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Athena, Aethyna, Athynas​

Allied Fighters

New Allied Fighters #1 (MCU Comics Series)

Feb 2012

Don "Major Deej" Finger

11 Jun 2011



To describe Atheya is to compare her with a particular popular Amazon Princess, however, she is far from that in character...and story.


Atheya's story starts, according to her, thousands of years ago, as the goddess Athena.  She claims to have wandered the cosmos and Earth in search of wisdom and battle.  By her accounts, she has only recently reintegrated herself back into 'mortal' concerns.


The rest of the (MDU) world only knows her from sketchy World War I accounts, confirmed accounts and direct discussions and relations with her in World War II, and now, within the last year or so.


In World War I (circa 1917-1918), the Kingdom of Greece was a mess under the leadership of King Constantine I. Prior to June 1917, King Constantine kept Greece a neutral country during the war, however, he was a German sympathizer (and was related to the Russian Czar at that time), and thus leaned towards helping Germany's Central Powers. After a parallel Allied-friendly government rose up and took charge of Grece in June of 1917, King Contantine I abdicated the throne to his son, Alexander. Reports were that Aethyta was a key person in fighting with the parallel government to push King Constantine I out of power and that had she not shown up in person demanding his abdication, he never would have.  For months afterward, Aetheyta was seen in battle with the Greeks, that is until February 1918 when she suddenly disappeared.  All notes and documents about her activity with the troops and Greece were said to have been destroyed, thus leaving no proof she even existed. Why the Greek government decided to burn all records of her and deny knowledge of her existence to this day stymies anyone's conclusive thinking on the matter.

That all changed during World War II where she was finally seen again.

The Greek nation in 1940 was attacked by Fascist Italy (Greco-Italian War). During that time, reports of Aethyta battling in the mountains of Greece against the Italian invaders prompted the citizenry to rise up and aid their military in the fight. Over the next year, reports of a 'powerful, scantily clad woman with a sword' fighting the Italian forces began making European headlines. It was reported that she disagreed with most of the Greek generals and leaders and went off to fight for the people of Greece rather than the government. Thanks to Aethyta's efforts, the Italians suffered heavy losses and had to request for Hitler to send Nazi Germany forces in to do what the Italians couldn't do.


In April 1941, Albania and Greece were invaded in a massive Nazi Germany offensive. An Allied Commonwealth Expeditionary Force joined in with the Greeks and fought back as best they could, as did Aethyta, who fought like an indestructible warrior. She routinely ignored Greek officer orders and considered the Greek military leaders as 'ignorant children'.  She did, however, like the Commonwealth Force commander which, unconfirmed, was said to have created a scandal in a quick affair between Aethyta and the commander. Nonetheless, her involvement in the fighting slowed the invading forces down, causing over 4000 Axis casualties (500 of which were said to be by Aethyta alone).  Sadly, the Greek generals performed a coupe and surrendered their ranks to the Nazis. Aethyta was so ashamed of them she lopped off three of the same generals heads before she reluctantly departed with the British Commonwealth forces in retreat to the last bastion of free Greece - Crete.


At Crete, Aethyta was like a caged animal wanting to be loosed on the Nazis, but tactics being what they were, the Commonwealth Expeditionary Forces' Commander knew the Nazis would come to them.  And they did, in a massive paratrooper raid on the island, the largest ever performed by Germany.  It was overwhelming.  Aethyta and the remaining Greek forces fought like legendary warriors until they were overrun.  Aethyta herself had been knock unconscious several time in the fighting from bazooka blasts and actually had to be helped to rescue craft to retreat from Crete. It was rumored that a Minotaur was seen carrying Aethyta to one of the boats, but again, nothing confirmed.


Aethyta was badly hurt from the fighting such that she was taken to Great Britain for hospitalization.  There, they had no idea how to care for her and instead sent her to Ontario, Canada for care by a unique doctor known to 'heal' nearly anyone (Doc Alleviation's grandfather). By October 1941, she was well enough to fight again, however, the British government was in the throughs of trying to put together their own super-powered team, and quite unsuccessfully at that time, demanding that Aethyta stay in Ontario until called upon.


Aethyta instead swam across the Atlantic Ocean back to Europe to go fight the Nazis.


Two weeks after the start of her swim, she alighted on the French shore near Brest, France and immediately waded into battling the Germans one-on-one.  It wasn't until the French Underground got hold of Aethyta and persuaded her to stop the direct attacks and instead aid them in strategic, surgical strikes with the French Underground.  Sometimes she did, most times she instead went off into battle for hours on her own. At one point she got sick of the French and left France.  She fought her way through to Amsterdam, demanding each city she fought in to tell her were the 'real' fighting was occurring.  This eventually led her to Lithuania where she fought for months against the occupying German forces until once again she was felled by Nazi bazooka blasts, knocking her unconscious again.  She was transported to Britain, but this time, the doctor from Ontario was sent to Britain to tend to her injuries.  Weeks later she awoke angry and ready for battle.  That's when she met Captain John Brown, United States Army and leader of what was about to become the super-powered World War II team known as the "Allied Fighters".


To say that Aethyta was difficult to manage would be an understatement. The british generals and admirals were furious at her demands (nonetheless from a woman, back in those days), however, Captain Brown, who'd been brought in by the United States National Security Agency (NSA) had great patience in working with her and knew how to talk to her.  As such, she eventually agreed to join their "Allied Fighters" so long as they did not 'disappoint' her in battle.

In their first mission, The new team, along with Aethyta and Captain brown (code-named: Captain Invader) in the lead, went ashore in France and fought a regiment of Nazi soldiers and French Vichy government troops into retreat. Hundreds of the enemy fell in the fight and Aetheyta mentioned how impressed she was with Captain Invader.  Sadly, the team encountered the Nazi's own super-powered team, Axis Force, which pushed the Allied Fighters back to the sea and back to Britain. Even Aethyta realized the need for a strategic retreat after her encounter with them.  As such, the Allied Fighters grew in ranks as the United States finally entered the war on 8 December 1941.

For the next few years, Aethyta was with the Allied Fighters.  She fought with great skill and passion.  Film of her actions in combat were shown in movie houses across the world...including Hitler's strategy meetings.  Although Greece attempted to claim her as their own hero, Aethyta told the press that Greece gave up their claim to her when they surrendered to the Nazis. She considered herself a goddess with no need to align with pathetic 'mortal' borders. As such, Aethyta loved fighting alongside the Allied Fighters and stated many times it was the best combat she'd had in over a thousand years.  Most en of that era considered her 'that crazy Greek broad' or 'the Greco-Nutso dame' due to her vocabulary and her claims to being the goddess Athena.  When asked why she was going by "Aethyta" instead of "Athena", she replied, at this time, I like the name "Aethyta".

Eventually, the Allied won the war.  On Victory in Japan Day (V-J Day), the Allied Fighters disbanded.  Aethyta was furious with them.  She demanded they reform immediately and go take out the evil Soviet Russians next. Without having anything else left to fight, she stormed off and told them she'd go find another fight worth fighting.  She did however tell Major Invader (yep, he got promoted) that he was the only mortal man that she would ever follow into combat ever again. She gave him a long passionate kiss and walked away.

She was never seen again...until last year.

As Major Invader was about to reform the Allied Fighters once again (due to reports that Baron Berlin and his super-powered Axis Force troops were back form the past), Aethyta showed up out of nowhere at the Boston City Hall and went on camera demanding to rejoin the Allied Fighters.  Major Invader met with her to find out what was going on with her since the end of World War II, for which she exclaimed it was beyond the affairs of mortals to know about.  As such, he invited her to the team, but with a very wary eye.  She did exclaim to the media how much she admired the Major and his combat prowess and tactical fury and spoke of him as the only mortal through which she'd ever have her children with (embarrassing the Major of course).

Since her return, she has fought valiantly (and just as she did in WWII) with the Allied Fighters and considers her current era's battles to be 'even greater than the battles of World War II'.  She is learning all the new technologies, which seems to surprise her for anything made since the end of WWII.  She likes the browser features on cell phones stating that her pantheon should 'see this'.

Whether she is the true goddess Athena or a potential mutant mental patient or an immortal with a flair for old Greek warrior styles and cosplay, no one can tell.  Just when you think she is one of the former, she says something that changes your mind to the other.  Even Major Invader has no idea what she could actually be and according to him, he doesn't "...give a #$%&*rat's ass" one way or the other.



Origin of Powers: Magic

Armor Skin

  • Aethyta's skin provides remarkable protection from all forms of damage, physical , energy, toxins, radiation or otherwise.

Enhanced Senses

  • She has excellent ranks in her eyesight, smelling, tasting and hearing.

Super Strength

  • She has the incredible ability to lift over 2 tons.


  • Can leap over 200 feet in a single bound, or after multiple bounds up to 450 feet per each additional leap.


  • Aethyta seems to never sleep.  She can go for months without resting with her fantatic endurance.

  • When she does rest it is fitful and from her unconscious mutterings while asleep that she is being tortured or pursued in her dreams.

Pocket of weapons holding

  • She can seemingly pull any of her weapons from out of nowhere.

  • Potential pocket dimension or dimensional phase shift

Atheyta Arrow Sight-to-fly

  • Arrows are seemingly imbued with a unique Aethyta power of sight-to-fly capability allowing for her sighting of target to allow arrow to change direction no more than 10 degrees of original flight path to hit target.



Sword: "Aegis"

  • Unknown metal properties.  Considered unbreakable.  does not chip, crack or loose its shiny luster.

Shield: "Aveis"

  • Unknown metal properties.  Considered unbreakable.  does not chip, crack or loose its shiny luster.

  • Has been painted over what seems to be a hundred or so times.

Bow & Arrows, Quiver

  • Bow and arrows have unknown material properties, not metal.

  • Quiver has same material as armor

  • Quiver provides unending supply of arrows (magic?)


  • Costume/quiver are made of non-metal, unknown materials that provides extra remarkable levels of protection in the places covered.



Current Occupation: Registered Superhero

  • Military (Master)

    • 3x base knowledge of anything military-related; equipment, personnel, tactics, organization

  • Military Tactics (Master)

    • 3x base knowledge of all forms of military tactics, historical or otherwise

    • Increased initiative to attacks

    • Increased fighting to attacks

  • Military Strategy (Master)

    • 3x base knowledge of all forms of military strategic operations, plans and conditions

    • 2x intuition to attacks

    • 2x resource movement (logistics)

  • Covert Operations/Spy (Master)

    • Reduces target's intuition towards John Brown by 2x when John Brown is in Stealth

    • 3x intuition vs opponent's stealth

    • 3x movement agility when using stealth

    • 3x knowledge about stealth equipment, operations, history, personnel

  • Horseback Riding (Master)

    • Certified to ride any type of horse

    • 3x knowledge and understanding of horses and riding horses

  • Martial Arts (Master)

    • 2x melee fighting

    • increased melee initiative

    • 1x evasion skill

  • Arts & Craftsmanship (Master)

    • 3x base knowledge of anything related to the arts

    • 3x skill in making or designing anything

  • World Scholar & Historian (Master)

    • 4x knowledge on everything from 10,0000 BC up to 1945

  • Hunting (Master)

    • 3x base stealth agility for hunting

    • 3x strategic reasoning and intuition for hunting

    • So long as she is not detected, she will automatically gain initiative over anything or anyone

  • Marksman (Master)

    • 3x agility for shooting in any condition

  • Archery (Master)

    • 3x base knowledge of anything related to archery

    • 3x agility with weapon

    • Arrows are seemingly imbued with a unique Aethyta power of sight-to-fly capability allowing for her sighting of target to allow arrow to change direction no more than 10 degrees of original flight path to hit target.

  • Weapons Expert: "Aegis" (Master)

    • 3x base knowledge of anything related to weapon

    • 3x fighting or agility with weapon

  • Weapons Expert: "Aveis" (Master)

    • 3x base knowledge of anything related to shield

    • 3x blocking, agility, fighting with shield

    • Bank shots with shield (think Captain America and his shield)

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