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Volga Tzabruska

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Don "Major Deej" Finger

20 Jan 2012


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Volga Tzabruska is one of the few "Bodark" Werewolves left in Russia.“Bodark” is a term for werewolves in places other than Russia; in Russia, the word is “oborot” which means “one transformed".

Volga was a typical Russian teenager, raised in the impoverished area of what is now St. Petersburg. She and her friends lived for adventure and for ways to thumb their nose at authority, thus leading them into trouble time and again. She slept all day and partied all night, making money through prostitution, selling naked pictures of herself on the internet, stealing people's wallets and using their credit cards and a life of non-stop action and danger.  Even though she was tempted, she remained drug-free throughout her impetuous party life.She did have one guy who she was serious about though - Andele. He was mysterious, cool-headed and tried his best to take care of her. He tried to get her out of the pornography and prostitution business, only for the two to fight about it instead.  Regardless, he was obviously in love with her, but Volga was too busy 'riding the next thrill'.


One night during, when Andele was working, the police raided a flash party Volga was attending.  She was caught by the police and dragged away in handcuffs.  Volga spat at a city police officer and struggled the whole way to jail.  There, she was tossed into a cell with a mysterious woman with white hair.  It wasn't long before Volga stuck up a conversation with the white haired woman.  Each time Volga asked her a question, the woman would ask her things in return like "do you like to howl at the moon?", "do you like the freedom of being one with nature?" and the one question that raised one of Volga's pierced eyebrows - "how would you like the thrill of roaming the night, loving those you wish and causing the darkest fear in those you despise?".  Volga rolled her eyes and replied only once to these questions with, "you know, I could do all that, but being in jail sure as hell isn't going to get me to doing those things anytime soon, right? So just stay on your side of the cell and don't talk to me unless you have a way to let me out of here so I can go 'howl at your moon".  With that the woman reached into her pocket and blew a handful of white powder in Volga's face.  Volga immediately passed out and her world went dark.


When Volga awoke, she was in the woods in the middle of nowhere...and it was getting dark.  In her jacket was a old scroll...and a copper knife.  Initially, Volga called out to see if anyone would respond to help her, but instead, she heard the howl of wolves.  She tried to call out on her cell phone; no signal.  She screamed for help, but only the wolves answered answered louder - and closer. 

Volga took out the scroll and read the old Cyrillic writing on it.  The scroll was a set of strange instructions involving the copper knife, a tree and chanting the words written on the scroll.  In fresh ink at the bottom was written "Do this and be truly free".  

With no other option before her, she read and did as the scroll directed.


In order for you to truly  become FREE you must stab a copper knife into a tree.

While holding the knife in the tree, repeat the following chant times three:


On the empty pasture gleams the moon, on an ash stock lying

In a green wood, in a gloomy vale.

Toward the stock wandereth a shaggy wolf.

Horned cattle seeking for his sharp white fangs;

But the wolf enters not the forest,

But the wolf dives not into the shadowy vale,

Moon, moon, gold-horned moon,

Cheek the flight of bullets, blunt the hunters’ knives,

Break the shepherds’ cudgels,

Cast wild fear upon all cattle,

On men, on all creeping things,That they may not catch the grey wolf,

That they may not rend his warm skin

My word is binding, more binding than sleep,

More binding than the promise of a hero.

Once the chant be said thrice,

Run into the forest where you will earn freedom's price.

Volga did exactly as the scroll said and ran off into the forest, afraid that she'd instead been pranked or worst yet, taken to die.  As she ran into the woods, she could hear the wolves bearing down upon her. She ran faster.  As she was running, she began to run on all fours, faster yet.  She felt her clothes leave her body with each quickening stride.  Within seconds, she found herself at the edge of a cliff cut off from anything but the advancing pack.  She realized she'd just growled.

As the pack of wolves advanced, they stopped short...and became submissive.  They even started playing with her.  That's when Volga realized she was no longer Volga but instead became...

...a werewolf.

The damning thing about that moment was that Volga was never happier.  She saw the world in a new way; fresh scents, friendly pack wolves and a desire to run and frolic amidst the open forest.  For the rest of the night, she ran amidst the trees and and howled before the moon.  By daybreak, although Volga was hungry, she was also very tired. She returned to the place where her clothes fell off her changed frame and dragged them and the scroll back to where she had been first left.  She found the copper knife, however, it had fallen over a steep ledge dozens of feet below where it was embedded into a fallen tree limb on the narrow ledge.  Unwilling to spend time and effort to get it, the werewolf that was Volga went to her pile of clothes and fell asleep atop them, expecting to awaken a normal girl in the morning.

Volga awoke late into the day, atop her pile of clothes and still in the forest.  She stretched out and let out a strong yawn.  She then scratched herself with her hind leg and picked a tick from her furry back.


Hind leg.

Furry back.

She tried to look herself over but quickly realized she was still that of a grey, furry female werewolf.  She began to freak out and bound on her hind legs to a stream at the bottom of the ridge she was on.  There, she looked into the reflective image that stared back at her from the stream's watery surface;

Volga was still a werewolf.

Shocked and unsure what to do, she tried to get back to her clothes only to be shot at by hunters.  She leaped and dodged, bolted and bounded and created a distance too great for the hunters to tag her with their bullets.  Alone, hungry and scared to death, Volga ran and ran what seemed like hours.  Night fell as she came across a carnival set up in an old farm field.  It was a Russian traveling carnival.  The smell of food and MEAT...MEAT...sent Volga over the edge.  She pranced to the outside of the antique 1950s trailers used by the carnies as their mobile homes.  She skirted around the the grounds trying to find a way to get to the MEAT smell of MEAT that MEAT MEAT MEAT.  As her stomach grumbled an angry tune, she narrowed her eyes, and shot off from her powerful new legs to a food stand...a MEAT stand.  MEAT.  She grabbed up with her clawed hands and teeth all she could carry in what may have been just short of a second's time and shot back to her place of pouncing behind the carnie mobile homes.

Volga feasted like never before.  She devoured the MEAT.

She tore at the MEAT with a viciousness she had never done before.




What seemed like an eternity of consumption was but a mere minute before a short man walked around the trailer.  Volga growled at him without realizing she'd just growled at him.

The short man stopped short.

He eyed Volga, as if studying her.

Volga could smell everything upon the short man's clothes; everything that is, except fear.

He was not afraid...nor was he willing to do her harm.

Instead they stared at each other for a millennium's few seconds.

The short man motioned to Volga to follow him, as he checked right and left darting to a trailer on the outer ring of trailers.

The short man entered the trailer and motioned Volga once again.  With trepidation and legs poised to bound away at a moment's hint of danger, Volga walked on two legs into the short man's trailer. There, she realized there was no trap, no danger, just her and the fearless short man.  She sat down like a human at the small table in the front of the trailer, all the while eying the dwarfish man.  Finally after he sat down across from her, did the conversation begin.

With a voice not Volga's, but still able to sound words and talk, Volga spoke Russian to the short man, asking questions of what happened to her and what did all this mean.  The short man responded to her questions over the next hour.  By conversations end, Volga was told she was a Bodark Werewolf and that she'd obviously read the chants and stabbed a tree with a copper knife.  The part the short man could not answer was why she was still a half-human, half-werewolf, capable of speech unlike any Bodark before.  The short man told tales of his fellow carnies and their encounters with werewolves and the stories of how they came to be.  He even identified a particular story with the white haired woman who only mere months ago did the same thing to a carnie's girlfriends before she was found shot with a hunter's bullet lodged in her forehead, naked and human amidst the forest a few miles from their current location.

As night turned to twilight's morning, the short man had to leave to perform his carnie duties of cleaning up the mess from their paying guests. 


Volga slept in his trailer until his return hours later, eventually waking up as they were leaving to their next carnie show location.  The short man, now calling himself Otto Ordskar, ensured Volga she was safe with him, however, he knew that something went wrong with her change; she was supposed to be transformed back into a woman by morning's light or further turn into a wolf for good.  Never had a half human werewolf been told of in any recollections or accounts known to Otto

Hours later, Volga and Otto arrived at the the new carnival location.  Otto stated he'd help Volga, but he had to keep her hidden or they'd grab her up, drug her, and put her on display as a freak for the freakshow, as the carnival owner had done a few times before to other freaks in the towns visited.

Otto went about to work, setting up the carnival while Volga learned of her new self.

Claws, sharp fangs and teeth, legs of a wolf, full body hair...

....and naked.

She became embarrassed for the first time in her life ever about showing off her body, but that wasn't the only change in personality she'd perceived.  She was now more patient, calm and thoughtful.  She saw and smelled things she'd never known before, and reacted far better than her former angry, arrogant self.  She went through Otto's things and found several old costumes. Volga took those costumes and fashioned them into something more along the line of some form of clothes. Her new hands and claws were highly dextrose and her speed in doing things was far quicker than she ever imagined.  In minutes, she'd made something of clothes for herself.  She went through his cupboards looking for food, balking at anything that wasn't plant-based or MEAT.

It seemed that MEAT was a huge focus most of the time on her mind; in fact, she found that the hungrier she got, the more demanding her thoughts were on acquiring MEAT then and there, no matter the dangers involved.  It concerned her, this new collection of changes, however, she also felt at peace with herself unlike any time in her whole abused and wasted life.

As the night grew close, the carnival came to life and Otto returned to check on a now sleeping VolgaOtto had asked around to find out more info about werewolves and any known half-human ones, only to be told that none had ever been heard of before.  Otto also told Volga that the locals news found Volga's clothes, the knife and the scroll and believed her to be dead by means of a cult killing...or an animal attack.  He mentioned there were several rather brusque looking men that had been asking about a supposed 'animal' seen stealing MEAT from a carnie vendor last night.  Since no one saw anything, the men went away, however, Otto said he'd rather she remain hidden for the time being until he could find what was needed to help her change back.

At this point Volga said she wasn't sure if she wanted to changed back to what she once was...followed by a stomach grumble.

Otto smirked and said he'd go get her some MEAT to offset her hunger.  Otto went out of the trailer, gathered up some MEATS from the worker's grill and went back to the trailer...only to be silently followed by a shadowy figure.

In the trailer, Volga demolished the MEATS and actually laughed at some of Otto's jokes.


As Volga was about to thank Otto for his kindness, she sensed an attack and bolted out the trailer's door at amazing speed only to see the trailer surrounded by dozens of blue and black camouflaged soldiers, fully armed with many weapons.  An electrified net was shot over the trailer, blasting massive jolts of electricity onto the trailer.  She heard Otto scream in pain.  As Volga watched; something else came out of her.


A growl.

A Werewolf's growl.

Her werewolf side took over and launched herself against the nearest soldier, tearing his throat from his body and easily raking the face of the next soldier over.  Jumping from soldier to soldier, she beat them, punched them knocked them over, gutted them and tore at them, one right after the other.  Her moves so blazing fast the soldiers couldn't even get a bead on her once.


In seconds it was over, but not before the camouflaged men sent out a distress call, which Volga easily heard with her new enhanced hearing. 


She had maybe 30 seconds before they arrived, no more. 


She launched back into the trailer to check on Otto.  He was in bad shape.  She tried to help him up, but he'd been shot with a stray bullet meant for VolgaOtto in his final breathes told Volga to go to the address on the paper in his shirt pocket and get help from an old retired Russian friend of his that might be able to help her. Volga pulled him out from the trailer just as more of the mysterious murdering men arrived, this time threefold.  Volga bolted into the woods, but was pursued for the next five miles. She finally hid in a convenience store's freezer, but was badly injured from their pursuit.  She'd taken three bullets and two razor wire bolos, cutting her neck and ankles.  After a couple hours after the troops gave up searching the area, she was able to hitch a ride in a freezer truck, eventually making her way to the address on Otto's blood stained paper.


45 Kalshinov Street, Smolensk, Russia. 


After a few days of stowing away on trucks and trailers, Volga arrived in Smolensk.  During her journey, she discovered she healed rapidly as well. by the time she'd made her way to Smolensk, she was right as rain.  At the 45 Kalshinov Street address, Volga entered the location through the skylight later that night...only to be met by the home's owner ex-KGB Agent Kalshinov with a gun to Volga's head.  Volga tried to disarm him, but Kalshinov was surprisingly quick and agile for an older man. After a few minutes of fighting, Volga finally mentioned Otto's name.  After a tense discussion, Volga explained all that happened.  Kalshinov lowered his guard and exclaimed the ones that were after her and killed his good friend Otto were a band of assassins of super-powered beings called The Exterminators.  Once they start hunting, it is very rare when they stop.  Kalshikov mentioned that he owed Otto a life favor and that if Otto called that in for her, he was tasked to oblige.  After a few hours of discussion and a few phone calls, Kalshinov arranged a meeting and transport to another special 'friend' he'd been working undercover for  - the leader of the rogue Soviet GuardGeneral Semyon Budennii AKA the Generalissimus. Between the General and his team's witch, Mystyck, Kalshikov believed they'd have the best chance of getting the answers for Volga.  Hours later, Volga was transported to a pier, on the Baltic Sea, flown by helicopter out to sea and transferred to a submarine owned by the Soviet Guard.

After days of travel, Volga arrived at the Soviet Guard's secretive headquarters at an abandoned Russian listening post in Greenland.  There she met the Generalissimus and Mystyck for the first time.  Volga felt strangely at home with the other unique members of the Soviet Guard. There, she wasn't different, she was one of them.  

After discussions with the Generalissimus, a pact was forged between Volga and the Soviet Guard.  Due to her being hunted by The Exterminators, he'd agree to let her stay and join the Soviet Guard and in return, he'd dig up all the info he could about her 'condition'.  Although she didn't trust them, she had little choice...and nowhere else to go.

Since then, Volga, now codenamed Volchitsa, became a member of the Soviet Guard as well as a valued member amongst its super-powered ranks.  While there at the Greenland facility, she feels free enough to let herself go and run freely through the nearby fields and hills of Greenland.  To make her life even better, her old (somewhat) boyfriend, Andele and Volga were rejoined when Andele was flown to their base in Greenland.  Under penalty of death, Andele is allowed to stay there with Volchitsa so long as he does his 'fair share' of work (that into itself will be a story for another day!).


Today, Volchitsa continues to work beside the Soviet Guard, and although her perceptions and views have changed as a result of her becoming a werewolf,  Volga remains patient with the Generalissimus in helping her to find a way to change back to human once and for all. 


After the last two years, you'd think the Generalissimus would  already have Volga's information by now, but instead, it seems he is more focused on Andele who seems nothing more than a potential chess piece that can be used to keep Volga in line and with the Soviet Guard.




Power Origins: Magic (Alteration)


For unknown reasons, Volga is stuck as half-human, half Bodark Werewolf, unable to transform full to either form and has the traits, abilities and skills of each half.

  • Lupine Senses

    • Remarkably heightened senses of smell, hearing and vision, including night vision

    • Remarkable sense of danger allows her immediate initiative over any and all seconds before being attacked or placed in danger

    • Remarkable sens of fear in most animals and humans

    • 'Animal' tendencies towards sex and associated smells/phermones

  • Enhanced Physical Capabilities

    • Excellent fighting, remarkable agility, good strength and excellent endurance

  • Thickened skin

    • Provides poor physical, toxic/toxin protection

    • Provides typical temperate, energy protection

    • Provides good radiation and magical protection

  • Hyper-Healing

    • Can regain 30% of health back after 1 hour (0.4 health/minute)

  • Claws/Teeth

    • Remarkable material strength; can rend any material excellent of less

  • Leaping

    • Remarkable leaping for over 30 feet across, 42 feet down, 18 feet up

  • Running/Swimming (w/4-Legs)

    • Can run up to good speeds (50 mph)

    • Can swim up to typical speed of 25 knots (doesn't swim well with paws)

  • Stealth

    • Excellent ability to quietly encroach on targets

LIMITATIONS: Meat Weakness - if not fed more than once a day, Volchitsa will begin to lose a psyche and reason level each following 2 hours until she has no reason left and goes on a killing spree, chasing any close and easy prey for their meat, whether animal or human; she will kill in this state without remorse (until she realizes what she did later).

LIMITATIONS: Wolf's Rage - In combat, Volchitsa's reasoning goes savage it she looses control of her psyche. While in this state, her fighting is heightened by a whole level as well as her senses; reasoning and human deduction will not apply.  This state can go on for 1-20 minutes. She will attack anyone or anything while in this state with  an animal killer instinct.



  • Earwig

    • Encrypted telecommunications transceiver

    • Range 250 miles

    • Batteries last for 2 weeks max

  • Knife

    • 200 years old

    • Amazing steel blade

    • Old oak handle



  • Party circuit - St. Petersburg (Professional)

  • Prostitution (Proficient)

  • Theft/Pickpocketing (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: Melee Fighting (Proficient)

  • Navigation (Professional)

  • Smells (Professional)

  • Languages:

  • Russian (Professional)

  • English (Proficient)

  • Danish (Proficient)

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