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Manchurian Murata

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Kim Zhaolin




15 (physical), 90s

Married  (6 times)








731-115, 100 other names

Allied Fighters

New Allied Fighters #1 (MDU Comics series)

Feb 2012

Don "Major Deej" Finger

8 Nov 2008​


Zho Zhoulin (father, deceased)

Qena Zhoulin (Mother, presumed dead)

Che Zhoulin (Sister, deceased)

6 wives (0 alive)

74 children (10 alive)

124 grandchildren (55 alive)

213 great grandchildren (101 alive)

13 great great grandchildren (10 alive)

*After World War II, Kim's name was changed a total of 100 times over the next 70+ years so as to aid in preventing his discovery, detection and/or capture by foreign agents (or Major Invader).  As such, Kim's children, wives, grandchildren and great grandchildren (or those who born alive or living today) all have different names as well.  Kim barely knows but a few dozen of his children to this day (most were created from forcefully taken DNA of Kim) with some taken away (or killed) by either Japanese or Chinese scientists before most of the children reached two years of age.



Kim Zhaolin is the only son of the Manchurian (and later Chinese) Army leader, General Zhuo Zhaolin. General Zhaolin was the leader of the 3rd Route Army during the Japanese Invasion of Manchuria in 1931 and the Second Sino-Japanese War that started in 1935.


Around 1935, Chinese opposing occupation attacked the Japanese Imperial Army to stop their aggressive expansion into China. Tens of thousands of Chinese soldiers and civilians died over the year.  In 1936, Kim and his family were captured by the Japanese. They were sent to a far worse place than prison; they were sent to Unit 731.


Unit 731 was a covert biological and chemical warfare research unit for the Japanese Army that did lethal human experimentation. Kim was sent to the lethal labs of the "Maruta" unit. There, they experimented on him every day. Kim's father died trying to free Kim.


A kind American Flying Tigers squadron pilot who was also captured and placed in "Maruta" tried to keep Kim's spirits up. The pilot taught Kim English, safety phrases to tell Americans if he came across them one day, and even directions to the nearest Flying Tigers airbase should Kim ever escape. Sadly, Kim and the pilot were routinely tortured and experimented on. One day as Kim was having a tearful breakdown, causing the guards to try and beat Kim senseless, the pilot sacrificed himself to allow Kim and his family to stay alive. Before dying, the pilot gave Kim his silk pilot's scarf. To this day, Kim keeps and cherishes it in a special shrine.  He wears a similar version of the scarf as part of his costume.

In 1937, the Japanese scientists injected Kim with an experimental toxin that was supposed to invoke the Bubonic Plaque and a new contagious biological pathogen.  It was expected to kill Kim, however, instead, it gave him new powers, especially those of healing. This surprised the Maruta scientists who immediately made Kim their #1 test subject.  They performed unconscionable and despicable scientific experiments against Kim, infecting him with syphilis, plague, and many other diseases. They submitted him to torture to see how his wounds would heal with his powers, But the worst was 'forcing his DNA from his body' and impregnating infected, diseased women...and children to see what his healing could do.  To this day, Kim is still unsure of how many children his DNA 'sired' by force through the Japanese scientists, or for that matter, how many may have died as a result of the Japanese standing orders of 'no children live' unless they are actively being experimented on.  The Japanese scientists and soldiers threatened to kill and/or rape Kim's mother and sister should he fight against the experimentation done on him. Sadly, as Kim later found out, the sister had already been raped several times and later killed (through experimentation).  One day, Kim was told (in Manchurian) that his mother was in a cell that was in the same building and that she was in bad health, stating that unless he did something with his miraculous healing powers on her, she'd most likely die within days.

Kim led a prison break that night and in the process of using his new powers during the break, healed his mother and was told of his sisters 'murder'.  Kim, using bio-energy blasts he never knew he had before, obliterated the bio-engineering building of Unit 731, known as the Zhongma FortressKim ushered out his mother and a dozen others in the breakout but became separated from his mother in the process (he wouldn't find her again until many years later).  Kim was later found by local villagers,completely exhausted from the use of his powers.  The villagers shunned him when he used his powers to help a sick village child.  The villagers called him a demon (mostly because he was covered in blood from his own wounds, which he'd healed up prior to entering the village). He fled the village and tried to find his mother, but to no avail. After a week of searching, he instead made his way to the Flying Tigers airbase (which the pilot had told him how to get to before the pilot sacrificed himself for Kim and died), where he was introduced to a visiting officer Captain John Brown AKA Captain Invader. ). Kim told the Captain about Unit 731 and the atrocities occurring there. As such, the Captain took Kim personally back to the United States and brought him before several generals, all of which attempted to get congressmen to take the case and bring it to the attention of the League of Nations to turn up the heat on Imperial Japan's actions. Sadly, Kim's story was not only ignored, but buried, leaving a confused Kim and a pissed off Captain Brown.


Kim stayed with the Captain, showing the Captain his powers (which the Captain told no one else about) until in 1942 when Captain Invader created the Allied Fighters and asked Kim to join as the "Manchurian Kid". Kim instead insisted that he wished to honor the victims of Unit 731 and instead call himself "Manchurian Murata". The word "Murata" translates to the word "wood" which is the term the Japanese scientists and soldiers called the dead victims of Unit 731's experiments as they were piled up like logs in a cord of wood to be eventually buried or incinerated.


Throughout WWII, Kim fought valiantly with the Allied Fighters, using his inexhaustible powers to aid his teammates, Allied troops and any and all civilians he could help.


When the war ended, Kim demanded that Unit 731's scientists be hunted, arrested, tried and hung for their actions. Instead, the Soviets, the United States, Great Britain and even Japan end-rounded Kim's cries for justice...and buried the existence of Unit 731 saying there was 'no proof' that it had ever existed.


Decades later, even after Unit 731's victims told their stories to the press and the world at large, nothing was ever done...because the United States, the Soviets and Great Britain PARDONED or incorporated Unit 731's scientists into their own military 'secret weapons' and 'secret biological weapons' research programs, allowing the Unit 731 scientists to get away with murder and rape (this is all true in our real world...look it up!).


After months of repeated attempts to get the governments of the world to give the victims of Unit 731 justice, Kim flew back to his homeland in what was left of Manchuria, empty-handed and disgusted with the rest of the world.


No one ever heard from him again.

Captain, now Major Invader, spent decades searching for Kim, performing black ops missions on several occasions to try to extract him from potential locations (all of which yielded no Kim), and even used his own satellite tracking system (okay, he took over several Asian and Russian spy satellites in the 1980s and 90s, practically causing World War III at one point) to try and find his friend and compatriot but, much to the Major's dissatisfaction, he never found Kim...that is, until recently.


The day the news got out of the recent reformation of the Allied Fighters, Major Invader was 'sent' a message via the Chinese consulate in Washington D.C. that a certain "Dr. Kim Zhaolin" would meet with him at the Chinese Embassy in Washington D.C.  The Major was elated to know Kim had survived...but was also fearful that Kim would not be the same Kim he knew 70+ years ago.


At that meeting, a near-centennial-aged John Brown/Major Invader and the United States Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense went to the Chinese Embassy, where the Major finally go to see Kim in person.  When the Major went to hug Kim, Kim stepped back and away from the MajorKim stood rigid as a stone pillar, and looked like his body hadn't aged a single day, that of age 15, however, Kim's face, instead, spoke volumes.  The stress lines, the stoic, stone-faced expression and the sullen eyes....they showed what could only be perceived as decades of psychological torture and coercion...a state the Major had seen on many Prisoners of War and political prisoners that had been in captivity for decades at a time.

Kim stated that he was pleased to see Mr. Brown and then requested to rejoin the Major's latest version of the Allied Fighters and once again fight alongside his compatriots for the 'sake of maintaining world order'. Major Invader of course said yes, but that's when Kim tossed in a condition: Kim demanded the Major allow another Chinese state hero, Red Dynasty, to be accepted into the ranks of Allied Fighters as well.


Major Invader knew of Red Dynasty. He knew Red Dynasty was a tool of the Chinese Communist Government, and a highly trained spy.  Several reports about Red Dynasty's operations were directly associated with the 'untimely deaths' of anti-communist and anti-Chinese government resistance leaders.  He also knew that Red Dynasty was also responsible for the death of several spies from various nations, including the United States' CIA. Major Invader knew immediately that having Red Dynasty on the team would be an absolute disaster; a Chinese spy and a warrior who answered to the Chinese government rather than to the Major's orders...or team.


Major Invader said 'no'.


Dr. Zhaolin then tossed a wrapped-up plastic package of his old World War II Manchurian Murata costume on the table before the Major and told the Major, "If Red Dynasty is not allowed to join, then I shall not join either.  It is both of us or none of us.  Choose, Major...but choose wisely, as you have notoriously demonstrated in the past that SOME of your emotional decisions can lead to disastrous results, such as that of your LAST team in the year 2000. Tell me, how is Doctor Alleviation's PTSD these days?".


Before the Major could respond to Kim's heartless comments, both the U.S. Secretary of State and Defense Secretary pulled the Major to the side and told the Major that if he chose both to join the Allied Fighters that his team would immediately lose their security clearances with the U.S. government, any and all access to G.U.A.R.D. and loose any and all government support and funding, leaving him and his team as nothing more than a 'kiddy clubhouse'. 


​The Major was in a Catch-22 dilemma: accept both Manchurian Murata and Red Dynasty into the Allied Fighters and lose all government connections or not accept them and have a weaker team...with a potential of both of them joining Baron Berlin and Axis Force as a means of joining up on the wrong side of the 'new' world order that Baron Berlin was trying to build up.  That's when the Major remembered a bit of the Art of War, by Sun Tzu; "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer".


The Major agreed to accept both Manchurian Murata and Red Dynasty into the Allied Fighters and then stormed out of the embassy with the wrapped-up Manchurian Murata costume under his arm (ok, he also knocked over several Chinese displays while going through the embassy lobby as well).


Days later, the non-government supported Major Invader escorted Kim and the mysterious helmeted Red Dynasty to the the Allied Fighters old HQ in Boston.  When Kim appeared at the first meeting with the Allied Fighters and introduced himself, Kim stated that he was now a 'pacifist' and would no longer fight anyone, ever again.  He would defend himself and teach others how to do so, but he would never again cause harm to another living being ever again. He added, however, that Red Dynasty wasn't a pacifist and that Red Dynasty would instead fight alongside the Allied Fighters as a true long as he was treated as an 'equal'.


The Major, apparently seething in rage, escorted Kim, Red Dynasty and a handful of new recruits to the most disgusting part of the base; the septic cistern room.  The smell of sewage, mold and putrescence was extreme.  There, the Major tossed several folding cots and military foot lockers into the room and told Kim that this was "Zeta Squad's" bunk room from here on out and that Kim would now be in charge of Zeta Squad and to train the new 'green' recruits of the Allied Fighters to the Major's exact plan, or the entire deal was off.


He also told Red Dynasty he was now part of Zeta Squad. Red Dynasty became unhinged, demanding to be on the team's Alpha (elite) squad instead. The Major instead slapped Red Dynasty to the ground and told Red Dynasty to 'grow up' and left the smelly room and a handful of new Zeta Squad trainees for Kim to now lead and train.

Major Invader later hung the World War II Manchurian Murata uniform in a special display case in the base's Hall of Honor and later told Kim that when he (Kim) was ready to be a hero again, that his uniform would be waiting for him to wear once again.

To this day, that uniform is still in the display case...untouched.


Today, Manchurian Murata, wearing a Chinese government-provided Red and Yellow uniform, is the leader of Zeta Squad and is responsible for the training and safety of those in Zeta well as being told he is ultimately responsible for anything Red Dynasty does wrong.  At this time, no one knows whether if Kim is truly a tool of the Chinese communist government or if he is playing the Chinese in order to get out and away from China and back with 'the only people he ever trusted' ( a statement Kim told "Captain Invader" days before Kim left the team in 1945). It is believed that Manchurian Murata also has ties with the newly formed Champions of China, however, proof on that is fleeting.


Will Manchurian Murata betray China...or the Allied Fighters? Only time will tell.


  • Bio-Energy Blast

    • Incredibly high powered energy blast that can level a building at full power.  Thusfar, he usually backs his powers off to 20-40% for fear of killing people.

    • He can control his powers to make short range, long range or broad multi-targeted swaths of attacks. This energy is unlimited; it never runs out.

  • Healing

    • Has the capability to use a form of his plasma energy to accelerate healing in a person. One minute of his power's application can bring a person back from near death to full fighting trim.

    • His healing has limits though; he can only perform enough high level healing for 10 people before he exhausts his healing energy powers.  Takes 24 hours to recharge. 

    • He can also heal himself as needed.  The power can automatically heal himself if he is unconscious or incapacitated.

  • Immortality

    • So far, he hasn't aged a single day since his received his powers. 

    • He is still young, vibrant, and although tempered with his decades of wisdom, yet finds himself still doing brash, youthful actions as a result of his physiology.  He still needs to eat and drink, but has yet to gain a pound of fat since in 1936.  He can gain muscle mass/weight from working out, but has yet to become fat or obese...even when he tries to.


  • World War II:

    • Uniform

      • Excellent Fire-Retardant Material

      • Provides Poor protection vs. heat and cold

      • provides feeble physical and energy protection

    • Belt

      • Carried several pouches of field medicine equipment

      • Lockpick set

      • 2 smoke grenades

    • Boots (heel)

      • unassembled emergency Morse code transmitter with 150 mile transmission range, hand crank for power

  • Modern:

    • Uniform

      • Typical temperate, energy, physical and radiation protections

    • Belt

      • 150 yards of excellent strength wire and grapple hook

    • Headband

      • Micro-transceiver, fixed military (Chinese) frequency, 500 mile range, 6 month battery life

    • Sub-dermal tracker implant

      • When activated, can track to within 100 yards from satellite of cellular triangulation

    • Psionic burst transmitter

      • implanted in brain; sends informational data burst to ANY malware-loaded cell phone or smart device by Chinese 'handlers'

      • Raw neural activity data transmission sent to Chinese interface network for mnemonic translation and analysis

      • range of 10 miles

    • Micro-explosive

      • surgically implanted into spine at base of skull; can do unearthly damage to Kim's body and area his is in with typical explosive damage to all in adjacent areas

      • Can be activated from anyone with proper programmed arming app that interfaces with any other smart or cellular device with downloaded malware on unsuspecting phones/devices, that can be transmitted to the explosive device within 100 yard range of infected smart/cellular objects

    • Cyanide tooth

      • Unearthly poison if implanted tooth broken




  • Languages

    • English (proficient)

    • Manchurian (Master)

    • Cantonese (proficient)

    • Mandarin Chinese (proficient)

    • Japanese(Professional)

    • Korean (proficient)

    • Russian (proficient)

  • Military medicine (proficient)

  • Marksman (with powers) (Master)

  • Marksman (handguns/rifles) (proficient)
  • Military Communications Equipment (professional)

  • Triage/Field Medicine (proficient)

  • Lock-picking (proficient)

  • Martial Arts

    • US Military Hand-to-Hand (Proficient)

    • Kung Fu (Proficient)

    • Karate (Professional)

    • Escrima (Proficient)

Modern (In addition to WWII):

  • Languages

    • English (professional)

    • Manchurian (Master)

    • Cantonese (Master)

    • Mandarin Chinese (Master)

    • Japanese(Master)

    • Korean (Professional)

    • Russian (Professional)

    • Arabic (professional)

    • Hindu (proficient)

    • Spanish/Italian/Portuguese/Latin (proficient)

    • Greek (proficient)

  • Medical Doctor (Doctorate)

  • Engineering (Professional)

  • Neural Surgical Specialist (Doctorate)

  • Marksman (with powers) (Master)
  • Marksman (handguns/rifles) (professional)

  • Military Communications Equipment (professional)

  • Criminology (professional)

  • Triage/Field Medicine (Master)

  • Stealth (Professional)

  • Spy techniques (Master)

  • Communism (Master)

  • Chinese/Manchurian history (Master)

  • Cultural Arts (Master)

  • Psycho Analyst (Master)

  • Psychologist (master)

  • World history (professional)

  • Interrogation techniques (Professional)

  • Bio-chemistry (Doctorate)

  • Bio-engineering (Master)

  • Bio-weaponry (Master)

  • Human Mutation (Master)

  • Super-powered human development and physiology (Master)

  • Genetics (Master)

  • Lock-picking (proficient)

  • Driver (Professional)

  • Single & Multi-Engine Piston and Jet Pilot License (Professional)

  • Helicopter Pilot (Professional)

  • Martial Arts

    • Sambo (Master)

    • Muay Thai (Master)

    • MCMAP (Master)

    • Silat (Master)

    • Tai Chi (Professional)

    • Kung Fu (Master)

    • Tae Kwon Do (Professional)

    • Judo (Professional)

    • Karate (Master)

    • Escrima (Master)

    • Kali (Professional)

    • Krav Maga (Master)

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