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Melanovich Rostov




mid 20s









Kobrushka - "Little Cobra"

Allied Fighters

New Allied Fighters #1 (mentioned)

Feb 2012

Don "Major Deej" Finger

1 Feb 2012


brother, deceased; name unknown




Lieutenant Melanovich Rostov, a P-39 Squadron leader of the Red Air Force (VVS), was a fighter pilot ace before the United States even entered World War II. Although she was a great leader, she was one that always questioned things; things like, "why are Soviet Women not in the Politburo?" and "Why did I only get this medal as an ace when a male got the Order of Stalin for the same effort?".  This usually caused quite a stir, and as such, her leaders were told to either 'get her straight with the Collective' or keep her on the most dangerous of missions.

After doing over 100 'dangerous' missions and racking up a total of 37 aerial combat kills, she was still an outspoken Soviet woman...even after she was literally knocked out of the sky.

On a mission to the western Russian Front doing close support, Lt. Rostov's plane was decimated by a massive 200 foot wide falling 'meteor' enveloped in red flames.  When the meteor hit the plane, Rostov was stuck to the meteor and hurtled with it down into a large Polish lake.  When Rostov emerged, 2 days later, out from under the meteor and from the bottom of the lake as a changed woman. He body was covered in a red aura; her eyes were a glowing red...and yet she didn't have a single scratch on her.

She instinctively, if not mindlessly, jumped up into the air and flew, leaving a red energy trail behind her as she automatically sensed where her squadron's base was.  20 minutes later, she alighted onto the Soviet airbase runway in her tattered pilots uniform, still glowing red.  One Soviet airman attempted to push her to the ground, fearing she was some 'devil ghost spirit', and instead received a blast of energy from Rostov, sending the airman flying over 30 yards down the runway, dead. The base soldiers surrounded her pointing their rifles at her until the wing commander emerged from his office.  After demanding an explanation from Rostov, Rostov explained what had happened, but did so with little to no emotion in her words or on her face.  The Wing Commander told her to go to the stockade under guard until they could get their superiors orders on what to do next.  She complied, but after a day of waiting, she decided to 'take a walk'.

After waiting over a day, she nicely demanded the guards allow her to exit the stockade, which they refused.  Instead, Rostov melted the metal bars and walked out of her prison.  The guards fired at her, only to have the bullets bounce off of her energy field.  She killed both of the guards, all with little to no emotion, once again.

As she walked across the airbase, troops began to shoot at her.  The bullets bounced off of the shield in all directions, with one bullet hitting and killing one of Rostov's best female pilots. Rostov stood over her body emotionless for nearly 3 minutes, all the while the guards fired on her to no effect. After the 3 minutes, Rostov's face contorted to one of anger and disgust and went about firing bolts of energy from her hands to each and every guard firing on her, disintegrating the guards in single shots.  When the firing stopped, Rostov dropped her field and cradled her fellow dead female pilot in her lap, singing a Soviet victory song to her, crying as she sang.  Moments later, Rostov was knocked unconscious by the butt of a gun by the wing commander.

When Rostov woke the next time, she was in an underground concrete bunker.  Minutes after she awoke, the Wing Commander entered the room and asked her if she was still Rostov, which Rostov replied with her glowing red eyes, "Of course, comrade...who else should I be?".  He demanded her capitulation for the deaths of the guards and blamed her for the death of her fellow female pilot. Rostov told the wing commander that their 'ignorance' was their undoing, and that if the wing commander wished to be as 'ignorant' as his fellow guards, she would an equivalent and speedy rectification upon him. He tried to kill her with his gun, but she killed him first.  She then left the bunker, burning through the metal door, and went topside and back to the airbase.

Once at the airbase, she discovered her squadron was on a mission and under heavy attack.  Rostov used the airbase radio to inform them that she was on her way to help them.  Using her new powers, she shot off at Mach 1.1, leaving a sonic boom in her wake, and caught up with her comrades minutes later.  She engaged the German fighter pilots, blasting them out of the sky like flies and even saved one of her pilots who had to bail out of her burning plane.  When the battle was done, Rostov flew back with the squadron to the airbase, where Rostov was met by an entire division of Russian troops...and tanks.

Rostov's squadron pilots landed and jumped from their planes, forming a wall between Rostov and the troops telling them to kill her they'd have to kill them too.  After several minutes of discussion as to what had happened, a soviet general made a field decision.  He told Rostov that with her mindset, she was too dangerous to have amongst the Soviet troops and leaders, and as such, gave her orders to find the "Allied Fighters" super-group and join them and represent the Soviet Union amidst their combatants (the general had seen the Allied Fighters in action and knew what they were capable of, and that one day, if left unchecked, they may themselves fight the Soviet Union, thus, the general wanted her 'dangerous' nature to be part of them, not with the Soviet military). Rostov thanked the general and flew England.

In London, England, Rostov landed in the center of the courtyard at Kensington Palace.  The Royal Guards surrounded her in seconds, where she simply stood for the next several minutes until a British Intelligence Officer exited the palace and talked to Rostov in Russian.  After several minutes of discussion, the Intelligence Officer politely asked Rostov to sit with him in the garden while he had his 'men' verify her story.  He offered her refreshments, but quickly realized, with her powers, she no longer needed to eat, breathe, drink or walk.  After a long hour, the Intelligence Officer's men returned validating her story.  With that, they contacted the leader of the Allied Fighters, Captain Invader, and had him brought to England to determine what to do with Rostov.

When Captain Invader arrived, he immediately went straight to Rostov and began a friendly conversation with her.  He then attempted to get mad at her only for her to laugh at him (for the first time since she got her powers), with Rostov stating that the Captain 'looked like her brother when he tried to get mad at her'. She then lost her smile and sat quietly for a few minutes only to start crying about her now deceased brother who'd died several weeks before. He comforted her and told her he was a hero of the People, to which she thanked him for his compassion and understanding.

After a few hours, Rostov and Captain Invader agreed to work with one another and to have Rostov join the Allied Fighters. Rostov was never happier.

Over the next few years, she fought side by side with the Allied Fighters, bringing her incredible powers to the heaviest fighting and battles of the war.  She was a true warrior.  She'd 'relearned' to be more emote-full, and as a result, had relations with a handful of the Allied Fighters team members, even going so far as flirting with Ms. Vindicator. She took the name "Kobrushka" (Airacobra) after the type of plane she flew before she got her powers. She was a very focused woman, and when she gained her new powers, she seemed to have a deeper insight into her environment...and people's emotions.  This sometimes distracted her, causing her to adjust to the environment or range of people's emotions around her for several seconds to a minute at times. Still, with her energy fields engaged during these 'distractions', she was usually not in harm's way.

In 1945, the Allies had made their way to Berlin.  The Red Army had taken up front line positions around Berlin and mercilessly pounded the city to rubble for days before invading the city proper.  During the artillery barrages, Rostov was 'recalled' by the Soviet military to fight alongside her Russian comrades in Berlin.  Although the Allied Fighters were split at that time between Europe, Japan, the Pacific Ocean and the Baltic nations, Rostov agreed to go, even when Captain Invader ordered her to stay with his team.  She was never seen again...until a few months ago.

A few months after Baron Berlin and his WWII Axis Force had been released from their cryogenic chambers, Rostov exited her cryogenic chamber several doors down from where the Baron and his team were held.  Rostov does not remember anything except her last conversation with Captain Invader, him ordering her to stay, and her flying off...the rest of that time was blank.  When she reached street level, she was immediately set upon by German police.  The sound of spoken German language set her off in an explosive, destructive foray against anyone trying to stop her.  Strangely, she didn't kill anyone, and was unsure why she was allowing her powers to hold back blasting the people around her.  That's when she remembered a fragment of her memory where she was hypnotized to "NOT kill Germans".  She immediately surrendered herself to the authorities and was contained in a super-villain prison 20 minutes later.

Days thereafter, 'Major' Invader came to visit her in prison with a United Nations decree to place Rostov into Major Invader's custody for an indeterminate amount of time. She was relieved to see him and hugged him for several long minutes until they finally left the prison together and traveled back to the Allied Fighter's base in Boston, Massachusetts.

Since then, Rostov/Airacobra has once again rejoined the Allied Fighters and is a member of the team's Omega Squad.  She still tries to remember more about her possible abduction and cryogenic experience, but it only comes to her in flashes and fragments, most with little to no reference.  Still, she is just like she was before she left the Allied Fighters in 1945...except her power have become far greater than ever before...



Origin: Science-based (Auto-generating unknown form of plasma energy)

  • Plasma Energy Field

    • She can mentally form a remarkable plasma energy field around herself

    • Cannot be formed around others, unless others are within 1 foot of Rostov BEFORE the shield forms

    • Stays up even when she is unconscious

  • Plasma Energy Blasts

    • Remarkable powerful energy blasts during WWII; Incredibly powerful today

    • Can fire only at a rate of 3 blasts per minute

    • Can be used even when her Plasma Energy Field is up

  • Plasma Energy Flight

    • Max speed: Mach 1.1 (WWII); Mach 1.8 (now)

      • If in her new Plasma Energy Form, she can fly up to Mach 5 (for her max time of 30 minutes in that state)

    • Max altitude: no greater than 250,000 feet (she cannot go higher than the Ionosphere; it shoots her back down to Earth)

      • As such, Airacobra will never be allowed to leave Earth and go into space

    • Must have Plasma Energy Field on to fly any faster than 250 mph

  • Plasma Energy Form (new, only months old)

    • Can only remain in this state for 30 minutes

    • In this form, she can turn her entire body into plasma energy, providing herself with the following:

      • Non-corporeal, energy body state that can pass through conductive and/or radiated means (can pass through metal bars and magnetic shields, but can't pass through 1 ft. thick concrete)

      • Amazing resistance to radiation and energy, temperate attacks

      • Unearthly resistance to physical, toxic, acidic attacks

  • Altered Vision

    • Can see into the Infra Red (night vision) range

    • Can see emotional 'auras' much like that of a mood spectrum

      • Allows her to track people over a 20 miles range; the more emotional they are, the easier to find

  • Environmental & Emotional Awareness

    • Rostov has an innate remarkable ability to understand where she is in her environment; latitude/longitude, depth underground, in the air, etc.

    • Can 'feel' and 'see' emotional auras in her vision; the more intense, the easier to follow at a good rate.

      • This awareness can, at times, cause her an informational overload, taking her several seconds to a minute to adjust should the environment dramatically change, otherwise, her fighting, agility and intuition are degraded 2x as a result until she can 'psyche' herself out of the environmental change.

  • Biological Needs Bypassed

    • Rostov no longer needs to eat, drink or breathe, but still requires sleep.


  • Bodysuit/Boots/Gloves

    • Poor leather protection from physical, temperate attacks

  • Cobra Grenades (10)

    • Carries a variety of good ranked capabilities individually available as a:

      • Fragment grenade (2)

      • Thermal grenade (1)

      • Ice grenade (1)

      • Smoke grenade (1)

      • Sonic grenade (1)

      • Acid grenade (1)

      • Explosive grenade (2)

      • Grappler/cable (1)

        • 100 ft long excellent strength cable (holds 250 lbs)

        • Can shoot out to 50 feet max.

  • Earwig/Communicator

    • Provided to all Allied Fighters

    • Contains 250 mile transceiver range, and aligns to all relative frequencies encrypted transmissions capability

  • Goggles

    • provide good physical protection from wind/dust


  • Pilot (Master)

  • Military (Professional)

  • Leadership (Professional)

  • Soviet/Russia World War II History (Professional)

  • Marksman (Professional)

  • Intuition (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • Russian (Master)

    • English (Professional)

    • Alien Language (Proficient, but knows not what it translates to)

    • German (Proficient)

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