and sent him to a hospital in Belfast.  Although Kyle's skin had been blackened from the bomb's fiery blast, Kyle was in perfect health; no lost limbs nor skin or body trauma.


Two days later, Kyle awoke in the Belfast hospital. Realizing what had happened to his family, Kyle went into a state of  shock and became non-respondent. Kyle was taken to a children's hospital in Dublin, where, during the hurried transport, Kyle's paperwork got lost, thus arriving at the children's hospital in his catatonic state, now labeled as a "John Doe".


Within a week, Kyle came out of his shock, but had trouble talking, feeling guilty for surviving where his family didn't.  Since he still didn't know how to write, he couldn't even tell them his name (nor cared to tell them either since the doctor's there had no bedside manner, slapping Kyle around to get him to talk). When 'John Doe' was considered good enough to travel, they local authorities took him and dozens of other children to a small town outside of Dublin where Kyle and hundreds of other children were kept safe in an old 12th century castle that was reconditioned to be used as a bomb shelter.

Within days of his arrival, Kyle saw that his grief was secondary compared to dozens of other younger children that were in their own state of shock over the loss of their parents, homes and/or family members as a result of the war. For the next 2 months, Kyle helped the other frightened children keep their spirits up and found fun ways to keep their mind off of the war and their losses, much the same way how his now deceased adopted father had done during the his adopted mother's bought with depression.


In the late afternoons and evenings,  in Kyle's 'alone' time, he began practicing boxing again, just as his adopted father had taught him. While practicing against an old feed bag, his punch sent the bag flying over 200 yards across a cow pasture. Surprised, he set up another and another with the same results. He realized he could run faster, jump higher and even lift VERY heavy equipment.  While lifting a plow over his head, he lost his grip, causing the sharp blades to down on top of his shoulder, only the blades to break into pieces and Kyle's skin completely undamaged. Although astounded over his new powers, he kept them a secret.  After much though, he believed that he was given his powers so as to help others who needed his strength and protection. Kyle wasn't sure if it was 'divine' or not, however, he knew his new abilities needed to be honed, just like a boxers, all through practice, practice, practice, just like his adopted father used to tell him.

Within weeks, Kyle learned the limits of his powers by lifting enormous rocks on the castle's grounds, leaping from castle parapet to parapet, and thrusting himself into existing deathtraps of old industrial equipment at a nearby abandoned factory.  Throughout his time practicing to use his new powers, he also unleashed his rage and anger over the loss of his adopted family, pummeling rocks into sand and dismantling heavy machinery into metal shards with his growing rage at Germany and the cruel world.

While Kyle was taking his rage out on the countryside, a Royal Air Force colonel, while visiting the castle on a survey, witnessed Kyle performing his inhuman feats of strength and invulnerability.  The Colonel immediately contacted London about Kyle's abilities, and within days, the Colonel drove Kyle to London.  Kyle was to be the youngest recruit ever, at the age of 13, into Her Majesty's Secret Service, MI6.  Britain's Intelligence Agency had already attempted to create a team of super-skilled/super-powered agents to fight Nazi Germany's "Jerries" earlier that year,  but thanks to Parliament's politics and the London bombings, the program was sacked.  Kyle was brought into MI-6 in secrecy (and without Parliament's knowledge) and began training as MI6's one-and-only Top Secret super-powered agent.

MI6 relentlessly trained Kyle day and night, punishing him regularly for not performing to 'British' standards.  As a young 13-year old boy with little education and his own mental trauma from the loss of his adopted parents, Kyle was not the best he could be.  As such, Kyle was constantly berated and mentally  abused, just like he was back in the orphanage.  Kyle tried very hard to do what they wanted him to do, but it always led to more derision and disdain, fueling Kyle's youthful rage and anger. Kyle's trainers and handlers despised Kyle for his 'lack of trying' and considered him a mental case rather than anything remotely close to an MI6 agent.


MI6 figured a 'field trip' to the war might square him away.  As such, they hooked him up in a garish green and white costume and had him temporarily assigned to the Allied super-powered group known as the  "Allied Fighters". There, Kyle was treated with more respect and kindness to the point where the team's British hero known as Miss Vindicator chided MI6 on their poor handling of Kyle and his training. Upset at being admonished, MI6 pulled Kyle from the Allied Fighters after only a few months in the field with them and sent him back to MI6 HQ for even more horrendous, difficult training. He was treated as a weapon rather than a human being. Kyle's mishandling caused many of his next several solo spy missions to fail, drawing the ire of MI6's director and trainers, blaming Kyle for every mission failure or fault. Kyle quickly started falling out of grace with MI6.  In one report a trainer stated said it'd be better for MI6 and Great Britain if they'd just 'kill' the boy and be done with it.

During this troubling time for Kyle, British scientists who had been analyzing Kyle's blood discovered that Kyle was aging at 1/10th the normal rate of any human since reaching puberty.  Through his mutated genes (which no one during that time knew how to map or understand), Kyle's aging was guessed to be 1 body age year for every 10 calendar years.  In other words, 70 years after his 13th birthday, Kyle would only look and have the body of a 20-year old.  To this day, no one has ever been able to replicate his anti-aging properties of his DNA...not that he'd ever give anyone the chance to ever again after what was about to happen.  


Thanks to MI6's incessant belief that Kyle was an unworthy agent, the British military demanded that Kyle have no more interaction with the Allied Fighters group.  The group's leader, Captain (later Major) Invader consistently demanded Kyle to be brought back to the group, especially after a dozen of their group died in action.  Kyle overheard about this and demanded the MI6 director send him to the Allied Fighters to help those he considered 'his only friends'.  The director refused and Kyle punched the director through a concrete wall nearly killing him.  Kyle was immediately gassed and drugged and thrown in an ultra-secure concrete prison deep underground. There, Kyle remained, drugged and nearly starved until the end of the war.  A week after World War II was over, Kyle was released unceremoniously by kicking him out of a moving truck on the outskirts of Dublin, penniless and alone.  When Kyle came to hours later, he looked like a bum and a beggar.  That would be his life for the next couple years - begging for food, begging for work, and hating the British government for what they did to him.

During his captivity, MI6 also experimented on Kyle trying to find out what poisons, acids, and techniques worked to hurt Kyle.  As such, Kyle's mental condition and body chemistry were screwed up for nearly 2 decades. He was paranoid, always looking for alcohol and drugs and letting his morality slip month after month.

Eventually Kyle was picked up out of the gutter by an Irish Republican Army (IRA) leader.  The IRA leader treated Kyle with compassion, but not to help Kyle, but instead to have a super-powered person on the IRA's side.  After a few months of convalescing and discussions with the IRA Leaders, Kyle joined the IRA and became one of the most powerful tools ever.  He set off bombs, used his body as a human shield for bullets to save his fellow resistance fighters, and spewed the rhetoric of the IRA.  Miraculously, Kyle never directly killed anyone, other than planting bombs in locations for which he had no idea (and was never told) who the intended targets were.  The IRA leaders kept Kyle in the dark simply to keep him from having a change of heart due to a potential bombing victim.


Kyle's activity continued for decades into the 1990s.  All the while, he started to get out of control. His alcoholism, drugs, prostitutes, unknown sired children, and his hygiene soon became too much for even his fellow IRA rebels.  Over time, they stopped buying him beers and instead threw him out of pubs before he could wreck them.


Considered a dead-beat dad, penniless and the 'National Drunk of Ireland', Kyle fell from grace and cratered himself in the back alleys of Dublin as a homeless bum. Even during the alien Soltan invasion at the start of the 21st century, Kyle didn't fight or stop a single alien invader, instead, he continued his drunken and/or drug-induced stupor for the duration of the invasion.


In 2009, Kyle was scooped from the gutters of Dublin by his own fellow Irish countrymen and handed over to British authorities as a token of cooperation between Britain's and the IRA's newly brokered peace.  Kyle was to be charged for crimes during his time with the IRA.  Kyle was facing life imprisonment for decade's of IRA criminal activities...activities that Kyle didn't even perform or knew about. 


Kyle was made the sacrificial lamb for the IRA and Great Britain...all at Kyle's expense.


Ironically, Kyle's once-fellow IRA warriors, now all turned into rich Irish politicians, were the ones who set-up Kyle to be the fall guy and patsy for nearly all of the IRA's past evils, including murders and killings, which Kyle had never actually done.  Kyle, who had sobered up while in jail, authorized a guilty plea against himself,  believing that in one or more of his drunken and/or drugged-out stupors, he must have killed someone at least one time or another (as was found out later, in truth, he never truly killed anyone).   During the year long investigation and trial, Kyle's Barrister (whose father was saved by Kyle during WWII), took it upon himself to investigate the charges the IRA trumped up on Kyle, discovering that the entire list of accusations was fabricated and a lie. The result proved that Kyle's actual IRA actions never resulted in anyone's actual death or serious injury, other than the MI6 director from WWII (who was later murdered by a fellow MI6 secret agent 2 years after the war). Nonetheless to say, the entire trial became a scandal of epic proportions, leaving all political personnel involved in a bad position for re-election.


As more information came to light over Kyle's trials and tribulations he'd gone through his whole life, the world began to pity and empathize with Kyle's life-long plight. Other facts came out in the trial to include the discovery of Kyle's biological father, Shamus O'Malley, a recently deceased multimillionaire, and the discovery of his birth mother's siring a sister not long after Kyle was born. To add to all of this, during Kyle's trial, a super-villain in the same building attempted to escape.  Kyle immediately broke out of his court box, defeated the super-villain, handed him over to the authorities, and then went back to his trial chamber and sat back down in his court box. The court deliberated for three days, ultimately resulting in the ruling that Kyle would be pardoned on all charges, however, a proviso was added that Kyle was banned as a citizen of the British Isles to include Scotland, Britain and even his home nation of Ireland. He was also banned from entering or becoming a citizen of any of  the countries that make up the British Commonwealth of Nations.  Although free, Kyle was being deported the next day from Great Britain as a man without a nation.


On 1 August, 2010, Kyle was given a one-way plane ticket to wherever he wanted to go, with the exception of those listed  under the proviso.  With few options, Kyle decided to go to the only other place he'd ever felt welcome - the United States, particularly Boston, Massachusetts.


With Kyle's arrival in Boston, the media permeated the TVs, computers and social media networks with "Irish Fighter sightings", discussions, testimonies and historical documentaries.  The American people felt bad for Kyle, and in a not-so-unusual surge of empathy, the people of America started charitable fund drives to help the penniless Kyle.  In a month's time, charities raised over $100,000 to help Kyle.  In an rare TV interview, a tearful Kyle thanked the people of America for their support and generosity.  He stated he wanted nothing more than to prove that he was worthy of their trust and goodwill. As such, Kyle started taking the baby-steps needed to emerge from his cavernously cratered life, starting with his first Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting.


Over the next year or so, Kyle went about doing local charity work, helping non-profit organizations, Habitat for Humanity work, and of course, doing everything he could for the orphans of Boston...but nothing that really required his super-powers.  Kyle slowly began coming back into grace with the world.  He made mistakes along the way, but he kept trying to be a better person. He did stop attending his AA meeting and started going to the pubs again, but this time, he'd only have a couple beers and leave at a decent hour, in full control of his faculties. He knew he'd been wronged time and again, but in this new start in the United States, he felt he'd found a new home with these people; a new home where he was loved and trusted.  Regardless, Kyle felt he could never truly be redeemed, not even if he went through a day-long church confessional.  That's when a voice from the past led him on what would be Kyle's new path as a hero.


One night in 2012, Kyle was at a Boston bar, sipping beer and talking with local patrons, when the WWII Allied Fighters' leader, Major Invader (now nearly 100 years old), showed up in full battle gear, including his powerhouse of a multi-use weapon, 'Devastator'.  The Major taunted Kyle, forcing Kyle into a fight with him. Major Invader, despite his near-centennial age, beat Kyle to a bloodied mess, with the resulting battle leading to the collapse and destruction of the bar they were in (no patrons were hurt; all were evacuated prior to the physical start of the fight).  Major Invader chastised the bloodied and beaten Kyle for his decades of debauchery, goading him to rejoin the latest incarnation of the Allied Fighters.  Although Kyle respected the Major, Kyle simply said 'no'.  Kyle then emotionally told the major that he would never again  be a pawn of any man and instead wanted to help people, truly  help them, himself rather than at the whim of other people's or nation's agendas.  He yelled at the Major, telling him that if he wanted Kyle so bad, he'd have to kill him before he'd submit himself to anyone ever again. Major Invader surprisingly started laughing at this.  A famous recording of the Major's follow-on comments were recorded and found their way onto the internet and Ya!Go! (and considered one of the most famous recordings ever on the site):


"Damn it, man! It only took you seventy years to finally figure that out!  About time you started standing up for yourself!  So why don't you stop saving kittens in trees, get off your sorry ass and start using your powers to REALLY help people! Stop crime! Take down super-villains! Hell, maybe even start your own super-group, I don't care, but DAMMIT MAN start doing what you were put on God's green Earth to REALLY do - MAKE A DIFFERENCE!! 


Bury your f***ing past in the graveyard and show everyone what the rest of us 'true' heroes already know - that the soul of the Irish Fighter is that of a TRUE hero! Show the world what's in your soul.  I saw it on the battlefield in WWII, I KNOW what type of real hero you were then and there's NOTHING to stop you from being that same hero TODAY!


Now quit yet pathetic whining and go be the hero we all know you were meant to damn pansy!". 


With that, Major Invader walked away, gun over his shoulder, leaving Kyle, kneeling amidst the building's debris to think hard about what was said.


After the Major's departure, Kyle took what the Major said to heart.  He decided it was time to start using his powers as he should and lead by example, helping the world (even the nations attached to the British Commonwealth) the way he tried to with the Allied Fighters in WWII, except this time, his own way.  With that, Kyle donned a new costume created by a local Boston fan and costume shop owner and went out to help others and stop crimes from that night forward.


Over the next few months, Kyle's selfless heroism, assistance to the police, assistance to anyone in need of rescue, and his new positive direction was captured on every form of media in the world.  Kyle became the world's hero; the hero he always wanted to be.  Within six months, he decided to help a few fledgling heroes in how to use their powers, as well as how to fight. He offered training to any and all heroes, super-powered or otherwise, that were willing to be trained by him. Knowing that a super-hero's life can be traumatic, he even set up counseling and therapy sessions with professional psychologists, as well as free seminars for heroes to learn about local and state laws, which most fledgling heroes were highly ignorant of.  As a result, the police and federal agencies in the Boston area started working closely with the Irish fighter and his new band of hero trainees.


During this time, Kyle was reminded of a particular non-profit organization that the local Boston police and firefighters were a part of, the Emerald Society. Rather than joining an existing chapter, Kyle decided to form his own, first-ever super-hero chapter, simply calling the new chapter and super-group the "Emerald Society" (click here to learn more about the real-world Emerald Society) in Boston. He was praised and accepted for his actions not only by his fellow heroes and world-wide Emerald Society members, but by the citizens of the world, who were all happy and amazed at Kyle's new ascent into true heroism..


Recently, Kyle's Emerald Society formed its first roster of super-heroes.  With his new multi-million Euro inheritance (legally obtained from his now deceased biological father), and the support of the City of Boston and the State of Massachusetts, Kyle was awarded a new site to operate from, so long as he allowed his new team to be annually reviewed by the state to quantify the legal standing of his new Emerald Society team.


The Emerald Society was recently awarded a new home, based out of Fort Independence on Castle Island, off of Boston's south shore.  There, far enough from the city to prevent any 'super-hero-related' damage, Irish Fighter and his Emerald Society team would be allowed to set up a base of operations and the world's first non-profit super-hero training school.  In addition, Irish Fighter donated half of his inheritance to the orphanages of Massachusetts, thoroughly improving the conditions and facilities of the homes of many of the state's orphans.  To add to that, the City of Boston, on St. Patrick's Day, has also proclaimed that same day, every year henceforth as "Irish Fighter Day" through which Kyle and his Emerald Society lead the city's annual St. Patrick's Day parade as the lead-offs.


Today, as leader of the Emerald Society super-group, he continues to lead by example as a true hero; a hero who, after decades of abuse and bad decisions, has finally come into his own by making the right decisions. 


  • Super Strength

    • Irish Fighter has incredible strength, capable of lifting between 2 and 5 tons.

  • Armored Skin

    • Incredibly dense skin provides protection from all forms of physical and energy based attacks.

  • Protected Senses

    • Hearing, sight, taste and smell senses are protected by excellent levels of enhanced density layering and muclular strengthening.

  • Leaping

    • Capable of leaping over 75 feet up or across and 105 feet down.

  • Reduced Aging

    • Irish Fighter only ages 1 year for every 10 calendar years.  ON 1 August 2017, he will be 90 calendar years old, but have the physiologic of a man at the age of 22.

    • Due to his poor and stressful life choices, the wear or life is shown on his face.  His face looks much older than this body does, averaging mid to late 40s.


  • Costume

    • Typical material, provides good thermal/temperate protection

    • Cape is excellent fire - proof material capable of nor burning up to 1000 degrees.

  • Earwig

    • Portable earpiece transceiver that has a 25 mile range and can accommodate up to 20 channels, including state government, police band and and military channels.

    • Can connect with cellular band tower reception and satellite broadcasts, pending on location and signal strength of towers/coverage of satellite.


  • Boxing/Melee Combat (master)

    • 3x fighting, dodging, evading skills in melee fisticuffs and boxing.

  • Wrestling (Professional)

    • 2x fighting, holds, escapes and blocking using wrestling moves learned over his decades of fighting.

    • 2x knowledge of professional wrestling and American WWE and WWF wrestling

  • Military (Professional)

    • 2x knowledge of military operations, bases and ranks.

  • Emerald Society Organization (Professional)

    • 2x knowledge of the organization's structure and operations

    • 2x knowledge of all local and municipal police stations, fire stations, hospitals, care giver facilities, clinics and ambulatory services

    • At least 100 contacts in the police, firefighting, emergency medical and lifesaving services and businesses.

  • Irish Republican Army (Professional)

    • 2x knowledge of operations, personnel, missions and contacts

    • 1x knowledge of improvised explosive devices (IEDs)

  • Marksman (Professional)

    • 2x agility in shooting with rifles or handguns

  • Pilot (Proficient)

    • 1x knowledge of flying and aerodynamics

    • certified single and multi-engine pilot with passengers, instrument and night flight rated.

  • Navigation (Proficient)

    • 1x knowledge and skill in navigating while leaping or while flying.

    • Capable of higher intuition towards going in the 'right' direction.

  • Orphanage/Youth Organizations (Proficient)

    • 1x knowledge of operations, facilities and processes in orphanages

    • 1x knowledge of locations and staffing of regional youth organizations and clubs

  • Leadership/Teaching (Proficient)

    • 1x knowledgeable about teaching skills and processes

    • provides amazing spirit, drive and karma to any team or training class (in other words, he works well with students)

  • History (Proficient)

    • Honorary BA Degree by Boston College in British History, minor in American History.

    • 1x knowledge  of European, British  and American history.

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