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Aztec Eagle

Ghost In The MachineJason Graves
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Fernando Hernandez Vega




28-32 (as hero)

Married in 1946

8 April 1988








Allied Fighters



Don "Major Deej" Finger

19 April 2009





Fernando Vega was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, on 1 October 1914.


As a boy, he was regaled with the war stories of previous generations, and that they always fought on the side of the people of Mexico.  As such, his father was an attache to the Mexican government, helping with diplomatic correspondence and, at times, negotiating with other countries help make Mexico something more than a 'third world nation' at that time.  He earned enough money to send his sons to school, but no schools in Mexico were of the caliber to properly educated his sons.  Fernando was sent to a private school in El Paso, Texas where he earned a degree in English.


Wanting to follow the history of the family, he joined the Mexican Military. He was second lieutenant interpreter when he entered the Military Aviation School in Mexico, where he graduated as second lieutenant aviator on July 15, 1941.


In 1942, Mexico entered World War II on the side of the Allies. The President of Mexico sent troops and pilots to stop Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan and Fascist Italy.  Fernando was one of the pilots sent to war, however, not the way the history books tell it.

Although he, as a pilot, flew P-47 Thunderbolt fighters in the revered Mexican Squadron 201, he was also sent overseas to secretly be the Mexican superhero "Aztec Eagle". Weeks prior to his departure with the squadron, the Mexican government covertly gave him an ancient, magically imbued Aztec helmet, harness, pair of gloves and boots. With these, he could fly, heal at amazing rates, and fight with razor sharp, unbreakable talons.  From 1942 to 1945, when he wasn't flying squadron missions and sorties, he would instead fight with the Allied Fighter SG.  
Throughout his use of the Aztec relics, he always felt unnerved, as if something was watching him; something dark and sinister.  Thanks to his incredible willpower, he was able to, time and again, shake off what felt like a 'possession'.  Up to near the end of the war, he never told anyone about this situation, and instead soldiered on as all the rest did.


He served valiantly in some of the heaviest fighting and most inhumane conditions and locations.  Nonetheless, he represented Mexico was honor and bravery time and again.  He'd saved several Allied Fighters' lives at least once, including the leader, Captain Invader, himself, from a sniper, instead, taking the near-fatal bullet himself.  Thanks to his magical healing, he was back in combat 2 days later.

Months before V-J Day, Vega, during an intensive fight in the Philippine Islands, after nearly 3 days without sleep,  became possessed by the  evil Aztec entity that seemed to reside within one of the relics.  After nearly killing dozens of allied troops and two of his own Allied Fighters, Fernando's willpower allowed him to remove the Aztec relics and regain control of himself.  He swore he never wear the relics again after that.

Upon his return to Mexico, he delivered the relics back to the Mexican government and warned them about what had happened to him.  The relics were taken back and have not been seen since.

Due to the trauma the possession created, Fernando was instead tasked with training new Mexican combat pilots (since none had ever been trained successfully to replace the existing Squadron 201 pilots).  He spent the last few months training the next generation of pilots until the end of  the war where he, and his squadron, returned to Mexico as national heroes.  His identity was never divulged to the general public about him being the "Aztec Eagle".

After the war, he married his childhood sweetheart, Maria, and started a family. Fernando became an assistant military attache at the Mexican Embassy in Washington D. C., during which period he had the opportunity to fly P-51 Mustang and F-80 fighter planes. He became the first Mexican pilot to man a jet plane. He later graduated from the War College and after that, commanded Fighting Squadron 200.

Sadly, Fernando's first son, Carlos, despised his father for not being there when he was growing up.  In 1967, Fernando's son changed his last name to "DeVega" and cut ties with his father.  No one in Carlos' family lineage since then has ever been told of the family legacy, including their true association to the Mexican hero and relative, Fernando Vega AKA Aztec Eagle.  Only a handful of Mexican government officials, the commander of Squadron 201 and the members of the Allied Fighters SG knew of Fernando's secret identity.


Even though Fernando was disappointed of Carlos in this regard, Fernando kept doing what he did best - aviation.  He became an English teacher at the Military School of Meteorology, organized the 5th Air Battalion and was commander of the Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron. In 1960 he received training in de Havilland Vampire jet and was later an instructor of these aircraft. For many years he made aerial photography flights for a specialized company and the Ministry of Public Works.  On November 20, 1972 he was promoted to Wing General.

After retirement in 1978, he lived a normal life, complete with grandchildren and many happy days until finally, on 7 April 1988, he passed away of old age.

Although very few in the world knew him as the "Aztec Eagle", his true legacy lives on today with his great grandson, Juan DeVega AKA the Mexican superhero, Aguila de Mexico (who didn't know of the "Aztec Eagle" familial association until Aguila de Mexico was told by Major Invader after being recruited into the 21st century version of the Allied Fighters)!



Powers: None. 


All his powers were due to using the Aztec relics (see Equipment below).


  • Aztec Helmet of Immortality (Relic)

    • Helmet is made of an unknown material that is considered unbreakable and non-ferrous

    • Provides remarkable physical, magical, mental, energy, temperate, radiation, toxic and sonic protection to the wearer.

    • Increases wearer's healing rate to a fantastic 3000%

    • Provides remarkable night vision, infra-red and x-ray vision

    • Can focus and/or amplify wearer's voice a remarkable 300% (300 dB, or 3x range of normal person's hearing)

    • Entity possession:

      • There is an ancient evil Aztec ruler/entity psyche that still resides in the helmet.  It requires good willpower (psyche) to overcome the following urges:

        • Talk in ancient Aztec language (even though wearer does not know the language)

        • Desire to kill anything that talks back to wearer

        • Insists on enemies having their hearts cut out while alive in front of him, then decapitated and have their skulls seared in the sun and later covered in gold and put on a huge 'skull' wall to show everyone 'who rules this world' (yeah, it's weird)

        • Considers any hero with a fiery aura, visage or fiery wings as 'an ally to him and the sun god'.

        • Looses complete knowledge of anything since the Aztec era

  • Aztec Eagle Talon Gauntlets (Relic)

    • Helmet is made of an unknown material that is considered unbreakable and non-ferrous

    • Provides remarkable physical, magical, energy, temperate, radiation, and toxic protection to the wearer's covered arms/hands.

    • Two 2.5 ft. long razor-sharp blades can magically extend/retract from each gauntlet. Made of same unbreakable material.

  • Aztec Golden Harness of Flight (Relic)

    • Harness is made of an unknown material that is considered unbreakable and non-ferrous

    • Provides remarkable physical, magical, energy, temperate, radiation and toxic protection to the wearer.

    • When activated (by thought), a set of magical 'wings' and 'tail feathers' appear off from the harness.  These wings provide the following:

      • Flight speed up to 600 mph at 30,000 feet max altitude

      • 0-100 mph in 6 seconds

      • provides an 'aura' of protection from wind and particles, but not to other forms of attack

      • allows for incredible maneuverability in flight

  • Aztec Boots of Swiftness (Relic)

    • Boots are made of an unknown material that is considered unbreakable and non-ferrous

    • Provides remarkable physical, magical, energy, temperate, radiation and toxic protection to the wearer.

    • Stealth/Sound Dampening Field:

      • Using conscience thought, wearer can initiate a 'stealth field' allowing a camouflage aura around the wearer's body (only lasts for 5 minutes before it can be reactivated 1 day later)

      • Stealth Field also creates a sound dampening field around wearer as well, preventing wearer's noises within 1 foot radius from not being heard.

    • Speed:

      • On the ground-allows for wearer to run up to 30 mph effortlessly for 10 minutes (once/day)

      • In the air-allows for wearer to increase speed (for 15-18 seconds/day) up to 800 mph (Mach 1+)

  • Military/Mission Equipment

    • 45 caliber pistol w/  four 10-round magazines

    • 10 Desalination packets

    • 2 days food/water

    • Flare gun (1 flare)

    • Radio unit (25 mile transceiver range)

    • Wire saw/garrote (remarkable steel wire material)

    • Map covered in plastic

    • Compass

    • Container of 20 matches



  • Pilot (Master) - piston, military, jet, multi-engine, civilian

  • Aerial combat (Master)

  • Covert Operations (WWII-Professional; Post WWII-Master)

  • Military (WWII-Professional; Post WWII-Master)

  • Leadership (WWII-Proficient; Post WWII-Master)

  • Sharpshooter-Rifle, handgun (Professional)

  • Hunting (Proficient)

  • Military hand-to-hand combat (Professional)

  • Government (Professional)

  • Meteorologist (Professional)

  • English/Spanish (professional)

  • Public Works (Proficient)

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