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Sedna (mother)


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Don "Major Deej" Finger

2 Feb 2014

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Zedna is the daughter of an Inuit goddess called SednaSedna was always a 'tough and vengeful mom', always keeping her daughter down to make her tougher. For example, Sedna took away nearly all of Zedna's demi-god like powers and tossed her into the middle of the Northern Sea, forcing her to struggle against storms, rains, currents and oceanic predators to eventually swim ashore, days later, barely alive. This did, indeed, make Zedna tougher, however, it also made her 'rebel' against such actions, and instead became more sensitive to nature and animals.

In time, Zedna's mother, Sedna, was murdered by her own fellow Inuit gods; gods that eventually died as a result of their offense against Sedna (Sedna cursed them). Zedna had nothing to do with her fellow Inuit gods in murdering her mother, and as such, left the northern Atlantic Ocean waters and made her way north and west, eventually winding up in the Northwest Territories of what would eventually become Canada.  There, Zedna integrated with the wildlife, the snows and the cold of the region.  There, she was happy and content...and then the humans showed up.

The Inuit/Eskimos eventually found their way to Zedna's lands. Rather than be the 'vengeful' god her mother was, she instead guided the new humans expecting them to live in harmony with the land and wildlife, which, for the most part, they did. As such, many of the Inuit and Eskimos mistook her for a 'kinder, gentler' Sedna, even though Zedna tried telling them she was 'Z' Zedna, not her mother, 'S' Sedna (they still called her 'Sedna' anyways, believing 'Sedna' was jesting with them).

By the 1800s, Zedna realized that mankind was going to continue to encroach on the lands. As such, Zedna tried to 'entice' the new wave of humans to live in harmony with nature, showing up to them in benevolent dreams and visions of them living in harmony with the land...only to be disappointed again and again by the despicable actions of the newcomers. The Europeans coming into Canada brought more destruction and disharmony than Zedna could have ever expected in her worst thoughts.  As such, Zedna took a page from her mother's book and got  'tough' with these new settlers, bringing heavy storms down upon them, thick snows and motivating the wildlife to met out suffering upon them for each offense performed against nature. Instead, the humans persevered and continued in their destructive traits. Unwilling to devote all her time to the stubborn invaders, Zedna decided to move further to the northwest to the Alaska region...where in less than 100 years, she was once again inundated with even more humans and their growing 'pestilence of ignorance' about nature and harmony. Try as she might, she could not stem the tide of the encroaching humans...but she sure as hell didn't make it easy for them either. Interestingly enough, Zedna one day went to Anchorage, Alaska with a pack of wolves she controlled. There, aside from making a scene, she learned of the human's newest war - World War II - and how it was coming to Alaska.

In 1942, at the start of World War II, Japan took over the Alaskan islands of Attu and Kiska in a simultaneous invasion during the Midway campaign. Zedna, already angry at humans, decided she need to side with 'the lesser of two evils' - the Americans - against the Japanese to prevent the spread of their wars into her the rest of Alaska. As such, a U.S. representative was sent to Anchorage, Alaska to 'discuss' her involvement in the war. That person was US Army Captain John Brown AKA 'Captain Invader' AKA today's 'Major Invader'. In that meeting, Captain Invader attempted to get Zedna to ally with the American and allied forces 'for the greater good of the world' against the Japanese, but instead, Zedna ruled that she would instead 'protect the lands you call Alaska' but only so long as the 'American' humans didn't anger her or dare to encroach further into the northern lands. Captain Invader swore an alliance with on the spot, even going so far as to make her an official member of his 'Allied Fighters' forces, assigned three support personnel to her to inform her of military communiques or Japanese movements that would require Zedna to use her powers to stop the Japanese...which she did on several occasions.

Between 1942 and 1943, Zedna attacked and/or aided the Americans against the Japanese in several encounters in and around the Aleutian Islands. She would alter the weather against the Japanese, while providing favorable climes for the Americans. She personally sank a Japanese steam ship in the Kiska island harbor and aided in smashing Japan's I-7 submarine onto the rocks, sinking the sub. As such, she was lauded by the United States and its allies for her actions. For a brief while, Zedna believed the Americans and her might worthy enough to work together.  She was soon proven wrong.

Throughout and shortly after World War II, Zedna was offered a place to 'operate from' outside of Anchorage, Alaska. Although she rarely stayed there, she did consider it much like a 'temple' to her and began to feel comfortable there...until after World War II when oil was discovered in upper Alaska and (once again) the humans began to encroach, more than ever, setting up oil rigs, spewing oil in and about the tundra, trashing the harbors, killing the wildlife, and polluting the lands.  Zedna was not happy.

In 1958, while Captain (now Major) Invader was off on a mission for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Zedna attempted to contact him to 'make him live up to their agreement' and make get everyone off of 'her lands'. Sadly, the communique was never sent to Major Invader due to him being in deep cover at that time. As such, Zedna demanded from her 'support staff' to speak to the President directly, only to be derided and treated as a '50s era woman would be treated.  Zedna nearly killed the support staff for their insolence. As such she mustered her powers and went out to Adak, Alaska, an island in the Aleutian chain that she 'knew' had a powerful enough radio station (once used by Captain/Major Invader) to reach Washington DC and demand an answer from the U.S. President, Dwight D. Eisenhower.  Instead, enroute to Adak, she was intercepted as a 'hostile bogie' wherein the US Navy attacked her, killing several of her waterborne creatures she was swimming with. Zedna exploded with fury over this, severely damaging the U.S. Destroyer. On a lucky shot, the Destroyer got off a solid hit against her, knocking her unconscious (most likely for the first time in her life), where her body slowly descended to the bottom of the ocean several miles of the coast of Adak.

Hours later, Zedna awoke. When she awoke, she realized she had been wounded worse than ever before in her life. Angered, she released a fury of torrential power all around her; power that upset a fault directly below her, causing a massive 8.6 magnitude earthquake beneath her.  Amazed at what her fury had wrought, she quickly realized her actions were killing the wildlife, fish and the serenity of nature all around her. That's when she realized:

Zedna was doing more harm to nature and its beings than the humans were.

Aghast with self-consciousness over her actions, Zedna swam off as fast as she could up back up to the Arctic Ocean, not too far from the North Pole. Once there, she placed herself in seclusion, hoping to never again use her powers in anger in fear of the damage and destruction she'd just wrought off of Adak.

Decades later, in 2014, the Polynesian god of the underworld, Milu, was informed of Zedna's presence in the north. He visited upon her with friendship and calm. Although sensing Milu's evil, he was still a 'god' of stature that she could talk to; talk to about things she hadn't talk to any others of 'her kind' in near millennia.  To that, Milu patiently listened to Zedna's tales and stories, allowing Zedna, for the first time in her life, to tell them to anyone other than her animal friends. After her story telling, she looked at Milu and asked if he was now going to attempt to kill her, to which he answered, 'No. Quite the opposite. I'm here to help you take back the land and nature that it rightfully yours...and the planets. However, to do so, I need your help in my land to punish the humans for what they'd done to Hawaii, by taking over Hawaii and its islands'. Zedna asked if Milu knew of a "Major Invader" to which he stated 'no' to, from which Zedna thought long and hard about, answering to Milu "I will aid you, but should your actions prove cruel to the lands or its creatures, I will instead join with the humans before I'd aid you further"Milu said he understood, and with that, an accord was met. Zedna, along with several other warlords, went off to 'liberate' Hawaii from the humans.

During the Invasion of Hawaii, Zedna and Milu's forces did indeed take over Hawaii.  Weeks later, however, the combined forces of the humans of the Pacific Region, along with Pele-empowered Polynesian superheroes called the "Pacific League", defeated Zedna and Milu's forces, taking back nearly all of the Hawaiian islands from Milu.  In the final battle, Milu maliciously removed the souls and life from island creatures in order to recharge his powers. Upon seeing that, Zedna blasted Milu with a powerful wave of water and left, going all the way back home to the icy northern Arctic Ocean waters once again...and once again into seclusion.

Over the last few years, Zedna and her band of protective animals, mammals and fish were unwittingly discovered on several occasions by explorers and even a submarine, wherein in each encounter, she engaged them and either killed or severely damaged them in the process, telling those that survive to tell others to 'leave her lands alone'.

Today, Zedna continues to protect the norther Arctic Ocean region from human encroachment, directly engaging in combat with any who dare cross her. She isn't malicious, but should any of her animal, mammal or fish friends get hurt or die in combat, she comes back with a fury...but never to her full power, for fear of losing control, which she still believes to this day was a direct cause for the earthquake of 1958, as well as what she also believed to have indirectly caused the massive 9.2 earthquake in Anchorage, Alaska (again, which she wasn't directly responsible for, but she believes she is/was).  Zedna is kind to her animal/fish friends and has a repour with the environment and climate around her. Sadly, she feels her powers beginning to weaken as 'climate change' seems to be having an effect on her environment. Try as she might, she cannot fix it. She didn't blame the humans for it, however, after sneaking into a town a few times, she saw news reports about 'global warming' and 'climate change' and that it was caused by humans and that they need to work together to stop it. Zedna wants to help them, but doesn't trust them, and as such is in a constant state of indecision about humans on whether she should help them...or kill them.

On a side note, Milu recently come by a few times wishing to apologize to Zedna. It seems he has a new alliance now called the "Kaha Koa" and a new plan to help himself...and her...once again...

Image by Felipe Santana



Power Origins: Magic (Druidic)

  • Animal Control

    • Can communicate and control all forms of animals, fish and lesser mammals remarkably for months at a time.

    • Can control up to 30 animals/fish/mammals at a time

    • Control range: 3 miles

  • Water Control

    • Has an incredible maximum powered capability to control and manipulate water, however, she currently doesn't use it above remarkable levels for fear of damaging creatures and nature around her

    • Can manipulate up to 4000 square feet of water

    • Can create tendrils, water spouts, wedges, water spires with her power

  • Weather Control

    • Has an excellent level of weather control

    • Affects all within a 2000 yard range

    • Can use rains, snow, hail/ice, winds and lightning attacks, all at a max of excellent effect

  • Flight

    • Can use the winds to obtain good flight speed (250+ mph) up to a max altitude of 5, 000 feet

  • Demi-god Physical Enhancements

    • Has remarkable physical attributes, plus incredible endurance

    • Skin provides excellent protection from all forms of attacks and damage; incredible for temperate and radiation attacks/damage

  • Vision

    • Can see into astral plane, normal and night vision

  • Environmental Awareness

    • Can sense any and all life forms within 2 miles of her location

  • Self-Sustenance

    • Doesn't require to breath oxygen or eat, however, she does like to eat plants, nuts and berries on the rare occasion (she enjoys 'tasting' things)

Image by Felipe Santana




Image by Felipe Santana


  • Nature (doctorate)

  • Earth-based animals (master)

  • Druidic magical powers (professional)

  • Inuit gods, lore & Religion (master)

  • Northern navigation (master)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (professional)

  • Martial Arts: + Initiative (professional)

  • Stealth (Proficient)

  • Languages:

    • most major languages (Professional)

    • most uncommon languages (Proficient)

    • remaining world's languages (includes hundreds of dead languages) (Barely proficient)

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