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Siberian SnowAlexey Soloviev
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Vladimir Smolkemptin


Villain/Russian (Soviet)











Siberian Snowman, Soviet Cold Warrior, Cold Warrior

Soviet Guard



Don "Major Deej" Finger

13 June 2009 (as Soviet Cold Warrior)


  • Sasha Smolkemptin (Wife, deceased)

  • Svetlana Smolkemptin (Daughter, status unknown)




Vladimir Smolkemptin was once a highly decorated Starshina (Master Sergeant) in the Soviet Red Army.  He had married his childhood sweetheart, Sasha, and several years after their marriage brought their daughter, Svetlana, into the world.  Vladimir was always away on 'overseas' duties; duties too secret for him to talk about to his wife or anyone else. 


One several occasions, Vladimir returned home injured, all the while complaining about the 'new' Russian Federation officers and their stupidity and ignorance. During this time, the military itself was barely able to feed itself nonetheless pay the troops, leaving Vladimir having to drag his family to a military base where they lived in abject poverty for the next few years. After Svetlana got sick, Vladimir went to find other work to get her medicine; work as an 'enforcer' for a local 'loan shark' outside the base.  Vladimir would beat up the people who didn't pay the loan shark in a 'timely' manner, even going so far as killing several people. Vladimir earned enough to get his daughter the medicine she needed, but sadly, Vladimir was caught 'moonlighting' for the loan sharks; a criminal act that put him in prison for 10 years. He never saw his family ever again.


While in prison, he hooked up with other criminals there that heard about his skills as an enforcer, and as such, with no hope of getting released anytime soon, Vladimir figured he'd earn money to send wife and daughter on the side.  Altogether, Vladimir 'talked' to several dozen fellow prisoners with his fists, killing even a few more. Vladimir soon began liking doing what he was doing.  He considered what he was doing was okay, since he was beating up or killing 'guilty' people anyway and earning money for his family. The day came when the prison warden had enough of Vladimir and his boss and threw them both in solitary...for four months each. At the end of each month, the warden allowed Vladimir to 'write a letter home'.  At the end of the four months, Vladimir's boss was found dead in his solitary confinement cell.  Vladimir was once again visited by the warden who maliciously tossed a pile of his letters on the cell floor before Vladimir.  They were all addressed to Sasha, his wife; they were the letters he'd written to her over the years from prison.  They were all marked with 'Return to Sender' and opened...with all the money that had originally been in the envelopes...gone.  The Warden cackled about how his new home could not have been paid for if not for his 'generous' letters to his wife.  The Warden mentioned that after the seventh letter was 'returned', he decided that since Vladimir's money wasn't going to his family, he'd put Vladimir's ill-gotten gains to his own use.


Vladimir killed the Warden before the Warden could finish his statement.


Vladimir was then sent to the deepest, darkest gulag in Siberia, a place where they put political prisoners, rebels and hard-core anti-communist criminals to die under a double-life sentence.  There, in that prison, Vladimir met the famous Soviet General Semyon Budennii AKA the Generalissimus of the heroic Soviet Red Guard Special Forces Unit.  Vladimir had always dreamed of being accepted to the Red Guard and considered it an honor just to be in the cell next to so great a Soviet leader.   Over the next few weeks, Vladimir and the Generalissimus struck up a few conversations. When the Generalissimus needed something that was not 'normally' available, Vladimir made it available, usually by beating up whomever had that 'something'. They soon learned to rely on each other and make a quick friendship in the process.

One night, the Generalissimus told Vladimir that 'soon', an opportunity would present itself to help those wanting to bring back the Soviet Union to its former glory and power, and that if Vladimir truly wanted to be part of such a thing, he would need to be called on during the opportunity to perform as a proper Soviet soldier and comrade. Not only did Vladimir agree, he swore his life to the Generalissimus right there.

Hours later, the gulag was rocked with explosions and gunfire as Red Guard troops loyal to the Generalissimus performed a massive jail break for him and his followers. When a guard showed up at the Generalissimus' cell to shoot him dead, Vladimir reached out and grabbed the guard, put him in a choke hold and killed him on the spot, even though Vladimir got shot with three bullets in the process.  When the Red Guard's special forces came and broke the locks on the Generalissimus' cell, Vladimir was on the floor of his locked cell, dying.  The Generalissimus ordered his men to get Vladimir and bring him along on the escape and tend to Vladimir's wounds. That's when Vladimir passed out...

...and woke up in a rustic, moldy hospital Greenland.

There, shortly after awaking, he was visited by the Generalissimus himself who told Vladimir that he'd 'never forget' what Vladimir did for him that day in the Gulag. He told Vladimir that 'great rewards only comes to those who don't die.  Get better, my Starshina; we have great work ahead of us to do."

Two months later, Vladimir was back in (relative) fighting trim, enough that he was able to start giving hand-to-hand combat training to dozens of new Red Guard recruits.  In time, Vladimir was finally brought before the Generalissimus. There, the Generalissimus offered the 'great' reward mentioned earlier.  The reward: to become the next version of the Red Guard's famous "Cold Warrior" and wear the ancient magical "Helmet of the Siberian Snowman". After agreeing, Vladimir was taken to a remote site outside of the base to put on the helmet and train.  It was mentioned that previous 'bearers' of the helmet had many issues getting used to how the helmet worked; this was not the case with Vladimir.  Not only did he don the helmet without 'freezing over' and going nearly half mad as others had done when they put on the helmet for the first time, Vladimir instead took to using it like a duck to water.

Vladimir experimented with the helmet's ice control, and through focused thought, was able to easily adjust the ice thickness and its flexibility such that it wasn't as 'crystallized' as was the armor of previous bearers, but smooth and no where near as constrictive to move or run in. His Ice Swords also became thicker and much more useful. Within a month of unending self-training, Vladimir had mastered the helmet and its mystical powers.  The Generalissimus was thrilled to see Vladimir's progress and set up a ceremony to induct him into the one thing that Vladimir wanted his whole life: to be part of the famous Red Guard.

Just prior to Vladimir's ceremony, the Generalissimus and Vladimir talked. Although the Generalissimus wanted to carry on the honorable heroic name of the previous helmet bearer, the Cold Warrior, the Generalissumus knew Vladimir was more that any of the previous bearers; he was better than them.  As such, they both tossed new code-names around back and forth until one stuck: "Snegovik (Snowman)".  with that, the Generalissimus hosted the ceremony that made it official for the additional of a new member to the Red Guard: Starshia Vladimir Smolkemptin AKA "Snekovik".  The roars of applause and cheers left Vladimir with the greatest feeling of his life...with the exception of that of once being a loving husband to his wife and daughter, both of whom he, nor anyone else, could find out where they were...or even if they were alive.

Since then, Vladimir has consistently fought at the side of the Red (now Soviet) Guard.  He is 100% behind the Generalissimus, acting as a good soldier does.  He has achieved more of a 'mean streak' after the events of their failed Lithuanian Invasion in 2010, wherein Vladimir was severely wounded as was his fellow teammates and troops. Sadly, in 2012, he found that his wife, who'd been in hiding for many years, had died of cancer in 1999.  His daughter, though, was witnessed to have left with another unidentified man at her mother's funeral, both of which the unidentified man and Vladimir's daughter have, to this day, not been seen again.

Today, an aging Vladimir, slower and more short tempered about things, continues his desired duty as a true Soviet comrade and soldier for the good of what will be a new Soviet Union one day.  He still helps train the new recruits/troops, and although he is a tough taskmaster to them, he also encourages them to be good 'comrades' to each other, celebrating birthdays and events with them, and being a godfather to several of the troops' family's children.  He is highly focused in combat and knows how to 'herd' a group to his troops to let the troops cut their targets to pieces with their gunfire.  He is also noted for his 'winter stealth' where he uses his ice form to blend into a snowy location to get past security and work his way closer to his targets, even with his large size.  Vladimir hates the Lithuanians, but mostly, he hates the Western world for continuing their corrupt empire to spread like a virus throughout the world. He never married again, stating that he'd lost the only women he ever cared for due to his life choices and knows that the same would happen again if he was to ever possibly find another woman as good as his Sasha ever was which, according to Vladimir, 'was a once in a lifetime opportunity now lost to time'.




Power Origin: Magic (Nature)

All powers come from one magical item - the Helmet of the Siberian Snowman.  To use the powers, a person must wear the helmet (can't just 'carry' it around and use its powers).



    • Before a person can use the helmet's powers, the following must occur:

      • Psychic Melding

        • Bearer must have a good or better psyche to operate, understand and control the helmets powers

        • Those that fail at the Psychic meld may loose a level of reason and psyche based on the difference in levels between the Psychic Meld and the Bearer's actual Psyche

      • Body Endurance/Protection​

        • The body wearing the helmet MUST have at least a typical endurance to be able to control the helmet

        • If endurance is less that this, the helmet will create a loss of endurance level each minute of wearing the helmet until the bearer is dead (and usually enveloping the bearer in a block of ice in the process)

      • Cold Protection​/Tolerance

        • The helmet produces extreme cold that can cover the entire body; it protects the body as best it can, but the exposure to the extended cold period of being exposed to the cold that long can damage or kill the bearer over time​

        • For a good level of ice armoring, the body will take feeble cold damage over time; at maximum strength (amazing ice armor), the cold exposure is upped to an excellent level

          • To prevent dying of cold exposure, bearers usually wear insulated suits of fur, leather, heated armoring or composite/hi-tech bodysuits to protect against the cold temperatures (see Equipment below)​

    • The helmet can be taken on or off as needed. While the helmet is on, however, the listed items above will always be in effect; with the helmet off, these won't matter​


    • Arctic Air/Temperature Drop

      • Can lower the temperature of the air in his immediate area (and partially in adjacent areas) down to -20 degrees F.

      • Unless protected from these effects, the air will cause up to a max of typical temperate damage over time (usually only feeble to poor temperate damage)

      • This will cause materials of like or lesser material strength to potentially become brittle and potentially shatter and/or fail

      • This will also cause a like level of slowing actions and movement to any withing the area/adjacent areas


  • Snow Blending

    • Increases his stealth in snowy grounds/areas to remarkable levels

    • Increases his stealth in snowstorms to amazing levels


  • Freezing/Block of Ice

    • He has the amazing ability to freeze up to 5 targets in a block of ice within a 200 yard range, holding them solidly in place, unable to move or physically function (as well as cut off their oxygen supply)

    • For each target being 'frozen', the rank level drops by a factor of one (1 target=amazing strength ice; 4 targets=excellent strength ice)

    • Ice acts as a remarkable hold and cannot be weakened except for breaking it with like strength or damage or with heat/fire (double the damage from heat/fire)

    • Effects will last until ice is weakened, destroyed or melted

    • 10% chance targets go into hypothermia while in ice and don't die


  • Ice Traps

    • Has amazing ability to immobilize up to 10 targets within a 200 yard range with like-level ice, preventing targets from moving or advancing.

    • For each target being 'trapped', the rank level drops by a factor of one (1 target=amazing strength ice; 4 targets=excellent strength ice)

    • Effects will last until ice is weakened, destroyed or melted

  • Ice Slick

    • Can create an amazingly slick (nearly frictionless) surface that can cover up to 2 adjacent areas from Snegovik's centralized location (or projected location, up to a max range of 50 yards away)

    • Any targets on the ice slick require agility against the friction-less icy surface to remain standing, otherwise they fall and cannot effectively walk, run or move from their fallen location (unless the ice slick in on a decline, wherein the targets slide 'down' the decline at an applicable rate and speed)

    • The ice slick's friction-less intensity begins to fade by level ranks when weakened, destroyed or melted

  • Ice Sword

    • Can create up to an amazingly powerful ice sword, capable of rending any and all metals up to one level less than the ice sword's material strength

    • Sword's material strength mirrors Snegovik's Ice Armor strength; if ice armor is at incredible level, ice sword is of incredible ice material strength

    • Sword is normally 5 feet long


    • Can create amazing level of ice-based armoring all over his body

    • Can be turned on or off to varying levels of protection at will

    • Each additional layer of protection above remarkable levels also has a corresponding 'slowness' added to his movements

    • Provides amazing protection against physical, energy, temperate, toxic/toxin and electrical attacks

    • Provides typical psionic/mental protection

    • Provides fantastic radiation protection

    • Anyone touching or pressed against Snegovick's armor receives at least feeble freezing temperate damage over time (max=typical freezing temperate damage when he's at full armor strength)



  • Thermal Suit/Helmet

    • Vladimir wears a special high-tech thermal suit and helmet that provides excellent protection against cold temperature

    • Suit has a resin repair kit attached to the sleeves and legs of the suit, fixing the suit, but provides only typical cold temperate protection

  • Helmet System

    • Encrypted telecommunications transceiver with 100 mile range, powered for 2 weeks max use

    • Tracker System installed in helmet with 100 mile range; can be detected by Soviet military emergency frequency by satellites

  • Knives (2)

    • Two amazing material knives with Ivory handles for melee combat when not 'iced up'.



  • Ice Sword (Master)

  • Military (Professional)

  • Military Weapons (Professional)

  • Military vehicles (Professional)

  • Tank Commander (Professional)

  • Special Operations/Black Operations (Professional)

  • Stealth (Professional)

  • Marksmanship (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Melee/hand to hand (Expert)

  • Martial Arts: Holds/Escapes (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: + Initiative  (Proficient)

  • Thermodynamics (Proficient)

  • Cold Cultures/Civilizations (Proficient)

  • Soviet & Russian History/Lore (Proficient)

  • Prison/Gulag (Professional)

  • Explosives (Professional)

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