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Black Boris

BlackheartTwo Steps from Hell
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Boris Ustinov


Villain/Russian (Soviet)










Boris Baryshnikove, Laser

Soviet Guard



Don "Major Deej" Finger

1977; 25 May 2008


Patrov Ustinov (father, deceased)

Ivanka Ustinov (mother, deceased)

Nara Ustinov (wife, deceased)




Boris Ustinov was born in Moscow, Russia to a hard-line communist mother and a Soviet general.  Over the years, Boris went where the family went, military base to military base, all the while taking in   the Soviet Union's propaganda and rhetoric.  In 1988, his father, Petrov Ustinov, was transferred to Afghanistan to organize the 'controlled movement' of the losing Soviet forces there back to the Soviet Union.  There, Boris' father was killed by an Afghan militant. 

Boris' mother, Ivanka, received the "Hero of the Soviet Union" medal  at her husband's funeral, while Boris swore vengeance against his father's assailants.  Days after the funeral, a KGB agent contacted the 13-year old Boris and informed him that his father was killed not by a Muslim militant, but by a secretive CIA operative known as Agent John Brown AKA Major Invader.  Furious with rage, Boris demanded the KGB train him starting there and then.  After a few weeks of discussions, the KGB recruited Boris as one of their youngest agents. Their intention was to train him to infiltrate foreign sites as a young man that most KGB agents would never be able to access due to age and demeanor, but Boris was to be one of their best and newest agents ever.  After two years of training, he was assigned his first mission: track down and capture Agent John Brown.

In 1990, Agent Brown was up to his armpits in assignments, predominantly working on destroying Baltic Force out of Lithuania and freeing many captive super-powered people awaiting execution there.   Agent Ustinov (Boris) infiltrated the CIA headquarters in an attempt to capture Agent Brown only to miss his opportunity due to a change in Brown's schedule.  Over the next week or two, Boris attempted to get close to Brown, but to no avail.  Eventually, Boris found Brown's apartment outside Washington D.C. and waited in the apartment to capture him and bring him to the Soviet Union.  He dreamed of earning a "Hero of the Soviet Union" medal for his actions...maybe even get recognition from their famous leader, Michael Gorbachev.  Instead, Agent Brown subdued Boris quickly and easily, incapacitating and jailing young Boris in a secret CIA holding facility. From this point on, Boris' life dramatically changed...and none for the better.

After being transferred to a federal prison, the Soviet Union denounced that Boris Ustinov even existed.  The KGB wiped all of Boris' existence from their files...including his mother, who was said to have died the same week Boris was captured.  Regardless, the CIA had enough intel to know that Boris was recruited by the KGB and that this was (to the CIA) an obvious abduction attempt against Agent Brown Agent Brown, over the entire incident, spent maybe an hour with Boris during his incarceration, but thanks to a massive assault on Baltic Force and the ensuing repercussions of the assault (see The Exterminators), Agent Brown never again had anything to do with Boris.

When Boris declined to submit to CIA questioning in the federal prison, Boris (without Agent Brown's knowledge, but the way) was transferred to a secretive CIA prison in Saudi Arabia where he was tortured and humiliated day after day by specialized CIA 'handlers'. 


In 1991, the Soviet Union officially collapsed and became the Russian Federation under the leadership of President Yeltsin.  The state-run KGB had (supposedly) become the new Russian KGB.  A coup that formed and attempted to bring the USSR back dramatically failed; the significance of the coup was that Boris' KGB mentor was one of the leaders in the coup.  Boris' mentor was jailed and the Russian Federation instead surged forward into its denoted gangster-driven 'democracy'.  Boris was kept in the Saudi prison until 1995 when he was finally released and sent back to Moscow.  Upon his arrival at the Russian border, since he had no papers and didn't 'officially' exist (thanks to the KGB's wiping of his existence), Boris was turned away.  Furious (and a little demented from his torture and imprisonment), he killed the guards at the checkpoint, gunning down another four checkpoint civilians in the process.  He walked across the border and literally walked hundreds of miles until he arrived in his home city of Moscow.

He didn't even recognize it.

All of the Soviet Union symbols, statues, banners, flags...gone.  In their place, democratic voting signs, decaying government buildings, federation flags and long food lines instead filled his new view of his beloved country.

He made his way to a home of a life-long friend of his father - retired Soviet Army Colonel Nikolai Sarminov.  There, instead, he found an inebriated, broken man wearing his old threadbare Soviet uniform amidst hundreds of Vodka bottles on the floor.  After a day of sobering up the Colonel, Boris demanded to know what had happened to his Soviet Union.  After hours of discussion, Boris broke down for the first time in life and wept.  He'd not only lost his family, but his country and, to him, his honor.  After a few days, it was discussed that the man who more than likely 'denounced' Boris' existence to the CIA was now working for the new "Russian" (not state) KGB.  In a deft move, Boris encountered and cornered that same man, named Boris Baryshnikove, and demanded for his existence to be righted as well as to be told what happened to his mother.  The man insisted he was only 'following orders' and all his records were burned.  Regarding his mother, he did point Boris to an unmarked grave in a field 40 miles outside of Moscow.  Boris promptly stabbed the man to death, took his credentials and made off to his mother's grave.

There, at his mother's 'supposed' grave, Boris swore to avenge her and bring back the Soviet Union that they had loved and thrived under before this new revolution.  That's when he came across Soviet General  Semyon Budennii AKA Generalissimus.

Over the next decade, under his new stolen credentials as Boris Baryshnikove, Boris learned all there was to learn about military operations, tactics and weaponry.  He was placed in charge of several units of the Red Guard (now the Soviet Guard) at the time of the Soviet Guard's invasion of Lithuanian.  There, Boris was responsible for the torture and inhuman acts against the Lithuanian populace while it was under the Red/Soviet Guard's control.  Eventually, a band of local resistance fighters and super-heroes coordinated a liberation assault on the country, taking down thousands of the Red/Soviet Guard.  In the ensuing battle, Boris lost both of his arms from a devastating explosion fired by the troops led by the leader of the Lithuanian resistance army, Captain Lukas Smetona AKA Captain LithuaniaBoris' few remaining troops made their way to one of the cargo submarines hidden in an old subpen and made an escape.  Boris died three times on the operation table but was revived each time.  Eventually, the submarine made its way to an old Soviet listening post in Greenland where the remnants of the Red/Soviet Guard regrouped.

In Greenland, Boris' condition remained critical.  His troops demanded any means necessary to save his life.  In a rare emotional decision, the Generalissimus decided to help Boris live. Several cyborg components and weapons were surgically attached in place of his arms.  The doctors, all abducted professionals in their field, worked tirelessly for days to perform the necessary surgeries. When all was done, after months of therapy and recovery, Boris accepted his new weaponized arms and trained with his troops in how best to use them in combat.  After two years of training and tweaking the cyborg components, Boris was now a weapon unto himself.  His troops, who'd already dubbed him "Black Boris", were even more willing to follow him into battle than ever before.

Today, Black Boris has been a linchpin in the Soviet Guard's militaristic operations, being a front line combatant with a particular mean streak towards his enemies, which now included any kind of super-hero, as well as anyone/thing from the United States...and the new Captain Lithuania.  Although older and less agile, he continues to 'lead from the front' and continues to lead by example.  He promotes a great level of comradeship with his men and infuses into them with his old stories of the Soviet might, redefining terms like 'sacrifice', 'tradition', 'loyalty' and 'duty'  to help educate the new Soviet Guard members to instill the drive of their new Soviet-based militant operation; an operation they all believe will one day bring the USSR back to the Motherland.




Power Origin: Technology/Science

  • Reinforced Spine & Bone Structure/Bio-Electrical Network

    • Enhanced Strength

      • Allows an excellent level of strength, capable of lifting over 400 lbs without effort

    • Enhanced Stamina/Endurance

      • His spine and neural/bio-electrical network provide an incredible stamina allowing him a minimal (2 hours) of sleep, with the capability of performing over 120% beyond that of an Olympic athlete

LIMITATION: He's lost his right eye, and as such, peripheral vision and depth perception are both reduced by a factor of 2.




Cyborg Arms

  • Amazing material arms and hands

  • Allows of enhanced strength (see Powers above)

  • Gauntlets, as well as arm, are each detachable


  • Spectacular material

  • Proton Power Supply/Packs

    • Gauntlets have own monstrous proton power supply packs that create over 800 energy units per gauntlet; if power fails (units = 0), hand/finger functionality fails as well

    • Gauntlet power pack replacement takes over 1 minute to mechanically perform by professional-level technicians (including Boris)

  • Laser Weapon

    • Normally used to emit excellent energy damage in shot every several seconds at a max range of 200 yards

    • Can be shot as a 'laser'/continuous energy beam, but at a reduced good rate for damage over time and to any and all the beam comes into contact with within arm/gauntlet directionality, within max range of 100 yards

    • Range can be adjusted (requires Boris to manually 'dial in' the range setting) on each gauntlet to max range of 400 yards; this decreases power to only typical energy damage while set at the max range

    • Has a 250% better chance (unearthly level) of 'disintegrating' a person, being or object of excellent of lesser material (or part thereof if a bullseye-type shot) 

  • Laser Cannon

    • Can transform into an arm 'cannon' (takes several seconds to transform)

    • Laser Weapon cannot be used while in this state (or even while transforming

    • Can emit up to amazing (normally set for incredible levels) burst of energy damage

    • Has a 250% better chance (unearthly level) of 'disintegrating' a person, being or object made of material to the same level of the Laser Cannon's energy setting (max=amazing) or lesser material (or part thereof if a bullseye-type shot) 

    • Takes over a dozen seconds for energy build-up per shot

    • Range is up to 400 yards

    • Radiation and heat leak at a feeble rate to any and all within the area of Boris each time he uses the laser cannon in this mode

  • Laser Eye (right)

    • As a one-shot, last ditch weapon, Boris can trigger his right eye to emit a single remarkable-level laser energy blast.​

    • This lasts for only several seconds and is fired in a straight-forward visual direction (Boris' head has to turn to be aimed)

    • Has a 250% better chance (unearthly level) of 'disintegrating' a person, being or object of remarkable or lesser material (or part thereof if a bullseye-type shot) 

    • Replaceable unit


  • Provides good physical, toxic, toxin and temperate protection

  • Provides excellent energy and radiation protection

  • Embedded magical wards (provided by Mystyck) provide excellent magical and mental/psyche protection (last for 1 week before recharge needed)

  • Cape is flame/fire/heat resistant up to remarkable levels




  • Military (Expert)

  • Military weapons (professional)

  • Marksmanship (Expert)

  • Pilot (Proficient)

  • Military Vehicles (Professional)

  • Cyborg/Cybernetic devices (arms) (Proficient)

  • Leadership (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Fighting (Professional)

  • Martial Arts: Dodge/Evade (Proficient)

  • Martial Arts: +Initiative (Proficient)

  • Laser Technology (proficient)

  • Mathematics (proficient)

  • Tactical operations (Expert)

  • Winter survival (professional)

  • Survival (Expert)

  • Torture (Professional)

  • Mechanical engineering (proficient)

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